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The little book with BIG resources!

The Road to a New Language

Thinking about trying something new as a family?  Learning a new language, perhaps?  Max, from our iFamily Mom & Dad Squad tells us about his family’s newest adventure!

new language

The Road to a New Language: Learning Spanish at Home

When I decided to stay home with my girls this year, I knew that I wanted to make the most of it.  I wanted to make sure that we try to have as many new experiences as possible.  Also that I would never let the fact that I am outnumbered or that it might be difficult, stressful, and mind numbingly slow to be the reasons that we would not go out to have a new experience. Our latest of which has been to try to learn a new language, Spanish to be more precise!

We love to travel to Mexico and try to get out there twice a year, but usually only make it once. We have taken the girls, despite the fact that our friends told us we were crazy to take them and our families consistent reminders that Mexico is dangerous. Both of which are topics for another post! We have been talking about trying some extended stays off of the all-inclusive resorts lately and so it was an easy choice for us to start having the girls take Spanish. My wife and I are somewhat of traditional Americans in that I took Spanish in 8th grade (because my English grade was good enough) before switching to German in 9th and 10th grade because:

1. It is obvious that German will be easier than Spanish.

2. If you have any desire to go to college you have to have two years of a foreign language.

3. And, most importantly, the German class included a trip to Germany!

All I can do is count to 10 & ask “what?!” in two languages.

My wife, on the other hand, took Spanish all throughout high school and into college, but her inability to find the class when she had to go to a new school is the only thing that stopped her from becoming a full-fledged bilingual woman after college. Our own experience also taught us to make it a priority to have the girls start learning a second language as early as possible.

Like any good parent, I took to my best resource (other than iFamilyKC) and asked Google if there were any Spanish classes for kids in KC. Sure enough, a couple of different websites popped up and we chose the one that had the best website. Now, once a week, we go to a small church to sing and play games in Spanish for forty-five minutes. We listen to the songs in the car from home to practice.  I’m happy to report that, after three weeks, I have no idea if my kids know any Spanish!  But, I am okay with that as we have several more weeks to go and, since we are not truly bilingual at home, it’s going to be something we are always working on so that they don’t lose the skill.

Taking classes is a good idea.  I get to go learn with them as well and the teacher gives tips on how to help at home. (Most of the students do not come from multilingual homes.) My wife and I will get better about using Spanish around the house which will help a lot, too. There is a part of me that suspects a switch to flip one day and start speaking fluently.  This way we can travel and attend Spanish events for Kansas City families. In the meantime, we will keep singing our songs and I’ll be sure to let you know how we progress.

Pro Tip: Learning a new language can be hard but there are resources available to your family to make the process a easier. Check out The Language and Music House for details on signing up to learn French, German, Japanese, or Spanish. Classes are available for ages 2 and up!

From iFamily to Yours,

Five Easy Ways To Make Learning Fun This Fall

Leaves are beginning to change and pumpkin spice everything is everywhere!  It’s officially fall!  Ruth, from our iFamily Mom & Dad Squad has some fun activities for making learning fun for your family this fall!  Take a look…

fall learning fun

Five Easy Ways To Make Learning Fun This Fall

Fall has finally arrived and it is, by far, my favorite time of year. I love everything from the new colors in the leaves to all the neat activities that you can do in the area and of course, Halloween! Fall is also a great learning opportunity because there are so many things that you can discover with your kids. I have compiled a fun list of things you can do this season with your family.

Go For a Walk 

As the leaves change color, you can find your favorite trail or even discover a new one. You can take a walk, collect leaves for crafts, count animal tracks, listen and discover all the animal sounds. This would be a great time for a fall scavenger hunt! Pinterest has some great printables for your family to share.

Rake Those Leaves  

Yes, I did suggest what could be a chore but it can be fun too! Get the whole family outside with this activity and be sure everyone has a job. Even the tiniest helpers can hold the bag, pick up leaves or join in the leaf pile jumping fun! If you want to stay productive, you can buy those nifty Halloween leaf bags to decorate your yard like pumpkins or you can use some old clothes to make a scarecrow. All the while your kids are learning about team work and developing those motor and creative skills! This YouTube video gives you scarecrow directions:

Attend a Learning Activity 

You can find a fun family fall workshop where your kids can have fun and learn something too! Munchkins Programs is hosting a Jack O’ Lantern Bash on October 7th from 2-4 pm. Each month they hold a family friendly activity geared toward sensory friendly fun. Kids with special needs are always welcome! October will feature all things pumpkin including crafts, a spooky play house, games, mini painting and the opportunity to learn and explore in pumpkin guts! For more information you can find the events link on their Facebook page.

Visit a Corn or Hay Maze 

Another important skill to practice is problem solving. At School we see this a lot in worksheets (not developmentally appropriate for young children) and in other learning activities. There are ways to practice these skills outside of the classroom in a fun way with your family. A family favorite of ours is to visit a large scale maze where our whole family can try to figure out who can get out the fastest! Here are a few locations that you can check out. Maybe you can make a family challenge to visit as many locations as possible.

Create a family bucket list 

Choose some activities that you and your family want to try this fall and check off each activity as you complete it or a family challenge. In our family we decided that we would watch then entire Goosebumps series and the movie by Halloween. Whatever you decide, you can make it fun and educational. As we are watching the series we take time to talk about some of the things we see such as nice/not nice behavior, real vs fake and we make predictions about what may happen next. Each episode can be its own learning opportunity if you take the time. An expansion could be to also read books relating to certain episodes and comparing their similarities and differences while practicing literacy skills.

Whatever you decide, make sure it is fun for everyone. Happy Fall everyone!

From iFamily to Yours,



54 Incredible Field Trip Ideas In and Around Kansas City

Whether you’re a member of your child’s PTA/PTO, an educator looking for quality field trip ideas for students, or a parent searching for fun and educational activities to do with the family, we’ve gathered 54 amazing field trip ideas and activity resources in and around Kansas City.  Featuring lots of educational, entertaining and even some options that will come to your location, we’ve done all the work for you.  Take a look below!

Field Trip Ideas FieldTripGuideKC.com

Do you want to be featured in our next Field Trip Guide? (printed, digital AND this blog post) Then, email us to get the scoop.

54 Incredible Destinations for your next Field Trip

#1 Burr Oak Woods          

Blue Springs, MO

Discover the beauty of nature with the Missouri Department of Conservation at Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs. The nature center offers free programs and activities for classes, troops, field trips, and groups throughout the fall and winter. The center also hosts activities, classes, and events for families and individuals. Families and groups are also welcome to visit the center to explore the nature center’s open savannas, prairies, and woodland areas during visiting hours. For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website and be sure to check out their “Nature & You” newsletter to stay up to date on nature programs and events happening in the Kansas City, Missouri region.

#2 Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch

Liberty, MO 

Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch is a working farm with easy access from all parts of the Kansas City area, just 2 miles south of Liberty, Missouri. The farm offers Missouri Science Grade Level Curriculum Standards to fit into your school or group’s curriculum.

The Pumpkin Patch Tour is a hands-on, educational field trip to help students learn about the farm, how plants grow, and the processes by which food ends up on their table. The educational experience centers around the pumpkins (of course) and will help students understand pollination, soil composition, diversity in farming, and how food is produced from farm to table. Students will also enjoy a tractor-drawn wagon ride, a pie pumpkin, honey stick, and Carolyn’s award winning coloring book (available in 8 languages). Also offered at the Patch are Uncle Earl’s Educational Mining Camp & School Tours, options for home school groups and families, as well as activities for special needs children. Visit Carolyn’s Pumpkin Patch online for further details about all of their offerings during pumpkin season.

