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Planning Fun Family Outings With Your Kids In 7 Easy Steps

Is planning a fun family outing a chore in your household?  Today Liz, from the iFamily Mom Squad, shares some tips on how you can eliminate the chaos and put the FUN back into planning those FUN family outings!  Take a look…

Family Outings

Planning An Outing With Your Kids In 7 Easy Steps:


The splash pads of Kansas City are some of the easiest and fun places to take your kiddos this summer! Here are 7 tips I have found that help make this summer outing a success.

1- Avoid morning chaos by packing the night before. That seems so easy but that one extra step saves much time and frustration in the morning when everything is ready to go out the door.

2- Beat the heat! A great time To head out is around 9 am before the mid- summer sun hits its peak. Also, it’s not as crowded giving you the option to choose your bench or table in the shade. The same goes for the later in the afternoon when the sun starts to fade.

3- Timing is everything! Allow enough time to play & splash before you head home for lunch and the littles need their naps.

4- The best news, splash pads are free! Just in case things don’t go as planned you will not feel guilty spending any money.

5- Give a good pep talk. I have found with my toddler, getting her to jump up out of bed in the morning is easy when I tell her we are headed to the splash pad! She is so much more cooperative In the process of heading out the door.  She also enjoys knowing what’s going on ahead of time. I let her know where we are going, how long we will stay, what I’m bringing for snacks and what else she can expect from the morning there. In turn I let her know what I expect from her.

6- What to pack.  Snacks and more snacks. I swear my daughter is only hungry when she sees other little people around her eating.  In our bag is her swimsuit, water shoes, swim diapers, hat, towel, sunscreen, water, snacks or lunch in a small cooler & an extra change of clothes for the ride home. If you don’t want to carry an exhausted child to the car after the fun than make sure you bring the stroller.

7- What does mom wear? Be comfy, it’s hot out! You can find me in a tank, shorts and flip flops and often taking my turn to cool off in the water.  If you want to wear a suit and jump in with your kiddos, go for it mama!

There are a few great splash pads around the Kansas City area! Find one that’s convenient for your family, cool off and have fun!

From iFamily to Yours,


Throwing a Fabulous DIY Summer: A How To Guide

Despite unseasonably cooler temperatures this week, summertime is in full swing here in the metro area and we’re excited for all the DIY Summer fun in store for your family this season. Brigette, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad team is sharing her ideas for fabulous summer parties today on the blog. Take a look…

diy summer fun

Throwing a Fabulous DIY Summer: A How To Guide

Summer time can mean a lot of things. Swimming pools, drive ins, picnics and more. One of my favorite things to do is throw and attend parties. Just fun, let’s celebrate summer and have a great time party! So why not hit up your local dollar store or Target and put on a great party.

Here are a few ideas you can easily throw together AND entertain a large crowd for the low!

DIY Summer

Build a Hot Dog Bar

Who doesn’t love a good weenie roast?! Hot dogs are a great way to feed a crowd without spending too much. A simple hot dog bar doesn’t require much, grab some ketchup, mustard and all your favorite fixin’s and you are good go to go.

diy summer

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Take your love of ice cream to the next level with insane toppings! Gather all your favorite candies, nuts and sauces and let everyone build their own sundae. Don’t forget the root beer to make sundae floats too!

DIY SUmmer

Movie Party

This is probably the easiest way to entertain a crowd. Pick a cult classic of fave family movie, pop some popcorn, add a variety of pops and salty snacks and you are ready for an evening under the stars or your living room full of people in their pjs!

DIY Summer

Taco Party

Another fun way to feed a crowd is a taco party. Much like the hot dog bar or sundae bar, you and your guests can grab a bag of chips or shells and then add all their favorite toppings. Tacos are always a favorite among most people so this would definitely be a great way to celebrate Taco Tuesday!

DIY Summer

Carnival Party

A friend of mine through a summer carnival party two years ago and it was AMAZING! Popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and of course carnival games! She even had a face painter or strong man there to entertain! A circus or carnival party can be done in so many ways that everyone will have a great time.

DIY Summer

Camping Party

Camping is one of my favorite past times. Fires at night, s’mores and ghost stories. The summer is the perfect time to have a camping party. Grab some stuff for s’mores and a sleeping bag for a late night.

DIY Summer

Luau Party

Luau parties are always fun too. Bright colors, grass skirts and pineapples! Grab some bright table cloths, throw some Hawaiian dogs on the grill (wrapped with bacon and pineapple) and get ready to dance the night away. You could also throw in some great games like a hula hoop competition or limbo.

DIY Summer

Southern Belle Tea Party

Want a more chic party? Throw a Southern Belle party. Have your guests dress in their Sunday bests, throw on some lace gloves and get ready for a variety of teas. Have your guests bring their favorite tea (preferably already brewed) and sip while eating bonbons or pecan pie.

