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"The Heat" Review

"The Heat" Review

By: Shari Jacobs

Wow! This movie started out fast and witty and ended that way as well. So many comedies turn out to be such a disappointment with a stupid plot and well just not very funny. That's not the case with the movie, "The Heat", it will make you laugh every few minutes, it was also heartfelt at times, and yes there is a story line to follow! The characters in this movie all have very strong personalities, which is why this comedy could be! The R rating is surly for the extreme overuse of harsh language. This is definitely a movie for adults only because of the language.

I had to see this movie because I am a fan of Sandra Bullock! Bullock played a very committed, intelligent, know-it-all and well a not very liked geeky FBI Agent named Sarah Ashburn. Her only friend seems to be her boss that Melissa McCarthy's character refers to as "Puss n Boots"! The characters personality flaws and strengths in this movie were highlighted upon to make the movie's jokes work well. The only disappointment here was the not so impressive dance seen, usually Sandra Bullocks strong point! In the movie "The Proposal", Bullock's dance seen with her "grandmother to be" was so hilarious, that I was expecting something just as amusing here.

Melissa McCarthy plays Shannon Mullins, a boisterous, unkempt, street-smart Boston cop with a very bad mouth. She is very passionate about her assignment to find a drug dealer before he hurts her brother. Officer Mullins lives in the projects so when FBI agent Ashburn and her get together, they both realize they can be of help to each other.

Of course the two main characters temperaments clash before they officially meet and they have to work very hard throughout the movie to be compatible with each other. By the end of the movie something happens to the characters personas that make for an unexpected finale.

All in all this was a sidesplitting comedy that had the movie theatre audience laughing out loud every few some spots uncontrollably so!