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Moving To Kansas City? 5 Things You Need To Know

Happy holiday season, Kansas City! When I think about the upcoming new year, I think about the opportunity it brings for new experiences. Sometimes, for a family that has recently experienced moving cross country, the turn of the calendar can mean adjusting to a new year in a new place. This guide is dedicated to you, the brand-new Kansas City family! Welcome!

Moving to Kansas City

Moving To Kansas City? 5 Things You Need To Know

A little back story about meI was born and raised in the metro area until I graduated from high school. Afterwards, I relocated to Texas and lived there for several years before experiencing cross country moving once again back to KC. I’d been gone so long that I’d forgotten everything about the city I grew up in. I couldn’t remember street names, areas I’d once known, and wasn’t able to find my local Chick-Fil-A without using GPS to help me. I honestly felt like a stranger in the town I’d spent the first 18 years of my life.

When I moved back to Kansas City with my family, I wanted to find everything that we could do together in the metro area. We had kids on the move and wanted them to experience life in their new home. So, to save you (the newcomers and even those who are coming back and trying to adjust) the time and hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own, I’ve put together a few tricks that I learned as I was finding my way back into Kansas City life.

#1 iFamilyKC 

Ok yes, I am a #MOMSQUAD ambassador so I am a little biased.  But seriously, this little magazine (website, blog, and group) have really helped my family and I get out and see what Kansas City has to offer! I never knew that so many new and fun places existed. Not to mention, moving across states can cost a lot of money so I was always looking for deals on family activities. iFamilyKC was, and is still is, the first place I look for discounted fun and cool family events.

#2 Instagram 

Instagram has become the norm for finding new and exciting things around the world. All you have to do is search a hashtag and tons of info, pictures and opinions will pop up. When we first came back, my husband and I were obsessed with finding a great taco place! We asked friends on facebook and family members that still lived in KC but they all suggested the same places. Once I took to instagram, I was able to find all those hidden gems that we were craving! I suggest looking up #kcfoodie, #kcblogger and #kclife to find a few hotspots. Plus, you can always just search #kansascity.

#3 Online Groups 

These days, it is pretty much easier to just meet new friends online. To avoid that awkward “mom dating” I joined a ton of Facebook groups (like the iFamilyKC Parents Group!) to find other families in the area. Moving to a new city, whether you know a lot of people or not can be stressful and at times disheartening. You are now living a new life with an unknown path and it can be downright lonely. Finding friends in KC is definitely a way to get you out and experiencing what KC has to offer.

 #4 Be a Tourist 

YES, YES and YES! I don’t know what it is, but everyone loves to meet “out of towners”. Don’t be shy to let people know where you are from and that you are new in town. KC natives and long timers love to tell you the inside scoop on restaurants, events and local hangouts for the family or mom and dad’s night out. Next time you are at the gas station or store, don’t be afraid to ask the person assisting you what some of their favorite things are to do. I think for the first 5 months of being back, I asked EVERYONE!

#5 The Local Library 

For a while, the kiddos and I spent almost every day at the library. They always had some type of event going on and it was great seeing them meet new kids. We met a lot of other homeschooling families through our library. They helped me adjust to the laws in Kansas City and other places that my kids would love. The library was really an unexpected source for me!

Pro-Tip: Mid-Continent Public Library has tons and tons of valuable resources for children and families. 

There you have it – Five easy tips that will help you adjust to moving to KC in no time! I really hope that these tips help you as much as they have helped me this past year. Kansas City has changed so much from the time I had left and it is still changing and growing. Being a blogger myself, I was able to really connect quickly with locals and experience a whole new side of Kansas City! All you have to do is get out there!

Want to stay ahead of the loop and know the scoop, check out our iFamilyKC Parents Group!

From iFamily to Yours,