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The little book with BIG resources!

Got Summer Camps? Let iFamilyKC Help You Fill Them Up!

Kansas City parents seek out our Summer Camps Guide every year. Make sure they find your camps, classes & programs.

Summer Camps Advertising 2018

We work hard building quality relationships with our readers and with our advertisers. iFamilyKC is officially #1 in engagement with local families online, in print, in person and especially on Facebook. KC parents trust us, and look to us for ideas & information about spring break & summer camps/programs. Make sure they find your classes, camps, programs and VBS this year. You’re working hard to make your camps and programs a huge success, but don’t stop there. Let us help you fill them up; utilize our established features for your summer camps advertising to local families. We love connecting great kids with great camps!

We’ve got options. It’s always great to have options 🙂 ​​​​​​​Our Display Ad packages INCLUDE so many additional bells & whistles to promote your spring break and summer camps, party resources, services, classes, enrichment programs, products, destinations and events. Plus, we have a few a’ la carte options available to meet your custom needs.

Maximum success & results come when you make use of all of the different platforms and methods we provide:

1. Change up your ad periodically, presenting a clear, concise message.
2. Make sure you have a call to action in your ad.
3. Utilize your social media platforms so we can SHARE & promote from them.
4. Let us know when you ADD a new social media platform to promote your business.
5. Submit your events to our online calendar which gets TONS of traffic and clicks.
6. Submit guest blog posts to educate area parents about your industry.
7. Email us when you have a new class, camp, product line, offer, service or event that we can showcase.
8. Host one of our iFamilyKC Kids Club events to get new people into your location.
9. Give us marketing materials that we can pass out at our events.
10. Reserve a Dedicated eBlast to send out to our readers, followers and fans. Display Ad advertisers get almost 50% OFF of our regular eBlast rates.
11. Do you serve groups, troops, classes & teams? Then you NEED to be in our Annual Field Trip Guide.
12. Have you scheduled one of our NEW Facebook LIVE Video promotions at your location? Includes the LIVE video promo on our iFamilyKC Facebook page with over 100K fans, boosted post, download and reuse of the video on our blog, ALL for only $275. Call or email today to LOCK IN YOUR DATE. No other local media entity even offers this type of promotion. We truly provide the best value for your marketing budget.

ALL of these pieces working together is what garners maximum results. We have camps that have been advertising with us every year for well over a decade.

Need help with any of these features? Have questions? CALL or EMAIL today.
913-744-1400 or info@iFamilyKC.com We are here to help.

The top 3 reasons you need to have iFamilyKC working for you:

1. Your mission: we understand serving area families & parents, and we do it successfully daily. Let us help you.
2. Your support needs: we have a quality reputation for offering the best customer service, along with results.
3. Your budget: we are the only company in the Kansas City metro with these features & benefits. We truly provide the best value for your marketing dollars. USE all that we offer!

What we do WORKS!
Get started today. Text Listings are only $75 per month; Display Ads start at only $180 per month.

These same features & benefits are available to advertise your Party Resources, Enrichment Programs, Health & Wellness Providers, Tutors, Products & Shopping for Children, Events & more!

Media Guide with all ad sizes and corresponding rates HERE, get Ad Agreement form HERE, Summer Camps Text Listing form HERE Just fill out and return to guarantee your space!

iFamilyKC is officially #1 in engagement with Kansas City parents.

Be careful when choosing who to partner with in your marketing endeavors.

Did you know some entities BUY Facebook followers & Twitter fans?
Building a community of over 107,000+ combined fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, takes time, a commitment to quality content and focus on serving our local community. It’s taken us many years and lots of learning to steadily grow to this level. iFamilyKC has never and would never purchase social media followers or fans and we encourage you to ask this important question when you are researching places to collaborate with & advertise.