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Weekly Tech Talk: Yes! It’s Okay to Snoop on Your Kids

February 18, 2017 at 5:21 PM • Posted in Mom Resources, TechnologyNo comments yet

Howdy, Kansas City! It’s time for our weekly tech talk with Burton Kelso of Integral Computer Consultants. This week, he’s giving all of us parents permission to snoop. More importantly, however, he’s giving us all ways to keep our kids safe when they’re surfing the web. Check it out!

Weekly Tech Talk: Yes! It's Okay to Snoop on Your Kids


Weekly Tech Talk: Yes! It’s Okay to Snoop on Your Kids


Parents, let’s face it. It’s your job to make sure your kids are safe from harm offline and online. Many of you struggle with how your kids will react when they find you are snooping on their digital habits and worry how that will affect their relationships with their children. How do I know this? We get calls every week from parents wanting to know what’s going on in their kids digital lives, but they don’t want the child to find out that they are keeping tabs on them. Well, I’m not that parent. When it comes to my kids, I’m like the Gestapo. In today’s digital world, there are too many dangers on the World Wide Web to let your kids use the Internet without some type of supervision. Consider theses facts:

1. 42% of kids admit they have seen online porn. One in 16 have been exposed to hardcore pornography.
2. One in 12 have exchanged messages with sexual content to other people, while one in 25 have sent graphic photos of themselves.
3. 25% of children get away with pretending to be older to get an account online.
4. One in 20 children admitted arranging a secret meeting with someone they met online.
5. Almost three in 10 parents let their kids use the Internet without any restrictions or supervision.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to keep up with your kids’ digital lives. So what can you do? There are several things you can do to snoop on your kids.


#1 Check Your Child’s Surfing Habits.

If your family still uses a desktop or laptop computer, or if your child has a Smartphone or tablet, the best way to see what your child has been up to is to check the browser history. All web browsers save a record of the sites that have been visited. However, a child could easily delete items from the history, so consider other ways of monitoring your child’s Internet usage.

#2 Put Your Hands On Their Devices on a Regular Basis.

It’s important to keep your hands on your child’s device so you area aware of their digital lifestyle. Keep the family computer in a common area. Take away computers, tablets and Smartphone at night and keep them in your room. Don’t allow your kids to put passwords on any of their devices. You should be able to see what’s going on at any time.

#3 Use Your Router to Snoop.

Depending on your model of router, you can setup it up to monitor your kids Internet habits. You can track what websites they visit, you can block web sites you don’t want them to visit and you shut down Internet access for them completely.


#4 Using Software to Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage

There are several programs you can use to monitor your child digital lifestyle. Here are some of the best tools available to help you monitor and protect your child online.


This service provides comprehensive support for Apple and Android Devices. It tracks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as tracking calls and texts. It can also track your child’s location with GPS location services.


NetNanny offers the best content manager out there. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It gives you email notifications so you can keep up with what your child is doing.



This app and website also provides you comprehensive coverage of all your kids devices. Like YouKnowKids, it will track social media and calls and texts from smart devices and offers GPS location services.


Always remember to teach your kids (and yourself) that privacy is privilege, not a right. It’s important that you kids understand that trust isn’t something that can be taken lightly. In the end, it’s not snooping when you take extra steps to keep your kids safe from the dangers that lurk online, it’s you doing your job as a parent.


Burton Kelso is the Owner and Chief Technology Expert at Integral, an on-site technology repair company for consumers and businesses. He regularly appears as a guest tech correspondent on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS on shows such as Better Kansas City, Kansas City Live, and the FOX 4 morning show, offering viewers easy tips on technology, Internet lifestyle, and gadgets. He can be reached at 888-256-0829 or email at burton@integralcomputerconsultants.com

This Weekend at the Box Office: Cure for Wellness

February 17, 2017 at 7:00 AM • Posted in MoviesNo comments yet

Happy Weekend, iFamily! We here at iFamilyKC love to bring you the best and most honest reviews of current films. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, had the opportunity to check out the new movie, A Cure for Wellness. Before you head to the theater, make sure to take a look at her review, and be aware that this is not appropriate for the kiddos. Take a look…

This Weekend at the Box Office: Cure for Wellness

Release Date: 2017 February 17

Run Time: 146 minutes

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth, Lisa Banes, Ivo Nandi, Susanne Wuest

In Gore Verbinski’s latest psychological thriller, A Cure for Wellness, a businessman, played by Dane DeHaan, is sent by his company to the Swiss Alps to bring the CEO of the company back to close a merger who has checked into a mysterious wellness center. After an accident, he finds himself recovering in the place he was headed to pick up his boss. Throughout the movie, DeHaan discovers that this place of relaxation and healing isn’t at all what it appears to be.

