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“Psssssstttt….. Mom……..Dad…” Sound familiar? How to stop your Child’s Nightmares!

“Psssssstttt….. Mom……..Dad…” Sound familiar?
How to stop your child’s nightmares

 Does your child ever wake you up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream? This is a common issue with young ones. Studies have shown 25% of young children experience nightmares at least once a week. But what is the cause of this terror in these poor kids’ minds?
 Keep reading… these suggestions are worth a try!

How to stop your child’s nightmares sleeping baby

The child’s environment

Is your child’s bedroom a comforting environment for sleeping? It is very important for him or her to feel safe as they close their eyes for the night. To assure this, talk to your child to find out what will soothe them. Most children prefer to sleep with a light nearby. Because the electric bill will sky rocket if you install a light dimmer, a simple plug-in night light will do the trick. In addition to the night light, leaving the door slightly cracked will reassure them they are not alone. Even adults get the feeling of being “trapped” if in a closed-in area for long periods of time.  My third suggestion, which can differ in certain situations, is add positivity to the room with music. A soft and soothing genre of music, country for example, will distract them from negative thoughts and send them to their dreamland with hopeful lyrics in mind.

The child’s troubles/ fears

Even though looking back on those young years feels like all laughter and play, we all know growing up had its pressures. The fear of your first day of school, getting blamed for something you didn’t do, or troubles at home… talk to your child. Talking to them gives them a chance to empty out all the bottled fears from their mind. Diminish their stress and encourage happy thoughts which will lead to happy dreams.

How to stop your child’s nightmares Sleeping Girl

The child’s intake

Get this! This sounds bizarre but WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat it are contributing factors to a poor quality sleep or a night full of nightmares. A study in the International Journal of Psychophysiology found those who ate spicy foods before bed were awoken throughout the night due to elevated body temperatures. This being said, bad dreams are known to occur when a child is continuously woken up abruptly during the night. Keep this in mind and save those foods with an extra kick for the middle of the day! Also, foods with high fat content negatively affect sleep… which I’m sure most of us have experienced those nights. Weighed down and maybe even an upset stomach, fatty foods/ junk foods definitely have a negative impact on dreams.

How to stop your child’s nightmares goodnight kiss

The child’s medications

There are many medications that affect children, people in general. If your child suffers from ADHD, it is common for bad dreams to be a side effect of the medication prescribed (ex Strattera). Not that you should put a stop to the treatment, just keep in mind the medication could be a potential factor to the child’s unsettling dreams.

HINT: I know the saying seems to just roll off the tongue when you’re tucking them in, but “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” isn’t the most comforting thought to leave them with as you exit the dark room. Sleep tight (we’ll leave it at that haha),

Stephanie Falcone


With warm weather comes frozen snacks and this summer was surely the start of something sweet! Frozen yogurt, or better known as froyo, is the latest craze across the nation.

But why? That’s the question that constantly pops into my head when passing the always fashionable ice cream shops. Why are frozen yogurt franchises constantly being built in the same areas? What’s the difference? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Starting with the basics… ice cream and frozen yogurt can both be defined by simply their name. Ice cream is a frozen mixture of CREAM, flavorings, sweeteners, and thickeners while frozen yogurt is made of either nonfat or regular YOGURT, flavorings, sweeteners, and thickeners. Quite obvious, the major difference is churned cream or yogurt.

Moving on… which is healthier? This is a vital concern for many now a days and I’m sure the question you’re all dying to know the answer to. Well, I’m sorry to say… after extensive research, this is not a flat out yes/ no answer. Choosing the healthiest option of a frozen treat is determined by the nutrition facts of each specific brand, serving size and flavor. You know… fats, carbs, calories… let me break it down for you!

One of the most popular items at a grocery store is ice cream. Ice cream is known to take over lengthy aisles with the vast variety of options (which I’m sure the kids have pointed you in the right direction to already!). Ice cream can be found as reduced fat, low fat, no fat, low carb, no added sugar, and just plain regular. Depending on which you choose, the amount of fat content differs. One might think the best option is choosing the reduced/ no fat products, which is true, but beware of increased sugar content (check the back label!)

As for frozen yogurt, it contains a lot less fat. The fat content is actually 1/3 of what ice cream contains. The healthiest route to go is fat free frozen yogurt weighing in at 0-0.05% fat content, compared to regular ice cream at a whopping 10% fat and higher.

The amount of sugar fluctuates between brands but ice cream generally surpasses frozen yogurt in this category. Ice cream normally contains anywhere between 30-50 grams of sugar while frozen yogurt contains merely 15-20 grams. Be sure to check the label!

Now that’s a language we all understand. When counting calories, both ice cream and frozen yogurt are on the same page. When given the option of regular or low fat, stick with the low fat. In most cases, it tastes just as good and you’ll be consuming 1/2-1/4 of the amount of calories. Low fat ice cream and fat-free frozen yogurt contains only 90-120 calories per serving (topics not included!)

