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The 25 Best Places for the Family Photos in Kansas City [Picture Time!]

When it comes to finding the perfect place for family photos, picturesque locations are in no short supply around Kansas City. From the stunning scenery in Loose Park, to the beautiful city views at Liberty Memorial, KC truly offers the perfect backdrop for every family.

But what parents have time to search for the best photo spot…? I can’t find 30 minutes to shower in peace, let alone time to search the internet. But hey, do it for the memories. Right?

Your hunt is over! Mom Squader Leah explored KC to find 25 picture perfect locations for beautiful photos with the fam. So, stop searching the internet and scroll on down to find picture perfect locations all across the metro. Take a look…


family photos and family portraits

Picture Time….Say Cheese!

It’s no surprise that Kansas City is filled with endless picture possibilities, but do you know them all? My quest for the perfect family photo led me to discover many new places around the metro I would love to share with you! Every parent and grandparent wants to best family photos, so grab your camera (or your phone) and head to these beautiful locations around KC. There is something for everyone!


Explore the Most Beautiful Family Photo Places in Kansas City

A list of the Best Picture Places in Kansas City. They all have one thing in common: they’re fabulous places to take your family pictures. 


 #1 Burr Oak Woods Conservation (Blue Springs)
family pictures kansas city

Burr Oak Woods is a great place to hike and explore, but also take family photos! They have a nature center that offers indoor and outdoor exhibits, picnic areas, six hiking trails, viewing decks, and bridges. Burr Oaks offers many family oriented activities to do in the summer. Visit their website to find location, hours, activities, & all the info you need.


 #2 Lake Remembrance (Blue Springs)Family Pictures Kansas City

I absolutely love Lake Remembrance. You can take the family  for a picnic, fishing, scavenger hunt, bike ride, walk, or a jog. There are three walking trails to choose from as well as a dog park. Lake Remembrance has such beautiful views and is so peaceful. I like to go there and escape day to day stress by just breathing in it’s beauty. Learn more about the lake at their site.


#3 Rotary Park at Railroad Lake (Blue Springs)Family Pictures Kansas City

Rotary Park at Railroad Lake is such a pretty place for family photos. Throughout the summer  it hosts free summer concerts in the park. Take advantage of them for some free fun. Rotary Park is a total of 12 acres and is located in central Blue Springs. There are two playgrounds, a walking trail that surrounds a small lake, tennis courts, and a basketball court.


#4 Powell Gardens  (Kingsville)
Family Pictures Kansas City

This 915-acre botanical garden is open to the public and does cost a fee to enter . However, it is worth it. They offer countless activities  for the entire family. There really isn’t a place in Powell Gardens that isn’t picture perfect. I highly recommend you go there and make a day out of it. You could play “I spy,” go on a self -made “treasure quest,” or make a list of items to find. The options are endless.


#5 Unity Village  (Just Outside Lee’s Summit)

best places to take a picture

Unity Village is absolutely breathtaking. It truly is one of the most serene places I have ever been. You can find peace in one of the many gardens, get lost in the landscaping, or  relax  at  one of several fountains. I have photographed my niece there for her prom as well as enjoyed picnics there with a dear friend. I highly recommend you check out Unity Village if you have not yet.


 #6 Kansas City River Market (Kansas City)

There are more than 25 merchants, markets, grocers & shops. The City Market is so much fun. It allows you to travel the world without a passport. I could get lost there. There are so many amazing  places to eat, beautiful fresh flowers for sell, cultures from all around the world, and just beautiful people in general. I love showing my son all the family ran produce stands. However, my favorite thing to do there is to taste food that is made by hand, passed down from generation to generation.


#7 Country Club Plaza (Kansas City)

best places to take a picture

What is not to love about the County Club Plaza? There are high end shops, food prepared by world class Chefs, an amazing toy store, live music, carriage rides, and fountains galore! We love going there and making a whole day of it. I encourage you to get out there and explore The Plaza together.


#8 West Bottoms (Kansas City)

The popular West Bottoms’ stores and restaurants offer one-of-a kind quality vintage items, antiques and lots of places to find great gifts . There are so many cool places tucked away waiting for you to find them. The West Bottoms offers artistic architectural views, hip and fun locally owned shops, and lots of unique places to take photos.