I enjoy a good scare from a film but this movie was extremely disturbing to say the very least. There were several scenes that I was so uncomfortable and the so-called “thrilling conclusion” left me with a sick and disgusted feeling. I wanted to be able to provide a complete review for the iFamilyKC readers, but in all honesty I would have preferred to walk out with the three other individuals who did just that. This movie is not for children, whatsoever. Maybe not for parents either. I would recommend, if you are a parent, that you understand this movie gave me nightmares for 2 solid nights (and I am 34).

I give the sickening and unforgivable, A Cure for Wellness, a solid 3 out of a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. I probably would have given it a 1 or a 2 had it not been for the awesome visual effects throughout the film. I wish there was a button I could push to get 146 minutes of my life back. I think the movie could have easily earned an NC-17 rating, especially with the disgustingly unforgivable conclusion. A Cure for Wellness is in theaters February 17th and you will be longing for cure from the disconcerting feeling this film leaves you with.


From iFamily to Yours,





A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating

February 16, 2017 at 10:10 PM • Posted in Mom ResourcesNo comments yet

Hello, Kansas City! Dating can be a confusing and intimidating subject to cover with your kids, as they get older. Luckily, our Mom Squad Ambassador, Leah, has a great idea on how to teach your adolescent or teenage boy about dating. Take a look…

A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating

A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating


Nine years ago I was blessed enough to make an amazing friend named Lora. At the time, Lora and both had sons playing on the same T Ball team. I knew upon first meeting her that her friendship would impact my life. I was so right. Lora is an amazing mother who truly inspires me on a daily basis. I come to her often seeking advice on raising my teenage son. We meet up usually once a month, have dinner, let the boys hang out, and catch up on life.
During those times we often exchange stories about parenting, talk about ways to better our lives, exchange cooking tips, encourage each other, laugh a lot, and simply just get each other through whatever we are going through at that time.


Since our boys were born literally a day a part they are often going through similar situations … which typically gives us a lot to talk about. Lora and I often talk about how to give them tips and support on being a teenager, how to treat others, how to teach them responsibility, friendship, education, etc.


During one of our discussions we got on the topic of when they will start dating. We both discussed how important it is that our boys learn how to “date” first. We wanted to make sure they knew how to treat a date properly, how valuable a woman’s reputation is, how to respect her, how to hold the door for her, how to hold a conversation, etc.


Lora came up with a beautiful idea to take our boys on a series of dates. We both wanted a way to show them how to date properly. We knew this would take more than one date and more than one talk. We also knew that this would truly teach them life skills most men are never taught. We wanted the boys to see that dating is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The boys both surprisingly were excited about the idea.


A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating


On our first “date” we took the boys to the movies. We instructed them on proper behavior while being on a date at the movies. While we drove there we also gave suggestions on how girls like to be treated, talked to (in person and on the phone), and tips on how to ask a girl on date, to let the girl pick the movie, etc.


We also on our own went over tips on knowing if a girl is worth pursuing, how to treat a girl once you decided you liked her, and things to never say to or about a lady.


A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating


On our second “date” we took the boys to a fancy dinner. We let the boys pick where we ate. I had my son call and make us dinner reservations. He decided he wanted to put on his “best outfit” for our date. It made me smile to see how excited he was it.


While on the “date” we encouraged the boys to open the restaurant door, pull out the chairs for us, proper dining etiquette, to let us order first, to wait to eat until we started eating, gave them topics to talk about, things to never say on a date, how to break the silence if that were to happen, how to greet her parents, how to treat her friends, how to act as a couple in public, etc.


A Creative Way to Teach Your Son about Dating


I feel that both boys learned a lot from our dates. Honestly, I think we all did.

