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3 Simple Questions to Help Get You Organized this Weekend!

March 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM • Posted in Organizing Family ChaosNo comments yet

Happy Spring, Kansas City! As temperatures are still attempting to figure out if it’s winter or spring, a lot of us are gearing up for spring cleaning. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Sarah, has some great tips to inspire you to declutter, get organized, and simplify your life. Take a look…

3 Simple Questions to Help Get You Organized this Weekend!

3 Simple Questions to Help Get You Organized this Weekend!


I get absolutely giddy about organization! But I hate to do it. I would rather listen to the Frozen and Trolls soundtrack on loop for the rest of my life than have to organize the toy box. And yes, I know what you are going to say; isn’t it time to have those kids do it? Probably, but I am still too controlling to let them do it but I am trying to get better! But what does make me absolutely giddy is the last moment when everything is in its place and it is almost like the world seems a little happier because of it! In researching for this article, I visited several websites and all had their little tips and tricks to get organized and stay organized. Most of these websites showed pictures of before and after shots—they didn’t lie they looked amazing; the problem was I didn’t see what was so wrong with the before shot! This made me realize that I need to take a little trip around my house and get to sorting!

A good rule of thumb to begin with is asking yourself three questions—Have I used this in the past year? Will I use this in the coming year? And is there a better spot where this could be used? (That last question I threw in, I will explain later.)

Have I Used This in the Past Year?

First of all, “Have I used this in the past year?” This primarily works well for clothes, shoes and purses or bags. If you haven’t worn it and can’t see yourself wearing it then by all means throw it out; or donate it and get a little break on taxes. I know that most of my clothes are work wear, so instead of donating them to Goodwill please look into donating those straight to an organization which helps get women back in the workforce, fortunately (and unfortunately) there are so many throughout Kansas City.

Will I Use This in the Coming Year?

When asking “Will I use this in the coming year?” go back to the closet and look at the pile of clothes that you want to get rid of; are they out of style or truly will never fit again? Then go ahead and donate them. But if they are in style but may just be too small or too large take a look and see where else you may use them. Think: pants that are too short for long pants but with a little hemming would look so cute as a pair of cropped pants. Or a shirt that maybe is missing a button that was never fixed or if you were to cut off the sleeves and just use the collar; next winter would be perfect addition to dress up that sweater or cardigan without adding bulk! I realize the goal here is to de-clutter, but sometimes putting things to use in other ways will help in the long run.

Is There a Better Spot Where This Could be Used?

Finally, “Is there a better spot where this could be used?” Again I realize the point is to purge those things we don’t use; but I don’t know how many times I have hosted a party and used things from around my house to decorate. Most of “my room” in the unfinished storage area of the basement is shelves of (organized) bins with items that may be nice to have for parties in the future. It drives my husband nuts, but when it comes down to it I save a ton by reusing. Using this same logic for the rest of the house, for instance, that large bowl that just hangs out in the cabinet with no lid and no real use; now it could hold all those extra lids so they aren’t flying around the cabinet.

Other Tidbits of Advice

So now that we have de-cluttered the house. Take a walk through and see where we can “store like with like” and “organize in zones”. Shelves are a good start for this; every shelf should have liked items matched together where they make sense and if they don’t it’s okay not to put it there! Think clean.

Another great place—the toy area! I have read so many times to avoid having toys in the living room– keep them in a toy room or in bedrooms. I get it but let’s be reasonable, the toys in my house obviously are alive and keep walking from the playroom to all corners of my house. I can’t explain it but I can remedy it.

Don’t put storage bins in places where you want to keep toys away from. You may think you are helping the cluttering problem but in fact you are adding to it by inviting more.

Typical Problem Areas

And finally the kitchen! Another great place for clutter! Let’s start with the fridge—always a place for magnets and pictures and reminders and so on and so on. Take all of that stuff down; put an info center on the back of a pantry or cabinet door. Display the kids’ artwork but be mindful of it; display it in a picture frame that you can change out from time to time. Or make a clipboard that can hold all those priceless works of art, after a little while graduate those to a storage bin for each child’s memories or (and I hate to break this to you) your child is not a Van Gogh—in fact if Van Gogh’s mother had to de-clutter I guarantee that she would have thrown some of his “priceless” works out as well.