#9 Loose Park (Kansas City)

Best places to take a picture

Loose Park is the third largest park in Kansas City. The  rose garden at Loose Park is worth the visit alone. There are so many great things to say about Loose Park. The Rose Garden and ponds are perfect family photo opportunities. The beauty it carries is rare to anything else in the area. The park is perfect for playing Frisbee, catching a live  drum circle in action, watching the geese in the pond , letting the kids play, eating lunch while people watching, etc. Loose Park is a Kansas City staple.


#10 Nelson Atkins Art Museum Of Art (Kansas City)

The Best Places for Family Photos in Kansas City

The Nelson is such a remarkable asset to Kansas City. It provides so many opportunities to bond as a family. The outside area is ideal for taking family photos.  I think sometimes people forget about what a great place this is. Not only is The Nelson aesthetically beautiful it is a necessity to show to your children. Most children see the beauty in art and see it as inspirational.

#11 Union Station (Kansas City)

The Best Family Photos Spots in Kansas City
There is something almost magical about Union Station. It maybe the nostalgic charm that comes from the history of so many people who have stepped foot there before me. I like to sit on the former train station benches and think back of what it used to be like there. I can imagine lots of busy travelers, people kissing their families goodbye, people excited to return home, etc. Whatever it is I feel it takes me over every time I am there.  I honestly could get lost in the beauty Union Station holds. It has an exotic beauty that is so classy. What better place to take a family photo.


#12 National WW1 Museum & Liberty Memorial (Kansas City)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

The Liberty Memorial, located at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, is a memorial to service men and women who served in World War I. The museum overlooks downtown Kansas City; the perfect backdrop for family photos! Stand atop the overlook to see a vast Kansas City skyline. 


#13 Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

One of my favorite things about Kansas City is the passion we have to see others succeed. The love Kansas City has for The Royals is evident everywhere you look. Their story is a true example of where hard work and determination leads you. Why not take the opportunity to express your love for the team by taking a picture in front of the stadium ? Although many of the Royals billboards displayed around town will never be as cool as the “Salvy” billboard there are still many to choose from. What a great idea for your next Christmas card.


#14 Briarcliff Waterfall Park (Riverside)

Come enjoy the lovely waterfall and capture beautiful pictures of your family. The waterfalls are the perfect backdrop for your next family photo op!


#15 Old Downtown Overland Park

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Old Downtown Overland Park equals charm. It is a great place to spend the day, go shopping, bring out of town guests, or eat brunch at. You can take cooking classes, art classes, explore an awesome art gallery, have yummy desserts, smell fresh spices, run through kid friendly fountains, go to the local farmers market, etc. There is so much to do there.


#16 South Lake Park (Overland Park)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

South Lake Park holds a special place in my heart. It is the park I walked around while I was pregnant with my son. I also had his first three birthday parties there. It is a gorgeous park that is literally centered around a lake. South Lake park offers picnic areas, a play ground, basketball courts, and beautiful place to walk.


#17 Prairiefire (Overland Park)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

I personally have not been inside of the Museum at Prairiefire. I’ve just been awestruck by the beauty of the outside of it. I have seen many people make the drive simply to see the building itself. I have heard a lot of great things about the museum. Their stained glass wall is perfect for your family photos.


#18 Deanna Rose Farmstead (Overland Park)

The Top Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Deanna Rose is a child favorite among many. Children can feed animals, go fishing,  go” mining”, ride horses, and much more. The amount of fun your child can have  is  endless. What a great place to take personality reflecting photos of your children.


#19 Shawnee Mission Park (Lenexa)

Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Shawnee Mission Park is home to a number of fantastic amenities as well as a beautiful 120-acre lake. The beautiful scenic lake is a very popular spot for boating, fishing, sail boarding, family photos and much more. The park also has eleven spacious shelters, numerous picnic areas, nature trails, play areas, an archery range, a 53-acre dog off-leash area, a disc golf course, and is a great place to enjoy mountain biking and horseback riding. The park is also home to The Theatre in the Park, Shawnee Mission Park Beach, and Shawnee Mission Park Marina. In season, there are canoes, pedal boats, and fishing boats available for rent at the marina. Please see the SMP website for more information.

