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Grown Ups 2 Review

By: Shari Jacobs

Really, adult men jumping off of cliffs with no clothes on, and fighting with buff frat guys? The grown ups were more like hilariously ridiculous little kids in mature bodies. However, when this funny cast of actors comes together, they don't need a good story line to make the movie amusing. This production pulled out pile after pile of one-liners, humorous insults, and yes even an eighty's themed costume party.

Adam Sandler, who helped write and produce this movie, plays a dad who finally has some free time. Though most of the down time seems to be used up helping his wife (Salma Hayek) out with the kids. In one of the scenes Sandler's character Lenny Feder actually fills in for the overly medicated bus driver (Nick Swardson) who is beaten so many times throughout the movie, that I felt like I was watching an Elmer Fudd cartoon. Lenny is trying to help his younger son Keithie (Cameron Boyce) out with bully problems, but he must work out his bully problems first.

Disney Star China Ann McClaine from ANT Farm was Charlotte Mckenzie the sweet daughter of funny man Kurt McKenzie played by Chris Rock. Cameron Boyce from "Jesse" plays Adam Sandler's son. David Henrie also from the Disney channel was one of the sassy frat boys along with the very brash Taylor Lautner who played his character surprisingly well.

Other significant characters are David Spade, Tim Meadows and Kevin James. David Spade's character Marcus just found out that he has a forlorn teenage son with extreme anger management issues. Tim Meadows (Malcolm) has a son that seems to be a cross between Steve Urkal and Kanye West and has a big crush on Charlotte. This big crush causes some facetious friction between Malcolm and Kurt. Kevin James plays the "mammas boy", Eric. He keeps ditching his wife to secretly have lunches with his mom.