We both plan on continuing to teach our boys how to be gentlemen. We are planning on having a series of ten date’s total. On each “date” different topics will be covered on how to “date”. We will be going over how to act on group dates, what to do if a date suggests things you aren’t ready for, how to break off a bad relationship, how to know if they are not right for you, things you should not accept from a date, how to resist peer pressure in dating, how to know you are ready to date, etc. I am personally looking forward to many more dates with them.

I think one of the most important jobs as a mother is raising a man that you can be proud of. I think it is safe to say we both have done that or are trying our best to do so. I am so blessed to not be alone on this journey of raising a man who knows how to treat a lady. Thank you Lora for the beautiful idea and for our beautiful friendship.

For more information about Leah feel free to follow her at



From iFamily to Yours,





5 Easy Tips on Teaching Kids About Money

February 15, 2017 at 11:38 AM • Posted in Mom ResourcesNo comments yet

Good Morning, Kansas City! Money habits start forming from a young age, and there’s a lot of little things parents can do to help them become good habits. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Brigette, has some great tips for teaching your kids about money. Take a look…

5 Easy Tips on Teaching Kids About Money

5 Easy Tips on Teaching Kids About Money


So.. I know it’s actually “a penny saved is a penny earned” but I never really believed that. I always felt like money was something that was taught in one fashion. Pay bills and save the rest. As I got older and my circle of friends and mentors grew, I learned so much more than just paying bills and saving money. I learned how to make money stretch, how to make it grow and how to share the wealth.
Now that we home school, we talk about different ways to not only make money but budget, plan and save money.
Here are a few guidelines that we use with our kids when talking about money.

#1 Teach them value

From an early age we always talked to our kids about money. When we head out to shop, we always show the kids options when looking at toys, clothes or other things that interest them. We allow them to browse, check prices and see if there are any other options that would allow them to get more and spend less.

#2 The difference between want vs. need

Something that I’m sure kids barely grasp the true understanding of lol. I always allow my kids to make choices when it comes to their money. I think the best way for them to learn is to experience it for themselves. Any time they want a new toy, candy and something that is not a “parent duty” I allow them to decide if they want to purchase it or not by asking them if they need it or not and why.

#3 Saving & investing from an early age

we are pretty old school when it comes to this one. No, we don’t have an account set up for them ( though we probably should), we use a good old fashioned piggy bank. Well this day in age it’s a Paw Patrol bank and Emoji banks lol. Any time they earn, receive or find money, it has to go into the piggy bank before they can spend it. Once it’s been in the bank then they can decide where it needs to go. When it comes to making investments, they really don’t have many options. They can buy something that will benefit them in return. Even though they don’t “invest” much, my husband and I always talk to them about it when they are trying to decide.

#4 Budgeting

Ok this one is more my line of work. I budget for EVERYTHING! I am horrible at math, but money…. I know. When shopping, I tell the kids my budget and what I have to get first off my list. Once my list is checked, I show them if I am over or under my budget. If I am over, I allow them to look around the store to see what else I could get without going over.

#5 Tithing/donating

This may or may not be something that your family practices, but in ours it is our golden rule when it comes to money. Even though they don’t tithe as frequently as we do, they pay their tithes on Holy Days and keep a portion for the feast. If we are out and about and they have some of their coins on them ( they usually sneak a few) , if we run into a homeless person they give. Donating money to someone is something that they take pride in. Helping those in need will make you feel richer than you already are.
Everyone lives, spends and saves differently, so these tips are what we do. I hope you find them helpful when talking to your kids and family about money!
Brigette blogs at www.bybrigettedanielle.com


From iFamily to Yours,







6 Ways to Have an Unconventional Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017 at 5:40 PM • Posted in HolidayNo comments yet

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kansas City! Love is in the air, but not all of us “love” the conventional holiday. Instead of going the “anti-Valentine’s Day” route, Sarah, our Mom Squad Ambassador, has some great tips to be a bit unconventional this holiday. Check it out…

6 Ways to Have an Unconventional Valentine's Day

6 Ways to Have an Unconventional Valentine’s Day


In my single days, I can remember having to push people out of the way in order to avoid the Valentine’s cards, physically gag when I saw yet another couple holding hands at the movies and restaurants being so busy there was no way to even get in the door!