I could go on and on about this topic as so many have done before me; but I won’t bore you with details. I don’t claim to be the expert nor does my house look perfect at any given time. But I do get on kicks where I do try and organize things better, kind of a “yearly review” of how the house is working and how it isn’t. Plus I am already listening to the Frozen and Trolls soundtrack on loop so organizing the toy box now and then won’t break me!

Stay tuned for next week when I give you some tips about hosting the perfect garage sale! Great timing with all that stuff you are bound to collect!

From iFamily to Yours,






Kona Ice & Schools Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

March 21, 2017 at 9:05 AM • Posted in Creative Fun, Deals & Discounts for Kansas City FamiliesNo comments yet

With the end of the school year looming in front of us, it’s time to think of fundraising, special events, and wrap-up parties. Kona Ice is a GREAT option for all of the above. We’ve even included a deal on a truck for your next event. Check it out!

Kona Ice & Schools Go Together  Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!


Kona Ice & Schools Go Together

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From iFamily to Yours,

Your iFamilyKC Team

This Weekend at the Box Office: Beauty and the Beast

March 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM • Posted in MoviesNo comments yet

Happy Sunday, Kansas City! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Disney’s newest live action film Beauty and the Beast is now out in theaters. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, got a peek at the film and has a great review of what to expect. Take a look!

This Weekend at the Box Office: Beauty and the Beast


This Weekend at the Box Office: Beauty and the Beast


You all know how excited I was to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie. My kids and I had planned an entire day, we had our manicures done, our outfits picked out and then my kids decided they did not want to see the movie. “It’s going to be too scary,” they told me. We had watched every preview, many of which showed the beast growling, or falling, and wolf attacks and torch toting villagers. My kids didn’t bat an eye. However, as more adults asked them if they’d be afraid, they decided they probably would be and bowed out. I was disappointed, but ultimately it ended up being for the best.

I ended up enlisting a couple friends and we went to see the new Disney movie Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson. First thing to note: there were some pretty intense scenes. Many parents shuffled little ones out during a particularly scary scene involving wolves and I thought to myself, that would have been me leaving with my four-year-old. Later in the movie, there is another dark scene (I don’t want to give anything away), and I know my six-year-old would be wanting to leave as well. So, this new version of Beauty and the Beast- it is definitely for adults and older kids. It is rated PG, and I’m thinking it’s probably best for kids age 10 and up.

Now on to the fun stuff! Beauty and the Beast fans will NOT be disappointed. It has everything you loved about the old cartoon version and MORE. All your favorite songs are in the movie- plus a couple more. The characters are all included and endearing, but are given more backstory and portrayed a bit deeper. Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad) I think were particularly entertaining. They balanced each other nicely and did an incredible job portraying some of the films silliest characters. The story follows true to the original movie, but again, you get more. I enjoyed that, but I also thought at times they put in things that were unnecessary.

One thing I liked about the film, although one of my friend’s disagreed, was this version of Belle. She’s the only literate female in her village. She wants to teach children to read, she invents things, she’s clever and independent and truly the hero of the movie. Belle does not wait around for Gaston, her dad, the Beast, or anyone to help. In fact, she often feels that it’s her job to rescue everyone else. Whereas in the cartoon movie Belle swaps positions as prisoner with her dad because he’s sick, in this movie she does it because she’s sure she can escape. I liked Emma Watson’s Belle, not only because I love to see strong female characters, but because it added a connection between her and the Beast. They both are very lonely outsiders. People don’t understand them, nor do they try to.

The screening of this movie was 3D, and I want to go see the film without 3D. It practically ruined it for me. I don’t know if it was the theater, but even with the glasses, a lot of the movie was dark (in terms of brightness) and blurry. Some moments with the 3D were neat, but most of the time I was frustrated that I couldn’t take in all of the scenery because it was blurry. It was incredibly distracting. That being said- when I could see the backgrounds, they were gorgeous. The castle was amazing and it’s unreal some of the effects. (Cogsworth gets a stunning makeover).

I guess I’d give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Although it is incredible, it was overly ambitious and fell short for me. I’d rather have a movie I could’ve taken my kids to. There were some technical issues (the 3D, Belle not looking in the proper spot during scenes), but it did have enough magic to help me remember why I loved the old cartoon movie as a kid so much.


