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Despicable Me 2 Movie Review

What do Steve Carrell and Despicable Me 2 have in common? They're both hilarious! Steve Carrell is the voice of Gru, who is a former bad guy that turned into a softy! In the first Despicable Me Gru's character is mollified with the persuasion of some sweet orphans. Now that he has adopted them the once orphaned Margo, "Miranda Cosgrove's character," is longing for a mother figure. In comes Kristen Wiigs character Lucy Wilde fresh out of the Anti-Villain League and is seemingly, slightly attracted to Gru!

Gru's minions as we know can be mischievous at times, to say the least! They seem to be in charge of everything that goes on in and around the house, and do a good job with most of their chores! But something bad happens to the cute little tater tot looking fellows. The minions are slowly disappearing after being sucked away by a giant magnetic force. Something or someone is turning the minions into indestructible purple people eating little creatures.

Gru's jelly making business is, currently, not as successful as he would like, so when the Anti-Villain League asks Gru to help them solve this mystery he can't turn it down. He quickly sets up an undercover cupcake shop and discovers that he will be working with the young, slightly attractive Lucy Wilde. In the meantime Margo is practicing reciting a poem about "a mother's love", and she can't seem to express any emotion because she has never had a mom. Will Gru and Lucy be able to solve the case of the enormous magnetic vacuum?

Will Margo ever know what it is like to have a mother figure in her life? Will the disappearing tater tot looking minions be found? Who is turning the minions into despicable purple creatures? Watch Despicable Me 2 and find out!

Shari Jacobs, iFamilyKC mom squad member