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Fun and Creative Thank You Notes from Kids

Growing up, my grandmother was always a stickler about expressing gratitude after recieving a gift. In this modern age, which technology at our fingertips, the art of letter writing seems to be lost…but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Liz shares three fun and creative thank you notes from kids with us today on the blog that we hope will inspire your family to send some gratitude out this month. Take a look…

creative thank you notes from kids

Fun and Creative Thank You Notes from Kids

After receiving many thoughtful gifts from family and friends this Christmas I feel it is important to teach my kids the importance of thank you cards and being grateful for what they have been given!  I have always made it a priority to write cards after all holidays, birthdays etc. but this is the first year I had my 3 year old make her own with my help. She was so proud of herself for what she created! Here are the 3 thank you cards that we created this year. Choose whichever one your kids would enjoy doing! My kids are young so I need to wait until they are excited to do artwork and get them done as quickly as we can.

Crayon Resist Thank You Notes from Kids

creative thank you cards from kids

A white crayon, watercolor paints and white paper is all you need! This is a fun project for kids of all ages, even toddlers with the help of an adult.


  • White crayon
  • Water color paints
  • Water color paper, white card stock or blank cards
  • Paintbrushes
  • Small cups or ice cube tray for water

Have your child or yourself write out words on the paper with the white crayon. It’s a little challenging to make out what you are writing but do not worry about it being perfect because the end will result will be awesome!

creative thank you notes from kids

Next, your kiddo will simply swipe watercolor paint over the paper to the reveal the message that was written! It’s such a fun process and a fun result! After letting the watercolor dry we glued our artwork to a different color piece of paper. The paper tended to curl up a bit so this gave more of a flat surface. We turned it over and wrote our thank you message on the back!

Thumbprint Thank You Card

creative thank you notes from kids

These cards are so easy and cute! They are also so easy to do that you can make a good amount in one sitting, pending your children are cooperating. I used a stamp pad with my kids but you can also use a washable marker to make the print. Decorate your card with extra embellishments, such as colored taped, stamps and stickers!

Colored Card

My daughter is in a stage of coloring in the lines, so this card was so much fun for her! You can printable cards on line or make your own! I drew out THANK YOU in block letters with a sharpie and let my daughter color away with markers and crayons. We flipped the card over to write out our thank you note.

My daughter is too young to write so I “write” the note for her but have the card be from her. Her little brother is just a baby so she will mention him in her note with how much he loves his toys. I have gotten compliments over the years on the personal touches I try to add to my thank you notes. They go such a long way in making someone’s day! Hope these thank you card ideas work for you and your littles! Happy New Year!

From iFamily to Yours,







An Extra Thankful List from a Kansas City Mom

Happy Thanksgiving, Kansas City! There’s so much to be grateful for, and our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin has a great list of things she’s particularly thankful for this year. We here at iFamilyKC hope you all are spending these few days off relaxing surrounded by love and family.

An Extra Thankful List from a Kansas City Mom

An Extra Thankful List from a Kansas City Mom


Looking back this year, I have so much to be thankful for as a momma! Here are a few moments I thought I’d share with you all:


I am thankful for my 22 month old son who pries my eyes open at 6:30am every.single.morning. and whispers “Mommy” 549 times until I wake up.


I am thankful for my 7 year old daughter, who I sit with every night to get her to go to sleep because she’s still somehow afraid of monsters in the dark. She kicks her brother out of her room, for the love of sleep, why not me?!


I am thankful for Saturdays so I can sleep in. Wait. Children have no idea what day it is. 6:30am it is! Well, I’m thankful for Saturdays when my bed transforms in to the ultimate bouncy house and my adorable 2 year old starts chanting “toons, toons, TOONS!”


I am thankful that my husband is able to sleep through the mass chaos that happens every morning in our bedroom. He works hard to provide for this family, yes. Am I a tad bit jealous that I cannot just shut my eyes and ignore the wild beasts gnawing at our feet? Yes.


I am thankful my son can feed himself at the table, like the rest of us. When he decides he is done, he spits food out and then proceeds to throw his food away, including the plate, silverware and sippy cup. Oh how I love to rummage through the half eaten mac and cheese searching for buried treasures!


I am thankful for the wakeup call I get to find a long lost binky at 2am that the bed has somehow devoured while we slept. Oh well, I needed to use the bathroom anyway.


I am thankful for our family photos. They offered cookies and punch to the kids and then proceeded to tell us exactly 2 minutes later that they were ready for us. Ok, who wants the job of prying a cookie out of my son’s tight little fist? Nope. Cookie looks good in the pics. It adds character!


I am thankful for my sweet little daughter, who loves all things Christmas, and knows very well that I am not a fan of Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. She kept the Holiday Hits channel on my tv, so that when I turned it on, Bing Crosby came blaring through the speakers. Love her and her love of Christmas.


Hey moms! I’d love to hear what you and your little turkeys are thankful for this year! Drop me a line in the comments!


From iFamily to Yours,



Holiday Reflection: Thanksgiving with Grandma

The holidays are such a great time for reflection — whether it’s on remembering what you’re grateful, reflecting on memories, or thinking about loved ones that are no longer with us, it’s a moment to pause and invest in this beautiful life. Our Mom Squad Ambassador has a beautiful piece reflecting on Thanksgiving with her grandmother and what still sticks with her. Take a look…

Holiday Reflection: Thanksgiving with Grandma

Holiday Reflection: Thanksgiving with Grandma


Growing up, Thanksgiving was always very special. My late grandmother who was like my best friend would always let me help in the kitchen. She would teach me her secrets to pie pinching, making her delicious sweet potatoes and even let me help “clean the turkey”.


One of my most fond memories for this time of year were us baking together. We would make pies, cookies, rollie polies, and other baked goods. I loved making the pies and rollie polies with her. I would roll the dough out as even as I could, place it gently in the pan and try very, very hard to fix all the cracks I had made lol. When our pies were all done and in the oven, we would move on to the next best thing! Making rollie pollies! Ahhh one of my favorites! My dear grandmother would let me roll the remaining dough out once more, and then the fun would really begin! I remember taking a stick of butter and covering the entire area of dough with it! I would always try to touch it because it looked so slippery and gooey! Once we finished with the butter we would sprinkle what is in my opinion one of THEE best smells ever, cinnamon and sugar. We would cover the dough with handfuls of the sweet mixture and then roll it up! I remember after we had rolled the dough into one long log, she would hold my hand and guide me to cut even pieces. I was so excited to make all of it… every year! Also, she would always let me “taste” our baking creations!


Once we were all done baking and the food was finishing its last 45 minutes of cook time, I would the “grown up table”. I LOVED setting the table, my grandparents had this beautiful gold set of cutlery. Every time she would open it (it was in a special trunk) I would feel like I was setting the table for royalty! She would get out the nice glasses and table cloths too. I remember her showing me how to place the lace covering on the table just perfectly. My cousins and I would always do our very best to make it as neat and clean as possible!


Once the food was cooked, we would all set the dishes and bowls on the table, take our seat and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Even though I didn’t get to sit at the “grown up table” I would always look over to see everyone’s reaction to all the food we had made.


Even though this year won’t be the same since she passed last December, I try to think of the positives. All the things she taught me, all the traditions we had, I can now do with my daughters this Thanksgiving. I can teach them how to set the special table, how to bake our family favorites and so on. And even though these are just memories, they all make Thanksgiving even more special.


From iFamily to Yours,