From iFamily to Yours,

3 Mistakes Parents Make with Technology

March 17, 2017 at 9:43 AM • Posted in TechnologyNo comments yet

Happy Friday (and St. Patrick’s Day) Kansas City! Our Tech expert, Burton Kelso is back with another tech savvy post, helping parents to fix some mistakes we tend to make with our kiddos and technology. So, if you feel overwhelmed by technology and kids, take some advice from Mr. Kelso to get the family back on track. Take a look…

3 Mistakes Parents Make with Technology

3 Mistakes Parents Make with Technology


Everywhere you look, kids are spending more time with their technology devices. While technology has allowed us to access vast amounts of information and has become a great source of entertainment, it has become the number one source of conflict between parents and their children at home. The problem with technology is it doesn’t turn itself off. Also, many parents are guilty of using technology as a babysitter. I get it. It’s easier to give your kid some form of electronic simulation. It keeps them distracted and allows you to ‘adult’. You get stuff done if they are engaged in tech and it helps them become more tech saavy … right? Wrong! Setting limits on bad behaviors is a very important part of being a good parent. Technology is good, but it will never replace that parent to kid time they need. Setting limits on technology will make you the bad parent, but it is key to preventing problems with technology use in your home. So what mistakes are you making? Here is a list of the most common mistakes parents make and how to fix them.


#1 Failure to Set Limits on Technology Usage.

How much time you allow them to spend with their tech is up to you, but for the love of God don’t allow them to use it all day everyday. Two hours a day everyday is the suggested amount, but you don’t have to stick with that.  Just set limits on how much screen time they have daily. Screen time includes TV, video games, iPods.  If your kids spend too much time in front of a screen, it can lead to obesity, sleep problems, and behavior problems.  Be sure to give your kids the freedom to decide how they will spend their time away from the screen. I suggest giving them some leeway for times like rainy days, cold weather, and long car rides, rather than having rigid, all-or-nothing schedule, but always remember, having no rules will lead to big problems down the road.

#2 Not Having Enough Family Activities without Technology.

Families are spending more time in front of their screens. Immediately posting photos to social media, logging on to your favorite streaming service to watch movies, the list goes on. Be sure to create activities that don’t involve a screen. So what do you do?  Give them ideas for what to do instead. Also, it would be a good idea for your family to plan a day of unplugging from technology or having a No Tech zone in certain areas of your home such as the dining room. Plan a game night for your family. Show your kids how they should experience the world by planning non tech family activities.


#3 Parents are also Tech Addicts  

Parents, you have to set the example with your technology use. Kids will mimic your actions. If they see you using technology on a consistent basis, they will think it’s ok for them to do it too. When you stop and realize that most adults spend more than seven hours a day interacting with some form of technology, it’s not hard to imagine why your kids are doing it too. Just like you set limits with your kids, you need to learn to set limits with yourself. You can wait to send that work e-mail. With most shows on being accessible from a streaming service, you don’t have worry about missing your favorite show. Your kids need you to pay attention to them, not to the device in your hand.


The bottom line is you must control technology or technology will control your kids. Too much technology not healthy for any young person. Find the right balance for technology in your home and eliminate tech addiction in your kid’s future.


Burton Kelso is the Owner and Chief Technology Expert at Integral, an on-site and remote technology repair company for consumers and businesses. He regularly appears as a guest tech correspondent on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS on shows such as Better Kansas City, Kansas City Live, and the FOX 4 morning show, offering viewers easy tips on technology, Internet lifestyle, and gadgets. He can be reached at 888-256-0829 or email at burton@integralcomputerconsultants.com


How to Battle the Dreaded Flu Season

March 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM • Posted in Family Health & WellnessNo comments yet

Happy First Day of Spring! It may seem like you’re out of the woods when it comes to the flu, but it can still rear it’s ugly head. There are a ton of myths when it comes to the flu, and our Mom Squad Ambassador, Sarah, is helping us to debunk some of those myths and keep us healthy as we round up the season! Check it out…

How to Battle the Dreaded Flu Season


How to Battle the Dreaded Flu Season


I am in marketing. Part of my job is to handle marketing for a rapid identification test for the flu. Needless to say this is my active time of the year to collect feedback from our customers so I can strategize (read the crystal ball) for next year’s flu season. Chances are if you have been to the doctor recently to have a test to see if you have the flu it has been (or at least I hope it has been) the product that I handle. This year has been particularly fun, okay maybe not for the millions of you that have fallen to the dreaded flu bug, but for me when the year starts off slow and then ramps up after Christmas it really gives me some great fodder for why customers should purchase early next year instead of waiting!