Now you are able to make your own decision on whether to scoop up a serving of ice cream or the new celebrity, frozen yogurt (depending on the what ingredient you are trying to avoid most).



LIVESTRONG: Frozen Yogurt  vs. Ice Cream Nutrition
FITDAY: Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream
BUZZLE: Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream




Children and chores: From Tots to Teens

Children and chores: From Tots to Teens

By Stephanie Falcone

The younger the child, the more time and attention you will need to dedicate to teach the child to listen and follow through with his or her chore(s). Rattling off their chores will only confuse them. To catch their attention, give a specific order. I know this takes more effort than shouting what you would like done, but this method is more effective in the long run.

children and chores mom cleaning bathroom

For example, “I need you to put all of your toys back where they belong within the next 10 minutes. I am setting a timer. If the timer rings and the toys are not put away you will not be playing with them tomorrow.” Compared to repeating, “Put your toys away!” over a dozen times with no daily progress, give it a go! Children, especially age 3 or younger, have a fascination with racing or tasks with a time constraint. On another note, a specific order with a failing consequence is known for producing much better outcomes (and cleaner rooms!).

Consequence. Now that doesn’t sound like the most positive word… and that’s because people tend to associate it with the negatives. When it comes to the children’s chores, be sure to balance the positives and negatives. As would any adult, if a child feels he is doing all that work for nothing, he will no longer put in that much effort. Reward the child with something small, even simple words of encouragement will make a difference.

children and chores girl doing dishes

Moving onto older children… your best bet is a chore chart. If they are at an age capable to read and write, a chart with designated chores each week will keep things on track and prevent bickering. As much as you do not like to repeat yourself, as a parent or caretaker, children do not like to repeatedly be reminded either. With a daily/ weekly set deadline, you will both come to a starting agreement eliminating any future feuds regarding chores.

One of the most common and effective methods, is involving a little sticker action on the chore chart. By rewarding the child with a sticker for the chores he completes on time, he is motivated to keep working! Make a game out of it! Decide together when he earns a certain amount of stickers, that is when he should receive a special treat or favor.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when the sticker party comes to an end. Teenage years are tough because there are millions are other things going through their heads. And let’s be honest, chores aren’t what they consider “life threatening” in their busy young lives. So here’s a little something to keep in your back pocket for those unruly teenage years. Instead of threatening their weekend or night out, simply stay calm and trade chores. You read right! Trade chores with your kids!

children and chores boy taking out trash

For example, you ask your son to take out the garbage while you run to the store and what do you know! An hour later, you return home, and the garbage is still in the same spot. The only thing you want to do at this point is scream… but don’t. Collect yourself and remind him he forgot to take the trash out. “Oops… I’m sorry…” is usually the go to reaction expecting you to do it or give them a second chance to do it later. NOT THIS TIME. Kindly and calmly respond with an “It’s alright, I took care of it. You can do one of my chores. The dishes need to be cleaned.” Not only will this catch him off guard (eyes as wide as an owl), but he will have no excuse but to swap chores since you were so composed with the request.

Remember to stay cool when asking for a chore to be done. Demanding something is not nearly as effective.

Don’t be THAT Parent…

Besides the obvious don’t drink, smoke, or swear parenting rules… I’ve observed a few other dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Hey maybe they’ll sound familiar!

Encourage their likes, not yours:

Too many cases there are parents who relive their childhood through their kid. Just because you weren’t able to land your big baseball career on your own, doesn’t mean you should push and urge your child to love the sport. Encourage what they like, there’s no such thing as too much support. Don’t be that parent.

Applaud for effort, not for grades:

Okay okay, let me clear that up… Yes, grades are important. But is a letter grade so important they should be punished or ridiculed for it? Clearly there is a difference between trying their best and simply not trying at all, and THAT is what you should be basing your applause on. The pressure of making sure they earn “good” grades for YOU only puts more stress on THEM as students. Learning should be fun. Unfortunately, children tend to drift from that mind state at a young age because of the early pressure of getting grades their parents are proud of (or not).

“All As this year! Got it?” Don’t be that parent.

Because I said so:

Is there anything about that phrase that doesn’t make you cringe?! This should never be a go to answer. This is merely an easy way out, and quite frankly the most irritating thing for a child to hear. Nothing beneficial comes from “because I said so…” because you know the child’s next response will be something along the lines of “BUT WHY?”. Do you and your child a favor and give them a proper answer. In the end, they will understand or choose not to accept it. Or… try responding with a question. Either way, you will not have to keep repeating yourself. “Because I said so… because I said so…” Don’t be that parent.

Don’t make me:

You know what’s coming next! The infamous “Don’t make me tell your father”. