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The little book with BIG resources!

Mapping Out July: Events at National World War I Museum & Memorial

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that June is over and we’re heading into the seventh month of the year (where does the time go?!). We are so fortunate to have such incredible family friendly opportunities, resources, and events going on all the time in and around the metro area and we waned to share the full calendar of opportunities that are available to your family at the World War I Museum and Memorial this month. Take a look…

In the throes of the summer, the National World War I Museum and Memorial continues to serve as a destination of activities for people of all ages and interests. As children are on summer break and looking for activities, the Museum hosts a variety of events for children of all ages related to World War I.

world war i museum

July National World War I Museum and Memorial Events


World War Wednesdays (all tickets $8)


Complimentary Tour, 2 p.m. (FREE with paid admission)


Hands-on History, 2 p.m. (FREE to the public)

Calendar Of Activities

Sunday, July 2

Vive I’independence!, 2 p.m. (FREE with RSVP)

Wednesday, July 5

35th Infantry Division Band: A Home Front Concert, 2 p.m. (FREE to the public)

Friday, July 7

Save a Life: Centennial Blood Donation, 8 a.m. – Noon (Walk-ins welcome)

Sunday, July 9

Day in the Life: Soldiers on Global Fronts, All Day (FREE to the public)

Wednesday, July 12

Children’s Gallery Tour, 2 p.m. (FREE with paid admission)

Modernist Meetup: Curators’ Gallery Conversations, 5:30 p.m. (FREE for members only)

Thursday, July 13

Cinetransformer Immersive Experience of “Dunkirk” Movie Prologue, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (FREE to the public)

Friday, July 14

Film Friday: Jules et Jim, 6:30 p.m. (FREE with RSVP)

Saturday, July 15

Story Time: Why War is Never a Good Idea, 11 a.m. (FREE with RSVP)

Wednesday, July 19

Fueling the Fight: Foraging and Food Conservation, 6 p.m. (Tickets $10)

Saturday-Sunday, July 22-23

WW1USA Amateur Radio Station, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (FREE to the public)

Thursday, July 27

Pilates in the Park, 7:30 a.m. (FREE with pre-registration)

Sunday, July 30

The Great Car Show, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Tickets $5 for adults, $2 for youth)

About the National World War I Museum and Memorial

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is America’s leading institution dedicated to remembering, interpreting and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community. The Museum holds the most diverse collection of World War I objects and documents in the world and is the second-oldest public museum dedicated to preserving the objects, history and experiences of the war.

The Museum takes visitors of all ages on an epic journey through a transformative period and shares deeply personal stories of courage, honor, patriotism and sacrifice. To learn more, visit theworldwar.org.



iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables

Happy Saturday, Kansas City! It’s a busy time of year for all of us, and our Kids Club events have been going strong around the metro. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy has a great inside look at our most recent event at Sunset Trails Stables. Check it out!

iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables

iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


November is a month for gratitude and reflecting on the things that are important. Here at iFamilyKC, we are so incredibly grateful for you! Our readers and families are such a special part of what we do and our Kids Club events are wonderful opportunity to connect with you all. This week, we had an event at Sunset Trails Stables. It could have not have been any better. The weather was lovely, the animals snuggly and the kids were all having a good time.


Sunset Trails is on Ranson Road right off of Highway 50 in Lees’s Summit and yet feels like you’ve left the city far behind. As my daughter and I walked up, friendly stable employees and a handful of sweet young barn cats greeted us. This place has a relaxed family vibe that makes you feel like you’re showing up for a reunion. We immediately felt welcome. It was too easy for us to get caught up in pretending this was our farm- as we were in fact treated like old friends.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


After getting all of the kiddos signed in and assigned to groups, we went into their beautiful party room where birthday parties and other events are hosted. There was a fridge, plenty of seating and all the amenities you could need. The kids began coloring their own horse pictures and after taking some photographs of the tiny Rembrandts, I started taking pictures of the lighting for inspiration in my own home. Windows looked out to where some of the other kids were riding horses.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


After we finished up our art projects, we went out to feed and pet some farm animals (my favorite part). Some goats and sheep and the sweetest pig I’ve ever seen were kept up near the parking lot and after all the kids had a turn sharing some treats there, we headed up to some stables where miniature horses and donkeys are kept. We were told that many of these animals are the ones used when they travel to bring petting zoos and pony rides to customers. What really struck me was how healthy and happy the animals were. They are clearly well cared for and loved and it showed. They loved the attention from the kids and even the parents couldn’t help getting in on the snuggle fest. The star of the show was Elvis, a miniature donkey that could have been the real life inspiration for Donkey in ‘Shrek’.