#3 Ceramic Café       

Leawood, KS

The helpful staff at Ceramic Cafe will guide you through the creative process using ceramic techniques and supplies to help your group create artistic masterpieces. Ceramic Cafe is a paint-your-own-pottery and glass fusing studio serving the Kansas City area. Come paint your pottery piece or create a beautiful work of glass in their vibrant Leawood, Kansas studio. The process to paint, glaze and fire your masterpiece takes about a week. If you’re looking for the place to host your next group outing or class field trip, Ceramic Cafe is the place for you. They also donate to charitable groups and can help your school or organization with a fundraising project.

#4 Champion Gymnastics Academy 

Raytown, MO

Built in 2016, this fully renovated, brand new state-of-the-art facility is home to some of the best gymnastics equipment and coaches in the Kansas City Area. Champions Gymnastics Academy offers group rates to rent out their entire facility. In addition to their group events, birthday parties, and classes, they also offer fundraisers where a percentage of the proceeds go to your group! Explore your field trip options by contacting them online or by phone to get active with your class! (816) 360-9879.

#5 Create2Day  

Bonner Springs, KS 

Create2Day is a DIY space, filled with reusable materials for your group’s creative art project ideas. The studio specializes in creative re-use. Creative re-use (also known as up-cycling or re-purposing), adds a new creative element to an existing item, resulting in a new piece. A CD case can become a bird feeder, corks transform into a cork board, or a t-shirt turns into a rug (as defined by The Resource Alliance). Create2Day collects discarded art supplies & scrap materials to be reused and given a new life through art. Come create with your class or group today!

#6 CW Parker Carousel Museum

Leavenworth, KS 

Open February through December, the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum celebrates all that is beautiful and good with carousels. Come explore restored carousels, carousel horses, and historically registered carousels. All visitors and field trips are also invited to ride a 103-year old carousel!

The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum is located in Leavenworth, KS, and is one of several museums sponsored by the Leavenworth Historical Museum Association. The Carousel Museum is a non-profit organization that operates through community donations and volunteer efforts. While you’re there, learn about entrepreneur Fred Harvey and his significant impact on business in Kansas. Grab your class and come visit the Carousel Museum today!

#7 Anita B Gorman Conservation Discovery Center    

Kansas City, MO

The Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center is a unique, hands-on, urban conservation education center located on eight acres in the heart of Kansas City. The Discovery Center offers free educational field trips that follow curriculum standards. The Discovery Center provides a variety of hands-on learning experiences and workshops for your class or group. The Discovery Center offers a butterfly garden, bird feeding garden, and Grow Native demonstrations including prairie wildflowers, wetland, water garden, and manicured upland and lowland forests.

Additionally, families and groups are welcome to attend any of the demonstrations, activities, and self-guided hikes available at the center. There are also tours of the building and grounds showing environmentally friendly ways to build an urban environment in harmony with nature. The Discovery Center has a 0.25 mile disabled accessible winding Wild Sidewalk that takes visitors through the Grow Native Gardens on the site.

#8 Dole Institute for Politics 

Lawrence, KS

The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics celebrates public service and promotes civil discourse by providing public programs, research and educational opportunities, a museum gallery, and other field trip offerings to celebrate the political legacy of Senator Bob Dole. The museum gallery features the world’s largest stained-glass American flag, the Kansas veterans WWII memory wall, and World Trade Center beams. It is home to the Robert J. Dole Archive & Special Collections, which includes over 35 years of congressional papers, as well as objects and materials from the Senator’s entire life. Come learn about politics at the Dole Institute with your group!

#9 Elite Gymnastics & Aquatics 

Lenexa, KS

Elite Gymnastics and Aquatics was built on the tradition of excellence, using a positive and healthy influence to impact the lives of kids.  Conveniently located on the edge of Lenexa (near Pflumm and College Boulevard), Elite Gym & Swim offers recreational and competitive gymnastics, swim lessons, birthday parties, parents night out and open gym.

Gerald Carley opened the first privately owned gymnastics facility in Kansas, Elite Gymnastics & Aquatics, in May of 1973. Elite continues to pioneer unique ways to share their passion for gymnastics. The Gym established the tumble bus -the first of it’s kind- that travels to day care centers and preschools to teach tumbling classes.

#10 Engineering for Kids  

South Kansas City 

Engineering For Kids of Kansas City inspires the next generation of engineers through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Children ages 4 to 14 engage in fun and challenging classes, summer camps, clubs and parties. Engineering for Kids offers hands on learning programs in LEGO Robotics and Electronic Game Design, as well as Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. Many of their classes are taught by experienced Engineers! Their programs meet national standards in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology. Engineering for Kids builds upon the math and science that is being taught in the schools and apply those skills to hands on, real world engineering challenges. Explore engineering with your class today!

#11 Ernie Miller Nature Center 

Olathe, KS 

Ernie Miller Nature Center provides an opportunity for learning, understanding, and admiring nature’s ever-changing ways during educational field trips & group events. The center is the focal point of cultural, historical, and environmental education programming in Kansas City. Ernie Miller Nature Center offers programs and activities for all ages, so bring your class, group, or troop to explore!

The center was the first nature center In Johnson County and is supported by the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District. Ernie Miller’s friendly staff is eager to share their nature displays, knowledge of nature, live animals, and the Nature’s Corner Gift Shop.

#12 Fahrmeier’s U-Pick Produce Market 

Lexington, MO

The Fahrmeier family hosts many agri-tourism experiences and children’s farm tours to educate others about the importance of agriculture and how our food is grown. Their goal is to share the importance of agriculture and healthy eating habits with the public to promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Children will experience  a variety of produce and agricultural experiences during your group’s visit. By supporting their farm, you’re investing in a family that takes care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil.

Come explore a working farm for your next field trip, the kids will love it! The Fahrmeier farming operation began in 1947 as a traditional diversified crop and livestock farm. In 2004, they began growing fresh fruits and vegetables for markets and today, they grow about 40 acres of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Fahrmeier Farms sells at farmers markets in the KC area, to area restaurants, schools and offers CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions.

#13 Folly Theater  

Kansas City, MO

Children, parents, and school groups will enjoy programs that inspire and entertain, all from the stage of Kansas City’s most historic arts venue. Each year the theater hosts a Kids’ Show Series, full of fun and educational shows for kids of all ages. Come experience the magic of the Folly Theater with your school or group!

School groups and field trips are encouraged to book well in advance as many show performances sell out months in advance. Tickets are $6 each. The theater provides one complimentary adult ticket for every 10 student tickets purchased. To purchase tickets, call our box office at (816) 474-4444 or print out the following order form. You may mail it, fax it to 816-842-8709 or scan & e-mail it to linda@follytheater.org

#14 Fort Osage 

Sibly, MO

Journey back to a time when Missouri was “out West” in the wilderness, and experience the lives of the men and women who pioneered the American frontier. Authentically dressed characters provide living-history insights into the daily life of both the military and civilian populations during the tour.  Built in 1808 under the direction of William Clark, co-leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Fort served a dual role. It was both a military garrison and trade center. Overlooking the Missouri River, this historic site has been reconstructed to portray Fort Osage as it was in 1812. Your group will be transported in time to experience true frontier life.

