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Fashion Solution For On The Go Moms

As a mom, some days the last thing you want to think about is what you’re going to wear that day!  From the moment you get up you’re sometimes pulled in many directions, from getting the kids out the door and then getting yourself out the door… practices, dinners, homework, etc etc.  We have Sarah, from the iFamily Mom Squad here with a great fashion solution for you moms that are always on the go!

Fashion Solution

Fashion Fix

It’s about this time of year when mornings are just not my thing.

My girls are exhausted…  You would think that I’d asked them to cut off a leg instead of put on their shoes, but getting them dressed is usually pretty straightforward. I organize outfits for the week in boxes (see the previous post on “Tips to Make your Life Easier”) so having them run and get that day’s box is simple. On the other hand am, I am what you would call an “emotional dresser”. I can’t pick out my clothes beforehand. I have tried and it doesn’t work. Some days I wake up feeling fat or that time of the month has come unexpectedly and I can’t possibly wear light colors today! Or my personal favorite;  you’re all dressed and ready to go and then the dog comes into the house with muddy paws and jumps right on top of you!

So every morning, I say the same thing, “I have nothing new and exciting to wear!”

I try and scour Pinterest boards about fashion and how to change up my wardrobe.  Sometimes I hit a home run.  Other times I just look like a 30(ish) woman headed to my first day of high school!

I wish that I had time and could actually spend a whole day shopping. It’s not the shopping that I mind all that much, and in the right circumstance don’t even mind digging to find a good deal. Right now I just don’t have that time.

Enter the latest craze around my office–Stitch Fix.

Now, I know this has been around for some time and there are plenty of other sites doing this same thing, but I am really just going to explore the idea of this site in this article instead of listing them all out in comparison. Stitch Fix is the answer to the busy woman or man that just needs a little help brightening up their wardrobe.

  • You go online; fill out a profile which includes your sizes, preferences in clothes and accessories, and the price threshold that you are willing to pay for an article of clothing.
  • Then you choose when you would like your first delivery.  It can come in as little as a week and then automatically sent to you from then on– every other week, or even every six months.
  • In each of these shipments you will find 5 (I don’t know why this is the “magic” number) items that match your style profile.

On the day of delivery, I imagine the doorbell rings and music begins to play and you gracefully run to the door to meet a smiling delivery man (who may or may not have a shirt on!) and hands you the famous Stitch Fix box.  In reality, the box is a normal looking box and is left on your doorstep.  You are probably racing your kids to the door before they get there and think it is something for them.

The Box

After perusing the contents of the box you try on everything, create new and interesting outfits from what you already have and then decide to buy. There is a styling fee of $20 that is automatically credited towards any items that you purchase. If you don’t purchase anything then they keep the $20 as their fee. If you do like some things, you purchase them and send back what you don’t like with free shipping and voila! You now have an updated wardrobe!

So where is the downside?

I asked a couple women that I work with who currently take a Stitch Fix shipment every month.

Both said that the biggest issue they have with the service is that some of the items are just things they don’t need. Purses, which let’s face it most of us have purses that went with us to college, our weddings and to the hospital to have a baby! Another issue, forgetting to cancel the shipment. One of the women said this happens to her all the time.  She ends up paying the $20 fee or thinking she needs to buy something to get the credit.  Then she is “stuck” with something she may have never bought and no way to return it. We laughed about this but she swore it happens more often than we would like to think! The prices of the items are a little high. The website says that the average price of all items is $55. My “consumer panel” confirmed that this is probably about right.  However, they point out that for the right pair of jeans they would gladly pay any amount!

Online is where it’s at!

At the end of the day, or the research for this article, I totally get it! Online personal shopping is a great way to update your style without having to shop around, lug the kids with you or the spouse that would rather be doing anything else. Everything is sent to you in a relatively easy way and the cost is okay for the right items. Everyone that I know who does this gets things that are absolutely adorable and look great on them! Plus good quality stuff which isn’t what you find in too many brick and mortar stores.  If you can even find any brick and mortar stores!  I noticed yesterday while running into the mall at lunch that my favorite store is now closed—moving to online only!

More stores are closing and malls are becoming places to power walk instead of power shop. But the other side of this fashion-forward coin? I still really like the “hunt” of going out and purchasing the best deal! I crave that “shoppers high” when I find the really great deals.  Like when I read the receipt and see how much I saved! But the market is there for these types of things and for that I am in full support!

From iFamily to Yours,