Next all the kids lined up and took turns riding horses. This was the main event for most of the kids. The staff outfitted all the children with helmets and was very kind and attentive throughout the whole process. Again, the quality of Sunset Trails is easy to see. They genuinely love the animals and the farm and treat everyone with so much respect and care.


iFamilyKC Event Recap: Sunset Trails Stables


We finished our farm outing by hugging some chickens. Yep. Well the kids held the chickens anyway. Tucked up under their arms, both the chickens and kids seemed very happy. If you missed out on this event, fear not. Sunset Trails Stables is open nearly everyday. They offer riding, parties, and petting zoo activities year round. They have riding camps for many age groups- including one over winter break. A wonderful way to keep the kids busy and getting some fresh air during the colder months. They have opportunities for homeschool groups and are very willing to travel to you if you’d like to bring a taste of the farm to the city. My daughter had a wonderful time and we cannot wait to go back.



From iFamily to Yours,



A Kansas City Favorite: The American Royal BBQ

Happy Friday, Kansas City! I don’t know about you all, but Kansas City BBQ is a downfall of mine, and I’m convinced, no one does it like Kansas City does. Today, we are lucky enough to have a guest Dad (married to our fantastic Mom Squad Ambassador, Becky) talk about the American Royal BBQ event that happened this past weekend. Get ready to salivate and check it out!

A Kansas City Favorite: The American Royal BBQ



I have often declared the American Royal BBQ as one of Kansas City’s best annual events. This year was the first time our three kids would attend, and I was excited for them, and excited for myself. While working to build anticipation for the family’s arrival at the American Royal BBQ, I asked our three kids ‘what is the American Royal BBQ event all about?’ to which one of them readily replied, “Celebrating bar-b-que. And, celebrating the Royals.” Close enough; thanks, Captain. And with this answer in the air, we exited the car and began a long walk to the infield of the Kansas Speedway, where thousands of people were converging on hundreds of BBQ serving tents.


A Kansas City Favorite: The American Royal BBQ


The American Royal is a series of horse shows, livestock events, and rodeos that extend for eight weeks, with the international BBQ being one of the final festivities. This past weekend was the 37th annual BBQ event, featuring live music, a petting zoo (and other kid-oriented activities), parties and numerous grilling, smoking, and saucing competitions—the most coveted award being the Grand Champion. My involvement, as usual, was limited to the Friday-night International BBQ.



A Kansas City Favorite: The American Royal BBQ


I have great memories of the American Royal BBQ. Specifically, the Friday night event. Until you’ve attended, it is hard to fathom a BBQ pop-up village featuring blocks upon blocks of BBQ parties. It reminds me of the feeling of being surrounded by high rises in NYC, and after walking for blocks (miles?) in one direction, you look up only to find oneself still surrounded by high rises and skyscrapers. Only this is Kansas City. Instead of a contiguous sea of tall buildings, it’s an endless world of smokers, parties, RVs, circus tents, pop-up bars, and more smokers. You can stroll through the rows of BBQ tents, and thirty minutes later still find yourself passing areas you have yet to see. It’s a carnivore’s paradise.


A Kansas City Favorite: The American Royal BBQ


The massive party atmosphere is quite inviting. The food tastes great, the drink feels good, and the music keeps the adrenaline strong. Everyone seems driven by the same objective, which is to indulge in a good time. Early in the evening, the mood is a bit subdued and protective as each tent is host to a private group of friends, family, coworkers or clients. But as the night progresses, the gatherings become less private, the tent gates open, and party goers pour into the walkways and common areas. A good vibe takes over as inhibitions subside. It becomes a giant block party, or perhaps better stated, a giant party that extends for blocks. Quite entertaining.


With kids in tow, my night ended earlier than I would have preferred, so if there was an impromtu marching band of revel rousers blowing their horns and beating real and make-shift instruments, as I’ve seen in the past, then I would have missed one of the great highlights. But, this gives me something to look forward to in the future. So here’s to good food, good drink and an all-around good time. Go Royals!…right Captain?


From iFamily to Yours,

Regan Ervin


Snow Fun for Older Kids!

To get started with your snow FUN for older kids,

You Need:

liquid food coloring, any brand–cheap is fine
tap water
recycled plastic spray bottles, any size (ideally with adjustable squirt / spray nozzle)

What You Do:

1. In spray bottle fill with about 2 cups of warm-ish tap water.

2. Add about ten drops of food coloring–more for some colors like yellow and red in my experience (if you want bold color). Mix colors with the kiddos for a Mini Science Experiment (we make orange with 7 drops yellow, then 3 of red). Screw on tops, shake to mix. TIP: spray a bit on a paper towel to check for intensity–if too faint, add more coloring

3. Take the bottles outside in a bag and have a ball painting snow art, snow mazes, or even coloring Mr. and Ms. Frosty! Use the “Squirt” or “Stream” setting for fine detail, and mist settings for larger areas. Experiment with spraying close-up or father away for effect. More Science in color mixing: Spray Yellow on the Blue for Green (even if you made green already), and so on for Orange, Purple, etc.


