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iFamilyKC Kids Club Event Recap: Weston Red Barn Farm

Happy Tuesday, Kansas City! We always have so much fun with you at our iFamilyKC Kids Club events across the metro area. Last week, we had the chance to explore Weston Red Barn Farm with several of you and had a blast. Erin, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad team got to check out the farm with her family and shares her experience today on the blog. Take a look…

weston red barn farm

iFamilyKC Kids Club Event Recap: Weston Red Barn Farm

Last week we got a chance to check out Weston Red Barn Farm at the iFamilyKC Kids Club event!  My family and I had fantastic time!  Beautiful scenery, picturesque views, and family fun- what more could you ask for this fall? This was our first time at Red Barn Farm and definitely won’t be our last!  Check out my recap of our event and don’t forget to get on our eNews list to get in on upcoming super awesome Kids Club events!  We love the opportunity to check out really neat places in KC throughout the year (some very minimal cost and some FREE events!)

Weston Red Barn Farm

We spent a few hours on the farm enjoying smores by the campfire, pumpkin painting, hayrides and the animal barn.  My kids loved the space to run free and we all enjoyed the hayride through the woods!  The hayride was definitely my favorite thing and brings back memories of my own childhood at our church fall event.  The kids said their favorite thing was picking apples off the apple tree and eating them!

Weston Red Barn Farm offers FREE admission after 2:00pm Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays. You pay only for the activities you wish to do. It is open spring through fall.  As well as being open to the public, they do offer school tours Monday through Friday. It is also a perfect place for a wedding and the open air barn can be used for a reception.

Whether you want to take a hayride to pick out the perfect pumpkin, shop in the country store, visit the animals in the barnyard or navigate your way through the corn maze, the farm has something for everyone this fall!  Check them out on Facebook and on their farm website! The staff were super nice and I can’t wait to take my family back again soon!

From iFamily to Yours,


Paint, Glaze & Fire ReCap Kids Club Event Recap

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Paint, Glaze & Fire here in KC then you should!  Bridgette was able to attend our Paint, Glaze & Fire Kids Club Event, here is a recap of her fun experience!

Paint, Glaze & Fire

Kids Club Event Recap

Hey there, KC! Have you ever been somewhere, smelled something or seen something and you were instantly transported back to your childhood or a special memory? At our recent iFamilyKC Kids Club event, I was! For the first time forever…just kidding, sorry if that song gets stuck in your head now. But seriously, for the first time in a very, very long time, I was transported back to my childhood when my kiddos and I visited Paint, Glaze & Fire.

Growing up, my grandmother had a room dedicated to ceramics and I loved watching her make and paint them. Paint, Glaze & Fire is a neat art studio filled with pre-made ceramics in a wide variety of things. They have plates, mugs, figurines, home decor and plenty more to choose from. You and your family could spend a nice afternoon there laughing and painting away! They have a coffee shop inside with a variety of drinks and snacks in case you or your kiddos need a little something to sip or eat. There really is no rush!

Even though space was limited to the first 18 people, there was no shortage of fun and memories being made. For this special event, kids and parents were able to pick a specially selected ceramic fitting to the season. There were ghosts, monsters, pumpkins and mugs. Of course, my kiddos went straight for the pumpkins!

Paint, Glaze and Fire is located at 12683 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park, KS

They are open Tuesday- Sunday with various open and closing times. They do allow walk in sessions if seating is available but they highly recommend making a reservation. You can get more information on making reservations and hours of operation by visiting their website.

The cool thing about Paint, Glaze & Fire is that along with ceramic painting, they also offer glass fusion, raw clay building and even canvas painting. Plus, they host kid’s birthday parties or group outings too!

As a homeschooling family, this is definitely moving into our extra-curricular activities budget for Art class!  Check out some of the cool things we painted! I didn’t get to snap a picture once they were done painting, I was having too much fun of my own! I hope you can make it out to our next Kids Club event! Just keep checking iFamilykc or better yet subscribe to our email list below to be one of the first to know!

From iFamily to Yours,

iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables

Happy Saturday, Kansas City! It’s a busy time of year for all of us, and our Kids Club events have been going strong around the metro. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy has a great inside look at our most recent event at Sunset Trails Stables. Check it out!

iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables

iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


November is a month for gratitude and reflecting on the things that are important. Here at iFamilyKC, we are so incredibly grateful for you! Our readers and families are such a special part of what we do and our Kids Club events are wonderful opportunity to connect with you all. This week, we had an event at Sunset Trails Stables. It could have not have been any better. The weather was lovely, the animals snuggly and the kids were all having a good time.


