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Five Fall Flavors Better than Pumpkin Spice

When the leaves start turning what’s better than a nice warm pumpkin spice drink from your local coffee shop?  Gabrielle shares a few of her non-pumpkin spice faves for fall.  Give them a try!

fall flavors

Five Fall Flavors Better than Pumpkin Spice

Everybody waits for that first bit of chill in the air, so they can run to their favorite coffee shop and order that first pumpkin spice latte of the year.  I had my first one last week, and it was delicious, as always.  People go nuts over pumpkin spice.  You can get it in pie form, or donuts, and of course, in coffee.  Starbucks has a whole marketing campaign advertising the arrival of this seasonal favorite.  But, there are other fall flavors I enjoy more than pumpkin.  Here are my top 5:

Honeycrisp Apples

Autumn is pique apple-picking season.  Apples of almost every variety are available in your local grocery store. Take your pick. My favorite variety has always been the honeycrisp apple.  They are the perfect combination of sweet and tart. They are delicious as a stand-alone snack, but they also are great dipped in peanut butter or caramel.  If raw apples are not your thing, bake them up in a pie, or if you are like me, you can saute’ them up in butter, and use them to top a sundae.


If you love pumpkin spice, I implore you to try a chai latte.  The cinnamon and cardamom of chai are as comforting as your favorite winter blanket.  You can usually order a cup of chai at your local barista, or you can buy a box of tea at the grocery store as well.  You will not be disappointed.


I know what you are thinking.  Eggnog is a winter flavor.  But grocery stores start stocking the shelves with this delicious holiday staple just before Halloween.  Eggnog by itself is delicious, but there are recipes out there for eggnog french toast, or you can use it as a creamer in your coffee.

Spice cake

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for those Little Debbie’s spice cakes to come out.  They are rare now, but if I find them, I always buy (and hide) a couple boxes for myself.  This delicious dessert takes all the warmest, most comforting spices, and bakes them into cake form.  What is there not to love?  And to kick it up a notch, some people throw in rum and make it a spiced rum cake.  Never had it?  Think carrot cake without the carrots.

Chili dogs

Nothing signifies the start of fall to me more than a big bowl of steaming hot chili.  Sure, you can top chili with whatever you like.  I like cheese and guacamole.  The kids like theirs covered in corn chips and served with a cinnamon roll.  But there is no better way to enjoy the flavors of chili, than atop a hotdog, covered with cheese and mustard.  (The chili replaces the ketchup.  No need to double up on the tomato flavor…unless of course, that’s your thing.)

So, there you have it.  The best flavors of fall, and the most magnificent thing about this list is that almost all of them can be paired with a slice of pumpkin pie, if you just have to have your pumpkin spice fix.

Happy eating!

From iFamily to Yours,


Three Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall

The weather is (FINALLY) cooling down, and fall is here! It’s the best (in my opinion) time to get out and active, especially for those of us that aren’t exactly thrilled with working out. Our Mom Squad Ambassador has a few creative suggestions to get us all out and moving this fall! Check it out!

Three Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall


3 Simple Tips for Staying Active This Fall

I love working out. I love getting up in the morning before anyone else and just sweating out all the stress and toxins. It is my favorite thing after a long stressful day to put on my running shoes and just run for miles and then for good measure round it off with a few burpees—the perfect ending to my day. I am also lying to you—every single word of this is a lie. To me, a burpee was a rag that I used to save my work clothes when I had to throw one of the kids on my shoulder before putting her in the car seat! Am I anti-working out? Of course not!

I appreciate those women and men who make it a part of their routine to get in workouts before and after work. I have a good friend that is now in the best shape of his life—it took a lot of work and dedication but he did it. I personally, just don’t have it. I can’t think of any part of it that I do like and you know what, that is okay because I have found other ways to be healthy and keep my sanity in the process. So while you are running on the treadmill tonight feel free to take a glance at some ideas to stay healthy this fall and winter!


First of all, put the candy down!


Three Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall


Yep, I realize that it is just sitting there; the Halloween stash, the Easter stash, the Halloween stash still from last year—all of it going to waste right before your eyes. It’s okay to throw this away, in fact it will help on organizing as well. I would love to give you a tip on somewhere that you could donate it to but it’s just better to go ahead and throw that out. I once used leftover (and on sale) Easter candy in a St. Patrick’s Day parade (yeah, a year later) and to my surprise, chocolate does go bad! Throw it out!


Get outside!

