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It is important to be up-to-date on technology, whether your child is using the computer at home or school. Educate yourself on the best practices of technology & how to ensure your kids use it safely.

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Find advice, resources, & information about technology for kids from our technology expert, Burt. His expertise will help you & your kids better use technology, while also keeping your kids safe. Check out these technology topics now!

Managing holiday stress

7 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress with Kids

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How To Stop TikTok from Spying On You and Your Kids

A growing number of states are banning the use of TikTok on government devices over possible national security threats posed by the Chinese-owned social media platform. Recently, Texas became the latest state to ban...

How To Protect Your Kids From Being Catfished

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Devices to Keep Your Kids Safe

4 Devices That Will Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Considering buying new technology for your kids this holiday season?  You’ll want to check out these 4 devices that will help keep your kids safe online! 4 Devices That Will Keep Your Kids Safe...