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Family Valentines Day Activities: Ways to Give Back & Spread Love

Looking for a few ways to enjoy family Valentine’s activities AND give back to others at the same time? We’ve got the scoop on five things your family can do this year that will spread love and help you get the most out of the holiday. Take a look…

Family Valentines Day Activities: Ways to Give Back & Spread Love

valentine's day activities

Usually when we think of this holiday, we think of love in relationships but there are other things that we can consider. Love for one another is a great facet and a love for members of the community is even better! Thus, I have dedicated this blog to a list of great ways that you can share your love for others both near and far. Celebrating differences and showing love and care for those in need or those that could use a little cheerfulness to their Valentine’s Day!

#1 Surprise Your Family With Gala Tickets

Charlie’s Ball, a family gala, is coming up at Science City (inside Union Station) at the end of the month. What better surprise for Valentine’s Day than to get tickets for your family. Not only would you be gifting your family a post-V-Day celebration but you’re also supporting an amazing cause that helps save lives so other families can celebrate special moments and holidays with their kids.

#2 Share a Handmade Valentine

Enjoy some family time and share a handmade Valentine’s day card by attending a community outreach program to benefit sick kids and elderly that are spending Valentine’s Day in the hospital. This year, you can pariticpate in an annual card shower at Once upon a child in Lees Summit, MO on Monday February 12th at 5:30pm. You can stop by and make Valentine’s on site for kids or donate some handmade cards from home.

#3 Send a Hand-Written Letter to a Child with Special Needs

Kids with Special Needs is seeking Monthly Magical Buddies to befriend a child with special needs or a chronic illness and send them a letter, card or gift once a month. You and your family can volunteer a little time and energy to creating a special experience and bond with another child in the country. There is no fee to sign up, just the cost of a stamp and whatever you decide to send each month.


#4 Participate in the Run 4 Love 5k and 10k

This virtual run can be done anywhere you live so no traveling but you get a bit of exercise! Should you choose to take on this adventure, 15% of the proceeds will benefit Heart to Heart International which is an organization that helps communities gain health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide. Your virtual race can take place any time in the month of February, so what have you got to lose, except maybe a few pounds?

#5 Do a Random Act of Kindness

They say to “spread kindness around like confetti” and we couldn’t agree more. What better way to celebrate a day of love than by doing kind things for others randomly throughout the day. Need some inspiration? You could…

  • buy a stranger a coffee.
  • give someone on the street a Valentine’s Day card.
  • dole out kisses (of the Hershey variety) to people you run into throughout the day.
  • hold the door open for people at the store.
  • offer to help someone carry something heavy.

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60 Ways to Add Kindness to Your Holiday Season

Happy Wednesday, Kansas City! The holidays shed light on a lot of things — traditions, emotions, reflections of the previous year. It also reminds us how important kindness is. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Leah, has a huge (and great!) list of simple acts of kindness to implement this holiday season (and all year round). Check it out!

60 Ways to Add Kindness to Your Holiday Season


60 Ways to Add Kindness to Your Holiday Season


Life can be scary… life can be mean… and most of all life can be messy. Why not ease the frustration of what life brings by giving back to others? Remember the time when life used to seem a little slower and sweeter? It seemed like people used to literally stop and smell the roses.

Nowadays, we are in a constant rush. We are always running an errand, taking the kids to activities, attending a family functions, etc.

We seriously do the work of a few people in one day. No wonder why we sometimes to simply forget to say, “Hello” as we pass by a stranger. We simply just get stuck in our constant and ever growing to-do lists.

The sad reality is we need those acts of kindness more than ever. We need to bring back the smiles, manners, and greetings like the good old days. But let me break it down for you, talking about it doesn’t change it.

You know what does? Doing something about it. So, get out there and brighten someone’s day. Take a few minutes and educate your children on the importance of human interaction and connection. We are our children’s greatest teachers. Here are some ideas to get you started.


60 Random Acts of Kindness


  1. Offer to rake or mow a neighbor’s lawn (Or better yet just do it)
  2. Over tip a waitress
  3. Let a manager know when you receive good service
  4. Write your child’s teacher a thank you note
  5. Have your child write their teacher a thank you note
  6. Encourage your child compliment the cafeteria staff at school or have them draw them a picture
  7. Deliver one of your best friends flowers
  8. Mail your parents a hand written thank you card
  9. Write your partner a love letter
  10. Write sweet compliments your children on your bathroom mirror ( with a dry erase marker)
  11. Make your neighbors some cookies or a cake
  12. Leave a bottle water and an encouraging note in your mailbox to your mail carrier
  13. Send your pastor an email and let them know how much you appreciate them
  14. Bring your child’s daycare teachers doughnuts
  15. Send your children’s grandparents your kids artwork in the mail
  16. Mail your family members pictures of you and your kids
  17. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog
  18. Offer to babysit so a friend can have a date night with their partner
  19. Let someone go in front of you in line at the store
  20. Donate a new or gently used coat for kids (and adults) in need
  21. Leave a happy note in a library book for someone to find later
  22. Write and send a letter to someone in the military thanking them for their service
  23. Write notes of encouragement and leave them on a car window shield in a parking lot
  24. Write encouraging notes in side walk chalk on local side walks
  25. Invite some friends over to dinner
  26. Tell your kid 15 things you love about them
  27. Call your grandparents
  28. Go on Facebook and comment on 20 photos… spread the love
  29. Give your partner a massage
  30. Sign up to ring the bell for the Salvation
  31. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it. Say it. Who doesn’t love hearing something positive about their self
  32. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or any holiday remember any friends who have lost a parent the previous year, and check in with them.  Those will be tough days. Trust me that means the world to get those phone calls or texts.
  33. Put a surprise note or sketch in with your spouse’s or kid’s lunch. My son still has these from over three years ago.
  34. Think of the amazing people in your life. Take an hour to write those people a letter telling them why they’re awesome. Snail mail rocks!
  35. Adopt a family for Christmas
  36. Get the whole family involved in community service.
  37. Find creative ways to support our troops and Vets
  38. ALWAYS say “Thank you” when you see someone in an uniform
  39. Bring your local police station or fire station dinner.
  40. Buy an extra cup of coffee in the morning and give to a co-worker.
  41. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids.
  42. Donate your blood at a blood drive
  43. Tell someone you’ve fought with that you’re sorry and that you forgive them.
  44. Leave extra time in a parking meter.
  45. Encourage someone who is working hard at the gym
  46. Cook a meal for your partner.
  47. Attend your friends’ kids’ recitals and games.
  48. Offer to pick up your friend’s children after school.
  49. Shower the pediatric wing of a hospital with $1 coloring books and $2 boxes of new crayons.
  50. Give a loved one your undivided attention
  51. Attend an event without your phone
  52. Give your child a two minute hug
  53. Write yourself an “I am proud of you” letter
  54. Buy yourself a journal and use it
  55. Call your best friend
  56. Plan a family vacation
  57. Go visit an out of town relative
  58. Make a funny family video
  59. Support a friends business and buy something from them
  60. Give back locally and shop locally


How do you show kindness during the holidays (and throughout the year). Give us your ideas in the comments!


You can follow Leah @ www.facebook.com/solaceforthesoul


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60 Acts of Kindness for Families this Holiday Season // iFamilyKC Blog