Three Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall


I don’t know about you but I have been waiting for this weather for about four months now, so the excuse of “It’s just too hot outside” won’t work any longer. It’s amazing how much better you feel when taking in some of that fresh autumn air. Bring the kids and spouse, or don’t! If I had to guess there will be other people outside as well—don’t be alarmed, they are good people called neighbors! No place to walk around your house? No problem, there are also a number of amazing parks and outdoor shopping malls in this city, getting out and walking some of them wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


While you are outside, you may notice there is some work to do in the yard.

Three Creative Ways to Stay Active This Fall


Take a Saturday and do some honey-do’s around the house. The average person can burn about 350 calories in an hour of leaf-raking, and then they will burn another 350 calories raking them up again when the kids come and jump in the piles! And just you wait for that first snow! 400-600 calories per hour shoveling snow! You will be at the window hoping for snow just as much as the kids!

Ever carried a pumpkin across a field that is “somewhat” cleared of corn stalks and vines? To some this may make them very angry—to me this is my work-off-the-caramel-apple-croissant- donut-from-this-morning-workout! Those pumpkins can sometimes be 10 pounds or more which is a pretty good little arm workout! Plus when you are dodging vines, other pumpkins and children it adds a whole other dimension to the workout. And you have to take that pumpkin to the car, then take it out and either decorate or carve it when you get home—all calorie burners!

All joking aside, working out is essential to keeping our bodies healthy so we can do the everyday things we need to do. But I get it, it is really hard with life getting in the way and taking time out for a class is sometimes the last thing on our minds. However, it is also really important to take some time for ourselves. The everyday things can pile up quickly and that health can go away just as quick. Consider making a 4th quarter resolution to yourself– paying attention to that inner voice that keeps everything in check. And if you can squeeze in a Zumba or Yoga class when possible; there are always Groupons for studios around the city improving the health of your wallet too.

Enjoy this time of year, pretty soon we will be complaining about how cold it is or how much snow we are expected to get. But remember those 400-600 calories burned! Makes you kind of want to do a burpee doesn’t it?!

From iFamily to Yours,








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How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

There are few things better than October, in my opinion! It’s a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and our Mom Squad Ambassador, Becky, has some great tips to throwing an outdoor movie night! Grab some blankets, a projector, and movie of you choice and enjoy your family and neighbors this weekend!


How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night 


The days are shorter. The nights are cooler. The bugs are gone. There is no better time of year to host a backyard movie night in Kansas City than October. It’s one of the easiest parties to host and it’s fun for all ages so it’s perfect for a neighborhood hang. Bonus: You don’t have to clean your house. 


How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


Here’s what you need (and some things you don’t, but why not?):


A projector

If you don’t own a projector, hopefully there is someone on your invite list who you can borrow one from. If not, check CraigsList. You can find one that’s plenty good for this once-a-year event for about $100. If you’re ready to make the investment, The Wire Cutter has a good review on the best cheap projectors.


Laptop or DVD player

If you’re streaming your movie (test your Wi-Fi signal out in the yard ahead of time) or downloaded the movie, you’ll want to hook the projector to a laptop. If you’ve got a DVD, you can bypass the laptop with a DVD player.



We actually put old speakers in our Goodwill pile and pulled them out when we realized they would be perfect to keep around for our outdoor movie nights. You can be as high-tech as you want to be, but we had great sound with just speakers on either side of the screen and a center one below the projector.



This can be as simple as the side of a house or garage, or an ironed bed sheet that you hang off the deck. Since outdoor movie night is a tradition we want to keep up, we bought our own 144” screen that folds up flat and can be stored easily the rest of the year.

How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night



To appeal to both kids and adults I suggest going with a classic family movie from the 80s. To be fair, my answer to everything is the 80s, but if it’s new for the kids and a great throwback for adults, how can you go wrong? Our pick was E.T.


Tables, plates and napkins

Save your recipes for another party. Have everyone bring an app, side dish or dessert to share. Done!

How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


Chairs, blankets and pillows

Have everyone bring their own. There’s no such thing as too many covers and pillows so bring out as many as you have.

Movie Candy

You can get movie-sized candy at the dollar store. Prepackage an assortment of candy for each family to hand out before the movie starts. If you can, do a theme with the snacks. Reece’s Pieces would have been really fun to hand out, but we avoided anything with peanuts due to allergies.


How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


Glow Necklaces

These are a big hit with the kids but the reason why I like them is because they make it easy to keep tabs on any little ones who may get up and wander slightly in the backyard before they settle back into their seats.