#15 Historic Mt. Gilead School 

Kearney, MO

Clay County Historic Sites offers a unique field trip opportunity to experience history in a one-room school at Historic Mount Gilead School. A teacher in period costume instructs the class in late 1880s style with McGuffey readers. Pupils practice penmanship and perform arithmetic problems using slates. The four-hour program accommodates up to 30 students and complements required school curriculum. This popular field trip requires advance reservations. Contact Clay County Historic Sites at (816)736-8500 to schedule your group.

#16 Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins  

Kansas City, MO 

2017 marks Johnson Farm’s 15th year offering fun, educational school tours for children preschool age to 3rd grade! Monday through Friday from 9am until 11:45am, students are invited to spend an hour touring the beautiful farm and a half hour picnicking on the property. An additional hour of self-guided exploration is also optional. Open September 22nd through October 31st in the fall. Inquire about Springtime field trip & group event options by calling or visiting the farm online.

#17 Kansas City Young Audiences    

Kansas City, MO 

KCYA’s School and Community Programs works with a roster of nearly 200 artists to provide dynamic and educational arts programs to children in schools, libraries, community centers, and hospitals throughout the greater Kansas City area.

With performances, residencies, workshops, and after-school programs in nearly every artistic discipline and covering numerous academic subjects KCYA’s School and Community Programs reinforce core curriculum, as well as cultivate artistic expression. Come unleash ideas, creativity, and individual problem solving skills at their educational art programs!

#18 Kansas Museum of History 

Topeka, KS

Check out Santa Fe’s oldest surviving locomotive from 1880 or A. K. Longren’s 1914 version of the plane in which he made the first successful flight of a Kansas-built plane. This award-winning museum tells the story of the people of Kansas and their journey to Kansas as it is today. Bring your group to explore the magic of Kansas and learn about our very own history.

Explore the history of Kansas on your school’s next field trip! The museum was named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas History. While you’re there, be sure to shop the Museum Store for Kansas gifts.

#19 KC Pumpkin Patch  

Olathe, KS

KC Pumpkin Patch provides education through entertainment. Bring your students to the Patch for a highly interactive field trip experience filled with learning opportunities. Students will learn an anti-bullying message from Spookley the Square Pumpkin, gain a greater understanding of agriculture, and appreciate Kansas heritage by exploring their pumpkin field and visiting their Critter area.

#20 KC Watersports

Paola, KS

KC Watersports is the best wakeboarding destination in the Midwest.  For beginners, they offer day camps and lessons to perfect your skills.  Experts won’t find a more challenging set of rails, ramps, and sliders anywhere in the region. For the family and groups, they have a shaded beach, where you can relax and watch the kids ride or play. Their Surf Shop is well stocked with the best gear in the industry, with rental equipment available. All skill levels are encouraged, so plan your visit to KCW with your group and enjoy some active fun in the sun!

#21 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art  

Kansas City, MO

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art offers a variety of free programs for children and families throughout the year. The objective of Kemper Museum educational programs is to engage children and adults in a discussion about contemporary art and how it relates to their lives.

Groups of ten or more may schedule free docent-led guided tours of Kemper Museum’s Permanent Collection and special exhibitions, to see more information visit the Museum’s Tours page. Their organized tours are perfect for field trips. 🙂

#22 Kemper Outdoor Education Center  

Blue Springs, MO

The Kemper Outdoor Education Center staff offers guided interpretive programs for classroom field trips, youth groups and organizations. In April, May and September, the X-Stream Green field trip program offers multi-station outdoor education for 1st to 6th grade classrooms. The interpretive staff conducts programs on Snakes, Bats, Skins and Skulls, Butterflies, Birds and Binoculars, Fishing, Recycling, Nature Hikes and much more.

Inside the Nature Center you’ll find rock and fossil exhibits, a natural resource library, and mounted examples of native wildlife. The grounds feature nature trails, butterfly and water gardens, wildlife viewing areas, an arboretum, a shelter house, large pond and a day camp site. The Outdoor Classroom offers a valuable resource for hands-on environmental education. Hikers on the Habitat Trail can explore a variety of ecology: wetland, prairie, woodland and cactus glade. Self-guided tours are free of charge.

#23 Kona Ice 

Serving KC Metro & Surrounding Areas 

The Kona Ice experience amplifies any event with their deliciously flavored shaved ice! From our steel drum music to the signature Flavorwave(TM) where guests can flavor their own shaved ice, we guarantee to bring the fun and laughter. Whether indoors or outdoors, we handle a whole variety of events including schools, corporations, daycares, summer programs, youth sports, picnics, weddings, and major sporting events and festivals.

They also specialize in fundraising so just show us where to park and who to make the check out to! Plus, they’ll come to you. It doesn’t get much easier than that. No event is too big or too small. They can serve hundreds of people per hour. Contact Kona Ice today!

#24 Landmark2Skate  

Lee’s Summit, MO 

Landmark 2 Skate is just that, a Lee’s Summit landmark for fun activities. With a spankin’-new 10,500 square foot floor and all updated electronics, Landmark 2 Skate is ready for your group skating event. Beginners who need a different environment can join them for Learn to Skate Classes, sessions for you to learn and gain confidence. Skating is great fun, great exercise, and a great time for any group!From fundraisers and private parties to kid’s birthday parties; there is no end to the “fun things” list. Charlie Johnson has been opening the same doors to kids (of all ages!) for the over 18 years. Generations of residents from Lee’s Summit and surrounding Jackson County cities have skated at Landmark 2 Skate since the Spring of 1974, and the tradition continues today. People from as far away as Belton make the regular trip to enjoy the fun activities available here. Make sure to say “Hi” to Charlie when you visit!

#25 Lanesfield Historic Site 

Edgerton, KS

Johnson County offers field trip experiences at the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center in Overland Park and Lanesfield Historic Site in Edgerton. Come experience Kansas history first-hand with your class field trip or group today. To make a reservation for your group, please fill out either the form for Lanesfield or the Arts & Heritage Center, or contact the Museum’s Education Department at 913-715-2570 or email.

#26 Language and Music House 

Kansas City, MO

The best time to expose children to music and language is while they are young; as by high school many people have lost the ability to hear specific accents or tones. That is the mission of Language and Music House, to grow minds through language and music. This includes Dyslexic minds as well, which are powerful but need to be taught reading and languages in a different way. At Language and Music House each class is tailored to each individual child or adult.

They want to offer the best to their students and customize each class. From Toddler language and music classes to adult classes, they want to grow your mind to its’ full potential. They also want to make learning a language or music educational and FUN! Their approach is Kinesthetic, meaning that even within their language classes you’ll move a lot.

#27 Learning2Fly 

Mission, KS

Learning2Fly is super excited to announce K-12 School Field Trips! Their passion is health – teach kids 7 habits of health through creative activities and play! If you are an educator, teacher, or administrator and would like to tour the aerial fitness studio to see what they offer, call 913-262-2600 or email Sumya@iAMLearning2Fly.com.

#28 Lecompton Historical Society   


Lecompton Historical Society would like to extend an open invitation to you, to take a step back in time, to look at the rich heritage that led to the formation of their town and the State of Kansas. Come explore the Lecompton Territorial Museum for your next field trip or group event and learn about Kansas history through today!Lecompton was founded in 1854 and in 1855, the town became the permanent and only official capital of the Kansas Territory. President James Buchanan appointed a governor and officials to establish government offices in Lecompton, and construction began on an elegant capitol building, Lane University / Territorial Capitol Museum. In the fall of 1857 a convention met in Constitution Hall and drafted the famous Lecompton Constitution, which would have admitted Kansas as a slave state, but ultimately failed to pass.

