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The little book with BIG resources!

Kickball Leagues with Live2Play Sports!

I grew up under bleachers. I thought the scalpers in the Royal’s stadium parking lot were close family friends. I always had a ball in my hand.

I’m a CK (coach’s kid). Putting my life-long love of sports to work seemed like the only option when I graduated college. But I quickly discovered sports was not the joy for all kids that it was for me.

My father coached basketball for as long as my siblings or I can remember. We did our homework while he ran practices and watched from the sidelines during games. I noticed his face always shined with pure love for the game. He hated losing as much as the next coach, but he always reminded his team why they were there in the first place: for the game. When I started coaching and refereeing as an adult, I saw more competitiveness and negativity than real coaching and respect for the game. Unfortunately, parents yelling at kids for their performance was not an uncommon site after games. I saw coaches lose their tempers, displaying poor sportsmanship and players who then imitated this. I saw kids sitting on benches the whole game…during middle school games that weren’t riding on a state championship. And I saw kids without basic skill foundations who seemed to have forgotten why they started playing in the first place.

I started running adult leagues and as soon as he could ask, my son wanted to know when he could play. Like many young children, he loved chasing balls with glee and didn’t care that he could not catch the ball yet. He just loved PLAYING. Truth be told, I was worried about sending him to play competitive sports and seeing the joy leave his face from the experience. After saying “someday” to him too many times, I realized I was missing an opportunity.

I started Live2Play Sports to offer children of all ages the chance to build athletic skills in a non-competitive environment. No yelling parents, no arguments, everyone plays and the focus is on fun. The parent of a third-grade player told me this is the first chance her son has had to actually build his skills. He was never taught how to kick, pitch, or catch a ball. And because of this, he never got to play and so never got to build those skills. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s gained confidence in his physical skills playing on one of my kickball teams. Further, she’s thrilled to see how good he feels about himself from the experience. She’s since signed all of her kids up for youth kickball.

Come to one of our fields and you’ll see a very different experience from your usual youth sports leagues. There’s no “sides,” everyone cheers for everyone. Kids cooperate and help each other do better. We host nights for adults-only along with an end of season team celebration for the kids. It’s not the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality. The focus is on giving every kid the opportunity to play, build their skills and confidence, and bring back the love of the game.

Check out www.Live2PlaySports.com


Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City Providing Tons of Family FUN!

The Swiss psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget believed that children learn through play, through interactions, and experimenting.  It’s very fitting then, that the mission of the Wonderscope Children’s Museum is “sparking a lifelong love of learning through the power of play.”  I have always been a fan of hands-on learning and this place is full of it!!  Who said “green is not a creative color”? Well it wasn’t this place! Wonderscope Children’s Museum succeeds at providing tons of family fun! From the Artworks room where kids can get creative and even face paint, to an awesome interactive Lego exhibit that will have the kiddos exploring ocean life, Wonderscope excels!  The museum opened their doors in 1989 in Shawnee to kids from all around the Kansas City metro area who wanted to explore, experiment, build, and play; all the while developing science and inquiry skills, literacy skills, and most of all a love of learning.

Upon entering the old school building that is now the museum, there is a giant cage that houses two adorable guinea pigs, appropriately names Oreo and Teddy. These guys are a big hit with both the parents and the kids.  Every Saturday from noon to 1:00 is “animal chat” time and the kids can learn about their habitat, living environment as well as their favorites foods.

For parents with kids ages 6 months to 2 years there is a Small Wonders Exhibit especially for them!  One of the most popular exhibits at the Wonderscope Museum seemed to be the Farm to Market exhibit.  Dramatic play included: playing farm with a garden in which you can grow plastic veggies and then put them in a cart and check out with a cashier, eggs and chickens and much more.  The H2Oh room is another popular exhibit with water table fun.  Nothing in the rooms are off limits so the parents really have nothing to do but play or just watch their little ones have the time of their life.  It really was great fun and we would recommend this trip to a friend for sure. Be sure to check out their web site for more special events, announcements and offers:


Submitted by By iFamilyKC Mom Squad member, Shari Jacobs

Frugally Clean!

By:Keri Nichol


Living frugally has meant finding ways of cutting back on everyday expenses. Some ways of doing that seem obvious: gas, groceries, entertainment, etc. However, I needed to think outside the obvious in order to relieve my pocketbook a little more. I started looking at items we used a lot of and those that seemed to hit our budget pretty hard. In a family of five, one of these things just happened to be laundry detergents. Sure, they have cheaper brands at the store, but they didn’t meet our needs. My baby was diagnosed with eczema at 2 months old. His topical steroid ointment doesn’t help by itself and neither did changing the detergent for his clothes only. The fact is that he lies on his bare face on my shirts. Not only that, but after three children, we don’t buy separate baby wash rags and towels. He uses the same ones that we use. So this meant that we had to buy expensive “free” detergents for all our household laundry.