Hot Chocolate

Our neighbor brought this and it was a great addition for the chilly night. She even had coffee lids which worked out perfectly for the kids to drink without spilling while bundled in their blankets.


Hotdog roller

This is a really easy way to turn a movie into dinner and a movie. No need for someone to man a grill all night. This baby can feed a crowd quickly, cooking 30 hotdogs at a time in a matter of minutes and keeping them warm until you need them.


How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


Popcorn cart

Popcorn is essential to any movie night. You can pop it all ahead and bag it. We did that last year and it took forever. This year, we have our popcorn cart that not only pops a ton for each batch, but the sight, sounds and smell of having the cart in the backyard add to the ambiance of movie night.


How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


Cotton candy cart 

Why not? I’m pretty strict about sugar with my kids but at this point it’s like Christmas in October, so pile it on.


E.T. Movie Review


I last saw E.T. when it was released in theaters in 1982 so I was fuzzy on just how scary or sad it really was to today’s standards. I prepped my kids (6, 4 and 3) for it by talking about the premise ahead of time: A friendly but scared alien was accidentally left on earth. The kids became friends with him and wanted to help him, while the adults were afraid of him and not very nice to him because he was different (there’s a life lesson in there).

How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night


We also watched the trailer on YouTube together a few times, so their first exposer to the alien was way less intimating on a much smaller screen and during the day. Outside of a little language (which flew over my kids’ heads) I think E.T. is a great choice for younger and older kids and the PERFECT choice for an October outdoor movie night because the movie takes place in October so the weather in the movie matched the weather in the backyard perfectly.


Backyard Movie Night Pro Tips:


  • Start the event about an hour before sunset. Plenty of time to eat, run around and socialize before the movie begins.


  • Put a kitchen mat over the extension cords running from the speakers to the projector so no one trips on them after dark.


  • Dress your kids in their PJs and slip on shoes. The movie will end after bedtime so if they’re already dressed for bed, it makes life just a little bit easier. Slip on shoes help because they are easy to get on and off as they play ahead of time and then bundle in the blankets.


  • Include a poll with a few movie choices with your invite and have people vote with their RSVP, revealing the winner the night of the event.


From iFamily to Yours,


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Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patches YOU Need To Visit This Autumn!

It’s really October, friends! And with October comes one of my favorite activities — going to pumpkin patches. Kansas City has it’s fair share of fantastic patches with tons of activities, food, and more. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, gives us her top pumpkin patches to check out this autumn. Take a look!

Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patches YOU Need To Visit This Autumn!

Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patches YOU Need To Visit This Autumn!

Fall has finally arrived and you know what that means? Pumpkin Patches!! There are so many awesome pumpkin patches in our great city of KC! My family tries to go to a different one every year. I’ve learned something about these “pumpkin patches.” They aren’t just for hunting down that perfect pumpkin! There are TONS and TONS of family fun activities that will keep you and your littles busy all day long! Here are some highlights from some of our favorite pumpkin patches!

Carolyn’s Country Cousins – Liberty, MO

This pumpkin patch is so much fun! We took my daughter when she will nearly a year old and had a blast! There is so much to do here and it is always expanding. Check out some of the things they offer:

Little Bud’s Railroad

Wagon rides to Pumpkins

Pig races

Petting Farm

Mining Camp

Run Jump Fun

Pumpkin Jumpin Pad Fun

Corny Corral

Cost: Single Tickets are $15 on the weekends, 2 and under are FREE.

Johnson’s Pumpkin Farm – Belton, MO

Johnson’s is celebrating it’s 15th year!

40 acres of pumpkins

20 acre corn maze

Numerous play areas including a giant tunnel crawl, corn crib maze and silo play yard

They also offer a jumping pillow and barrel train for a small extra charge

Enjoy a break with yummy food from Barnyard Grill

Also check out the Big Kid fort barn, tire jungle and the all new ping pong qounsets

Cost: Children 3-12 are $13 on the weekends, Adult tickets $11, Senior tickets $9. 2 and under are FREE. Military personnel and their families receive $2 off each admission

KC Pumpkin Patch – Olathe, KS

Another great option is KC Pumpkin Patch! So many things for families to do including:

Slide Mountain

Goat Walk

Zip Lines

Jumping Pillow

Paintball Gallery

Gourd Gun

Child corn maze

Barrel train

Mining Sluice and Geode Cracker

On the weekends they offer LIVE music from Trilogy Cultural Arts

Cost: Tickets are $9.95 plus tax for ages 3 and up. $5 for Military personnel with id. Ages 2 and under are FREE. Open 7 days a week during the fall season!