 #20 James A Reed Memorial Wildlife Area (Lee’s Summit)

Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Expansive woodland & wetland hunting grounds features picnic spots, trails & fishing lakes & ponds.


#21 Antioch Park (Merriam)

Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

A 44-acre park featuring a playground, 2 fishing lakes, tennis & basketball courts, trails & shelters. There are many great places for your family to take photos! Come explore today.


#22 Lake Olathe Park

Lake Olathe is vast, with tons of different areas for pictures. The park has a playground to keep the kids entertained and smiling (we all know the struggles of a screaming child during pictures) and trails to walk. Find many choices for cool forests and creeks. And of course, there is the lake!


#23 English Landing Park (Parkville)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

English Landing Park is a 68-acre facility with several amenities, including; 3 miles of walking trails, a large playground area, a boat ramp, picnic shelters, sand volleyball court, and a disc golf course. This park is sure to satisfy anyone wanting to take advantage of the great outdoors. English Landing Park attracts a wide variety of users from bicyclists to walking or running enthusiasts; there is a recreation outlet for all to enjoy. Or the perfect natural backdrop for family photos;)


#24 Tryst Falls Park (Excelsior Springs)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Tryst Falls is a scenic waterfall, one of the only natural waterfalls in the area. This natural park includes a playground, shelter houses and picnic tables. Grab your family and capture adorable family photos you will treasure forever.

#25 Watkins Mill State Park (Lawson)

The Best Family Photo Spots in Kansas City

Fascinating intact civil war era factory and farm. Wonderful camping grounds as well as a great walking and biking trail around a beautiful lake. There are many great events like campground trick or treating and living history events. Check out user reviews of Watkins Mill for more info.

If you have a strong desire to capture great family photos, just go to a place that allows your family to simply be your family.  I hope through this article you’re able to find just that place. Thank you to all of the people who helped make this article possible.

From iFamily to Yours,

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Are You a Hello Kitty Fan? Check out this Food Truck at Town Center!

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Our very own Mom Squad Ambassador, Sarah, has a great suggestion for a “Kitty” experience. Town Center has welcomed a Hello Kitty food truck, with great theming, and great fun for anyone who has an infinity for the cute little character. Check it out!
Are You a Hello Kitty Fan? Check out this Food Truck at Town Center!

Are You a Hello Kitty Fan? Check out this Food Truck at Town Center!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Hello Kitty! If you know someone who is even close to a fan of this mania that is Hello Kitty then you probably were at the same place I was on Saturday—The KC stop of the Hello Kitty Café food truck. Making its annual stop in Kansas City and, in particular Town Center in Leawood, I was amazed at the popularity. Hello Kitty is part of the Japanese company, Sanrio.
Appearing over 40 years ago with just one tiny coin purse, this massive empire now boasts over $600
million in revenue each year. Most of you will probably remember this craze during the 80’s and 90’s—and it has never lost its speed. The Hello Kitty US headquarters, located in Irvine, CA is considered the mecca to all things Hello Kitty and also a large player in the annual Hello Kitty Con located in Los
The Hello Kitty Café was born to bring the brand and this celebrity in her own right to the rest of the country. Depending mostly on social media and Town Center to promote this visit in particular, I was greeted by over 500 people waiting in line to purchase their goodies from the truck. I saw people decked out in their Hello Kitty merchandise, taking pictures, laughing and purchasing their collectible merchandise. The café’s menu is fairly simple; cookies, small cakes, bottled water, and merchandise
including a bow (of course) a mug and t-shirt. I spoke with one woman whose husband brought her for
Mother’s Day; but I am not sure if they were standing in that line! Another said they were there to line
up an hour before the café even opened at 8AM, she said the line had already formed and although their wait wasn’t too long, those that decided to make a last minute trip were probably met with at least a 2 hour wait.
Honestly I didn’t know that Hello Kitty was still this popular, and especially not in the Midwest. I remember always having to make a trip to Bannister Mall to the Hello Kitty store and oh how I wish I
would have kept some of that merchandise! Looking through the crowd you can see that Hello Kitty
appeals to so many and from so many different age groups, one of the most recognizable characters in
the world is truly an understatement. It was fun to take a step back into this sense of nostalgia and
introduce my girls to it. What an amazing event, one that I am sure a lot of people hope to make an
annual stop on the Hello Kitty circuit!
From iFamily to Yours,

Kick Off the New Year at SeaLife & Legoland (+ Free Admission to Legoland Kansas City)

Hello, Kansas City! It’s hard to believe that we’re in the last couple of weeks of December, and that soon, we’ll kick off 2017. The new year brings us some great fun at SeaLife Kansas City and Legoland Discovery Center down at Crown Center. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy gives us the low down of what to expect in January (along with a promo code for 1 child free with 1 paid adult ticket). Check it out!

