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The Latest & Greatest Scoop on Prenatal Imaging!

Ten fingers and ten toes – that’s the first thing every parent checks on their newborn. The birth of your baby is immense, but it is also a relief to count those fingers and toes earlier, before the birth. At Prenatal Imaging Center, you can.

Jeanette Burlbaw, owner and sonographer of Prenatal Imaging, provides more than just a regular 2D sonogram. She is able to show expectant parents a clear and robust image of the unborn child using 3d/4d imaging. Most people need a little help determining body parts in the typical sonogram (2d), but the 3d/4d technology give a much clearer image that shows facial expressions and movements of the baby in the womb.

Burlbaw has over 30 years experience as a sonographer and her cheerful demeanor is as much of an asset as her years of experience. For the last eight years, she has specialize in working with the GE Voluson 730 Expert to produce clear images. With proper fluid and movement from the baby, she can produce accurate 3d images with depth and 4d images with movement. With appointments last 60 to 90minutes she takes her time with each patient, providing a relaxed environment for their first glimpse of their soon-to-be-born child.

What seems routine to Jeanette is a miracle to any parent. “It’s sonography, just like always. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. What has changed is that now we can produce a picture that is easy for the patient to see and understand. No I don’t have to explain, ‘Here’s where the eyes are..'” she laughs.

While many people think of 3d4d technology as a way to see their baby more clearly, Jeanette stresses its important as a diagnostic tool. “You can use this technology from the point that a heartbeat can be detected, but eh most effective time to do so is after 26 weeks.” Burlbaw has performed sonography on babies as far along as 41 weeks, often using it as a diagnostic tool to detect possible problems in delivery or physical complications.

“All you need for 3d/4d sonography is a moving baby with fluid around it. That’s all there is to it!” Burlbaw said. “Everyone thinks there’s something magical about it, but there really isn’t.”

Since 3d/4d sonography differs so little from traditional 2d sonography, Burlbaw says there is no more risk than the 2d we have to measure the baby, despite the warning there may be complications in the future. Burlbaw feels the warning places undue fear in potential patients and, in her opinion, it is unfounded. She believes the important part is to make sure you sonogram is performed by an educated credential sonographer. Burlbaw stresses the importance of using an ethical medical professional whose goal is to inform you of the health of your baby, not just a pretty picture by someone taught to simply make pictures.

While 3d/4d imaging is not covered by insurance, Burlbaw has set her services at competitive price points. She offers different exams, all of which include images on DVD and CD, with prints of the images. 2d imaging is also available.

Burlbaw says an increasing number of couples are not interested in knowing the sex of their baby. “Of the couples that do want to know, they often keep the name of the baby a secret, Even if they know the sex, they want that ‘aha!’ moment when it’s born.”

It’s reassuring. All sonography should be reassuring.” Burlbaw says. She also thinks it’s particularly helpful for men, who may still be bewildered by the entire birth process. “My favorites are grandfathers. It was about the 1980s when men were allowed into the delivery room. A lot f them don’t know they move that much in the womb. One of my favorite grandfathers kept saying, ‘Oh my Gawd!” Burlbaw laughs.

In addition to her services at Prenatal Imaging, she donates her time to the Alexander House, a perinatal hospice service here in Kansas City. While many doctors may not have the time to devote to expectant parents in this situation, Burlbaw gives them all the time she can, allowing them to see their baby before its introduction into this harsh world.

The miracle of life is truly heightened when you can get a sneak preview, and that’s exactly what Jeanette is doing – and doing it well.

Submitted by Jeanette Burlbaw, owner PICS