I attended my share of ͞Anti-Valentine’s Day͟ parties and badmouthed the opposite sex with my friends while we drank women empowering drinks and sang men bashing songs. I won’t lie it was pretty nice when my now husband and I first got together and I was the one that was rushing for reservations at our favorite restaurant or planning a romantic dinner with wine and candles. The history of Valentine’s Day and it’s patron Saint Valentine is shrouded in death and destruction and it is obvious by the number of ideas for anti-valentine’s day parties on Pinterest that the theme (although not literal death) is still quite dark and dramatic.

So yes, for many people the thought of an anti-Valentine’s celebration is attractive and many will still partake, however; why not squelch the idea of hate and anger we hear so often these days and try a few of these alternate ideas?

The Valentine’s I remember in elementary school the first time that we were encouraged to give a valentine to each student in our class; today this isn’t given as a choice—you give a card to EVERY CHILD. I did enjoy going to the store and finding my favorite character cards, filling out each one (maybe secretly kissing the one that went to my crush) and then the terrible taste of the envelope glue as I carefully sealed each one. I took my girls last week and realized the two or three choices I used to have are now filled with aisles and aisles! It took much longer than it should have because there were so many of my daughter’s favorite characters that they wanted two or three boxes; you may think you are popular, Miss 4 year-old but not 75 cards worth!

#1 Skip the Candy

From a mom that is still finding candy in the pantry from Halloween circa 2014, look to the non-candy options. Don’t be a statistic! Over 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent every year!


#2 Go the boxed card route

If you do decide to go the card route—buy! You can’t beat $2.48 per box, and you certainly can’t make them!


#3 Make it a day of kindness

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, right?  Make it about sharing your love with everyone around you by smiling at that lone person in the street, make some cookies for the customer service group at work or bring doughnuts for the school office staff. You have no idea how much this means to them and you really have no idea how happy and loved it will make you feel too.


#4 Spruce up the goodness of home.

At home– sure, make a nice meal if you have time, give extra hugs and kisses and say ͞I love you͟ more than you ever have, but make a promise to yourself to do this more and more everyday not just on February 14th.

#5 One is the Loneliest Number – Not Really

Well maybe. I am an only child and secret be told, I love being alone. Not just because of everything that I do now; running around two kids, making sure the new dog has enough exercise and working on keeping my marriage running smoothly. I really liked being alone when I was younger; I just may not have realized it. So here’s an idea for all you single people; go to that movie that you have been waiting to see but go by yourself, put on something other than sweats and head to a nice restaurant, sit at the bar and strike up a conversation with someone. Or just enjoy the day shopping and exploring how you want to. If that is a little too much and you are breaking out in hives just thinking about the stares and sad looks that you will get, then head to the grocery store and splurge on whatever you want for dinner—whether that is crab legs or just cereal!


#6 Think outside the box of gifts…

The Gifts Oh the gifts! Raise your hand if you are still paying off Christmas gifts! And here we have to turn right around and buy something else that is either going in a drawer somewhere or head straight to our bellies that we are still trying to shrink from the overeating at Christmas! I won’t turn this into a rant on how Valentine’s is a conspiracy to boost the economy, just think wisely about gift giving. Yes I love to get gifts, just like all of you probably do, but I also purchased a purse from the 75% off sale last week so let’s be honest—maybe that was my Valentine’s gift. So this year just take a step back, take a deep breath. Realize that maybe this holiday is needed to remind us of all the love we have around us whether that be from a significant other, a child, a neighbor, or a friend who lives 3 hours away (I miss you!).

Love comes in many forms and should be celebrated as such. So I choose to teach my girls to spend Valentine’s Day just being happy, spending time with their friends, so hopefully, one day, if they don’t have anyone to spend the day with and they start to feel those dark and dramatic anti-Valentine’s day thoughts coming through—look at something beautiful; trees, artwork, or just take a glance in the mirror! It’s still just a day, you probably will gag at the hearts and hand holding but keep this in mind—Reese’s Hearts, the perfect amount of chocolate and peanut butter, come around just once a year!