#29 Lee’s Summit Physicians Group 

3 Locations in Lee’s Summit & Blue Springs 

Pediatricians are specialists in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They currently accept new patients under the age of 18. Their training consists of three years of residency, limited to pediatrics, after completion of medical school. They are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and are American Board of Pediatrics certified or eligible. Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics Section offers Personalized, Preventive, and Primary Care for infants, children and adolescents.

#30 Legoland Discovery Center

Kansas City at Crown Center

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers and LEGO® Education work in partnership to deliver high quality educational experiences will prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Now educators can discover the learning philosophy of LEGO Education in the thrilling atmosphere of LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, offering a wonderful balance of learning and fun. They offer teachers well-designed, age appropriate school field trips that support educational curriculum standards. All LEGOLAND Discovery Center workshops integrate hands-on materials and activities designed by LEGO Education in collaboration with real-world educators, meet current education standards bringing math, science, engineering, and language arts to life, and develop 21st century learning skills of communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem solving.

#31 Legler Barn Museum     

Lenexa, KS

The mission of the Legler Barn Museum Complex is to preserve, collect, exhibit, research, and educate the public about the history of the region of Lenexa, Kansas from prehistoric times to the present. Today the barn houses Lenexa’s History Museum. Admission is FREE and the museum is open to the public, Wednesday & Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 pm. Schedule other days for your group tour or field trip by appointment: 913-477-7100. Guided tours are provided by trained City staff and Lenexa Historical Society volunteers.The museum displays the Lenexa History Society’s collection of historical artifacts and utilizes their expertise in designing engaging exhibits. This Stone Barn, built by Adam Legler in 1864, was originally situated on the Santa Fe Trail at the corner of 95th and Quivira, Lenexa, Kansas. In 1983 it was reconstructed at its current location in Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park in Lenexa.

#32 Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm  


Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop offers students an opportunity to discover history where it happened. Activities with animals, wagons, and the stagecoach make visiting Mahaffie fun for children and a valuable tool for educators!School field trip programs are offered Tuesday through Friday in morning and afternoon sessions. Programs are approximately two hours long, but many schools choose two programs to create a day-long field trip. Times are also flexible to accommodate bus & pick-up schedules.  Please mark your calendar for Spring Home School Days Thurs. Apr. 26 & Fri. Apr. 27.

  • Half-day program:  Minimum 20 students for $6 per student.
  • Full-day program:  Minimum 20 students for $10 per student.
  • $1 reduced admission per student for Title 1 schools

#33 Mesner Puppet Theater     

Kansas City, MO

Make your next field trip or group outing a visit to Mesner Puppet Theater! Students K-12 will enjoy performances that stir the imagination and tickle the funny bone! Their theater creates shows based on contemporary children’s literature. The books, folktales and fairy tales are successfully translated into puppetry, colorful characters and plots that invite interpretation, and characters that lend themselves to the nature of puppet productions.The puppet exhibition room is FREE, and a great way to introduce students to a variety of different puppets from different cultures. Make-A-Puppet kits will enhance your student’s visit and allow an opportunity for discussion in the classroom after the show. A paper puppet is designed for each show. Mesner Puppet Theater is a proud member of Kansas City Arts Partners, a sequential arts-in-education program for grades K-12, integrating our community’s arts resources into the curriculum of Greater Kansas City area schools districts.

#34 Midland Railway   

Baldwin City, KS 

The Midland Railway operates excursion trains on a line originally constructed in 1867 by the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Fort Gibson Railroad. They offer train rides, featuring an over-20-mile round trip from Baldwin City via “Norwood, Kansas” to Ottawa Junction, Kansas, traveling through the scenic Eastern Kansas farmlands and woods via vintage railway equipment just like the original LL&G RR Co.Come explore trains for your next field trip or group adventure! The Leavenworth, Lawrence and Fort Gibson Railroad Company (LL&G RR Co.) was originally chartered in 1858 to build a railroad from Leavenworth to the south Kansas boarder.  Construction began in late 1867 and on New Years day of 1868 track had been laid to Ottawa. Construction resumed in the spring of 1869 and reached Coffeyville, KS in 1871. Making a total distance of 143.83 miles for the railroad line.

#35 Missouri Town 1855    

Lee’s Summit, MO 

See what a progressive farming community, spread across some 30 sloping acres, looked like in the mid-1800s.
Missouri Town 1855 is composed of more than 25 buildings dating from 1820 – 1860. This living history museum uses original structures, furnishings and equipment. Also depicting the 19th Century lifestyles are interpreters in period attire, authentic field and garden crops, and rare livestock breeds.Explore an authentic Missouri town during your next field trip or event for an excursion your group will never forget. Visit with professional living history interpreters on this self-guided tour.

#36 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 

Kansas City, MO

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was founded in 1990 in Kansas City, Missouri. The museum is part of the historic 18th & Vine district, which also includes the American Jazz Museum. The museum chronologically charts the progress of the Negro leagues with informative placards and interactive exhibits for your field trip group to explore. Its walls are lined with pictures of players, owners, and officials of Negro league baseball from the Negro National League of 1920 through the Negro American League, which lasted until 1960.As one progresses through the exhibit, one moves forward through the history of Black baseball. In one area of the museum, there are lockers set up for some of the legends of the Negro leagues. One can see game-worn uniforms, cleats, gloves, and other artifacts from stars such as Josh Gibson. The museum dedicated to preserving the history of Negro league baseball in America, so come check out a special piece of baseball history today!

#37 Oxford School House   

Leawood, KS

The Historic One-Room Oxford Schoolhouse built in 1877, & still resembles what school was like over 100 years ago.The museum is located at Ironwoods Park (147th & Mission) in Leawood, Kansas, and will be open to the public Saturdays and Sundays in September, October and November. Saturday hours are 11:00am – 2:00pm and Sunday hours are 1:00 – 4:00 pm, weather permitting. Visit the school and talk with a costumed docent about the history of the Oxford School and the surrounding rural area. The Oxford Schoolhouse is also available for field trips & programs year-round to groups of all ages by appointment any day or time, except during open house hours, for a small fee.Scout programs can meet badge requirements. Educational field trips are offered weekdays to elementary classrooms throughout the school year. The Historic Oxford Schoolhouse hosts events for children and adults throughout the year. For more information please call (913) 663-9157 weekdays.

#38 Paradise Park   

Lee’s Summit, MO 

Let Paradise Park be your classroom outside of your classroom. During a Paradise Park field trip, students participate in four educational activities and also receive one hour of creative play time in our Discovery Play area, foam factory and mini golf. They can tailor your educational field trip to fit your learning objectives by combining activities from different topics.More than 10,000 students enjoy their programs annually with fun, instructional, & educational field trips.

#39 Potter’s Haven 

Lee’s Summit, MO

Bring your next field trip, scouting event, or birthday party to Potter’s Haven! They have a large selection of pieces appropriate for classes & groups of all ages. The cost ranges from $11-16 total per child to paint a figurine with acrylic paints that go home the same day. Pick your maximum price point and they’ll let the kids know what they can choose from based on your decision. A separate room is available with a $30 deposit, which is applied to your party total the day of. You are more than welcome to bring in your own food and drinks.

