The Storybook Forest

The Storybook Forest is an event entertainment company geared towards the creation of realistic, honest character interactions with children. We strive to make our costumes film quality or better, have actors that represent the characters both visually and in performance, and design event programs that fit each event perfectly. We perform anything from interesting and relevant educational assemblies for elementary schools to simple and elegant tea parties for birthdays, and everything in-between and around. We are dedicated to nurturing the pure, true nature of imagination that is so powerful in all children. Aside from character entertainment our packages for face painting, photography, and our other services are at a premium quality as well. Our face painters are true artists that dedicate their lives to the craft, implementing everything from personal inspirations in each piece to a glittery finish. Our photographers are keen-eyed and capture the heart felt moments at your event so that you can focus on what's important- enjoying your event. Every minor detail that we cater to goes above and beyond and that is our quality standard.

Our company had humble beginnings in July of 2012 in a small dorm room at a Kansas City university. Laguna Mermaid, our staple character, was the first character developed for us, under the name Laguna Mermaid Entertainment. As we added characters and expanded to do more events we became Parties by Rose. 2017 is the pinnacle year for this company as we dive into something more spectacular than ever before. The Storybook Forest, our new and proud title, is becoming something more profound, more incredible, and more stunning than ever before this year. The company has grown dramatically in the few years it has been in business, and has become a Kansas City staple for truly magical, unforgettable children's entertainment.

The Storybook Forest is owned and operated by Miss Rose Watkins. Miss Rose has had a lifetime of theatrical experience in all its capacities; from sound and light production, to costume and makeup, and performance itself. As a lifelong Girl Scout and experienced childcare giver, Miss Rose developed a love for the entertainment, education, and growth of young children. She has spent years learning about and cultivating the art form that is specialty character entertainment, and is passionate about doing extraordinary things with what was previously seen as an ordinary industry. Every event planned is calculated just right so as to leave your children with an eternally lasting impression.

We have been featured in a number of publications from the KC STAR, Rockhurst Press, and others. We have worked with charity groups, a number of children's hospitals and pediatric wards across the midwest, libraries, schools, scouting programs, private clubs and groups, and so much more. We perform everything from brief private meet and greets with families to large-scale corporate events for water parks and more.

A major factor in character entertainment is the performer. Performers that work with The Storybook Forest are carefully selected, and only those who are especially gifted with working with children are accepted. Like Rose says, "Anyone can slap on a costume and show up, but not just anyone can bring life and joy to your events. There has to be a spark in the children you are working with, or it isn't real." These performers have years of training, degrees, and are all run through the Storybook Program upon hiring, which adjusts every cast member to the level of true enchantment that we strive to provide. Rose is very proud of this cast!