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Last Vegas: Movie Review

Last Vegas is like an old man version of The Hangover. Billy (Michael Douglas) finally proposes to his girlfriend who is half his age. Excited about finally getting married for the first time, he convinces his three best friends of 60 years (Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline) to come to Vegas for the wedding, but more importantly the bachelor party! Coming together from all across the country for the first time in years, they are ready to get to Sin City.

Eager to forget their age and relive their glory days, Vegas quickly engulfs them in a world of bikinis, booze, and expensive suites. Despite the young women everywhere they go a couple of them become interested in Diana (Mary Steenburgen) a lounge singer at one of the hotels.

During their time in Vegas, they encounter bachelorette parties, cross-dressers, and one of the worst hangovers of their life. But they also manage to throw one of the best parties Vegas has ever seen. Using their old school charm and unintentional lack of pop culture knowledge they manage to attract the ladies and get into the hottest clubs. But the trip isn’t an easy ride as the relationships and friendships are put to the test.

This movie is absolutely hilarious. It is great to see some of the most famous and classic actors let loose and party in this comedy. This is definitely a date movie. Language and content are not suited for kids. But adults of all ages will enjoy this movie. A soon-to-be comedy classic, this movie is worth seeing!

- Helen Bennett