This is when I began looking into making my own. I figured it would be work it just as long as our clothing got just as clean, it saved us some money, and the baby was able to tolerate it without any breakouts. It started out as an experiment but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to make more than I can buy at the store for 1/3 of the prices and everything was just as clean.

I was able to test the cleaning power with several soiled bibs and a bloody shirt from an accident my husband had. They came out just as clean with no traces of food or blood. The amazing part was that I had used cold water. In another attempt to save money I had begun doing more of our laundry in cold water to cut back on our gas bill (gas water heater). Water temperature was a concern that I read a lot about with my research. Some people found that their detergents didn’t dissolve in cold water. Maybe it is the differences with the recipes but mine done fine and has for over a month now.

The biggest test came with whether it would make the babies eczema flare up. After a month, I do no longer have to use steroid ointment on my son daily. This was something I did have to do even using the “free” detergents from the stores.

I am proud to say my newest experiment for living frugally paid off for my family. I can’t see myself ever buying premade detergents again, saving my family hundreds of dollars per year. Below are the recipe that I used and the cost breakdown as I found it. Check out my blog at www.newfrugalmomma.wordpress.com for more frugal living tips and experiments.

2 cups washing soda $.68 ($2.23 for 55 oz. box)
2 cups borax $.56 (3.27 for a 72 oz. box)
2 bars of Fels Naptha $ 1.94
$3.18 for 4 ½ gallons which will do 144 loads (1/2 c per load)


In a large pan bring 8 cups of water to a boil. Meanwhile shred with a grater the two bars of Fels Naptha. Once water is boiling slowly add in the soap. Continue stirring until the soap is dissolved. Then add in the soda and the borax. Be careful because a small reaction occurs and the mixture will attempt to foam and boil over. The best way to avoid this is to put a wooden spoon over the top of the pan. Once everything is combined well pour it into a clean five gallon bucket that is filled ¼ full of water. Mix these together very well and then fill the bucket the rest of the way with water. You will mix very well and then put a lid on it. Allow the mixture to set for 24 hours. When you return the next day you will find that it has turned into a get. Using a spoon or a paint stick, stir the mixture well. Then you can transfer some of the mixture into a smaller container to use as needed. I bought my five gallon bucket with lid for about $4 at Ace Hardware who keeps several in stock at their store on 24 hwy in Independence.  Note: If you do not have to worry about fragrances you can add in essential oils to your mixture prior to letting it set and gel. However, the soap has a clean citrusy scent as it is. I like to add Tea tree oil because of its antibacterial ability.

Compared to Xtra (which don’t have a “free”) – 166 loads @ 7.98
All Free and Clear- 96 loads @ 10.96
2 bottles of Purex free and clear- 132 loads @ 11.54


Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power!

iFamilyKC is proud to announce SUPER WHY is coming to Kansas City at The Midland Theater in April! Be sure to visit www.iFamilyKC.com and Enter to WIN a family 4 pack of tickets!


Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power!

The Midland by AMC – Kansas City, MO

April 24 at 6:00pm

Tickets on sale Friday March 15 at 10am at www.midlandkc.com


Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power! is coming to Kansas City for the first time ever! Based on the top-rated, Emmy-nominated preschool TV series that airs on PBS KIDS everyday across the U.S., Super WHY Live brings entertainment and education together in a live show unlike any your family has seen before. It is sure to be unforgettable.

Super WHY Live was written by Super WHY creator Angela Santomero, with music by Jack Antonoff, of the Grammy-nominated band “fun.” The show is produced by S2BN Entertainment (Yo Gabba Gabba! Live, Spider-Man on Broadway, and Rock of Ages: The Musical) in association with Out of the Blue Enterprises.

Super WHY Live will stop in 26 cities across the U.S. in April and May, taking kids and parents on a live reading adventure traveling inside a book to find the answer to the question, “Who has the Greatest Super Power in the World?” The show is uplifting, entertaining, and educational. It features kids’ favorite literacy-powered super heroes: Alpha Pig with “Alphabet Power,” Wonder Red with “Word Power,” Princess Presto with “Spelling Power,” Super Why with the “Power to Read,” and their puppy pal Woofster.

Fans who want to sing along at the show can get a head start learning the music, as the soundtrack album, “Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power Soundtrack” from Razor & Tie is available now at iTunes, Amazon.com, and retailers nationwide.

For an extra special experience, You’ve Got the Power! Party Packages offer premium seats and a meet & greet with your favorite characters after the show.