But back to you. Typically the flu season begins in November and ends anywhere from March to May. We start to see peaks beginning as early as Christmas time (imagine all those germs in one tiny house and you are too busy to wipe them away!) but in the case of this year, we started seeing the season really get started after the new year. And it hit hard and fast! People seeing their doctor for flu-like symptoms has been above average for about 2 months now, in actuality this is the highest it has been in February for the past 4 years!

Obviously the best way to guard against the flu is the getting the flu shot. But that requires an added trip to the doctor, additional co-pays and let’s face it no one loves getting shots. No more excuses! No more do you need to make an appointment with your doctor to get this shot either; a simple run to the grocery store to pick up milk and on the way out stop by the in-store pharmacy. The cost, even out of pocket is not all that expensive and could help save personal days off work and all around feeling awful down the road. As for the pain—not much I can say about that, especially when the only way the vaccine is administered this year is through a needle. A quick pinch and you can have ice cream after!

There are lists of other “myths” about the flu and flu vaccine that have a tendency to come around about this time of year. Here is your ammunition for stopping these myths in their tracks!

#1 Isn’t it too late to get the shot now?

Absolutely not, better late than not at all and since we see the number of cases still rising it wouldn’t be the worst thing for anyone to do.

#2 I always get sick after getting the vaccine, this is why I never get it!

The vaccine is made from an inactivated virus that can’t transmit an infection. If you got sick it was probably just that cold virus that has been trying to break through for a couple weeks now. Keep in mind that the protection from the flu vaccine is not instantaneous; it usually takes about a week or two to get into your system, hence why you aren’t sick from the vaccine.

#3 I got a shot early last year, I won’t need another one.

The virus mutates every year, it gets wise to your vaccinated ways and decides to throw something else at you. Luckily for us there is a happy little team at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) or WHO (World Health Organization) which monitors where the flu is at any specific time and place in the world. So they have a pretty good idea as to which one will hit each year which is why the vaccine changes from season to season.

#4 Old Wives’ Tale: Feed a cold and starve a fever

With any illness you need fluids above all else. Whether or not you eat is really up to you but with a sore throat and stuffy head; chances are you probably aren’t going to feel like eating too much. Old Wives’ tale: Chicken Soup will heal anything. Maybe just in your head but chicken soup doesn’t have any more healing ingredients than I do in magic kisses to my child’s forehead. But both of those are sure make anyone feel better. Keep this one around—you are already feeling miserable, a little chicken soup can’t hurt anything!

And finally my favorite!

#5 When you are diagnosed with the flu it is time to get the antibiotics

The flu is a virus—ultimately the only thing that will work for this is rest and fluids. Getting an antibiotic won’t cure the flu and most of the time people are probably referring to an antiviral like Tamiflu or Relenza. Keep in mind these antivirals are most effective within 48 hours of the first onset of symptoms—most of us have leftovers in the fridge that are older than that. Still, if taking the antivirals make you “feel better” fine and this may have effects in later stages of the flu and keep away any other viral infections that could come from complications from the flu. Honestly if you can rest is the absolute best thing for you!

Common symptoms can act like a really bad cold. In fact 20%-30% of people carry the flu virus and will have no symptoms. Let that resonate as you hear someone down the hall sneeze, imagine them wiping their nose on their hand or arm and then touching your door to come and talk with you! Terrifying isn’t it! All we can do is make sure we try and stay as far away from the flu as possible; wash your hands whenever you can, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and then throw the tissue away. Be cautious to those that are sick around you, if you are one of those sick then please stay indoors and don’t be the person spreading those germs! Stay well, before you know it we will be complaining of summer weather and the flu bug will be a thing of the past…until October!


