Create 2 Day

115 Oak Street
Bonner Springs, KS

Creative Reuse (also known as up-cycling or repurposing), is adding a creative element to an already manufactured item, resulting in a new function. A CD case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug. (as defined by The Resouce Alliance.)

Creative Reuses Centers, like CrEatE, collect discarded materials from the public that can be reused and given new life. Many centers, like CrEatE, resell these items to the public at a discount or donate them to teachers, organizations or other groups for further reuse. We are part retail store, part DIY space, filled reusable materials for your creative projects.

Why the prices are so low--

Because most of our inventory is donated by individuals and businesses, we can keep prices low—usually at about one-quarter of the retail cost. Every penny spent in the store goes back into supporting CrEatE's mission.

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What are the benefits?

Educators can stretch their budgets by purchasing affordable and unique materials.

A child can learn about reuse in a fun, playful and diverse environment.

The local creative community will have access to inexpensive quality materials. They can find unique items to create into art or reuse for less cost.

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