Faulkner’s Ranch – Kansas City, MO

My family and I also had the pleasure of visiting Faulkner’s Ranch last year and I LOVE this place! First of all the country views are spectacular! And the people are extremely friendly!

Family fun activities include:

Theme weekends

Scenic hayride

Petting Farm

Field Maze

Pony Rides


Pedal Carts

Duck Races

Zip line

Corn Canon

Face painting

NEW! 2500 sq ft inflatable pumpkin bounce

Cost: $9, 2 and under are FREE. Some attractions cost extra.

Pumpkin Valley – Lees Summit, MO

Pumpkin Valley is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October. Hours Friday- 3pm to 6pm and Sat and Sun 10-6pm.

They offer many fun activities such as: face painting, Indian teepees, pumpkin painting, potato sack races, cowboy teeter totter, bounce house, petting zoo, hay maze. Extra attractions are pony rides, hay rides, and big game hunting

They have a concession stand with food items at very reasonable prices!

Cost: $6, 2 and under are FREE. Tickets costs $2 for the extra attractions.

Gieringer’s Orchard – Edgerton, KS 

Gieringer’s Orchard is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am-6pm now thru October 31st.

Admission includes a kids mini maze, a wagon ride to an interactive corn maze, u-pick pumpkins (for an additional, per pound fee), pumpkin jump pad, combine slide, play area, corn pit, hay mountain, and a sunflower field, too!

Cost: $10, 2 and under are FREE! Save $1/ticket with our iFamilyKC email offer linked here.

From iFamily to Yours,

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15 Must Visit Trails and Parks in Kansas City this Autumn

Hey, Kansas City! We here at iFamilyKC would love to welcome our newest Mom Squad Ambassador, Brigette! She has a great first post to share with us today on 15 trails and parks to check out around the Kansas City area this fall. It’s a great time to get out and active, so definitely check it out, and give Brigette a big ol’ iFamily welcome!

15 Must Visit Trails and Parks in Kansas City this Autumn


15 Must Visit Trails and Parks in Kansas City this Autumn


For those that know me, know I love, love, LOVE autumn! The cool air, the clothes, pumpkin everything! But seriously, autumn is, in my opinion, the best time to go out about, take walks, walk/bike trails and visit parks. Outside of a few rainy days, most of the time it’s just perfect.

So before you plan your next outing with the family, check out my picks for the 15 best parks and trails to visit this season!

Antioch Park

This just may be our favorite park in Kansas. I grew up going to this park and outside a few major updates, every time we visit, I feel like a kid again! They have plenty of things to climb on, swing on or just room to run around. This is definitely a family favorite.

Penguin Park

This is possibly our favorite Park on the Missouri side lol. I love the fact that it is divided into age appropriate play areas but they also have a picnic area that allows you see both play areas at once!

Roe Park

This park is perfect for really active families! Not only does it have age appropriate play areas, but it also has huge fields for running, pets and picnics. It even has a few soccer fields as well.

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Okay, so it’s not a park – but it has awesome trails and a small kids “play area”. One thing that is really cool about the trails at the arboretum is the “Enchanted Forrest”! My kids loved seeing all the fairy houses and tall trees. It really was a great adventure! Once you leave the forest, there are gardens, grassy areas to play, a pond with huge Koi and even a train park with a train car they can explore.

Shawnee Mission Park

This park is great for those autumn family phots! Tons of space to run, 3 playgrounds, an off leash area and observation tower. This park is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Shawnee Mission Park TRAILS

Even though it is the same place, I gave the trails at SMP their own spot on this list! Its miles and miles of open space and beautiful views! With trails for walking, hiking, biking, horse riding and more, It definitely is a must visit.

Wyandotte County Lake

The trails at Wyandotte County are perfect for those that love to bike! Miles of trail circle the park in its entirety with a smaller nature trail offers plenty of stops along the way. With a library, boat house marina and war memorial, you are sure to enjoy your visit!

Jarboe Park

This park is great for play or practice! One side is a playground sure to challenge your kids and the other side is a baseball diamond great for practicing or even a friendly game! Either way, you’re sure to have a good time here!

Meadowmere Park

Brumble’s Forest is a playground inside of Meadowmere park, and this playground is really unlike anything you have ever seen! With a theme of the wonderful outdoors, huge animal statues, swings and plenty of things to climb on, this playground is worth the drive (if you don’t live close).

