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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

The first week of December is well known for being a time to kick off the holiday season. Did you know that December 6th is a day when many celebrate a special, early visit from St. Nicholas? You, too, can take part in this celebrated family tradition with five fun ways to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Take a look…

celebrate st nicholas day

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

Holiday customs are celebrated around the world and there are many ways to honor the upcoming season throughout the month of December. Each year, on the 6th of the month, we kick off the season with an early visit from the Patron Saint of Children. St. Nicholas is known for his gracious and selfless nature and the holiday is a great way to get in the spirit of giving for the upcoming season.

The tradition around St. Nicholas day is centered on children leaving their shoes or stockings out on the night before (December 5th). In the morning children can wake to find some simple gifts waiting for them such as fruits, candies or treats. This day is also celebrated in many places in America near the beginning of the season of Advent and preludes what we now refer to as Santa Claus.

This day is a great time to discuss the season of giving with your kids and the true meaning of Christmas. There are many ways to partake in St. Nicholas day. I have created a list of five ideas to share.

#1 Celebrate the Spirit of Giving

Teach your kids the spirit of giving by sharing thoughtful gifts with others. You can do this anonymously in the spirit of St. Nicholas by creating giving bags to the needy. Blessing bags, which you can create on your own, are a great way to help the homeless in Kansas City.

#2 Celebrate the Custom of the Shoes

Talk with your kids about the history of Saint Nicholas and allow them to leave their shoes out on the night of December 5th so they can find gifts the next morning. They should place their shoes on the window sill or front stoop along with a letter to the child Jesus. It can contain gift requests to be taken to heaven, or I would recommend, a prayer for others.

#3 Celebrate with Recipes

Try your hand at some holiday themed recipes from around the world. The St. Nicholas Center website has an extensive list of great holiday recipes that your family can try out to celebrate the season.

#4 Celebrate by Putting on a Play

You can learn a lot, and teach a lot, about St. Nicholas day by performing a play with your family. From single person plays that you can put on for your kids to large group options for the whole family to get involved, the St. Nicholas Center has tons of great options to put on a family play at home.

#5 Make a St. Nicholas Miter Headband

Crafts are always fun to do with kids and it makes a great conversation starter. There are tons of great FREE Christmas craft ideas online. The St. Nicholas Miter Headband from Teachers Pay Teachers is an easy printable that your child can make. You can wear it or use it as a centerpiece.

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Top 10 Simple & Fun Fourth of July Family Traditions

One of the best parts of any holiday is the chance to create new memories, and carry on family traditions. This weekend, as the city grills out, lights off fireworks, and enjoys the warm weather, try on a few of the traditions below. Our own Mom Squad Ambassador, Leah provided us with a great jumping off point for some easy family traditions you can start this weekend! Take a look…

Top 10 Simple and Fun 4th of July Family Traditions

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

The Fourth of July is a time of celebration, food, freedom, family,fireworks, and fellowship. One of the best things about holidays are the traditions that come along  with them. There is something euphoric about seeing everyone  being together. Life gets so busy that often times the value of togetherness gets lost. I find solace in traditions. They have a way of creating a sense of  comfort. I hope this Fourth Of July you able to smile,laugh, and enjoy the value of simply being together. I have created a list of traditions that many families  enjoy doing every holiday. My hope is that you are able to find something that you all can do together for many years to come.

1) Go to a local parade or create your own neighborhood parade.


2) Hang a flag together. You can use this as a teaching moment. Let this be an opportunity to educate your children on our history.

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

3) Wear your red, white, and blue proudly. Take this as a time to capture adorable photos. You can find many festive pieces at your local Dollar StoreTop 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

4) Host a neighborhood block party… who doesn’t enjoy getting to see all the neighborhood kids interact. You can have each families serve different items and create a potluck feel. You can crank up the music, have fire works, and just let the kids be kids.

 Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

5)Host a back yard cook out. You can have relay races, play horse shoes, get out the slip and slide, play football,have a pie eating contest, water balloon fight, etc.

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

5) Go to your favorite park, local lake, or even your own back yard  and have a family picnic.

 Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

6) Go to your local pool or get one for your back yard

 Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

7) Bake up something fun in the kitchen. Let the kids get messy and be apart of the fun.

  Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

8) Eat some ice cream… you can go to a local ice cream shop or create your own sundaes together. Don’t forget to stock up on sprinkles.

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

9) Go catch a free  out door summer concert. Our city has so many free concerts to choose from.

 Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

10) Go see a fireworks show . It is safe to say that nearly every city hosts a free fire works show. Get out there and enjoy one of the best parts of The Fourth Of July. There is also the option of putting on your own fireworks show. What kid doesn’t love to pick out their own fireworks?

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

From iFamily to Yours,