Kick Off the New Year at SeaLife Kansas City
& Legoland Discovery Center


Winter is here and keeping the kiddos busy can be tough. Luckily, Kansas City has many options for keeping your family entertained. One of the most popular and unique options is SEA LIFE Kansas City and LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

SEA LIFE has an exciting new addition, Moko, a Māori wrasse. These fish grow to be over 6 feet long and up to 400 pounds! Moko is only about 2 and a half feet long right now, but will continue to grow here in Kansas City. You can find Moko in the big sting ray tank. These fish are beautiful with intricate blue markings all over. An endangered species, Moko is here to raise awareness for the importance of caring for the ocean and coral reefs. I had the pleasure of interviewing an aquarist live on iFamilyKC’s Facebook page last week. We learned all sorts of fun things about Māori wrasses, like other names they go by, how Moko got his name, how their gender changes as they grow and that Moko loves to eat shrimp! SEA LIFE also has some new baby seahorses near Moko’s display that were fun to see.

LEGOLAND is another fun option. With areas to run around, stations for building with Legos and various rides to go on, you can easily fill an entire day with family fun. My kids love building their own Lego pizzas whenever we go. The 4D theater is a fun spot to enjoy a quick show and rest tired bodies before they find their next activity. If you buy your LEGOLAND tickets online, right now you can get 1 child in free with 1 paid adult! Just enter the promo code 1409. This offer is valid until January 31st, 2017, however the visit can be scheduled for a later date. This is an awesome deal and I hope you can take advantage of it at least once! This would also make a great stocking stuffer- what kid wouldn’t love a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center?


From iFamily to Yours,



Experience These Magical Light Displays Around Kansas City

One of my family and I’s favorite holiday activities is looking for Christmas lights. Whether it’s in a neighborhood or at Crown Center, Kansas City has no shortage when it comes to holiday magic — including light displays. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, gives us a run down of some of the best displays in the metro. Take a look…

Experience These Magical Light Displays Around Kansas City

Experience These Magical Light Displays Around Kansas City


Kansas City is absolutely beautiful this time of year! I always say, it’s not Christmastime until the Country Club Plaza lights are switched on. We have so many light displays all over the city and here’s a few you might want to check out!


Country Club Plaza Lights

280,000 lights over 15 blocks were illuminated on Thanksgiving eve and they will remain lit until January 15th. This longstanding tradition started 87 years ago with just one strand of lights!


69th & Valley (near Ward Parkway)

Once you get to the 69th St. area you’ll be on Valley, you’ll definitely want to turn down 69th (this is the Star Wars music display with Peanuts characters in the yard) and a few streets around there, you’ll definitely know which ones to turn on.


Candy Cane Lane

Located in Prairie Village, this display is a MUST. It’s a cul-de-sac with a long tradition of beautifully decorated homes (with candy canes out front) and a large decorated Christmas tree in the center.


Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center

The 100 foot tree was lit up on November 25th and is one of the tallest in the country! Fun fact: After the holidays, the wood from the tree is used to make ornaments to benefit the Mayor’s Christmas Tree fund that helps people in need. On display until Christmas Day.

Jackson County’s Christmas in the Park

Located in Longview Lake, this drive through light display features animated characters and scenes. This is by far my favorite in KC and now my kids love it too! You don’t wanna miss this one! Going on now through December 31st. 5:30-10:30 Sun-Thurs. 5:30-11pm Fri and Sat. Oh and admission is 100% FREE. While you’re in the area check out the Lee’s Summit Magic Tree.


Zona Rosa Northern Lights

Crowns light up the outdoor mall along with a Christmas tree in the square. Santa and Fairy Princess will be making appearances throughout the season.