From iFamily to Yours,





4 Tips to Planning a Fun Holiday Party for Your Kid’s Classroom

February 13, 2017 at 11:32 AM • Posted in HolidayNo comments yet

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve, Kansas City! A lot of parents will be running around, running classroom parties, and treatin’ the kiddos to something special. For those of you getting last minute details for the classroom party together, our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, has some great tips to help those holiday party plans along. Check it out!

4 Tips to Planning a Fun Holiday School Party

4 Tips to Planning a Fun & Simple Holiday School Party


Are you planning a class party for your child’s classroom? I’d like to share some ideas with you to make it a super fun and unforgettable party! When I was in school, we had “room mothers” that planned all of our holiday parties. Some of the best memories of elementary school I have, include all the awesome parties we had throughout the years! And now here I am planning my own child’s parties. Here are a few things to keep in mind when assisting or leading a party:


#1 Keep it simple

Most schools only have a short time allotted for a party. Our school allows 30 minutes for a snack, craft, and a game. There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest but definitely keep in mind that you might not have much time to do the intricate projects that Pinterest is known for. Kids are simple. They will appreciate a fun, easy craft, game and snack.


#2 Divide into small groups & stations

Divide children into small groups and rotate through different stations. Have someone watch the clock or set a timer to let everyone know when it’s time to rotate. This helps things run smoothly and easily.


#3 Keep clear communication lines open

Communicate with your child’s teacher and other parents. Don’t try to take on all the duties of the party yourself. You can use an online signup sheet like Signup Genius to keep track of who’s bringing what. Delegate responsibility and ask for volunteers to help purchase supplies, decorate and run the different stations. Let the teacher know the specifics of the party. She may have some supplies on hand that can be used. I like to have at least 4 parent volunteers, including myself, to help out at the party and that usually allows the teacher to wander around and take a little break from running the show.


#4 Plan details ahead of time

Plan small and big details ahead of time. Make a note of how many students are in the class, how many small groups you’ll have and how many children are in each group. Make sure the parent volunteers know exactly how to make the craft and how the game is played. Gather all of the supplies together and make sure you’re not missing anything for each station.

My Party Plan:

Candy Hearts Relay Race

4 Tips to Planning a Fun Holiday School Party


You’ll need: 4 plastic cups, 2 plastic spoons, a bag or two of conversation hearts.
How to play: Divide the group into two teams. Fill two cups with candy hearts at one end of the area and leave twos cups empty on the other end. Children will take turns putting candy hearts on spoons and racing to the other cup to fill it up. The team who has the most hearts in the cup at the end of one minute WINS!


Hot Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies


4 Tips to Planning a Fun Holiday School Party


Super simple to make! Stir pink or red food coloring in your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe and bake! You can add the special Valentine M&M’s in the mix for more fun!


Picture Frame Magnet Craft

4 Tips to Planning a Fun Holiday School Party

I purchased these cute little owl picture frame craft kits from Oriental Trading. You could also make your own heart cut outs if you have more time. I took individual pictures of the students a week before the party and cut them to size. The kits come with foam stickers to assemble the magnets together. No mess! Super easy!


Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! The kids will have great memories of their class parties for a long time!


From iFamily to Yours,

Check out SEA LIFE Kansas City’s Newest Creature: The Flamboyant Cuttlefish

February 12, 2017 at 9:52 AM • Posted in Educational Fun for Kids, Family Events & ActivitiesNo comments yet

Happy Sunday, Kansas City! One of our KC’s treasures is the aquarium at Sea Life Kansas City. It’s a great place to have educational fun, look at sea creatures, and experience the heart of Crown Center. SeaLife is introducing a new creature to their Shipwreck Exhibit — the Deadly Flamboyant Cuttlefish. Check out below for a little more information on this fascinating sea life creature!


Check out SEA LIFE Kansas City's Newest Creature: The Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Check out SEA LIFE Kansas City’s Newest Creature:
The Flamboyant Cuttlefish


SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium is committed to Breed, Rescue and Protect marine life. The SEA LIFE team recently bred the stunning cuttlefish species, known for their flamboyant coloring and lightning-fast predatory prowess.

The baby cuttlefish will be officially introduced into SEA LIFE on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017. They will be joining the Shipwreck exhibit, which highlights animals that live along coral reefs in ocean waters.