From iFamily to Yours,






In Case You Missed It: All Around Child

March 16, 2017 at 8:32 AM • Posted in Educational Fun for KidsNo comments yet

Happy Thursday, KC! How great would it be to have an email, delivered conveniently to your inbox, that gave you the inside scoop of all things FAMILY (including discounts and deals)?! Well, friends, we have got the answer – be sure to sign up for our newsletter here, so you never miss a chance at a great deal, including this email from All Around Child, a preschool focused on a child’s “innate investigative nature.” Take a look…


Your Family Gets FREE Registration
when you mention this email!
Do you know Reggio? 
Reggio Emilia inspired schools have a strong appreciation for each child’s innate investigative nature.  They know that children learn by doingasking questions, and reflecting on the outcomes.  They support the ideals that children need choices, risk-taking opportunities, opportunities to problem solve, and encouragement to use their potential to think creatively.  When given these opportunities, children can develop a lifelong love of learning.

How do we support their investigative nature? 

To stay genuine to the ideals of true Reggio Inspired programs, there are no “pre-determined” lesson plans.  Rather, each day is a new opportunity to build on yesterday’s connections.  The children have the opportunity to use their relationships with their multi-aged peers and the guidance of their teachers to work on a masterpiece; a project.  One that they discoverinvestigateand build upon through science, math, literacy, social experiences, physical movement, and exploration of the arts.

Where does the journey start?

All Around Child is a family owned, operated and oriented early childhood program that has been serving children ages 2 weeks to 12 years since 2004.  Our curriculum is strongly based on educational achievement, the development of well-rounded social skills, and an introduction to the arts.  Our state-of-the-art facility, workshops, gardens and playgrounds are not only child friendly, safe, and inviting but also fun and full of constant adventure. Each space is a place of research, invention, and empathy expressed through what is often referred to as the “Hundred Languages” of the child.

Schedule an appointment to learn about programs for:



2-3 Years Pre-Preschool

3-5 Years Preschool

Private Kindergarten

Before and After-School

Your child will create, discover, learn, imagine, interact, and experience… in a hundred different ways. 

And every day, there will be joy in their discovery.

(913) 239-9798
Share this email with your friends and be sure to mention iFamilyKC to get free registration for your student!


From iFamily to Yours,
iFamilyKC Team

Spend Your Spring Break at Legoland and SeaLife Kansas City

March 15, 2017 at 3:06 PM • Posted in Educational Fun for Kids, Family Events & ActivitiesNo comments yet

Happy Spring(ish?) Break, Kansas City! March is that great month of the year where the kiddos get a week off, and families a chance to take advantage of all the great activities in the metro. Legoland just opened their BRAND NEW Ideas Studio – a one of a kind opportunity to build. Then, their neighbors, SeaLifeKC has their brand new Claws exhibit, which includes the giant Japanese sea crab! Make a day of it down at Crown Center, and enjoy these new chances for fun at Legoland & SeaLife!

Spend Your Spring Break at Legoland & SeaLife Kansas City

Build an Awesome Spring Break! 

Step inside the Ultimate Indoor LEGO® Playground for your Spring Break Adventure!
The ALL-NEW LEGO Ideas Studio transports into a world of imagination by building brand new, unique builds… And is found only at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Kansas City!
With LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s Master Model Builder as your guide, you can become a brick engineer, architect or artist in this brand new attraction!
Buying online is the ONLY way to guarantee your entry inside your Spring Break Headquarters! 
Have a Jaw Dropping Spring Break at SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium!  
With thousands of sea creatures, you can discover something amazing at SEA LIFE… including our
This exhibit showcases incredible crustaceans from around the world, featuring the giant Japanese spider crab. Learn about the amazing anatomy of crabs and find out what makes them one of the most powerful predators of the sea bed!
Don’t forget – double the fun and get 2 attractions, 1 price with our Combination Experience! This includes entry into LEGOLAND Discovery Center AND SEA LIFE Aquarium! CLICK HERE to learn more about our tickets! 


From iFamily to Yours,
Your iFamilyKC Team


This Weekend at the Box Office: Land of Mine

March 14, 2017 at 8:00 AM • Posted in MoviesNo comments yet


Hello, Kansas City! This movie review is a tad different than most. Land of Mine debuted at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival, and was just recently nominated for an Oscar. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, had a chance to see it recently and gives us her thoughts below. Take a look..