Black Hoof Park

First off, can you say playing with a view?! Black Hoof park definitely has an amazing set up! You and your family can play overlooking Lake Lenexa, a nature play area, second playground and an amazing view of the lake by the picnic area. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful parks in the KC metro area!

Loose Park

This is another family favorite for many reasons! Large space, trails, playgrounds and my favorite, the ROSE GARDEN! There are so many different things to enjoy at Loose Park so make sure you make it a day trip!

Valley Park

This park is sure to become one of the metros most popular parks! Valley Park is by far the most unique park I have ever seen. Not only is Valley Park perfect for your most adventurous child, but it will definitely challenge those little muscles. They can climb on EVERYTHING, play on a rip-swing and enjoy a 55ft slide!

Blackbob Park

At Blackbob park, you definitely need to plan an all-day adventure! From the castle themed playground to batting cages and trails to basketball courts, everyone will enjoy their time at the park! Make sure you plan ahead for a game of miniature golf!

Listowel Park

Listowel Park is another themed park that really goes above and beyond when it comes to expanding your kids imagination. Not only does it have picnic tables that face the equipment but it is Pirate themed! What is more fun than playing pirates?!

Swope Park

As one of the oldest and biggest parks in Kansas City, Swope Park has it all. Trails, playgrounds historic buildings, amazing sites and even a ZipLine! This park is family, pet and adventure friendly!

There are so many parks throughout the KC metro area and these are just a few of our favorites! If you have the time, make sure you visit as many as you can this autumn!

From iFamily to Yours,




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33 Family Outdoor Activities to do Together This Fall

Happy Monday, Kansas City! Fall is a great time to get out and active with your family. From pumpkin patches to bonfires to the amazing weather, it’s hard to beat fall in Kansas City. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Leah, gives us some fantastic outdoor activities to enjoy altogether this fall.

33 Family Outdoor Activities to do Together This Fall

33 Family Outdoor Activities to Do Together This Fall

My favorite time of the year is quickly approaching. There is something magical in seeing nature change all around you. I could spend hours outside during September – October. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing all the beautiful fall colors, going on hay rides, decorating pumpkins, and just embracing how beautiful the outdoors really are? My hope is that you take some time as a family and go outdoors. Whatever you do… just be in the moment. Put your phones down, check out of the virtual world for a few hours, and check back into your physical world. Taking time to recharge and to invest into you/ your family is worth it. Your Facebook world will still be there. However, this time with your kids will not. Get out there and laugh, throw some leaves around, get your hands dirty, and remind your kids what life was like before computers.

1) Have a Frisbee throwing contest. See who can throw it the furthest.

2) Grab a rope and have a good old fashion game of Tug Of War

3) Play a friendly game of Family Tag

4) Go to an apple orchard and pick apples together. Then come home and have an apple tasting. See which flavor of apples you each prefer.

5) Put up a net in the back yard and play volleyball. Invite the neighborhood kids over to join in.

33 Family Outdoor Activities to do Together This Fall

6) Dust off your bikes and go for a family bike ride

7) Play Hide and Seek out doors

8) Bob for apples

9) Get out there and play football, kick ball, or soccer. Show the kids you still got it.

10) Fill up some water balloons, get out there, and get messy.

11) Have a potato sack race.

12) Rake up some leaves, make a pile, and then dive in.

13) Host a back yard picnic.

14) Get some sidewalk chalk and decorate your drive way. Or, leave your neighbors cute notes in side walk chalk on their drive way — telling them why you’re glad they’re your neighbors.

15) Plan a scavenger hunt.

33 Family Outdoor Activities to do Together This Fall

16) Host a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and tell ghost stories.

17) Grab some leaves, glue, paint, and paper…. Then go at it.

18) Decorate rocks. You could paint them orange and make “pumpkins,” or white and make “ghosts” on them.

19) Make bird feeders, then sit back and watch the birds enjoy their dinner.

20) Go on a nature walk and play “ I spy.”

21) Host an outdoor dance party.

22) Jump rope with the kids.

23) Play Badminton.

33 Family Outdoor Activities to do Together This Fall

24) Throw some bean bags / play “ Corn Hole.”

25) Design your own outdoor Tic Tac Toe game.

26) Grab some plastic bats and play water balloon base ball.

27) Have a “Leaf Blow Race” with the kids. Have the kids blow a leaf across a table with a straw. The first one across is the winner.

28) Find the Pumpkin. Purchase or paint a pumpkin white, then take turns as a family hiding it in different places outdoors. The first to find it wins.

29) Pass the Pumpkin Relay

Form two teams.