Flamboyant cuttlefish are notable for their ability to change color from pink, yellow, black and white as well as their swift hunting style that makes the species unforgettable to witness. Cute and cunning cephalopods, the cuttlefish have eight arms and two feeding tentacles that are used to prey on unsuspecting creatures on the sea floor.

As for visitors wondering about the flamboyant cuttlefish species, SEA LIFE Aquarist, Brittany Stopp, is happy to answer questions about these curious-looking creatures.


“Habitat destruction is the biggest concern facing these beautiful animals,” Stopp says. “Flamboyant cuttlefish are a highly distinctive species of cuttlefish due to their vibrant coloration. Like octopuses, squid and other cuttlefish, Flamboyant cuttlefish can camouflage to their environment as well as display colors such as: black, white, yellow and pink. They are found in the Indo-Pacific in mudflats and sandy areas.”


Stopp helped breed and rear this generation of cuttlefish at SEA LIFE Kansas City. When hatched, the cuttlefish were no larger than a grain of rice!

For more information on SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium’s latest events & attractions visit




10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!

February 11, 2017 at 11:12 AM • Posted in Family Events & Activities, MoviesNo comments yet

Howdy, Kansas City! One of my family and I’s favorite activities is finding new movies on Netflix. It’s such an easy way to navigate and find a film that fits everyones interests for a ridiculously cheap price. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Brigette, has some great ideas for family friendly films to check out for your next movie night. Check it out!

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


What is one thing that kids always want but parents hesitate to do? Give up? It’s a family movie night! I hope I’m not the only one that shudders at the thought of watching Air Bud movies for the fifth time in a row, I mean come on…. AGAIN?! And don’t even get my started on ticket and concession prices! You spend all this loot on popcorn, drinks and a movie that you don’t even really want to see, only to end up leaving the theater for potty breaks or a screaming kid. But with 10+ years’ experience and 4 kids later, I’d like to consider myself a master at family movie night!


For years now I have voted, picked numbers and made deals when it comes to family movies and I must say there are always a few hidden gems or classics that parents and kids can agree on! So instead of loading the car up for your next family movie night only to see something you could care less about, check out these family movies that the kids and you will enjoy, plus they are available on Netflix now!


#1 Penelope

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


This cute story about a young girl cursed with the nose of a pig, lives a lonely life until she meets someone that can change all that.


#2 Annie

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


The story of a young orphan girl that gets adopted by a rich Daddy Warbucks.


#3 Parent Trap

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


Twins separated at birth trying to reunite their parents and scare off their dad’s fiancé. This movie is such a cute family movie full of laughs!


#4 Honey I Shrunk the Kids

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


A CLASSIC and favorite in our house! Four Kids accidentally shrink themselves with their dad’s one of a kind inventions!


#5 Honey We Shrunk Ourselves


10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


This is the 3rd installment of the hit franchise. This may not be as funny as the first one, but it is definitely a family favorite!


#6 Harry and the Hendersons

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


Two words.. BIG FOOT! This classic film is about a small suburban family with an unlikely house guest.


#7 Daddy Daycare

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


This is definitely my husband’s top choice! A dad down on his luck, does what he can to support his family and make sure his son has the time of his life!


#8 Paulie

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


I normally steer clear of talking animal movies, but how can you resist this cute little girl and unique bird.


#9 Flubber

10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


The late Robin Williams is a mad scientist that creates a one of a kind invention, but what happens when everyone wants it?


#10 1000 to 1: The Cory Weissman story


10 Great Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Now!


A true example of will and determination. This true story will leave everyone inspired!


I hope this list of family friendly movies will make your next family movie night more enjoyable for everyone! What are some movies that you and your family enjoy watching together?


From iFamily to Yours,







This Weekend at the Box Office: John Wick Chapter 2

February 10, 2017 at 2:40 PM • Posted in MoviesNo comments yet

Wahoo, it is Friday, Kansas City! If you’re looking for a not-so-conventional Valentine’s Day movie date idea, check out John Wick Chapter 2. It brings John out of retirement, and into some new, action-packed predicaments. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Brigette, was able to get a sneak peek and gives us the low down. Check it out!