DIY Summer

Beach Party

What better way to celebrate summer than a beach themed party? Head to the dollar store and grab some floaties, noodles and beach balls. Have everyone pot luck style their favorite food or make a spread of your favorite picnic foods. Don’t forget the pools! Get a blowup pool or have some bring theirs!

I hope these ideas were enough to spark your summer party planning adventures!

From iFamily to yours,


Cool Down with These Awesome Deals at KC Watersports

The heat only continues to rise as we enter midsummer here in the metro, and finding any sort of relief is a top priority. Currently, KC Watersports is off 15% at the Inflatable Aqua as well as wakeboard lessons for only $15 per person. They have a ton of other ways to keep cool this summer, so head to just south of Kansas City for some water fun!

Cool Down With These Awesome Deals at KC Watersports

Cool Down with These Awesome Deals at KC Watersports


15% OFF
at the coolest Inflatable Aqua Park:
when you use our exclusive code
AND you can Learn to WAKEBOARD for only $15!
scroll down for details

KC Watersports: Kansas City’s premier watersports destination!

Located just south of Kansas City , they are a watersports destination with exciting opportunities for every member of your family!  There are two different lakes on their property suited for different levels of ability along with an inflatable Aqua Park Obstacle Course! PLUS Stand Up Paddleboarding, Surf Club, Kids Camps, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, Sand Volleyball & more.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, they’ve got it all!
If you’ve never wakeboarded or waterskiied before, don’t worry! You can check out their Learn to Ride program from 10am-noon every Saturday and Sunday. This program is only $15 per person and includes a cable pass and any equipment you will need. Their skilled, friendly instructors will get you up and riding in no time!
The inflatable Aqua Park floating in the corner of the main cable lake is a super fun way to cool off on a hot day. Bring your whole crew out for an afternoon of sliding, jumping and bouncing!
Looking for a more relaxing way to get on the water? Try out their surf club! They take out one of their beautiful Mastercraft wakesurfing boats with a maximum of 6 people to ensure each person gets plenty of time on the water. Surf club takes place at 5 pm every Tuesday night at the Jayhawk Marina on Hillsdale Lake.
Visit KCWatersports for even more information on any of these activities like kids camp, sand volleyball and birthday parties!


From iFamily to Yours,

Your iFamilyKC Team

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How to Make Time for Family Fun in the Summer

We all like to think that summer will mean relaxing, lazy days, but unfortunately, it usually turns out to be busier than during the school year! Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Stephanie, is choosing to make time for some family fun this month, and she’s sharing her journey below. Take a look…

How to Make Time for Family Fun in the Summer

How to Make Time for Family Fun in the Summer

If your summer is anything like mine, you are incredibly busy. Between my work schedule, kid’s activities and school, it’s nuts! Each week, we’ve been trying to take a day to just be together as a family, no work, no school, just fun!

Last week, my husband and I decided take the kids out to lunch followed by some bowling. We are all about trying new restaurants and new foods, and settled on Winstead’s for lunch. We’ve driven past the restaurant a lot lately and kept talking about wanting to try it, so we took the kiddos and loved it! We all got some yummy cheeseburgers and fries, followed by a huge ice cream sundae to share, before heading to the bowling alley near our house.

How to Make Time for Family Fun in the Summer

We’ve taken the kids bowling before and we always get a little bit competitive (OK, maybe more than a little bit). The bowling alley has a great ramp for the little ones to use, as well as the bumpers so they can actually knock some pins down. We spent about an hour there and the kids had a blast, except for when I may or may not have mentioned that I won (whoops!) We had to have a little discussion about being happy for others when they do something good, even when you are bummed you didn’t win.

Overall, it was a really fun day and I can’t wait to see what our next family adventure will be. We’ve got some plans for the splash pads and water parks in the area, as well as going to see some movies to help us stay cool with the hot temperatures. Stay cool, friends!


From iFamily to Yours,Stephanie_iFamilyKC_MomSquad

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This Weekend at the Box Office: The Secret Life of Pets

Summer is a great time for animated films, and this summer is nothing different.  The Secret Life of Pets comes out this weekend, and it is not to be missed. With it’s quirky characters, fun writing, and silly story, it is sure to be an all-around fun movie for the family. Our very own Mom Squad Ambassador, Stephanie shares her review of it below. Check it out!

This Weekend at the Box Office: The Secret Life of Pets

“The Secret Life of Pets”

Release Date: July 8th, 2016
Director: Yarrow Cheney, Chris Renaud
Rated: PG
Running Time: 90 min

If you haven’t seen previews for The Secret Life of Pets – you are missing out. This movie is super cute and I bet you’ll love it!

My husband and I had the opportunity to take the big kids out to see the new movie, The Secret Life of Pets, after they have been begging me for weeks after seeing the previews! The movie takes place in Manhattan where a dog named Max lives with his owner. Every day, Max (and the other animals in the apartment complex) wait for their owners to come home by spending the day doing silly stuff around the apartment (getting into the refrigerator and eating the owner’s food, jamming out to music, and watching soap operas).