Sunset Trails is on Ranson Road right off of Highway 50 in Lees’s Summit and yet feels like you’ve left the city far behind. As my daughter and I walked up, friendly stable employees and a handful of sweet young barn cats greeted us. This place has a relaxed family vibe that makes you feel like you’re showing up for a reunion. We immediately felt welcome. It was too easy for us to get caught up in pretending this was our farm- as we were in fact treated like old friends.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


After getting all of the kiddos signed in and assigned to groups, we went into their beautiful party room where birthday parties and other events are hosted. There was a fridge, plenty of seating and all the amenities you could need. The kids began coloring their own horse pictures and after taking some photographs of the tiny Rembrandts, I started taking pictures of the lighting for inspiration in my own home. Windows looked out to where some of the other kids were riding horses.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


After we finished up our art projects, we went out to feed and pet some farm animals (my favorite part). Some goats and sheep and the sweetest pig I’ve ever seen were kept up near the parking lot and after all the kids had a turn sharing some treats there, we headed up to some stables where miniature horses and donkeys are kept. We were told that many of these animals are the ones used when they travel to bring petting zoos and pony rides to customers. What really struck me was how healthy and happy the animals were. They are clearly well cared for and loved and it showed. They loved the attention from the kids and even the parents couldn’t help getting in on the snuggle fest. The star of the show was Elvis, a miniature donkey that could have been the real life inspiration for Donkey in ‘Shrek’.


Next all the kids lined up and took turns riding horses. This was the main event for most of the kids. The staff outfitted all the children with helmets and was very kind and attentive throughout the whole process. Again, the quality of Sunset Trails is easy to see. They genuinely love the animals and the farm and treat everyone with so much respect and care.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


We finished our farm outing by hugging some chickens. Yep. Well the kids held the chickens anyway. Tucked up under their arms, both the chickens and kids seemed very happy. If you missed out on this event, fear not. Sunset Trails Stables is open nearly everyday. They offer riding, parties, and petting zoo activities year round. They have riding camps for many age groups- including one over winter break. A wonderful way to keep the kids busy and getting some fresh air during the colder months. They have opportunities for homeschool groups and are very willing to travel to you if you’d like to bring a taste of the farm to the city. My daughter had a wonderful time and we cannot wait to go back.



From iFamily to Yours,



Soaring Into Fun: iFamilyKC Kids Club at Learning 2 Fly!

Good Afternoon, Kansas City!

Of all the things we do here at iFamilyKC, one of the most rewarding is the opportunity to spend time with each of you out in the community for our events each month. Our iFamilyKC Kids Club provides metro area residents, like you, with the chance to experience new and exciting events all across Kansas City. This past weekend’s event gave you the chance to learn all about an incredible, unique fitness opportunity for families in the area. Take a look…

Learning 2 Fly

I Am Learning 2 Fly: An Aerial Experience

As soon as you step through the doors of the uniquely shaped building just off of i-35 in Mission, you feel it. That incredible sense of calm. Learning 2 Fly is the kind of peaceful environment that I’ve come to appreciate more and more as I get older and it’s truly a unique experience for families. Our iFamilyKC Kids Club event gave visitors the opportunity to experience an aerial class that brings fitness to new heights. The class started out on the main floor of their three story facility where the kids experienced the silk ropes that the school is known for. With guidance from the instructor, the group was able to try new moves suspended from the air and it was truly incredible to watch the kids climb up the ropes and perform fun exercises that they could be proud of for accomplishing.

The next part of the event brought us up to the third floor for more aerial work focusing on more in depth moves as well as some relaxing poses. With our group broken in half during this part of the activity, the kids got some really quality individual attention while developing on some of the skills that they’d learned in the first half of the class. The final portion of our event focused on meditation and building healthy habits during an art session which the kids really seemed to enjoy. All three instructors were incredible with the kids. Their patience with each group and their attention to the students really struck me. Learning 2 Fly has truly created an incredible atmosphere for families and our experience at the iFamilyKC Kids Club event there could not have been a more positive one.

Learning 2 Fly offers classes, camps, and parties for children and adults of all ages and skill levels and I’m excited to go back and experience more of what they have to offer. As they say, pictures speak louder than words and video is even louder. Take a peek at our live videos from this event (you can view them here, here, and here) to view some of the fun that we had during the event and be sure sign up for our e-news list so you don’t miss out on these awesome events.

From iFamily to Yours,

Holli & The iFamilyKC Team


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