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How to Celebrate Birthdays as an Adult!

We spend an inordinate amount of time each year meticulously planning birthdays for our children.  But what about us?! When it comes to celebrating your special day as an adult, it can be hard to figure out exactly what to do. Gabrielle, from our blogging team here at iFamilyKC, shares four ideas she has for your next birthday adventure. Take a look…

How to Celebrate your Birthday as an Adult!

How to Celebrate Birthdays as an Adult!

October is my birthday month. 

I say that for two reasons:

1) To give you a heads up in case you were wanting to buy me lunch or send me a gift.

2) Because I have had all year to plan, and have absolutely nothing scheduled.

We tend to go all out for our children’s birthday parties, but when it comes time to celebrate our own special day, we tend to settle for dinner at a chain restaurant and a free dessert.  Who doesn’t love a dining room full of strangers staring at you, while bored and/or overzealous wait staff bring you a brownie with a candle sticking out of it?

Surely, adult birthdays are a time to reflect and reevaluate.  But they should also be a time to commemorate and celebrate.   Here are a few ideas I’m kicking around:

Eat free for the month.

Sign up for rewards programs at all of your favorite restaurants.  Most of them will send you at least a buy-one-get-one free coupon.  For the cost of a single meal, you can catch up with a dear friend.  Some restaurants take it a step further, and send you a voucher for a complimentary meal with no purchase required.  Those are my favorite.  Free pumpkin pancakes with apple sausage, and a notebook, so I can write down all of the things I learned since my last birthday.  If you choose enough restaurants, you might not have to buy lunch for the whole month.

Spend a Day at the Spa

Some lucky mamas have standing appointments at their favorite spas.  That is not my current situation.  I try to go once a year, and my birthday is the perfect excuse.  Several local spas have packages that can last from two to five hours that include facials, massages, manicures, pedicures.  Some packages even include hair and make-up services.  Find one that fits your budget and your schedule.

Take a cue from the kids.

A lot of popular birthday party venues offer party packages for adults.  The pricing is generally a little higher than the kids’ party packages, as they incorporate activities that are inappropriate for smaller children.  Why not get a group of your closest friends and race go-karts and play laser tag until your hearts are content?  There are a couple of local bars who offer retro themed video games.  Why not celebrate your birthday by being a kid again, even if it is just for one day.

Cake and Ice Cream

No birthday is complete without cake and ice cream, even if it is just you and your immediate family.  Throw diet plans out the window.  (Or cheat just a little, with a miniature cupcake).  But get yourself a birthday hat, and dig in.  Make them sing to you if you want.  It sounds simple, and it is.  We all long for simpler days, and what better day is there than your birthday, to appreciate the simple things.

Close your eyes and make a wish, but not for too long.  You are a parent, after all.

From iFamily to Yours,



A Celebration of Motherhood: The Habit of Parenting

Good morning, Kansas City! We continue our celebration of the great moms in and around the Kansas City metro today with our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy. She gives us the low down on what her experience was when she first became a mom and the habit of parenting. For any new parents out there, wondering when the heck it will get easier, this post is for you. Take a look!

A Celebration of Motherhood: The Habit of Parenting

A Celebration of Motherhood: The Habit of Parenting

I was the first of my friends to have a child. We had moved for my husband’s job, I didn’t have a job and we didn’t need another income so I decided, “Heck! Let’s just start parenting now.” But as my pregnancy wore on, I began to worry. I didn’t know what to do with a baby. I hadn’t even babysat in 15 years. All our friends and family lived more than 400 miles away. My husband and I were on our own.


When my daughter arrived, I was overwhelmed. I had trouble nursing, so she never really slept. She wanted to eat non-stop. I was exhausted, dirty and felt like a failure. I called my mother in tears. “I just don’t get it! It’s not coming to me.” I truly believed that some sort of motherly knowledge would just suddenly bloom within me and I’d let out a calming sigh, grow six more arms and suddenly do everything perfectly. It didn’t work like that for me.


“It’s only been a week,” my mother said. “Give it two more. It’s always crazy the first three weeks.” It sounded like BS to me, but I looked at my calendar and told myself I just had to get through two more weeks.


During the second week, I showered maybe twice. I still felt like a human food bag, but for two moments I felt clean. My husband encouraged me to sleep whenever he was home and I wasn’t nursing, and I kind of did. The third week, we began supplementing, and I no longer felt terrible for letting the baby cry for two minutes. (I’m still not a mom who can let them cry it out- I am totally weak when it comes to tears!) And I began showering close to regularly.