Vince and Associates Overland Park

Located at 101st and Metcalf, Vince and Associates presents an animated light show synchronized to music that you tune in through your car stereo. (Park at the church across the street for perfect viewing!)


Deanna Rose Farmstead

After checking out Vince & Associates, venture a little further south to Deanna Rose Farmstead. They have a great light show on their building (the farmstead is closed) set to holiday tunes. 


Paulie’s Penguins Playground

This is a great house at Mur-Len Road and Indian Creek Parkway. It’s been growing since 2004, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. If the weather isn’t too bitter, it’s a great one to get out and walk through.


Christmas Card Lane

This subdivision has a wonderful tradition of displaying oversized holiday greetings in their yards for onlookers. While the number of houses that still maintain the tradition has slowly dropped, there are still a good number of decorated houses with these awesome Christmas cards.


Sar Ko Par Trails Park

Located at 87th Street Parkway & Lackman Road in Lenexa. This is a great one to admire in your warm, cozy car or if you’re bundled up enough, one to walk through and enjoy all of them unique and fun lights they have displayed along the trail.


Your family is sure to enjoy any one of these displays! Let us know about other light displays in your part of the KC Metro area in the comments!

From iFamily to Yours,


Experience These Magical Light Displays Around Kansas City

Check Out These Spooky (and Safe) Trunk or Treats Around the Metro!

We are counting down the days to Halloween here at iFamilyKC. Lucky for all of us Kansas City folks, there are a ton of activities around the metro — including trunk or treat opportunities. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin gives a huge list of areas around the metro to check out. Do you have one to add? Leave us a comment with the information!

Check Out These Spooky (& Safe) Trunk or Treats Around the Metro!

Check Out These Spooky (& Safe) Trunk or Treats
Around the Metro!

Good evening KC! Halloween is just around the corner and I hope this season finds you and your little ghosts and goblins getting ready for some trick or treating! If you are looking for a safe alternative to neighborhood trick or treating or just looking for some extra fun Halloween activities for your family, check out these awesome places around the metro that are offering trunk or treating and much more! And if your organization is having a trunk or treat event, be sure to let us know in the comments!

360 Gymnastics

Boo Bash, October 30th 1-3pm, Ages 12 and under, $12. Come enjoy games, crafts, dancing, mazes and more.

Zona Rosa

Northland SAFE Trick or Treat, October 31st 5-9pm, Ages 4-12, FREE. Includes a haunted house, games and giveaways. KCPD will be passing out candy.

Kansas City Zoo

Boo at the Zoo, October 29-30, 9:30am-5pm, FREE for FOTZ members, event is included with regular zoo admission. Trick or Treat different stations throughout the zoo and enjoy different Halloween themed activities.

Science City at Union Station

Spookfest, October 29th, 5-8pm, $7, $5 for Union Station members. Hands-on science activities and labs, snacks, Maker Magic, spooky science stage shows and demonstrations.

Mercury Gymnastics 

Halloween Spooktacular, October 28th, 6pm, FREE admission, tickets available for purchase for extra activities, games, obstacle courses, cake walk, mazes, face painting, trick or treating through the gym

Shoal Creek Living History Museum

Kid Safe Halloween, October 29th, 11am-3pm, FREE. Trick or treat throughout the Shoal Creek village. Wear your costume and bring a treat bag!

Sunflower House

Pumpkin Palooza, October 22nd, 9am-1pm. FREE. Games, face painting, trunk or treat, live entertainment, baked goods and painted pumpkins for sale.

Mahaffie Farmstead

Trick or Treat OFF the street, October 29th, 4pm, $3, Ages 3 and up. Horse drawn hay ride, games, crafts, candy stations

Alldredge Orchards

Fall Family Fun Night- October 16th, 4-7pm, $5 in advance, $8 at the door. Hayrides, face painting, hot dogs, smores, live music and games

Fun Run

2nd Annual Trunk or Treat – October 21st, 6pm-8pm, $3. Come trick or treat outside and then come inside for some bouncy house fun!

We Rock the Spectrum Gym

Not-so-spooky Costume Party, October 28th, 6-8pm, $18 per child, Adults are FREE. Pre-registration required. Enjoy a sensory friendly environment, meet and greet with Batman, Spiderman, Elsa and Anna, candy-free trunk or treat, games, prizes, open play on the equipment.

