The Independence Square

202 W. Maple Avenue
Independence, MO 64050


The Independence Square is the heart and soul of Independence, Missouri. With roots that date back to the early 1800s. It has transformed from a frontier town, a jumping-off point of the three westward-bound trails, a center of Civil War action, a religious hub, the home of the 33rd President of the United States, to a renovated and renewed business district with great shopping, dining, services, and entertainment choices. Today, the Square and its closely-situated landmarks and tourist attractions serve as the hub for the city and the area's major source of tourism.

Though the Square stands on its own heritage, it still requires a concerted effort to market this unique area and organize its stakeholders. That's where the Independence Square Association (ISA) comes in.

For many years, the ISA has created, executed, supported, and been the leader in a variety of events, concerns and activities. The ISA Board of Directors remains focused on marketing the Square to patrons of all types and also to strategically maintain the organization's position of strength in the community. The mission of the ISA is to support its members and promote the overall welfare of the Independence Square. One of the ISA's main activities is coordinating historical preservation efforts between property owners, the City of Independence, Jackson County, the National Parks Service, and other entities. The ISA works diligently every day to keep loyal patrons coming back, while constantly attracting new visitors to our area. We encourage you to discover the dining, shopping, history and vitality that our downtown has to offer!


Anchored in the center by the Truman Courthouse, the historic Independence Square is a revitalized district filled with shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

History lovers have often visited Independence, MO to see where Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, lived the majority of his life. The Square is an immediate focal point, with tours on horse drawn carriages, the courthouse and Clinton's Soda Fountain, where President Truman had his first job as a youth.

However, history is only a small part of what makes the Independence Square an experience for both travelers and locals. Over the last couple of decades a wide array of locally owned businesses has flourished, adding fine dining, bowling, an art gallery and much more to the area.

Whether you're doing a day trip or date night, the Independence Square represents a variety of excellent options. Shop, dine and unwind!