One day, Max’s owner brings home a new dog – which is NOT okay with Max. He hates sharing his owner’s time with the new dog, Duke, and they get into a fight. During the fight, both dogs lose their collars and end up roaming the streets trying to find their way back to their apartment.

Unfortunately, the local dog catchers snatch them up and start to take them to the pound! Another dog is also locked up in the back of the dog catcher’s van who happens to be part of a secret club of abandoned pets looking for revenge on humans. The other abandoned pets come to their friends rescue and break Max and Duke free – under the assumption they are abandoned as well.

When the abandoned pets learn that Max and Duke are actually owned by a human, they are not happy!. The other pets from the apartment complex come together to try and save Max and Duke from the abandoned pets and tons of silly shenanigans happen!

The kids laughed a ton throughout the movie and of course there were even parts my husband and I found funny. Overall, this is a really cute movie I’m sure your kiddos (and you!) will love!

From iFamily to Yours,

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10+ Tips for Packing Snacks for the Pool This Summer

The days are getting hotter in the Kansas City Metro, which inevitably means more days trying to keep cool. With so many neighborhood and city pools offering affordable, cool entertainment for the kiddos, it’s no wonder parents often spend their summer days there. One of our Mom Squad Ambassadors offers us some great tips for packing snacks for the pool, so you can beat the heat and keep the party going as long as possible. Take a look…

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks For the Pool this Summer

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer
My husband and I laugh (cry?) at the fact that we sometimes spend as much time packing FOR the pool, with our three kids in tow, as we actually spend AT the pool. But this summer I’ve vowed to maximize our time at the pool, so I’m getting smarter about what I’m bringing. Fewer toys, more snacks. If you want to stay cool at the pool longer (translation: wear your kids out!), check out these food packing tips.

What to Bring

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer


Invest in a medium-sized cooler. One that you can carry with one hand (you’ll have plenty of pool supplies to carry in the other hand) but is still large enough for snacks for everyone.

• Throw juice boxes in the freezer and use them in your cooler instead of ice to keep food cold. This saves space and lightens your cooler.

Veggies — No, really. When kids are active, they get hungry and are more likely to happily munch on something healthy. The key is to offer veggies first before other snacks. You’ll be surprised at how many carrot and celery sticks they will munch on.

String cheese — Portable and fun, the perfect combo for the pool

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer

Boxes of raisins — easy to throw in the cooler, easy to pass out, sweet and nutritious

Go-GURTS — freeze these ahead of time for an extra cold treat. Bonus, they are less messy when frozen.

Reusable plastic plates — They are not just environmentally friendly but they have extra weight so they won’t blow away as easily as disposable paper and plastic plates.

Wet wipes — Better than napkins to wipe messy hands, faces, tables and chairs.

Bring extra — Inevitably your kids will have or make friends at the pool and you’ll be glad you have extra snacks to share.

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer
What to Avoid

Dips, sauces and other condiments — These not only take up valuable real estate but they can make food prep and eating very messy.

Chocolate treats — a melting mess, not worth it!

Nuts — Nuts can make a mess on the table, in the chairs and on the ground. Be sensitive to others around you (and after you) with nut allergies and leave these at home.

Anything requiring utensils — Again, not worth it. Plus it’s just one more thing to lose at the pool.

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer

From iFamily to Yours,


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Sign up now for a SEA LIFE Kansas City Summer Camp!

Summer is a great time to get your kiddos involved in all the wonderful summer camps offered throughout the Metro. SeaLife Kansas City has several weekly camps for ages 8+ upcoming, all focused on Marine Biomes. Cost is $200 + tax per camper per week. Spots are first come, first served and are filling up fast for the remained of June and July, so get your spot today!

Reserve your spot today for a

SEA LFE Kansas City Summer Camp!

Sign Up Now for a SeaLife Kansas City Summer Camp!
Sessions available throughout June and July. Sessions run Monday through Friday for one week and are led by SEA LIFE Aquarium’s knowledgeable Education Team! This opportunity is perfect for campers ranging in age from 8 – 12 years old!
Summer Camp Sessions 2016:
• June 27th-July 1st
• July 11th-July 15th
• July 18th-July 22nd
This year, SEA LIFE Aquarium’s Summer Camp curriculum will focus on MARINE BIOMES!2016 Camp Outline:
• Monday – Shorelines & Fresh Water
• Tuesday – Coral Reefs
• Wednesday – Open Oceans & Ocean Bottoms
• Thursday – Kelp Forests & Arctic Oceans
• Friday – Aquarium FacilitiesTimes:
Campers may be dropped off each morning by their camp session start time at 8:00am and must be picked up daily no later than 3:15pm.
$200 + tax per camper per week

Lunch is not included in the cost of summer camp admission. Campers may bring their own lunch daily, or may purchase a pre-made lunch. Payment for pre-made lunches must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.Explore more by signing up now! Reservations are first-come, first-serve with limited availability so act now & reserve a spot!
Book today by calling (816) 556-3234
From iFamily to Yours,

Your iFamilyKC Team