Olathe Bible Church

Trunk or Treat 2016 – October 29th 2-4pm, Trunk or treat, games, drinks, bounce houses and more. FREE.

Liberty Hospital

Trunk or TreatOctober 29th 3-5pm, Trunk or treat, FREE community event, local fire, police and sheriff deputies will be there.

Autism Works Liberty, MO

Trunk or Treat – October 29th 4:30-5:30pm. FREE

Eastside Baptist Church 

Trunk or Treat October 30th, 4pm-6pm, FREE

Blue Springs Assembly

Trunk or Treat – October 31st, 6pm-7:30pm, Candy, hot dogs, hot chocolate, games, inflatables. FREE.

Abundant Life Baptist Church

Light the Night trunk or treat – October 31st, 6pm-8pm. FREE

Independence First United Methodist Church

Tailgate ‘N Treat, October 30th Noon-2pm, hotdogs, popcorn, face painting, balloon artist, games, trunk or treat. FREE.

Unity Village

Trunk or Treat – October 30th, 3-5pm, FREE

New Life Family Church KCK

Trunk or Treat, October 31st, 5:30pm-7pm, FREE

Have a trunk or treat event we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments!


From iFamily to Yours,


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Come on Out for Some FREE Fall Fun at the Annual Cars in the Park

If you’re into nice cars. silent auctions, and FREE events, check out the 7th Annual Cars in the Park in Shawnee. It’s this weekend and benefits the Special Olympics. There will be tons to do and it’s all free, so go check it out!

Come on Out for Some FREE Fall Fun at the Annual Cars in the Park

Come on Out for Some FREE Fall Fun at the
Annual Cars in the Park

Join Us This Saturday 9am-2pm for the 
7th Annual Cars In The Park 
FREE Fun For the Whole Family
Come on Out for Some FREE Fall Fun at the Annual Cars in the Park
Join us at the the 7th Annual Cars in the Park Car Show to Benefit Special Olympics! This FREE family event includes:
-50/50 Raffle
-Car Show
Check out incredible cars, trucks and motorcycles! From vintage to unique – there will be a lot of fun vehicles to discover!
Come on Out for Some FREE Fall Fun at the Annual Cars in the Park
THIS Saturday
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Theatre in the Park
79th & Renner Road
Shawnee Mission, KS


From iFamily to Yours,

Your iFamilyKC Team


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Don’t Miss Out on the Savings at Here We Grow Again Consignment Sale!

It is that time of year again for super savings at the Here We Grow Again Consignment Sale in Olathe. It runs through Saturday, August 27th and if you’re a fan of a great deal (and who isn’t?) you’ll definitely want to check it out. Admission is always free, and as the week goes along, there will be more savings’ opportunities every day. Take a look!

Don't Miss Out on the Savings at Here We Grow Again Consignment Sale!

Don’t Miss Out on Savings at Here We Grow Again!

Here We Grow Again
Olathe Consignment Sale!
11934 South Strang Line Rd., Olathe, KS 66062
Don't Miss Out on Savings at Here We Grow Again!
Shop Olathe’s largest consignment sale and pick up everything you need for Fall and Winter.
Clothing, toys, books, baby equipment, EVEN Halloween costumes!
One stop shopping at a fraction of the cost of retail.
Come shop our organized environment!
Don't Miss Out on Savings at Here We Grow Again!
Monday, August 22-Saturday, August 27.
Most items half price- Friday & Saturday!
Presale Pass Opportunity!!!
Do you want to shop BEFORE we open the doors to the public? Go to ourFacebook Event and comment on one of the pictures that was posted today on the EVENT wall. Comment your name AND “iFamily sent me!” We will pick FIVE winners on SATURDAY evening.
Sale Schedule:
Presale, Sunday: 1pm Volunteers, 4pm Consignors,
5pm Military, Teachers, Fire, Police, EMS
Monday: 9am-8pm
Tuesday: 9am-8pm
Wednesday: 9am-8pm NEW items on sales floor
Thursday: 9am-8pm Most items 25% off
Friday: 9am-8pm Most items 50% off
Saturday: 9am-3pm Most items 50% off
Don't Miss Out on the Savings at Here We Grow Again!


