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Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy Written
by Jane O'Connor
Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser 

Hardcover, 32 pages.
Ages 3-6

Fancy Nancy is the epitome of a stereotyped girl. Fancy adores dressing up, glitzy shoes, being glamorous and anything and everything fancy. This children's book is popular amongst girls, moms, and better yet... teachers! This is a hit in the classroom because Fancy uses "fancy words" to describe her fancy lifestyle.

"Lace-trimmed socks do help me play soccer better".

As you read, you are given a tour of the fancy life of Fancy Nancy; the before and after picture of her fancy-transformation. She holds her decorative ways very close to heart but unfortunately, they do not run in the family. Fancy's mom, dad, and little sister are far from fancy- plain to be precise. But, as a loving family should, they support her and go along with her "how to be fancy" lectures.

It's all fun and games until Fancy's family agrees to go out in public with her, dressed in her tip-top fancy attire (Fancy's idea). They steal the attention of everyone in the restaurant until their family charade goes sour. Read aloud with your child to find out what happens! (Don't worry... everyone will end with a smile).

• I recommend this