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Red 2: Movie Review

Red 2 was to say the least "action packed"! This movie had a great car chase, humor and a surprising twist a time or two. The rock-hard group of actors strengthened the perilous characters and storyline.

The movie begins with Frank played by Bruce Willis who is making an obvious attempt at leading an average, ordinary, every day life, and his girlfriend Sarah played by Mary Louise Parker could not be more bored with it. She is ready for action and her character tries proving that she can use a gun but only if the seduction traps fail. Catherine Zeta Jones is a Russian secret agent that was once involved with Frank and this causes some competition between her and Sarah throughout the movie.

Helen Mirren and Lee Byung-huns characters Victoria and Han were hired to kill Frank. The two are in an amazing car chase that was really the highlight of the show. It's obvious that these two can be labeled as professional killers! Han has a vendetta against Frank and he cannot wait to get his paybacks. With all of his attempts at revenge Han's is hands down and unintentionally the funniest personality in this movie!

Anthony Hopkins plays Dr. Baily the absent-minded physicist. He created and hid the bomb that the government and everyone else want to acquire, at any cost. The twists that occur throughout the movie lead everyone to Paris, London and finally Moscow where they find out that the bomb is hidden in the Kremlin of all places. Of course the bomb ends up back in the hands of the creator and he wants to destroy the world with it. Thank goodness Frank is there to save day, because he has a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

This movie never had a dull moment to it! Full of action, seriousness and yet lots of laughs.