From iFamily to Yours,

Your iFamilyKC Team

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Finding Your Inner Artist at the Bottom of a Wine Glass at Pinot’s Palette

Hello, Kansas City! Several weeks of summer have now passed, and some of us are probably getting a bit stir crazy (or, on the other end of the spectrum, completely exhausted), so our team here at iFamilyKC thinks it’s time to treat yourself to night out! Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Becky got a chance to check out the new Pinot’s Palette in Olathe and shares her experience today on the blog. Pinot’s Palette offers BYOB art classes, so grab a few friends, a bottle of wine, and take a trip to see what it’s all about.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot’s Palette

Last week the ­­­new Pinot’s Palette in Olathe invited me to be part of their very first painting class so I grabbed my mom and a bottle of wine and off we went for a little mother/daughter night out. If you’ve ever been curious about what a BYOB painting class is all about, allow me to …. paint the picture for you.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

First, let me tell you, this was not a stuffy art class. The painting class at Pinot’s Palette in Olathe had the same vibe as a happy hour — energetic staff, your favorite drinks, fun music and a great time.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

Here’s our class toasting to the only class rule: Have fun.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

Can you guess what this painting is going to be?

If you’ve ever wondered whether painting is a talent you’re born with or a skill you can learn, this class proves anyone can paint. We were given simple step-by-step instructions and taught a handful of tricks and techniques from the experts.

Our art teacher made sure we were all having fun and reminded us a few times throughout the evening that painting is not a science, and not to overthink things. Fortunately, the wine helped hammer that rule in for me, allowing me to paint more and more freely as the night went on.

If you’re wondering, YES, you can absolutely do your own thing. In fact, they happily encourage it if you’re up for it. We started with the paint colors needed to match the instructor’s painting but we also had access to all the paint colors and a separate palette for mixing our own colors if we wanted.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

My mom, who’s known for her creativity, went out on a limb (I’ve officially hit my pun limit, so no more) and gave her tree autumn leaves for a completely different look. The staff not only praised her individuality, they gave her some helpful tips on how to create a more realistic fall look.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

Another great thing about Pinot’s Palette in Olathe is that true, it’s a party atmosphere but it’s still an art class. You’ll walk away a better, more confident painter and maybe even with a new hobby. The instructor wears a mic so you’ll have no problem hearing instructions while chatting with friends at the same time. Plus, there’s extra staff on hand to assist those like me who need a step (or two) repeated because you are too busy socializing. I mean concentrating.

If you’re thinking this would be a fun activity for a larger group of friends, the folks at Pinot’s Palette in Olathe are way ahead of you. Their private Royal Room, can be reserved for things like bachelorette parties, baby showers and team builders. Plus, they’ll be offering kid classes, too. Perfect for homeschool outings, birthday parties and Girl Scout badges.

A 2-hour class is just $35. Think about that. For the average cost of a bottle of wine at a restaurant, you can BYOB, socialize with friends, find your inner artist AND leave with your very own masterpiece. Bargain!

Pinot Palette in Olathe
officially opens Thursday, July 28. Check out their calendar of upcoming classes here.

How to Find Your Inner Artist at Pinot's Palette

How did I do? Top: Art teacher’s painting. Bottom: My painting

Pro Tips

BYOB: There’s no alcohol sold at the studio, so bring your own. Wine, cocktails, whatever. They have corkscrews, wine glass and a tub of ice to chill your bottle if you need it.

Clothing: Dress up or dress down, whatever you want. The paint is acrylic so it’s not washable (great for your painting, not for your clothes) but aprons are provided.

Seating: They’ll have your seat reserved with your name when you arrive, so if you’re going with friends be sure to let the good folks at Pinot’s Palette in Olathe know when you book your reservation so they’ll seat your group together.

Date Night: Make it a friendly competition. Bring home both paintings and let your kids decide which one wins a place on the wall in your home. Wrap up the other one as a thank you for the grandparents the next time they babysit. We’re never too old to give handmade gifts to our parents, are we?

Becky Ervin is a creative director, mother of three and blogs at PartyBoxKC.com/blog.