  • The first person passes the pumpkin over his/her head to the next person in line.
  • The next person passes the pumpkin under his/her legs to the next person, and so on.
  • When you get to the end of the line the last person runs up to the front and starts it all over again.
  • Whoever has the first person that was in line at the beginning of the game— in the back of the line wins.

30) Gourd Race

  • Set up start and turn around lines (about 10 feet apart) and divide children into equal teams.
  • At the signal, first players walk from starting line to turn-around line and back to the starting line while holding a spoon with a gourd on it. Child then hands it off to the next in line.
  • If the gourd falls off the spoon, players must stop and pick up the gourd with the spoon to continue.
  • Continue until each child has had a turn. With many children—have many lines.

31) Flashlight Tag

Playing flashlight tag in the fall is beneficial because you can get outside and play soon after dinner because of shorter days. The cool weather adds an element of fun. Designate a home base, and choose one person to be “it.” Give “it” a flashlight, and ask her to count to 50 while everyone hides. The “it” turns on the flashlight and searches for the other players as those players try to sneak back to home base. The first player tagged by the beam of “its” flashlight is the next “it.”


32) Ring the Pumpkin

A variation on ring toss, ring the pumpkin is a game of throwing skill and a bit of luck. Put three or four large pumpkins with stems in a line on the ground. Depending on the age of your group, designate a throwing line four to eight feet away from the pumpkins. Using embroidery hoops or small rings, players take turns throwing the ring at the pumpkin’s stem. The player who rings the most wins. Use hula hoops as a variation, but ring the entire pumpkin.


33) Capture the Flag

Capture the flag involves a lot of running. When you play this game in the fall, you are often able to play it for longer because of cooler weather. Divide the group into two teams, and designate an area of your yard for each team, with a neutral space in between. Give each team a flag, and tell the teams to hide the flag in their area. Once hidden, both teams begin searching for the opponent’s flag. If a player is caught in another team’s territory, he is put in “jail” until one of his teammates frees him by touching him. The team that finds the flag first wins.



From iFamily to Yours,


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31 Fun Family Activities for October

Hellooooo, October! (And Kansas City!) It’s fall! It’s really fall! And our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, has some great ideas for family fun in October. Pick a couple for your family to experience this weekend. Enjoy!

31 Fun Family Activities for October


31 Fun Family Activities for October


Despite the sweltering heat it is officially fall! Hopefully cooler weather is on the horizon and here are some activities you and you family can be enjoying all month long.

#1 Have a bonfire

– Hanging around the fire is a staple of Midwest fall nights. A fire pit will do, or perhaps you can tack this on to a visit to the pumpkin patch or farm.

#2 Play in the leaves

– They’ll be everywhere soon. Before the allure wears off and the damp sets in, roll, jump, play in, and compare all the leaves you can find. There are a lot of art projects you can do with leaves too.

#3 Decorate pumpkins

– There are a million and one things to do with pumpkins. We have littles at our house so we usually paint some early on in the month and help Dad carve one closer to Halloween. Don’t forget to roast your seeds if you carve. A yummy and healthy treat!


31 Fun Family Activities for October

#4 Go apple picking

– There are apple orchards all around KC so it’s not hard to find a spot to do this. Check out my earlier article with tips for while you’re there.

#5 Eat caramel apples

– You can buy or make them. Extra points if you use ones you’ve freshly picked. You can melt caramels, or find a healthier alternative. There are various recipes online. Don’t forget to have fun decorating with sprinkles, candies, nuts, chocolates, toasted coconut… the possibilities are endless.

#6 Hit up your local farmer’s market

– There are markets in nearly every city. They will be winding down soon and we will have to wait until spring to visit again. They will be brimming with squashes, apples, pears, mushrooms and cabbages.

#7 Star gazing

– You can probably do this in your own backyard! If not, head to the country where there’s less lights or an observatory. There are two public observatories in the area.

#8 Wildflower picking

– Remember how excited we all were when flowers showed up this spring? Well they’ll be on their way out soon. Get outside for a nice walk and be sure to pick a bouquet to enjoy when you get back home.

#9 Go on a picnic

– We love picnics at our house. Sometimes they happen in our yard, sometimes at the park, but eating outside is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a meal.

#10 Tell ghost stories

– You can gauge what your kids can handle, but sharing spooky stories is another classic October pastime. Our kids enjoy passing around the flashlight to hold under their chin while they tell silly ghost stories.

#11 Check out a festival

– There are so so so many festivals going on this month, I could have written 31 festivals to go to. Gladfest, Weston Applefest, and any Oktoberfest are among my favorites. There are a ton of art festivals going on too. These are a great way to connect with your community and there is something going on every weekend.


