Where Do I Get It?

iFamilyKC publishes a FRESH issue every month and distributes over 300,000 copies per year. Our distribution routes are meticulously maintained and are always results oriented. We restock and check locations multiple times per month to insure that there are NOT stacks left unread and unused at the end of the month!  We take our distribution very seriously and strive to be in the right places in the right numbers so parents and grandparents can find it and use it!

We consistently add new distribution points each and every month through our incredible distribution staff and their efforts, as well as responding to many requests that we get from various retailers, schools, churches and businesses asking that they be added to our routes .

We change our quantities and drop points as needed, based on seasons, current events and the monthly results of each location.  We recover less than 1% of our Directories every month, which we then recycle.  That means nearly 100% of our publcations are picked up and USED by local parents and grandparents every month!

To become a distribution point, please click on link above labeled "Become a Distribution Point"

You can find us at:

Call for details!  913-744-1400