The Knight School KC: Chess Classes

Virtual classes for 2020.

Beginner-Friendly Chess Classes

Children from 6 years and older can learn to play chess or continue to practice their chess skills with The Knight School KC!

Their programs are exciting, interactive, engaging and enriching for children. 

Online for 2020

Normally, their chess classes are in-person at local schools. However, this semester chess classes will be fully online. This virtual opportunity means children can learn to play chess no matter what part of town they live in!

There are many different classes and programs available. Choose whichever fits best for your kids.

FREE Private Lesson Trial: See If It's a Good Fit! 

The Knight School has added a new offering: Private Web Lessons, done in our usual lively style. The feedback has been incredibly positive!

We are excited about our innovative approach, one designed just for kids from beginner to chess ninja, swerving in and out of live internet chess games, completely customized chess instruction and analysis all aimed at rapid improvement. We are offering a free, no-obligation one-on-one Private Web Lesson to see if it is a good fit.

How it Works:

My staff of chess-expert/kid-expert coaches and I would love to teach your student. An example agenda for a Private Web Lesson is below:

5 minutes: Get to know you, and quiz you on chess pieces, en passant, and chess rules to assess your current level.
5 minutes: Play a quick assessment game on Lichess.
5 minutes: Play the Lichess computer on an appropriate level with coach giving hints.

10 minutes: Lesson overviewing a new chess tactic or skill.
15 minutes: Play your private coach, as hard as you can, and see who wins!
15 minutes: Use the Lichess “analysis” function to go back through the game, highlighting any strengths and weaknesses, and isolating why the game ended as it did.

2 minutes: Tell me a good joke! I will one for you as well!
3 minutes: Wrap up with reminders for improved play with ideas revealed during lesson.

** Please email Coach Brian for more information: [email protected]

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