31 Fun Family Activities for October


#12 S’mores

– Everyone needs s’more s’mores. Make ‘em on a fire or in the kitchen, but enjoy these ooey gooey treats.

#13 Camp out

– I am not a camper. My husband totally is, so this falls under his jurisdiction. You can go on a weekend trip somewhere, or set up a tent in the yard, or heck even the living room. I’ll be in the house drinking wine.

#14 Go to the pumpkin patch

– Is the pumpkin patch optional this time of year? I’m under the assumption that it isn’t. We have covered many local places, so please check out our other posts for inspiration and information.

#15 Make some art

– Making art is easy and free around here. You can always create something at home, or you can make an outing of it. Nelson-Atkins has free workshops every weekend. Kaleidoscope is a free and popular option too.

#16 Plan a murder mystery party with your friends

– Ok, I’m planning a murder mystery with friends. I think it’s a fun idea. For a smaller scale activity, you can play werewolf or Clue.

#17 Root, root, root for the home team

– Going to college and pro-athletics is always a fun time, but can be pricy or difficult. Even though we don’t know any one at the high school, we still enjoy going to our local schools’ games. They are fun and usually cheap and our kids enjoy seeing the older kids.

#18 Watch Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie, but there are so many good ones. Pick one and have a movie night.

#19 Engage in a little DIY

– Fall is a good time to get some of those outdoor or home projects done before the winter. Paint a room, make a craft, and enlist the kids as helpers.


31 Fun Family Activities for October


#20 Get some BBQ

– The American Royal World Series of Barbeque is at the end of the month. Your family can declare their own winner by trying out a few different restaurants or recipes this month.

#21 Make a costume

– Make a Halloween costume or even just play a little dress up with the kids.

#22 Go to the Renaissance Festival

– It only runs through October, so head there soon.

#23 Go to the Great Pumpkin Fest at Worlds of Fun

– Worlds of Fun is known for getting pretty spooky this time if year. If you have younger kids though, Planet Snoopy gets a Great Pumpkin Fest makeover and offers seasonal activities.

#24 See a play

– There are a ton of kid-friendly theaters in Kansas City. There’s the Coterie, the Theater for Young America, Trilogy and many more.

#25 Host a football party

– Can’t tailgate every weekend? Host a get-together to watch the Chiefs. Have everyone bring his or her favorite sports-viewing snack.

#26 Square dance

– You may be able to find a proper square dance to take part in. If so- let me know! Or, you could do our version and dosey-doe in the living room. Take turns being the leader yelling out moves.

#27 Shadow puppets

– My grandparents gave me a book showing how to make shadow puppets as a kid. My children found it a couple years ago and they love it. Take advantage of the earlier sunsets and have a shadow show before bed.

#28 Watch a movie under the stars

– Drive-ins are always a lot of fun, and now that the weather is cooling, they’re even better. There are also Movies in Park, or maybe you can project a show in your own yard.

#29 Play some outdoor sports

– Remember how nice it was when the kids were go straight to sleep, exhausted from swimming all day? Well, it’s time to find a new way to wear them out. Soccer, football, baseball… have a friendly game at the park.

#30 Make a fairy house

– Design and build a fairy house to decorate your garden.

#31 Head to the farm

– Tours and fun can be found throughout Kansas and Missouri, Johnson Farm, Shatto Dairy Farm and Deanna Rose Farmstead are just a few.


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‘Fall’ in Love with Faulkner’s Ranch This Weekend!

Hello, Kansas City! Can you believe it’s almost October? 2016 is flying by, and now it’s time to live up the best (in my humble opinion) season in KC. Faulkner’s Ranch opens for the season this Saturday, October 1st, and even better, it’s Grandparent’s Weekend. Grandparents will receive 1/2 off admission with the purchase of a child’s admission. It’ll be a great weekend to get with the whole family, check it out!

'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!


‘Fall’ in Love with Faulkner’s Ranch This Weekend!