#40 Premier Bowling & Rec  

Raytown, MO

At Premier Bowl, field trips and groups of all ages & sizes enjoy old fashioned bowling fun in a clean and safe environment. In addition to their group rates for field trips, outings, and birthdays, they also offer weekly specials for families to come out and enjoy an afternoon or evening together.

#41 Sea Life Aquarium       

Kansas City at Crown Center

With thousands creatures on display, a visit to SEA LIFE Kansas City will engage your student’s senses. In addition to the spectacular view from the underwater tunnel, children can get involved at the interactive rock pool by holding a crab or even touching a starfish. With so much to see and experience you will take learning beyond the classroom and into a new underwater world.Field Trips are self-guided through the aquarium, giving all school groups the freedom to explore at their own pace! The aquarium walk-through experience typically takes 60-90 minutes for large groups. However, all school groups are free to spend as long as they would like inside.  Workshops are offered in 30 minute sessions. Each workshop can accommodate 32 students maximum. For larger groups, students can rotate between time spent inside the aquarium and time spent in a guided workshop led by a SEA LIFE Educator.All workshops are open to students only (Adults are welcome to wait inside the aquarium!) and are entirely optional. Groups are not required to purchase a workshop for their visit. Each workshop entails a different hands-on activity led by a SEA LIFE Educator in our Education Room. Please note, if Field Trip groups are participating in multiple workshops, they will need to be separated by 15 minute increments to allow for material set-up.

#42 Sky Zone Trampoline Park Lee’s Summit 

Lee’s Summit, MO

Sky Zone Parks are the originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, and they never stand still. They’re always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. The only way to understand it is to come experience it. So rally your crew and let’s go!Sky Zone is the original indoor trampoline park, and Sky Zone is proud to bring the unmatched, out-of-this-world, and high-flyin’ FUN of the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court to the Lees Summit area. Book your next group event or field trip today and get active while having fun!

#43 Sky Zone KC Trampoline Park (Shawnee)

Shawnee, KS

Sky Zone is the originator of wall-to-wall aerial action, and your group will never stand still. They’re always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. The only way to understand it is to come experience it. So rally your crew and let’s go!Sky Zone is the original indoor trampoline park, and Sky Zone is proud to bring the unmatched, out-of-this-world, and high-flyin’ FUN of the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court to the Lees Summit area. Book your next group event or field trip today and get active while having fun!

#44 Summit Lanes 

Lee’s Summit, MO

Young and old alike will enjoy knocking down pins at Summit Lanes. They have many things to offer you for your bowling experience. Their family-owned business focuses on making you happy and ensuring your group or field trip has a great time.Summit Lanes it the premier bowling center in the area, with a new remodel with synthetic lanes and new seating areas that glow in the dark. Their affordable rates on group outings and field trips make Summit Lanes an obvious choice for teachers and families alike.

#45 Sunset Trails Stables 

Lee’s Summit, MO

Sunset Trails Stables offers field trips opportunities for a number of organizations including day care facilities, elementary and home schools, girl scouts & boy scouts, church youth groups and many others. Field trips are available all days of the week and include two hours of instruction from our staff. Access to the picnic area is available before and after the field trip. Visitors are encouraged to bring lunch and/or snacks. The cost is $10 per person for two-hour field trips that include horseback riding. Two-hour field trips that do not include horseback riding are $7 per person. Prices are for children and adults regardless of age.An indoor facility is available; field trips will be held rain or shine. All field trip participants are required to have a release form signed by their parent or guardian prior to the day of the field trip. Release forms can be picked up at the Sunset Trails Stables office or printed online. Safety is always a top priority. Riding helmets will be provided. Closed toed shoes are required. Everyone is encouraged to bring a water bottle and apply sunscreen.

#46 TasteBuds Kitchen  

Leawood, KS

Taste Buds Kitchen’s mission is to be the top culinary entertainment experience for kids, families and adults by engaging and delighting our budding chefs in the kitchen. They support kids, families and food and strive to create a lifestyle around connecting, learning and growing in the culinary playground of the kitchen. Learn, laugh, cook.

What began as a few holiday baking classes and cupcake birthday parties, under the name Cupcake Kids!, quickly evolved into much more. Their culinary events now include an ever-growing variety of culinary classes, parties, camps and special events that combine a mix of hands-on engaging recipes, both savory and sweet, for kids and adults. They make the kitchen exciting and we create it all from scratch – from pasta to sushi and everyone’s favorite cupcakes!

#47 The Coterie Theatre  

Kansas City, MO

The Coterie is a non-profit organization, established in 1979, with the mission of providing professional classic and contemporary theatre. Their performances challenge audience and artist expectations, while providing educational, dramatic outreach programs in the community. The Coterie Theatre performs a variety of children’s shows year round, perfect for your next field trip or group excursion. Check out their online show calendar now!

#48 The Farmer’s House   

Weston, MO 

The Farmer’s House brings to life the idea of a working farm where children, youth and young adults could live, work, play and grow. After the idea took shape, the process of learning as much as possible about existing farm or ranch community opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Come explore the farm and learn about how to grow food during this fun group event or field trip.The Farmer’s House is the combined dream of Peaches and David Cunningham for their son John David, and Suzanne and Alan Zimmerman for their daughter Julianna (Anna). The two families met at preschool for children with developmental disabilities when John David and Anna were 3 and 4 years old, today they are young adults. Like most parents who have children with a developmental disability, one of their biggest concerns was for their future. Every parent hopes that the future includes a safe environment for their child’s individual needs and a fulfilling and valued lifestyle. In 2006 out of these hopes and dreams The Farmer’s House, Inc., a not for profit 501(c)(3), was born.

#49 The Storybook Forest  

They come to you!  

The Storybook Forest is an event entertainment company geared towards the creation of realistic, honest character interactions with children. They strive to make their costumes film quality, and have actors that represent the characters both visually and in performance. They design programs that fit each event specifically to your child. They perform anything from elementary schools, to tea parties for birthdays, and everything in-between. The Storybook Forest team is dedicated to engaging the pure imagination that is so powerful in all children.

#50 TimberRidge Adventure Center 

Olathe, KS

TimberRidge Adventure Center (TRAC), one of Johnson County Park and Recreation District’s premier facilities for teamwork and team building, offers a wide range of opportunities for families, friends, class field trips, and work groups to challenge themselves, learn to communicate better, solve problems and work together.Groups ranging from boy scouts to executive boards can experience fun and excitement in a noncompetitive, safe and supportive atmosphere. The main venue for these activities is the Center’s professionally certified challenge and ropes course featuring 28 low elements, a 300-foot zip line and a climbing tower with 3 other high elements. With firsthand experience and group discussion, TimberRidge participants explore and create problem-solving methods that are readily adaptable to the challenges of day-to-day life. In addition to the Challenge Course, TimberRidge offers other outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, archery, canoes, and paddleboats.

#51 Union Station & Science City  

Downtown Kansas City, MO

Let curiosity be your guide as you explore this dynamic, hands-on science center! Kids of all ages will experience the amazing world of science first-hand through fun and engaging exhibits and programs. Start your lifelong love of science, learning and discovery at Kansas City’s Science Center, Science City! Bring your next class field trip to explore Science City today.

