Frugal and Convenient Recipe

By Keri Nichol

Our schedule is so chaotic sometimes that finding time to make a meal is a real chore. Not to mention, the fact that you want it to be something more than a can of cold ravioli’s. I have been trying to get into making foods up in advance and freezing them for convenient foods that we will love and will fill our bellies.

For us, though, the trick is making foods that we all like and that are cheap to make. It’s hard enough to stay on a food budget day to day, let alone trying to plan ahead. However, I found one recipe that seems to be a hit in our family: breakfast burritos.

We always have potatoes and eggs. And once every month or two one of the local grocery stores will have a four day breakfast sale where you can get rolls of sausage for $.99 and the same with shredded cheese. So, I wait for these sales and then buy them up. I will find sales on 12 inch tortilla and buy what’s on sale also. I have used plain whites, wheat and even Chipotle.

So when my potatoes start to get soft and I know I need to get them used up I will slice them all up real small. I normally leave the peeling on because my hands cramp from peeling them and besides that skin is supposed to be healthy, right. I fry up the sausage and then pull the crumbles out and put them on a plate. I leave the grease from the sausage to cook the potatoes in. I then add the potatoes to the pan and also a diced onion. I slowly fry the potatoes until they are very soft and mushy. This usually takes a while and is the key in a good burrito. Then I make a well in the middle of the pan, pushing the potatoes to the edges. I whisk up my eggs and pour them into the well. Make sure the heat is very low at this point. I don’t mix the potatoes in with the raw egg. I wait until the eggs are mostly cooked stirring them in the well and then I combine them with the potatoes. When the egg is thoroughly cooked I add the sausage back in and also some cheese and mix well. Then I put large spoonful of the mix into a tortilla and wrap it up. I like to wrap the tortilla in some aluminum foil. This way I can pull them straight out of a freezer bag and pop them into the oven. Plus it helps hold them together.

In my last batch I used 5 lbs. of potatoes, one whole onion, 5 sausage patties (leftovers), 1 lb. roll of sausage, 8 oz. shredded mild cheddar cheese and 8 large eggs. The best part of this idea is that you use what you have. You can change the type of meats and cheeses you use to suit what you have, what’s on sale or what’s been left over in the frig that week. This is a way to reuse foods and use them up without letting them go bad but still making a great meal. The last batch that I made – made 19 big burritos. We have had these for a fast breakfast, lunch and even a dinner on the go. The kids usually split one since they are so filling.