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Join us for a Primrose School Open House Celebration

Hello, Kansas City! Can you believe the summer is almost half gone? School supplies are showing up in stores, and the crazy month of August is right around the corner. If you’re in the market for a great preschool, Primrose School of Overland Park is enrolling for the 2016-2017 school year. If you’d like to check out their facilities, meet the teachers, and have some fun activities for the kids, come by their open house on Saturday, July 16th from 10am to 12pm.

Join Us for a Primrose School of Overland Park Open House Celebration

Join Us for a Primrose School Open House Celebration

It’s An Open House Celebration 
At Primrose School of Overland Park!
This Saturday, July 16th
Join us for a Primrose School Open House Celebration
You’re invited for some family fun to discover Primrose School of Overland Park! Join the celebration this Saturday, July 16th from 10:00am to Noon to meet their school staff for a fun filled day with face painting, a balloon artist, games, arts & crafts, fit kids (football), food and more!

Primrose Overland Park is enrolling for Fall registration, attend their open house and learn more about the Primrose Advantage and what gives children an edge over their peers when it comes to school readiness.  Primrose children learn through a fun, safe, happy and secure environment!

Join us for a Primrose School Open House Celebration
Join us for a Primrose School Open House Celebration
Primrose School of Overland Park
12100 West 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66221
(913) 400-2435


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8 Bright and Booming Fireworks Displays in Kansas City

Fourth of July is a fantastic time in Kansas City, and the fireworks displays are nothing short of magnificent. Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, breaks down several fireworks displays in the Kansas City area for your family’s viewing pleasure. Take a look…

8 Bright & Booming Fireworks Displays in Kansas City

8 Bright and Booming Fireworks Displays in Kansas City

I love the Fourth of July so much! It is actually my favorite holiday. We usually have a little family get together with food, swimming and boating during the day and then watch the show in the sky at night. There are some fantastic displays around the KC area every year and a lot of family fun to be had. I’m excited to share with you some displays that will be happening this year!

Riverfest at Berkley Riverfront Park – Located along the Missouri River, Riverfest is the ultimate location for family fun and fireworks on the 4th. It starts at 4pm in the afternoon and ends, after the display, around 11pm. They have live music, food, bounce houses and crafts. Admission is free from 4 to 5pm and $5 for adults after 5pm. Kids 12 and under are FREE. My family and I have been to Riverfest multiple times and it is by far the best display of fireworks in KC!

Longview Lake – Jackson County 4th celebration – Free live music, games and bounce houses, food and beverages. The gates open at 5:30 and the fireworks start at 9:45.

Worlds of Fun – WOF will have a display every Friday in July and on July 4th at 10pm. You can watch the display from inside the park or you can park on the east side of 435 to catch them if you want to avoid paying the theme park admission fee.

8 Bright and Booming Fireworks Displays in Kansas City

• Gladstone fireworks – Oak Grove Park is where the party is at in Gladstone on the 4th. They have a concert by the North Star Community Band and the display follows. I have attended this display with my family and it is fabulous! Admission is FREE.

• Blue Springs fireworks – Located at Peve Stadium, The city of Blue Springs puts on a display as well as live entertainment. Fireworks start at 9:45pm. Admission is FREE.

Liberty 4th Fest– Located at the Fountain Bluff Sports complex, the gates will open at 5pm with a concert from Noe Palma at 8pm and fireworks at 9:45pm.

Corporate Woods Star Spangled Spectacular– Located at 435 and College blvd in Overland Park, on July 4th from 4pm-11pm, offers music, children’s activities and firework display staring at 9:30pm. FREE admission.

Gardner 4th of July Celebration– Gardner Parks and Recreation presents an amazing celebration with fireworks, food, live music entertainment, zip lines, bounce houses, face painting and much more! The fun begins at 3pm with Chase Bryant headlining the musical entertainment. Located at Celebration Park in Gardner, KS.

8 Bright and Booming Fireworks Displays in Kansas City

These are just a few highlights of area firework displays happening around town. The areas of Lee’s Summit, Independence, Raymore, Northeast Johnson County, Platte City, Parkville, Smithville Lake, Powell Gardens, Olathe, Leawood, Ft. Leavenworth and Higginsville all have fireworks displays planned.

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