Jayne’s Mid-Week Recipe Round Up!

Good Evening, iFamilyKC Readers!

As we gear up for the (Valentine’s Day) weekend, many of us will be preparing our grocery lists for the weekend shopping. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably getting tired of working with the same recipes over and over again week after week (how many variations of chicken, kale, and mushrooms can I make – seven?!). It seems that iFamilyKC Mom Squad Ambassador Jayne runs into the same issues with her family and she’s sharing her eight favorite recipes that her family just LOVES. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to make one (or more) of these with your little ones this weekend. We hope that you and your family have a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend!


Hey Kansas City!  Hope you all are hanging in there with the “back to the frigid” temperatures!


We’ve been trying to keep our little ones as occupied as possible, and cooking as a family has been a very welcomed distraction. While cooking or baking with children, there are plenty of ways to help your child learn vocabulary, measurement, and many varied concepts.  We frequently discuss textures and consistencies of ingredients (as well as if they’re liquid, powder, etc.).  It’s a fantastic way to keep your children learning while having fun and spending quality time together as well. Just in case your family is doing the same, I’ve rounded up a few easy recipes to try with your beginner culinary geniuses!  Here are my top eight!  Happy Cooking!
3 Ingredient Pancakes (recipebyphoto.com)
 No Bake Snack Bars (averiecooks.com)
Bread in a Bag (thefrugalmom.net)
Easy Homemade Calzones (lorisculinarycreations.com)
Homemade butter (apartmenttherapy.com)
Hummus Turkey Wraps (designdininganddiapers.com)
Sour Patch Grapes (raininghotcoupons.com)
Rainbow Fruit Cups (myfrugaladventures.com)
Mom Squad Ambassador Jayne lives is a recent transplant to the Kansas City metro area. She and her two little ones enjoy getting out and exploring the city. Connect with Jayne over on the iFamilyKC Facebook page.
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