For best detail work (bigger kids like this) you’ll get nicer results if you can pack and smooth down an area about four feet square

Don’t waste time with oft-suggested squirt bottles (you’ll waste too much as squirts sink in the snow) or paint-brushes-and cups (spills abound, not portable, only works on hard-packed snow–trust me you can get just as much control with the “Stream” pump). If you don’t have any old bottles in the recycle bin Ricky’s is worth a check (they use them for hair goo).

Keri Nichol, Mom Squad Blogger

Courtesy of http://mommypoppins.com/newyorkcitykids/snow-day-fun-snow-painting.

Enter To Win 4 Passes to The 60th Annual Progressive Insurance Boat & Sportshow!

Good Evening, Everyone!

I am so excited to share an exciting event that’s taking place THIS weekend  in Kansas City! The 60th Annual Progressive Insurance Kansas City Boat & Sportshow, which features an array of fun family friendly activities and shows, is taking place at Bartle Hall this Saturday (January 25th). I am so excited to be attending this year’s event and even more excited that iFamilyKC is giving away a family four pack of passes to one lucky reader! Take a look at the fun we’ll be enjoying at this event:

  • Gypsy Rose III Landship – Young guests can board the Gypsy Rose III Landship with Captain Tim and transform into pirates, explore the ship and participate in sword fights with other young mateys.
  • Boating and Outdoor Classroom – Guests will learn the latest in fishing and hunting techniques from local experts in an extensive seminar lineup.
  • Dock Dogs – Families will enjoy watching this high flying dog competition to find out which dog can jump the highest and furthest into a giant pool of water.
  • Fred’s Shed – Boat owners can attend educational seminars about maintaining, repairing and upgrading their boats. Each seminar will cover a variety of topics and demonstrations, along with question and answer sessions for the experts.
  • SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium – Young guests will enjoy viewing starfish, crabs and other sea creatures in SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium’s Ocean in Motion Touch Tank and Artifacts Cart. Kids will also enjoy SEA LIFE Academy, a seminar where kids can dissect a squid and learn what makes these creatures a great escape artist and a formidable deep sea hunter.
  • Willow Creek Trout Pond – Young guests will have lots of fun as they cast for live fish in the catch-and-release Willow Creek Trout Pond.
  • Texas Bass Tank – This 12-ft. tall, 40-ft long, 5,000 gallon aquarium is stocked with native fish so guests can enjoy a rare underwater view of professional fishing and casting demonstrations.

Want to get in on the action?! Enter to win by simply leaving us a comment (below) telling us what you would enjoy most at the show! We will randomly draw a winner on Friday morning at 10:00am and announce it on the iFamilyKC Facebook page! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Best of Book Night: January

Book night is a new idea for the New Year! Simply skip television one evening and replace it with a “read aloud” book night for a fun family time.

I recommend checking out all of these books and having each family member read one or two aloud.  The great illustrations and funny humor will make for enjoyable family entertainment and great bonding time.

Attention babysitters, these easy to read and colorful books would be fun to check out and take with you to that next babysitting job!  Great for any age and the parents will love you!

“The Three Little Pigs”

different versions of:

These five stories I have chosen are hilarious takes on the classic Three Little Pigs.  They will have the middle school student laughing out loud as well as the kindergartener!

For the technology fans, I have added a couple links at the end of the story list for free “Three Little Pig” apps.  These are great apps for even the preschooler.  Have the older sibling read and record the classic version using the zoodles app below!

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs: by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith.  This is a story told by Alexander T. Wolf himself and he insist that the pigs were causing all the trouble and that he was framed!

The Three Little Pigs New Edition

Funny take on the Classic!

The Fourth Little Pig

The Fourth Little Pig by Teresa Celsi (1992) this is a great follow up to the classic story!  So the well-traveled fourth sister shows up to help her three traumatized brothers get out into the world and not be afraid of that wolf.

Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig By Eugene Trivizas, great twist on the classic.  The wolves’ work very hard, the pig is meaner than the wolf ever was and the ending has an unexpected and funny surprise!

The Three Little Javelinas

The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell, is the southwest version of the three little pigs, but a clever coyote is after these siblings.

Free “apps” links below:




By Shari Jacobs, iFamilyKC Mom Squad