This Weekend at the Box Office: Land of Mine


Rated: R
Run Time: 1 hr 40 min
Director: Martin Zandvliet
Starring: Roland Moller, Louis Hoffman, Joel Basman

This Weekend at the Box Office: Land of Mine


I was asked to screen and review Land of Mine, a foreign film that debuted in 2015 at the Toronto Film Festival. In a sea of movies about war, this film sets itself apart by telling a tale about what happens after the war is over. After World War II, German POWs in Denmark, had to rid the country of the 2.2 million landmines the German army had buried along Denmark’s coast before they could return home. Nearly half of those soldiers were killed or terribly injured.
Of these POWs, many were boys. I don’t mean ‘boys’ like they haven’t had time to start a family, I mean ‘boys’ like they couldn’t have driven a car. I looked it up and in Germany, boys could enlist at the age of 16, but it is known that the Nazi’s occasionally took boys even younger than that. This film centers on a Dutch sergeant who is tasked with overseeing a group of German soldiers clear a beach of 45,000 mines. He is surprised at the group of soldiers he gets and he struggles between hating them for their nationality and sympathizing with them for their situation. The boys are told if they clear the mines, they can go home. They struggle though, with starvation, illness and trauma taking tolls.
This movie is violent, and heart-breaking and one of the most haunting films I have seen. Perhaps I have been subsisting on too many children’s movies- I kept waiting for a Disney-like finale where these terrible men get what’s coming and the boys make it out unscathed. However, this is not a movie for children and I had to be happy with the bits (and I mean BITS) of courage and hope that shine through.
As I sobbed my way through the film, I couldn’t help but feel a little sympathetic for all involved. The Dutch HATED the Germans; and following WWII, who could really blame them. Yet you also felt so badly for these children, being starved and traumatized as a country took out their hatred on some of those least deserving. Of course, if this was a movie about men who had been running concentration camps clearing a beach, there wouldn’t be much of an emotional journey to ask of the audience.
In the film, a woman lives nearby with her young daughter. She wants her daughter to stay away from the soldiers and she is cruel towards the boys. At first I was offended on the boys’ behalf. How could a mother treat someone else’s child like this? But then I put myself in her shoes. Living with a small girl while soldiers had been going through the country doing terrible things to women and children. What had happened to her husband? I suppose I would have been fearful and hateful too. The film doesn’t explore the history of its characters, so their motivation is open to interpretation and musings. I think this was quite brilliant as it washed away everything that had built up to this moment. You don’t know why the characters feel as they do (although you can guess), so you are left to judge and interpret only their actions in this moment. It casts things in a different light.
Land of Mine has spectacular acting, a beautiful setting and will be a movie that tugs at my heart whenever I think of it. I can’t tell you that you will enjoy it, but is a fantastic film and deserves to be seen. I applaud Martin Zandvliet, who wrote and directed this film, for telling one of the most difficult stories to come out of such a bleak moment in history with honesty, integrity and heart. While during the movie I kept thinking that it was about hate, but I think it really is about humanizing the enemy. It is about finding compassion and forgiveness when perhaps none is deserved. I definitely recommend this film; but know that you are in for a good cry.


From iFamily to Yours,





A Simple & Sweet Pi Day Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies

March 14, 2017 at 7:23 AM • Posted in Educational Fun for Kids, FoodNo comments yet

Happy Pi Day, Kansas City! To celebrate this mathematical holiday, we’re bringing you some more pie recipes. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Becky, has a simple and sweet recipe for MINI cherry pies. They’ll be sure to satisfy that sweet tooth (and hopefully warm you up a bit too!) Take a look..

A Pi Day Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies


A Simple & Sweet Pi Day Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies


Celebrating the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (did I get that right?) is easy as pie.


Mini Cherry Pies (makes 4)

What you’ll need:

• 1 refrigerated pie crust
• 1 large can of cherry pie filling
• 4 ramekins
• Cookie sheet
• Cutting boards for work surfaces
• Pizza cutter

A Pi Day Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies


What to do:

• Preheat oven to 375.

• Cut both the crusts in ¼ pieces.

• Have your kids roll each ¼ piece into a ball.

• Help them roll out each ball until round and flat.

• Take a rolled out piece of dough and place it in the bottom of the ramekin. Pinching the dough around the top edge. Repeat x3.

