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Kick Off the New Year at SeaLife & Legoland (+ Free Admission to Legoland Kansas City)

Hello, Kansas City! It’s hard to believe that we’re in the last couple of weeks of December, and that soon, we’ll kick off 2017. The new year brings us some great fun at SeaLife Kansas City and Legoland Discovery Center down at Crown Center. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy gives us the low down of what to expect in January (along with a promo code for 1 child free with 1 paid adult ticket). Check it out!

Kick Off the New Year at SeaLife Kansas City
& Legoland Discovery Center


Winter is here and keeping the kiddos busy can be tough. Luckily, Kansas City has many options for keeping your family entertained. One of the most popular and unique options is SEA LIFE Kansas City and LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

SEA LIFE has an exciting new addition, Moko, a Māori wrasse. These fish grow to be over 6 feet long and up to 400 pounds! Moko is only about 2 and a half feet long right now, but will continue to grow here in Kansas City. You can find Moko in the big sting ray tank. These fish are beautiful with intricate blue markings all over. An endangered species, Moko is here to raise awareness for the importance of caring for the ocean and coral reefs. I had the pleasure of interviewing an aquarist live on iFamilyKC’s Facebook page last week. We learned all sorts of fun things about Māori wrasses, like other names they go by, how Moko got his name, how their gender changes as they grow and that Moko loves to eat shrimp! SEA LIFE also has some new baby seahorses near Moko’s display that were fun to see.

LEGOLAND is another fun option. With areas to run around, stations for building with Legos and various rides to go on, you can easily fill an entire day with family fun. My kids love building their own Lego pizzas whenever we go. The 4D theater is a fun spot to enjoy a quick show and rest tired bodies before they find their next activity. If you buy your LEGOLAND tickets online, right now you can get 1 child in free with 1 paid adult! Just enter the promo code 1409. This offer is valid until January 31st, 2017, however the visit can be scheduled for a later date. This is an awesome deal and I hope you can take advantage of it at least once! This would also make a great stocking stuffer- what kid wouldn’t love a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center?


From iFamily to Yours,



3 Reasons You Need to Explore Body Worlds at Union Station NOW!

Autumn is in the air here in the metro area and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share fabulous events and activities with each of you here on the blog as well as in our monthly book (available in print and online) and across social media. One truly unique activity that’s only available to your family until October 23rd is the Body Worlds: Cycle of Life exhibit downtown. I had the chance to check it out this afternoon and want to share my 3 reasons that you need to explore Body Worlds at Union Station today. Take a look…

Body Worlds at Union Station

3 Reasons You Need to Explore Body Worlds at Union Station Now

“For the first time in Kansas City, BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life – a remarkable educational exhibition from physician and pioneering anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens – invites you to consider the form, function and beauty of the human body through all stages of life.” -UnionStation.org

#1 It’s a Truly One of a Kind Experience

Body Worlds at Union Station

One of the things I love best about living in Kansas City is the access that we have, as families, to fun and educational activities across town. Union Station’s traveling exhibits offer opportunities unlike any other and their Body Worlds: The Cycle of Life is a shining example of just that. Using real cadavers, Body Worlds takes you on a journey through the human life and demonstrates how both genetics and lifestyle choices play an intricate role in how we grow, develop, and change over the course of time. Before entering into the exhibit, you’re given the opportunity to tie in this exhibit with history from Kansas City’s medical community, which I found to be particularly interesting during our visit there.


#2 You’ll Learn Things You Never Knew

Body Worlds The Cycle of Life

From start to finish, you’ll learn something new at every turn during your time at Body Worlds. Your journey begins (literally and figuratively) at the moment of conception where you discover cells, the formation of life, how we grow and come into being, and so much more. The pregnancy cycle was, for me, the most interesting part of the journey. The exhibit not only includes the details and information but also examples of each stage during pregnancy – something that is truly incredible to witness.

Body Worlds at Union Station

From there, you’ll discover parts of the body and how we change and grow through the years as well as how the choices we make (like smoking or not eating right) impact us from the inside out. I was impressed to see so much detail throughout the exhibit. Although the average time to get through (from start to finish) is about an hour an a half to two hours, I could have easily spent far longer reading and learning during my visit.

Body Worlds Kansas City

#3 It’s Only Here For a Limited Time

Like all good things, Body Worlds at Union Station will be coming to an end later this month and you don’t want to miss your chance to explore life like never before. The exhibit is open weekdays (Monday-Thursday) 10am-5pm, Fridays and Saturdays 10am-7pm, and Sundays from 12pm-5pm. Tickets can be purchased online or directly at Union Station now through October 23rd.

Body Worlds at Union Station

In addition to the exhibits that Union Station offers, families can also enjoy access to Science City and the Planetarium during your stay. I highly recommend getting an annual membership to Union Station – ours paid for itself within just a couple of visits. Learn more about Body Worlds: The Cycle of Life and all of the other incredible activities and events at Union Station by visiting them online at UnionStation.org.

From iFamily to Yours,

Holli & The iFamilyKC Team


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