The end of the third week slipped by without my noticing. My little family had reached a routine and things were much happier. Since that time, I have heard that it takes 22 days to break a habit or to make a new habit. With your new baby, your entire life is nothings but new habits. The way you eat, sleep, relax, talk, everything.


When I go to showers and people ask me for advice, I always give the same. Give yourself, your spouse and your baby three weeks. It’s a new time for all of you. You all have to adapt and it feels overwhelming at times for everyone. Give it three weeks and then hopefully, it will all seem a little easier.


A Celebration of Motherhood: The Habit of Parenting



From iFamily to Yours,



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A Celebration of Motherhood: A Mama’s Poem

With the Labor Day weekend coming up, we at iFamilyKC decided to do a fun little series about the labor of love that is motherhood! It’s a week long series, written by our fantastic Mom Squad Ambassadors, giving us an inside look at love and life through the eyes of these moms. Our first post comes from Leah, who shares a great poem she wrote when her son was an infant. Enjoy!

A Celebration of Motherhood: A Mama's Poem

A Celebration of Motherhood: A Mama’s Poem

Reading this poem again has brought back so many memories. I wrote this back in 2002. I had no idea what the future held in store for me/us. I was a young first time mom. I truly had no idea how to do this whole parenting ” thing.” Fast forward fourteen years later I still have no clue what I am doing. Reality is none of us do.
There is no “perfect “way to be a mother…so seriously enjoy the” imperfect” moments. I have found that the imperfect moments tend to hold  the best memories. Life was never meant to be lived by a script. We are not actors . We were meant to make mistakes, fall down and to get back up, say things we regret (followed by an apology), cry, etc. The truth is our kids still love us through ALL of this.
Honestly, I think they love seeing the fact that we are not inhuman. I think these moments are often the best teaching moments for kids. It allows them to see how to love someone even when they “mess” up. Isn’t that what we do everyday as parents?
So suck it up momma. you are going to have crappy days. You are going to have days where you wonder “WHY ME?” You will have MANY days that require wine, Milano cookies, and more wine. Just remember not to get stuck in those days…
Hold onto your faith, your family,  girlfriends, and other mothers. Trust me, they will save you every time!  They will also remind you how amazing you really are at this whole “mom thing.”
I say all of that to say this…
As my son has became a teenager I have questioned myself daily (I did this even when he was younger.. who am I kidding?) I have questioned if I am loving him the way he needs to be loved. Am I encouraging him enough? Am I being tough enough? Have I given him all of the tools he needs to be a successful adult? Blah blah blah…
Then, I sit back and watch him interact with people and see how huge his heart is. In those moments I beam with pride. He is pretty darn amazing. You want to know why he is so amazing ? Besides the obvious fact he has me as mother? ( insert laughter here)
It comes from the love you see in this poem below… from the moment I knew I was pregnant, that child was loved. He has such a large support system fueled by love. So, long story short… love, my friends, really is all you need. Love created an amazing child who came along and made so many people better people!
I hope this poem and story remind you just how freaking awesome you are… because reality is, you are!
Reach for the stars girlfriend! Love yourself and love the heck out of your kids.  Let go of the superficial and hold onto the good stuff. Life is too short to be perfect!

To My son Davion,
Nine months ago an angel whispered in my ear
She let me know that something beautiful would soon be here
Over whelmed with joy and unexplained emotions.
I knew this little secret would cause some commotion.
Eager to let everyone in on the news
I did what any excited mother would do
I rushed to the phone to share our new information.
And let our parents know about their new generation
Some expressed happiness others expressed their concerns
But in our hearts we knew this was our lesson to be learned.
We stood by each other through all the aches and pains
Knowing that in time they would be nothing but a gain
A gain of happiness and over whelming love
That could be nothing but a present sent from up above
We smiled and laughed at the thoughts of what was on its way
And continued to keep in mind that our lives would now be changing day by day
With each day getting closer to our new beginning
We knew that the life knew would soon be coming to an ending
Never again having the feeling of emptiness
But instead having the feeling of an overwhelming bliss

The time has come and you are now here
I have now released my fears
Starring at the center of your feet
Has now became my favorite treat
Never in my life could I predict
That I would ever be so lucky to receive this gift
As you grow older I just want you to see
How important you are to me.
You are not just my child nor just my son,
In my eyes you are the chosen one.

A Celebration of Motherhood: A Mama's Poem









From iFamily to Yours,



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