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There’s a 75% higher likelihood of a consumer taking action if they see the message on multiple platforms, according to The Tribune Company Study. After 10 exposures, the likelihood of action goes up by 30% more.

Diversifying how you reach your audience will allow our tools to work together to get results for YOU. 

Our Integrated Advertising Packages promote a consistent message across a variety of platforms to keep your brand top-of-mind and reach the widest audience possible. All these platforms & tools work together to encourage local families to engage with your business and achieve better results.  


Advertise with iFamilyKC - iPetsKC for maximum results in Kansas City

Your Business Reaches 750,000+ Monthly with Us

Reach over 750,000 local parents every month with iFamilyKC – iPetsKC; we’re KC parents’ and pet lovers’ #1 resource for their kids, pets & families.

We are consistently #1 in engagement online, allowing you to reach your audience with the content they want from people they trust. Our tools deliver effective results for the best value, so you can get your message out without maxing out your marketing budget!

Don’t let your absence become your competitors’ opportunity. We will find the best solutions & results for your needs. Also, sign-up for our Advertising News to stay updated on the latest scoop!


How You Can Promote Your Business with Us

There are multiple ways you can promote your business on iFamilyKC & iPetsKC platforms. We offer sponsored content, digital promotions, Field Trip Guide (print & online), Schools Guide or Preschool Guide Feature, Summer Camps Guide & other opportunities. 

But our best bang for your buck is our Integrated Ad Packages – you’ll get maximum results with the most comprehensive mix of media to promote your business….



Achieve Better Results Faster

Integrated Ad Packages

Our best features
one affordable price
working for you. 

Here’s all that’s included in our integrated ad packages:

Inclusion in Top Ranking GUides

We rank #1 in a variety of guides & resources. Get exposure on our website with 100,000+ pageviews every month.

Website (Google Searches)

We rank #1 for a LOT. Get exposure on the website with 100,000+ pageviews every month: Birthday Party Guide, Summer Camps Guide, Back to School Guide, & Holiday Guides

Email Promotions

Reach 22K+ Kansas City families in our weekly e-News & events email - Includes your events, special offers, or coupons.

Magazine Distribution

Promoted in 1,000+ Kansas City locations with a display Ad in printed publication.  (see below for examples)

Social Promotions

Reach families on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. (105,000+ followers on Facebook alone)

Exposure VIA

We are official contributors to Each day we get to publish our articles and guides on These articles and guides are pushed out to MSN readers in the KC metro. This is just one more way we keep our content and partners in front of area consumers.

These features work together to achieve your goals. If you are an integrated advertising client, you also receive 50% off dedicated emails, and some social promotions are included.

You choose the ad size and price point to best meet your budget and goals; we do the rest! 

Achieve Results Quicker & Reach More Parents

Be Found in Google Search:
Sponsor Content Ranking Page 1

If you want to be found in Google searches, sponsoring our already-ranking content articles and guides is the BEST way to do that…

We match your needs and goals with our current opportunities and openings.

Fill out this form to find opportunities!

In addition to the features included above, we also offer supplemental features like our Summer Camp Guide (printed & online), Sponsored Guides & more. 




Increase Reach & Results:
Digital Promotions & Add-Ons

There are highly-effective digital options you can leverage to promote your business:

✔️ Website Banners
✔️ Homepage Slide Show Ads
✔️ Social Media Packages (Facebook, Insta, Twitter & Pinterest)
✔️ Featured Articles & Sponsored Guides
✔️ Giveaway/Contest
✔️ Weekend Planner Email Sponsorship Banner
✔️ Dedicated Email Blasts

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