#52 Urban Air Trampoline 

Overland Park, KS

Urban Air Trampoline Park is the nation’s premier indoor trampoline and adventure parks. Urban Air Trampoline Park offers a variety of trampoline activities on its wall-to-wall trampolines, Foam Pit, trampoline Dodgeball, trampoline Runway, Slam Dunk Track and trampoline Bowl.No matter if you are looking for a kids birthday party venue or to have some family fun, Urban Air Trampoline Park is the place to go. This is the perfect opportunity to get the kids up and active at your next group event or field trip.

#53 Waldo Gymnastics 

Kansas City, MO

Waldo Gymnastics is a beginner gymnastics club for girls and boys ages 18 and under. Beginner classes offer a great start to gymnastics & tumbling. Basic fitness and gymnastics skills are taught in an instructional 60 minute class. Each class ends with free time. Small classes with experienced teachers allow for ample individual attention. Ratio students/teacher 8:1. Parent Participation classes are a part of the ABC GYM program, ages 3 years and younger. ABC GYM classes are 45 minutes.

#54 Wings of Love Educational Bird Shows 

They come to you!

Imagine experiencing the graceful silent flight of an eagle-owl’s 5 ½ ft. wingspan as ‘Swoop’ silently glides over the audience; the uncanny imitations of parrots who talk or sing; and the unbelievable trained routines the bird have learned ~ like riding a bicycle across a high wire. Our riveting bird shows bring the incredible avian world to audiences in a fun yet educational way to remind us of the natural gifts we share in the animal world. With our dedicated board of a CSI policeman, school educator and professional trainer, we are able to create routines to fit specific themes, or tie-ins with curriculum.Yvonne Patterson-Burbach (the ‘Bird Lady’) had her first ‘pawakeet’ (parakeet) at the age of two. She has always loved nature more than anything. This passion led Yvonne to embark on an incredible journey during college. Working as a horticulturist she kept ‘Snowball’, a wild-caught Moluccan cockatoo she still has, a macaw, and an Amazon parrot who sang opera, amongst the acres of flowers. It didn’t take long to realize the public’s fascination with her birds, which led to the creation of Wings of Love.


We’re so grateful to live in a city with so many incredible resources, activities, & opportunities for your young learners, troops, and field trip groups. We invite you to use this guide full of field trip ideas as you plan your school year and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with teachers, troop leaders, after-school programs, and any parent planning educational and fun activities to do in Kansas City for their kids! Whether you have a chance to visit one, or all, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below! From iFamily to Yours,

Holli & The iFamilyKC TeamField Trip Ideas FieldTripGuideKC.com
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The World War I Museum Wants to Know Which Poster Would You Choose?

Happy Thursday, Kansas City! The National World War I Museum is looking for your input for their Posters as Munitions contest. They are looking to YOU to choose which poster should be alongside the upcoming Posters as Munitions, 1917 exhibit. Voting concludes on January 31st, so get those votes in. Details below!

The World War I Museum Wants to Know Which Poster Would You Choose?

The World War I Museum Wants to Know Which Poster Would You Choose?


The National World War I Museum and Memorial holds the most comprehensive collection of Great War objects and documents in the world and its internally curated exhibitions are based on this expansive collection.


One of the most encompassing elements – and among the most popular with visitors – is the Museum’s collection of war posters from World War I. For the upcoming special exhibition Posters as Munitions, 1917, Museum Senior Curator Doran Cart faced the unenviable task of determining which posters to include among the hundreds in the collection.


This task eventually yielded a question applicable to anyone in the world: which poster would you choose?Starting today through Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Museum is offering the opportunity for the public throughout the world to vote to choose a poster to be featured alongside the upcoming exhibition.


“This organization was founded because of the greater Kansas City community and it also relies on the generosity of patrons across the world, so it makes perfect sense to engage the public and offer this unique opportunity to choose a poster featured alongside the Posters as Munitions, 1917 exhibition,” said Dr. Matthew Naylor, President and CEO at the National World War I Museum and Memorial.


People can choose among five vivid, intriguing posters, all circulated in 1917:


  • French Bastille Day commemoration of the French Revolution
  • Great Britain Blue Cross Fund for wounded horses
  • French exposition of propaganda materials about German war crimes
  • U.S. Navy recruiting
  • French “One last effort and we will get them” showing the French/Allies climbing to pull down the German Eagle


Voting takes place at this link:


Each valid email address can contribute one vote and voting concludes at 11:59 p.m. CST on Tuesday, Jan. 31. The winning poster will be announced upon the completion of the contest and will be featured in the Posters as Munitions, 1917 special exhibition.


About Posters as Munitions, 1917

Feb. 21, 2017 – Feb. 18, 2018

Soon after the outset of World War I, the poster, previously the successful medium of commercial advertising was recognized as a means of spreading national propaganda with unlimited possibilities. Its value as an educational or stimulating influence was more and more appreciated. The poster could impress an idea quickly, vividly and lastingly. Posters as Munitions, 1917 showcases the depth and breadth of the collection through a series of works on exhibition for the first time at the Museum. Posters from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the United States and more are featured, providing a sense of the global nature of this form of communication.


About the National World War I Museum and Memorial

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is America’s leading institution dedicated to remembering, interpreting and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community. The Museum holds the most diverse collection of World War I objects and documents in the world and is the second-oldest public museum dedicated to preserving the objects, history and experiences of the war. The Museum takes visitors of all ages on an epic journey through a transformative period and shares deeply personal stories of courage, honor, patriotism and sacrifice. Designated by Congress as America’s official World War I Museum and Memorial and located in downtown Kansas City, Mo., the National World War I Museum and Memorial inspires thought, dialogue and learning to make the experiences of the Great War era meaningful and relevant for present and future generations. To learn more, visit theworldwar.org.


From iFamily to Yours,
Your iFamilyKC Team

THE Kansas City Field Trip Resource! Incredible Destinations For Your Learners

55 Field Trips & Family Outing Ideas

Hello Kansas City!

Autumn is upon us and school is back in full swing here in the metro area. It’s the time of year when school and parent educators are looking for enriching outing ideas for learners of all ages and iFamilyKC is your resource for connecting with exciting educational outlets in and around the metro area. We’ve put together a list of KC’s top 55 resources for your family and classroom this year. Take a look…

Top 55 Field Trip Destinations in Kansas City

Active Outings

Field Trips Kansas City

In Missouri:

#1 Jump City  (Belton)

With over 18,000 square feet of indoor fun, Jump City provides unlimited fun for the whole family in their brand new facility. Your visit will include wall to wall inflatables and an arcade for the kids. They also have private party rooms on site to accommodate your group. Book your group enrichment activity or field trip today by calling them directly at (816) 425-4966.

#2 Landmark2Skate (Lee’s Summit)

Roll on over to Landmark 2 Skate in Lee’s Summit for your next field trip or family night out. They’ve got fundraising opportunities, parties, and more! Call (816) 524-2000 for more information.

#3 Premier Bowling & Rec (Raytown) 

Premier Bowl in Raytown offers group activities, fundraisers, and parties for groups of all ages. Their facility offers bowling, laser tag, games, and more! Give them a call at (816) 356-5955 for more information.

#4 Sky Zone Trampoline Park (Lee’s Summit) 

Take your next group enrichment activity to new heights with Sky Zone‘s active environment that combines fitness and fun. Explore your options today by calling them directly at (816) 457-0068.

