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Three Locations
Liberty, MO
Olathe, KS
Topeka, KS
Liberty, MO 64068

Hearltand Healthy Heads now has social distancing locations! 


As healthcare professionals our number one concern is the health and well being of you and your children.

We've designed our treatment center to be very family friendly. We want people to come in and feel comfortable, we don't want kids to be scared, we don't want them to think they've done something wrong because they have head lice & we want to make sure they're entertained and happy.

Hearltand Healthy Heads is a full service head lice removal and treatment facility, dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment of head lice (Pediculosis Capitus). Along with providing lice removal, Heartland Healthy Heads provides education and community awareness to assist with prevention and control of head lice.

Heartland Healthy Heads was founded by two sisters: Cherie Parker and Susan Truluck. Sisters and mothers who saw a need for this service locally.

At Hearltand Healthy Heads, you can expect RESULTS and we GUARANTEE it! We are committed to make the lice removal experience safe, effective and educational. We will take the stress away and be with you until you and your family are lice free.

Chief Executive Officer
Cherie is a nurse practitioner with a master's degree in nursing and a post master's certificate in clinical research management. Her career spans all healthcare settings over 15 years and has allowed her to care for thousands of families during difficult healthcare situations. Her most recent pursuit and passion is to help families get through head lice with the safest, most effective and affordable treatment possible.

Cherie recognized a need and stepped forward to provide a head lice removal service in the greater Kansas City area. Amazed by the amount of misinformation she strives to educate everyone about head lice, all available treatment options and the latest research regarding head lice. She has created Hearltand Healthy Heads Lice Removal and Resource Center by aligning herself with head lice experts and researchers including the Shepherd Institute and Larada Sciences. The mission is to decrease the stigma and embarrassment associated with head lice and to provide the safest, non-toxic, pesticide free and professional service to help families dealing with head lice.

Chief Operating Officer
Susan is an occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience working with elementary school age children. As a mother of four, she understands the embarrassment and chaos having head lice can bring to a family. She is passionate about caring for children and excels is educating children about head lice, while making sure they are entertained with age appropriate activities during treatment.

As the Co-Owner of Hearltand Healthy Heads, she recognized the need for a lice treatment service in the greater Kansas City area and sought out expert training. She is certified in the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand nit removal by the Shepherd Institute. In addition, she is a licensee for AirAllé and is a trained and certified operator. She has assessed and treated hundreds of children with head lice offering parents the support and guidance needed to get past head lice with the safest, most effective and affordable options.


6 Victory Lane Suite 5., Liberty, MO 64068
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801 N. Mur-Len Rd, Suite 105, Olathe, KS 66062
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4125 SW Twilight Dr. Topeka, Kansas 66614
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