Learning 2 Fly

4711 Lamar. Mission Kansas 66202

In giant, white geodesic dome off I-35 and Lamar.
Mission, KS 66202

Learning2Fly is Kansas City's Aerial Fitness, Party, & K-12 Field Trip Center dedicated to learning AND fun! We focus on teaching kids 7 habits if health through play, aerial classes, and art. Bring your child's curious mind and energetic body. Regular aerial classes for kids, teens, and adults. Summer, Winter, and Spring break youth camps will treat your child to a full 4 days in our geodesic dome home off I-35 and Lamar. Anyone can improve the flexibility, strength, and endurance of your body, at any age.

Aerial Fitness Birthday and Bachelorette parties so much fun! Insert your friends here for laughter and memories and we'll help them develop an "I Can Do It" attitude. You will be supported in flight in a loving community. Intro to Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga Restore, and Mixed Apparatus classes will inspire you to new heights. Learning2Fly – Float like a butterfly, think like a bumblebee. We make the impossible becomes POSSIBLE! After one class, you'll be quitting your job to join the circus!

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