#5 Summit Lanes (Lee’s Summit) 

Strengthen math skills, social skills and teamwork with Summit Lanes in Lee’s Summit. Affordable and fun for families, groups, and schools. Call the Summit Lanes team for details on private events, parties, and field trips at (816) 524-3322.

#6 We Rock the Spectrum  (Kansas City) 

We Rock The Spectrum is KC’s only sensory gym offering inclusive activities that are great for kids ages 2-12. Groups of all ages, skill levels, and abilities are welcome. Call We Rock The Spectrum today for more details (816) 844-9580 on planning your next group event at the gym.

#7 Xtreme Gymnastics (Lee’s Summit)  

Run, jump, swing, climb and play with Xtreme Gymnastics in Lee’s Summit. Activities include an inflatable obstacle course, foam pits, climbing rock wall, spring floor, in-ground trampolines, and more. Call (816) 347-8008 (ext 1) for details and pricing.

Field Trips in Kansas

In Kansas:

#8 Advanced Laser Tag (Olathe) 

Learn about electronics, computers & lasers in an exciting and fun atmosphere at Advanced Laser Tag in Olathe. Call for more information (913) 254-9678.

#9 Apex Climbing Gym (Overland Park)

Apex Climbing Gym believes that exercise should be fun and they bring friends and family closer together with their exciting physical activities at the gym. Students can try their hand at the Warped Wall, complete Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles, climb to new heights, and try yoga to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength all in one location. Call (913) 283-7341 for more details about all that’s included in your next group visit.

#10 Learning2Fly (Mission)

Your group is going to love the Aerial fitness, art, team building, and creative movement during your time at Learning 2 Fly in Mission. Let their staff guide your group through a one of a kind experience. Call (913) 262-2600 for more information.

#11 KC Watersports  (Paola)

KC Watersports is Kansas City’s premier wakeboarding and wakeskating school. Their team has a passion for teaching people how to enjoy watersports at any level with facilities and staff to ensure that every rider can come out and learn something new. Learn more about their group activities, camps, and sessions by calling (913) 783-4300.

#12 Sky Zone KC Trampoline Park (Shawnee)  

From PE and team building to physics and fun, Sky Zone KC is a one of a kind destination for group activities. Their field trips offer active education in an environment that is safe and affordable for groups. Contact them directly at (913) 213-5900 for more info on setting up your school, scout, or group session.

#13 TimberRidge Adventure Center (Olathe)

TimberRidge Adventure Center offers a wide range of opportunities for families, friends and work groups to challenge themselves, learn to communicate better, solve problems and work together. Experience fun and excitement in a noncompetitive, safe and supportive atmosphere. TimberRidge participants explore and create problem-solving methods that are readily adaptable to the challenges of day-to-day life. Call for more information (913) 856-8849.

#14 Urban Air Trampoline (Overland Park) 

A little bit of sweat and a whole lot of bounce are in store for your group at Urban Air in Overland Park. Explore the trampolines, jump into the foam pits, participate in a dodge ball challenge, and more! Call (913) 485-0429 for further details.

On Location:

#15 Giggles-N-Jiggles (Blue Springs)

Nestled in between Blue Springs and Independence on 40 Hwy, Giggles-N-Jiggles family fun center is a fun place to get active. Bring your group to their facility for the day or rent their fantastic inflatables to have on site at your next school event. Call them directly at (816) 228-8179 for more details on your booking.

Creative Activities

Kansas City field trips

In Missouri:

#16 Folly Theater (Kansas City) 

Live theater is truly an enriching experience for children and adults of all ages. Explore Kansas City’s most historic arts venue, Folly Theater, and enjoy the arts with The Folly Kids Series. School groups are encouraged to book in advance – many performances fill up fast! Call (816) 474-4444 for booking information.

#17 Mesner Puppet Theater (Kansas City)

Mesner Puppet Theater performances are designed to stir the imagination and tickle the funny bone with shows based on contemporary children’s literature successfully translated into puppetry. There are six wonderful shows to choose from that include colorful characters and plots that invite interpretation, and characters that lend themselves to the nature of puppet productions.  Schedule your group’s event by calling 816-235-6222.

#18 Potter’s Haven (Lee’s Summit) 

Creativity shines with Potter’s Haven Studio in Lee’s Summit where students can decorate their very own art to take home and enjoy. Call the studio for more information on group activities and pottery classes (816) 525-9323.

 Field Trip

In Kansas:

#19 Ceramic  Café (Leawood)

Students of all ages will enjoy the creative process of creating a masterpiece of their very own. Ceramic Cafe’s helpful staff will guide young artists with techniques and supplies during your group’s visit. From hand decorated pottery to glass fusing, the vibrant studio is the ideal setting to inspire the creative mind. Ceramic Cafe can also help with your next school or fundraising project – Find out how Ceramic Cafe gives back to Kansas City and call (913) 383-0222 for more details on planning your visit (OR they can come to you)!

#20 Christian Youth Theatre  (Overland Park) 

Offering educational theater for children by children, CYT includes casts of 50-100 children in Broadway-style musical productions. Your group will experience special ticket prices, a relevant study guide to accompany your visit (upon request), a backstage tour, the opportunity to have a docent visit your classroom, and more! Call (913) 681-3318 for more details.

#21 Pinot’s Palette (Olathe)

Experience art with Pinot’s Palette Olathe’s fantastic field trip and enriching group activities. The studio offers custom painting parties and fundraising opportunities for groups. They’ll provide all of the materials and instructions for all ages and skill levels. Call (913) 732-3768 for details.        

#22 Young Chefs Academy  (Lenexa)

Cooking is fun with Young Chefs Academy in Lenexa. Bring your group to their state of the art kitchen for a one of a kind culinary experience that your learners are going to love. Young Chefs offers classes, camps, parties, and more! Call (913) 764-0077 for information on sessions and availability.

On Location:

#23 Kansas City Young Audiences 

Enhance classroom learning with Kansas City Young Audience’s original programming that supports curricular standards. KCYA has performances, workshops, and residencies in nearly every artistic discipline to deliver arts integrated with core curriculum. Learn more about School & Community Programs or call (816) 531-4022 for more info.

Nature Center & Seasonal Trips

Kansas City Field Trips

In Missouri:

#24 Burr Oak Woods (Blue Springs)        

Discover nature with the Missouri Dept of Conservation at Burr Oak Woods in Blue Springs. Contact them for information on activities available to your group at (816) 228-3766.

#25 Carolyn’s Country Cousins (Liberty) 

Carolyn’s Country Cousins offers a seasonal, hands-on educational field trip that is fun for kids of all ages. Students will learn about plants, farming, and the process of how food gets to their table in addition to a tractor-drawn wagon ride, pie pumpkin to take home, and their award winning coloring book.  Call (816) 781-9196 for further details.

#26 Discovery Center  (Kansas City) 

Discover Nature with the Missouri Dept of Conservation in Kansas City at this hands-on urban conservation education center. Call for details (816) 759-7300.

#27 Ernie Miller Nature Center (Olathe)

Explore trails, learn about outreach opportunities, and view live animals all at the Ernie Miller Nature Center in Olathe. Students will love this unique field trip destination – call for more info (913) 764-7759.

#28 Fort Osage (Silby)

Living History Program, Self-guided tours, Frontier Program & more all at Fort Osage in Silby! Reserve your school tour now by calling (816) 229-8980

#29 Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins (Kansas City) 

Johnson Farms is proud to be in their 15th year of guided educational school tours! They’ve got tons of educational fun for kids of all ages. Call (816) 331-1067 for more details.