This Weekend at the Box Office: John Wick Chapter 2


Release Date: 10 February 2017

Run Time: 2hr 2 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Chad Stahelski

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Ricard Scimarcio



This Weekend at the Box Office: John Wick Chapter 2


Ok, I felt kind of bad getting ready to go in and see this film. My husband and I saw the first installment of this film a long, long time ago and I honestly didn’t really remember a lot of details. I knew Keanu Reeves was in it and he was killing a lot of people. That was honestly all I could remember. But chapter 2… Chapter 2 is different…


This movie was so full of action and excitement I couldn’t look away (except for a few cringe worthy scenes). Keanu was never one of my favorite actors but I loved him in this film! Keanu plays a notorious hitman, forced out of retirement by a blood oath that would require him to go up against some of the elitist killers of their secret society. On his forced mission, he is reunited with old friends, old enemies and new ones.

Of course a movie like this is going to have a lot of violence and foul language, but I never expected the comedic scenes to actually be funny! I laughed, jumped and at times I couldn’t believe how cool this movie was.

This is definitely not a family oriented movie but I’m sure anyone that likes perfectly choreographed fight scenes, comedy and secret societies would love this movie!

I give John Wick Chapter 2 an 8/10


From iFamily to Yours,






Check out this Recap of Monster Jam (With a Discount Code too!)

February 10, 2017 at 10:27 AM • Posted in Family Events & ActivitiesNo comments yet

Wahoo, it is the weekend, friends! And if you’re in for some loud, unconventional, and fun this weekend, consider checking out Monster Jam (Use our promo code IFAMILYKC to get $5 off). Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, took her family and gives us the ins and outs of having a great time with huge trucks! Check it out…

Check out this Recap of Monster Jam  (With a Discount Code too!) // iFamilyKC

Check out this Recap of Monster Jam
(With a Discount Code too!)


Last night was my family’s first outing to Monster Jam. We had never been to a monster truck show and I was not sure if it was for us. I have two young girls and my oldest hates things that are loud, but admittedly I had never been so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Check out this Recap of Monster Jam  (With a Discount Code too!)
We ended up having such a good time! This was one of our top five family outings. My youngest loves zooming through our yard in the ATV, riding horses and wrestling, so I was pretty confident she would enjoy the action and competition. One of the trucks looked like her remote-control car- so she was solidly cheering for El Toro Loco all night. My eldest daughter is quiet, a bit of a worrier and prefers to play quietly with Legos, so I expected her to be asking us to leave but twenty minutes in. Luckily, we brought some noise cancelling headphones (one a lovely, lovely friend gifted us and the other I picked up at the hunting store). Although at first, she shied away from the noise, and I had to explain what would happen if a car crashed, caught on fire or made it into the audience (this kid should go into risk management) she started to have fun.

Check out this Recap of Monster Jam  (With a Discount Code too!)
So here is how the Monster Jam works: there are 8 drivers competing in 6 categories. Most of the time they are doing stunts with their monster trucks, but they also square off in speedsters. There was a lot to enjoy about the event- but I have to say the Monster Jam people really did their part to make the audience feel included. There were give-aways all night. The racers were all young and enthusiastic. They were great sports and two of the racers were girls. Obviously, this made my two girls even more excited and my kiddos are hoping to meet “those awesome girl racers” someday. Also, you could vote after every run on your smartphone. My kids loved getting to give their score. It was a lot of fun.


Check out this Recap of Monster Jam  (With a Discount Code too!)
All-in-all, it was a wonderful night. The entertainment was top-notch and something we all enjoyed. The kids could be loud, cheer, move around a bit and so they didn’t burn out on trying to sit nicely all evening. We were able to participate and see the racers which made us feel much more connected to the event. I’m not sure what all I had in mind for the evening, but this was definitely a fun and family-friendly night.
We shot a live Facebook video while we were there. Head to Facebook to check it out! In the video, I mention a promotion iFamilyKC is running with Monster Jam. You can get $5 off $15 or $20 tickets with the promo code IFAMILYKC. You can use that at AXS.com or even at the box office. And you can use that promo code up to 6 times. You may see us there! My kids were asking when we were going again before we’d even made it back to our car.


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