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One Direction: Movie Review

One Direction: This is Us is definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. This movie blew away Justin Beiber: Never Say Never, and Katy Perry: Part of Me. It was really interesting to learn more about the band on a personal level. The movie is also very comical because of One Direction's witty personalities. Overall, this movie is a great show for the whole family.
- Isabelle Allen

The This Is Us Movie, starring One Direction, is a documentary over the bands rise of fame and inside lives behind closed curtains.While I was watching the movie I thought I was personally getting to know more about them and getting to know a lot about their personalities. I absolutely adored this film and it's the best I've seen all year. I would recommend this people everywhere. I would definitely give this movie five stars out of five.
- Kyleigh West

The One Direction This Is Us movie was great. It really showed who One Direction is. It was amazing to see all of their stories and where they came from. It showed them on tour, and just having fun together. Also, it was cool to see their tour songs also in the movie. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and it is great to see if you are a fan of theirs.

- Ashley Frost