Just a few of the nice things preview audiences have said:

  • “It was good for the whole family. Our 5-year-old was mesmerized and excited all at the same time.”
  • “My son absolutely loved the show! He said it was his favorite that we have ever seen live!
  • “My husband and I took our daughter and she didn’t take her eyes off the stage.”
  • “Super Why Live was amazing!”
  • “Very professional, colorful, highly inspirational!!! Loved it from beginning to end.”
  • “Entertaining for kids and adults. Love the positive message of the show. Overall, it was spectacular!”
  • “My 2.5 year old was so excited and so happy with the show. I’ve never seen him smile quite as brightly as he did while watching Super Why Live!


For more information

Super Why Live on the web:  http://www.superwhylive.com

Super Why Live Promo on Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhvbLmS1Fwk

Radio Disney Awards

Radio Disney








Youth Service America

March 4, 2013


Radio Disney Awards – $500

Deadline: March 24, 2013


Radio Disney is offering young change-makers the chance to be a Hero for Change.


Winners receive a $500 award to help make a lasting, positive change in the world, plus a chance to meet other amazing young people at the Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Who are we looking for?  Young heroes located in Radio Disney communities who are creating positive change through volunteer and service projects. We’re especially interested in ongoing, youth-led projects that highlight the creativity and commitment of young people working to meet the needs of others.

The goal?  To show how even small actions can add up to big changes.

Whether you are passionate about protecting the planet, providing meals to those who need them, or giving kids just like you the resources to star in their own play, be an athlete or an artist, we want to hear your Hero story!  Whatever your interests, a Radio Disney Heroes for Change award can help you make a difference for people, communities and the planet.

Youth ages 5-18 located near Radio Disney communities are eligible to submit their good work and be considered for a Heroes for Change Award.  Please note:  Legally, if you are younger than 13, you must have someone older than 13 prepare and submit the application for you.

Applications are due by midnight March 24, 2013.


Click here to access the online application


Radio Disney’s “Hero for Change Award,” is in collaboration with Disney Friends for Change, an initiative that inspires kids and their families to make a lasting, positive change by helping people, communities, and the planet.




Experience how to power up using your own energy. How do simple machines, like a giant “Power Wheel,” produce electricity? Find out – and make your own sparks – in The Science of Energy. Experience the Unplugged components envisioned by student winners of the 2012 Battle of the Brains contest. This brand new exhibit is the latest addition to Kansas City’s Science Center, Science City, and is open to the public March 8.

Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D at the Regnier Extreme Screen Theater
See Disney’s new fantastical adventure, Oz the Great and Powerful, in the region’s biggest 3D theater! The dramatic and newly renovated Regnier Extreme Screen Theater opens with Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D. Get tickets now for showtimes beginning March 7.


How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Fruits & Vegetables

                                  Fun Meals 4 Kids by Gaby Fischer

Most parents know how frustrating it can be to get your kids to eat well. When getting my son to eat all of his fruits and vegetables became a challenge, I had to get creative. First, I made a treasure map with different fruits and vegetables and I took him to the supermarket so he could “hunt” for the treasures (fruits & veggies). When we got home, I told him that we were going to play a game called “Describe the Taste” and he was anxious to learn more about it. To play the game, he had to taste as many fruits and vegetables as possible and give me a description of what he liked or disliked about each one. He seemed reluctant at first, so I started tasting some of the foods while giving him a description of their taste and I was able to grab his attention. He started tasting each one and he truly enjoyed discovering new flavors. I gave him a small prize (piñata fillers) for each description and he told me he was looking forward to playing the game again.


Once we found the fruits and vegetables he liked best, I started to decorate his plates to make them look fun. That is how Fun Meals 4 Kids got started and I am thrilled to share it with you! www.facebook.com/FunMeals4Kids

If you look at my pictures, is quite obvious that they are not professional images made by designers using high-tech equipment. Yet, these Fun Meals are attractive enough to grab the attention of your little ones and encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I try to keep my dishes simple so they are fast and easy to recreate. You don’t need to be an artist and I can guarantee that your kids will enjoy them. Now, don’t expect that they’ll eat everything you serve them just because it looks fun.

You’ll need to be patient because it may take a few attempts to find their favorite foods, but your efforts will payoff at the end. The secret is to keep trying until you find the fruits and vegetables your kids like the most. However, it’s also important to get them involved as much as possible. Doing so, will develop their interest and it will help you integrate a healthy diet into their daily routine.


I hope you use some of my ideas to make these and other fun dishes for the kids in your life. They are VERY easy to make and quite inexpensive, all you need to add is LOVE.

Health & Happiness!!!

Gaby Fischer

FYI – These dishes are made with my son’s favorite foods, but you can use other fruits and vegetables to make these Fun Meals or you can create your own. The possibilities are endless and the rewards, priceless!