Fall Is Here at Faulkner’s Ranch!
YEE-HAW! Are y’all ready for some family fun?
'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!
The Wait is Almost Over! 
Faulkner’s Ranch Pumpkin Season Starts
THIS Saturday, October 1st!
'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!
And guess what?
It’s Grandparents Weekend!
To celebrate just how awesome grandparents are, grandparents will receive 1/2 off admission with the purchase of a child’s admission!
Get the whole family together and be part of this magical fall tradition!
'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!
Take a hayride, fly on the zip-line, jump on the brand new Pumpkin Pad, chow down on some delicious BBQ, and finish off the day with pumpkin spice donuts!
'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!
This Weekend’s Special Events Include:
-Magician Reggie Reg
-Wild Bill Eagleburger’s Antique Tractor Display!
Visit online for a full list of special weekend events.
'Fall' in Love with Faulkner's Ranch This Weekend!
Be Part of Kansas City’s favorite Fall Tradition!
Admission is $9 plus tax (2 and under are free!)
Open 10am to 6pm every day in October!
Faulkner’s Ranch
10600 Raytown Road
Kansas City, MO 64134
“Like” Faulkner’s Ranch on Facebook for special offers and contests!


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Your iFamilyKC Team



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Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!

Howdy, Kansas City! Don’t you all just love fall in Kansas City? There is so much to do, we finally start getting a break from the heat, and it looks beautiful around the city! KC Pumpkin Patch has another deal to offer you this weekend (and this weekend only) at their Pumpkin Fest. Visit their Facebook page and get $1 off mining sluice. There are a ton of fun activities for the whole family, including their unforgettable pumpkin patch. So, break in October down at KC Pumpkin Patch. Check it out!


Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!


Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!


Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!
Join Us for
Pumpkin Fest!
at KC Pumpkin Patch
Saturday & Sunday!
October 1-2, 2016
Get $1 OFF Mining Sluice
when you GO to KC Pumpkin Patch Facebook Page
for this exclusive offer HERE!
Valid Weekend Only of 10/01 & 10/02
Must go to KC Pumpkin Patch Facebook Page to redeem offer
Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!
KC Pumpkin Patch is full of kid-friendly country-style entertainment just a few miles from Kansas City.
There’s something for everyone from ages two to ninety-two!
Come hungry and “pig out” in the Hog Wild Cafe.
Slide Mountain – Goat Walk – Zip Lines
Jumping Pillow – Gourd Gun
Child Corn Maze,
freshly planted Johnny Appleseed Orchard
& more!
Come on Down to the Pumpkin Fest at KC Pumpkin Patch!
Monday – Friday: 9am to 3pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Noon to 6pm
Be sure to “LIKE” KC Pumpkin Patch
and KC Wine CO on Facebook!


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Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!

Happy Monday, Kansas City! Hopefully, everyone had a great weekend, and if you’re already looking forward to next weekend — consider checking out Johnson Farms. It’s located in Belton, MO, has u-pick veggies, a petting zoo, and plenty more for the whole family. Check out our Mom Squad Ambassador’s review of the beloved pumpkin patch for the low down on all the fall fun.

Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!


Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!


Today I, and some of our kids club members, got a sneak peak of Johnson Farms before they open to the public this Saturday. Johnson Farms is in Belton, MO and it is a one-stop shop for fall fun. Expect to spend the day when you come out, because there is so much to do!


Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!


They have a 20-acre corn maze, train and tractor rides, u-pick vegetables and flowers, a petting zoo, playgrounds, a sand bus (yep) and concessions. I honestly couldn’t list everything. What I really like about this place compared to other pumpkin patches is the range of activities. There’s something for everyone and every age. There are awesome designated preschool areas with an easier maze and swings for babes. We all know how annoying it is when your kids are small and you shell out a ton of money to go to a pumpkin patch were there is maybe one or two things for them to do. You will not have that problem here!


Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!


We didn’t get to pick pumpkins on our outing. The mud was still drying out- but should be good for Saturday. They have very nifty wheel-barrels, which is enough to lure me here. Who wants to carry a forty-pound pumpkin around? We did get to pick vegetables and they had a lot of variety. We picked our first eggplant and the biggest cabbages I’d ever seen.


We got lovely bouquets of sunflowers and zinnias. We also tried pumpkin donuts, which were a hit with everyone. Plenty of slides and rides kept all the kids there busy and despite it being a HOT day, none of them wanted to leave. If you have a bit of a shopper on your hands (me- I am the shopper) there is a lovely shop with décor and plants to decorate for the fall.


Explore and Enjoy Johnson Farms for Pumpkins, Decor, and Fun!


If you have one day to devote to pumpkin picking- Johnson Farms is when you should go. There are a lot of options this time of year and I know everyone has their favorite or local pumpkin patch. I really think you should make Johnson Farms yours. It was easy to find, easy to navigate, and a ton of entertainment.


If you haven’t yet joined iFamilyKC’s Kids Club- quit missing all the fun and join us!


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