#30 Kansas City Zoo (Kansas City) 

The Kansas City Zoo provides a unique field trip opportunity where students can learn about animals from all over the world. Experience the zoo classroom’s interactive program and live animals. Call (816) 595-1234 for information.

#31 Kemper Outdoor Education Center (Blue Springs)

Kemper Outdoor Education Center offers 29 options for Field Trips in addition to their X-Stream outdoor adventures! The X-Stream Green Program is a multi-station outdoor educational program designed for 1st – 5th graders that can accommodate up to 150 children on each field trip. Call (816) 229-8980 for more info.

#31 Missouri Town 1855 (Lee’s Summit)  

Preschool Program, History Program, Pioneer Program, and more are all offered at Missouri Town 1855 in Lee’s Summit. Call for more details on planning your group activity at (816) 229-8980.

Autumn Family Excursions

In Kansas:

#32 CW Parker Carousel Museum (Leavenworth)  

The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum is located in Leavenworth, KS, and is one of several museums sponsored by the Leavenworth Historical Museum Association that celebrates all that is beautiful and good with carousels. Call (913) 313-6508 for more information on scheduling your group tour.

#33 Kansas Museum of History (Topeka)

Solve History’s Mysteries with real artifacts at the Kansas Museum of History. Students will enjoy this award winning museum that tells the history of the people of Kansas. Grab more information online and call (785) 272-8681 x415 for more details.

#34 KC Pumpkin Patch  (Olathe) 

Experience the farm in their NEW location with over 50 activities sure to keep learners busy this Autumn. Students will discover agriculture, learn about farming, and more at KC Pumpkin Patch. Call (913) 484-6251 for more details.

#35  Lanesfield Historic Site  (Edgerton)

Discover a living history at Lanesfield Historic site in Edgerton. Two programs designed to meet the needs of school-aged children to select from including a Farm Family Program (for preschool through 3rd grade) and a Living History Program (for 4th and 5th grades). Call (913) 715-2570 for more details.

#36 Lecompton Historical Society (LeCompton)   

Lecompton, Kansas is rich in history and ready to share on your next field trip. Go out and discover the birthplace of the Civil War, “where slavery began to die”. Learn more at www.LecomptonKansas.com or call (785) 887-6520 for more details on planning your visit.

#37 Legler Barn Museum (Lenexa) 

Built by Adam Legler in 1864, the stone Legler Barn was This Stone Barn, built by Adam Legler in 1864, was orginally situated on the Santa Fe Trail at the corner of 95th  moved and reconstructed in 1983 in its current location in Lenexa. The barn is operated by the Lenexa Historical Society who provides guided tours and educational visits for guests. FREE admission and guided tour, Train Depot, Covered Wagon & more! Call (913) 492-0038 for more information.

#38 Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm (Olathe)

Programs at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm are designed to meet curriculum standards for both Kansas and Missouri students. Visit www.mahaffie.org or call (913) 971-5111 for further details or to plan your group outing.

#39 Midland Railway (Baldwin City)  

Discover the history or railroading with Midland Railway and ride excursion trains on a line originally constructed in 1867. Learn more at MidlandRailway.org or call (785) 594-6982. Seasonal trains for visiting families include an Easter train, Autumn Maple Leaf train, and Santa train.

#40 Oxford School House (Leawood)

Oxford School House was established in 1877 and is a participant in the Kansas City Passport to Adventure. Located in Ironwoods Park, the schoolhouse is an ideal setting for an enriching afternoon exploring history. Call (913) 663-9157 for details.

#41 National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame (Bonner Springs)

The National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame specializes in offering educational tours for students. Learners will have the opportunity to learn in a 19th century single room schoolhouse, do farm chores, take mini train rides, and more. Ag tours are designed for guests of all ages and learning levels. Teachers can attend workshops, research, and more. Call (913) 721-1075 for more information.

Enriching Activities & Resources 

Enrichment Guide

In Missouri:

#42 Engineering for Kids (South Kansas City) 

Engineering for Kids offers STEM education in a fun & challenging way for students of all ages. Call (913) 523-5171 for more information about setting up your group enrichment activity.

#43 Legoland Discovery Center (Kansas City)     

Legoland Discovery Center offers fun for children (and adults) of all ages! Legoland’s field trips and workshops are designed for learners in preschool through 6th grade. Call (816) 556-3234 for more information.

#44 National WWI Museum & Memorial (Kansas City) 

Get your hands on history with the National WWI Museum & Memorial near Crown Center. With real artifacts from the era and incredible imagery and detail, the museum has been rated the no. 1 attraction in KC & Top 25 Museum. Be sure to visit the top of Liberty Memorial during your visit for the best views in all Kansas City. Call (816) 888-8122 for more information.

#45 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City) 

Kansas City is rich in history. Discover the history of baseball, learn about some of our favorite ball playing heroes and explore the home runs that we’re still talking about decades later all at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Call (816) 221-1920 for info on setting up your group visit.

#46 Paradise Park (Lee’s Summit) 

Paradise Park offers over 20 educational field trips led by Missouri certified teachers. Students are going to love the fun that’s in store for them at the expansive indoor facility. Call (816) 246-5224 for information on group visits and information.

#47 Sea Life Aquarium (Kansas City)   

Discover ocean life like never before with Sea Life Aquarium in Kansas City. Their field trips and lab workshops are gearned for students currently enrolled in preschool through High School. Families will also enjoy their visit to this fun attraction at Crown Center. Call (816) 556-3234 for more information.

#48 St. Joseph Museum (St. Joseph) 

The St. Joseph Museum features Black Archives Museum, Doll Museum, American Indian Galleries, and more in an enriching educational atmosphere. Call (800) 530-8866 to plan your group visit.

#49 Sunset Trails Stables (Lee’s Summit) 

Discover the joy of equine care, horseback riding basics, and western heritage in a picturesque atmosphere at Sunset Trails Stables in Lee’s Summit. Visit online or call (816) 554-7699 for further details on what you can expect during your trip.

#50 The Farmer’s House (Weston)

Discover the place where special farmers go to work and play at The Farmer’s House in Weston. Group activities include duck races, a u-pick cut flower garden, farm to fork kitchen, and more. Call (816) 640-0133 for more information on group activities at the farm.

#51 Union Station & Science City  (Downtown KCMO)

Dynamic Science Center, interactive hands-on activities, planetarium shows are all available to groups who visit the historic Union Station in downtown Kansas City. This exciting venue offers educational fun for students of all ages, stages, and grade levels.

#52 Etiquette Kansas City    

Learn to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette, builds confidence & self-esteem with Etiquette Kansas City. Call (816) 977-6182 for more information.

#53 Kona  Ice  

Kona Ice is a SMART Snack approved healthy option to serve at schools for special activities and fundraisers. Since fruit is their first ingredient, you can feel confident that you’re bringing a good treat into your place of learning. Kona Ice serves the entire KC metro and surrounding areas. Call (913) 709-3370 for more information or to set up your Kona Day.      

#54 Cub Scouts of Amercia Heart of America Council

Adventure awaits! Discover the joys of Scouting with Boy Scouts!

#55 Mattie Rhodes 

Cultural arts education, mixed media fun, and fiber/crafts await your group with an experience at Mattie Rhodes. Call (816) 221-2349 for more information.

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