Gabriela Fischer – Founder of Fun Meals 4 Kids


Gabriela’s struggle with obesity introduced her to the world of nutrition and encouraged her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness so she could help others live healthier and happier lives.

Today, she is pursuing her passion by devoting her free time to causes that promote nutrition education and healthy lifestyles. Gabriela is currently serving as a volunteer for Dr. Fuhrman’s nonprofit organization, the Nutritional Research Foundation. Their mission is to conduct clinical research to study diet styles designed for their disease-preventing and disease-reversing properties.


Invisible Clutter

Do you wish your clutter were invisible? It may be more invisible than you think – especially to you. When we live with items and see them day-in-and-day-out, they tend to dissolve into the background of our lives. Want to see your clutter with new eyes? Take a photo and post it on a social media site. Your clutter in all its glory will quickly appear.

If you would like to see your clutter without revealing yourself to the entire internet, try sitting in a different spot or in a rolling chair. Sit and observe your environment from places other than the normal place. Stand on a chair in the middle of the room or even lie on the floor and look up.

Now that you have found your clutter it is time to do something with it. How long has it been hiding? Is it covered in dust? If it has been years since you have laid eyes upon your newly found treasure, put it straight into the donation box. (If you don’t have one, make one right away.) If you think you will use it – notice I didn’t say “might use it” – clean it off and move to its proper home.

Not sure if you want to see the clutter? Just remember that your guests sure will. When all else fails, invite a friend over to be brutally honest about your clutter. You have to see it before you can address it.

Valentines Day Guide for Kids

Valentines Day Guide for Kids

Valentine’s Day is great opportunity to show appreciation for the people we love. Even when we’re young, this day revolves around heart shaped candies and glittery notes covered with stickers passed from desk to desk. This is a guide for parents to help their children express their love and friendship on this special day.

Food: Surprise your child with valentine food art! If there’s one thing they love more than food, it’s playing with it. Click the links below to direct you to a variety of Valentine’s Day treats that perfect for the heart shaped holiday (healthy too!).

Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Valentine Calzone Bites

Fruity Smoothie (pink of course!)

Valentine’s Day Cup-a-Cakes

And many more… follow the arrows on the site to continue your search.

Valentines day guide for kids 1


Arts & Crafts: The links below will direct you to a handful of Valentine inspired craft ideas for kids. Whether you plan an after school activity or organize and incorporate this hands-on art into your class lesson (for teachers), they will be fully entertained. Step by step instructions and material list included in the link.

Flower Bouquet (that never dies!)

Woven Heart Basket
Perfect for carrying and delivering your valentines!

Captive Heart
Pretty pink keepsake with note inside—great gift for Grandma!

Jolly Lollies
Silly lollipops in the shape of mustaches and puckered lips—sure to make the kids giggle.

 Valentines day guide for kids Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  • 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day.
  • 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day.
  •  Approximately one billion Valentines are sent out worldwide each year according to estimates by the U.S. Greeting Card Association. That’s second only to Christmas.
  • Every Valentine’s Day, the Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.




The Grass is Not Always Green Encourage Imagination: Raise a creative child

The Grass is Not Always Green
Encourage Imagination: Raise a creative child

Nowadays, the toy industry is overly concerned with education, causing them to shove creativity to the back burner. Don’t fall into this trap. Encourage your child to embrace their creativity. Allowing them to explore will not fault their learning. In fact, a bigger imagination allows for a broader mind, and there is no wrong in that.

To start off, when it comes to creativity, stray away from the word “No”. They say there is no such thing as a dumb question… and I’m here to say the same goes for art. Let their imagination steer them in the direction they feel is right.




“No sweetie, the grass is green”
“No, no you should paint the sky blue”


This is not your work of art, it is theirs. When it comes to young minds and their growing imagination, set your thoughts aside and let them soar. Judgmental comments will only discourage them. Change your own attitude and do not be afraid that this is a sign of development, or lack of. The correlation of their puffy clouds and the red crayon they chose to draw them, has nothing to do with their learning ability. In fact, Diane Peters of Kaboose Education and Learning states that creative learners are often better learners.


creative kids


“”Creativity lets children develop their skills in a way that works for them,” says Karen Halpern, a speech pathologist and creator of Thumbprint Adventures, a creative play-based program in Toronto. Her own six-year-old, for instance, can do basic multiplication: she figured it out on her own through playing.”


Halpern also encourages the notion of free play. Not everything has to be planned, activity-wise; especially if you have stuff of your own that you are itching to get done. Provide your child with a washable marker and send them on their way! Children will play as children; it’s better to just accept it and relax, the sooner the better.


Source: http://parenting.kaboose.com/education-and-learning/creative.html