• Have the kids scoop the cherry pie filling into each ramekin until it is full.

• Using the pizza cutter, cut the remaining round and flat pieces into thick strips (about 6).

• Criss cross the strips of dough over the cherry pie filing in the ramekins. Pinch dough around the sides so all the dough is sticking together.

• Place all the ramekins on a cookie sheet (the pies may bubble over, so you can thank me later) and bake at 375 for 40-50 minutes on the center rack. If the top crust begins to get too dark, cover pieces with tinfoil.

• Cool about 1 hour before serving (especially to little ones). They also taste great cold!


Becky Ervin is a creative director, mother of three and blogs at PartyBoxKC.com/blog.


From iFamily to Yours,




The Results of Practicing Self Care (and How to Do It)

March 13, 2017 at 8:00 AM • Posted in Family Health & WellnessNo comments yet

Happy Monday, Kansas City! It can be difficult to focus on ourselves as parents, but practicing self care is an absolute must to maintain sanity in this crazy life. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Brigette, shares some ways we can all take care of ourselves, and what happens when we do. Check it out..

The Results of Practicing Self Care (and How to Do It)


The Results of Practicing Self Care (and How to Do It)

As a mom or dad, we tend to always have a lot on our plate. From working outside or inside the home, taking care of kids and keeping them on schedule, helping our husbands or wives with their various schedules like work, appointments and things. And even helping others outside the home can be overwhelming and take a lot out of us.

Once I had kids, a lot of the time I would take to get myself ready for the day or unwind for the day seemed to vanish into thin air. I would get so wrapped up in everyone else’s schedule that my time would seem to be nonexistent. One of my kiddos was born with several life threatening heart defects, so running around the city to different doctors was when I really had “down time”. I was in the car most of the time headed to a different doctor every week. Then when it came to the weekend I was shuttling my step daughter back and forth from our house to her mom’s house. So there was a little more down time since we lived in different cities lol. But it wasn’t until my 4th child that I realized just how important taking time for myself would be.



When you don’t take some time for yourself, you start to feel like you are falling behind in life. You feel overwhelmed, worn out and let’s face it, you don’t look like yourself. I mean if you ever ran into me at 5 below on one of my busy days, whew sorry! My hair is a mess, I probably have on some form of athletic wear, sweats or even an old pair of crocs. Not to mention my stress level is at a million because I just want to get in and out without buying one more Shopkin 5pack for the girls. Side note, I’m really kinda upset I know what that is lol) But when we don’t take time to take care of our self, physically and mentally, we begin to crack.


When you take a little time for yourself, the world seems to be in a different color. The stress of the day no longer has you seeing red! You are happier, your body is no longer getting stress paralyzed and you tend to just have more fun. I know I like when I am happier and so do my kids! When we became parents, we automatically signed up to be the best parent we could be for them. Same for your husband or wife! We are on our A game and it brings so much more love and positivity into the house.



Look I get it, we all can’t up and leave for a weekend away or take a mid-week trip to a spa. And honestly those things are GREAT! But you can take time to take care of yourself at home every day for 30 minutes- an hour and feel just as relaxed and recharged.

  • Prayer- For me saying a small prayer throughout the day can help me focus and take on the day.
  • Music- Music is so powerful! It can change your mood, relax you and even empower you.
  • Laugh- Watching a show or short movie that is funny definitely helps. Laughter is a natural healer and if you can just take a moment and laugh, you will feel better!
  • Writing- Writing for me is one of my biggest stress relievers. I am able to focus all my energy, emotions and thoughts in one place. It really helps to ease stress!
  • Hot Showers- A hot shower can go a LONG way! Put on some tunes, relax and enjoy!
  • Getting Ready- Sometimes, when I just dress up, put on my makeup and act as if I am going somewhere important, I feel better! I feel like I have everything together and I feel much more at ease. When you look your best, you feel your best!
  • Exercise- Everyone knows that exercise increases endorphins, a natural chemical in our body that not only helps with pain but also puts us in a happier mood.


There are so many ways to make sure you are practicing self-care. These are how I make sure I am relaxed, focused and energized for the day. Whatever you do, make sure it is something that relaxes you, makes you feel happy and is good for you!


From iFamily to Yours,