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Gravity: Movie Review

Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: 10/10

For People Who Like: Apollo 13, In Time

Gravity is definitely one of the biggest movies of the fall! It is an incredible film, filled in angst, fear, and excitement. The movie pulls you in from the very beginning and doesn't let you go, (no pun intended). It is absolutely stunning! Sandra Bullock plays Ryan Stone, a medical engineer, who is sent into space with experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney. Along with a few others, the team is sent to space to fix a satellite. But after a tragic accident, Stone and Kowalski are the only two remaining survivors with a destroyed ship and no contact with NASA.

Literally lost in the middle of space, they must figure out a way to get back to earth. This is not made any easier with no spaceship, low-oxygen levels, and the lack of gravity.

The running time of the movie is 90 minutes, which is usually short compared to most movies today. Do not let the length of the movie discourage you. Any longer would have been too much for the movie. It is an intense 90 minutes.

The direction of this movie is amazing. Director Alfonso Cuaron did a fantastic job of a capturing the thrill and haunting portrayal of moving in space. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat, as you are drawn farther and deeper into the movie and space. Easily a soon-to-be classic, Gravity is truly a unique film. I highly recommend seeing this movie in IMAX and 3D if possible. It expands the night sky, showing every detail of Stone and Kowalski's adventure. Everything about this movie makes it worth seeing; the actors, the direction, the CGI. It is an absolute must-see!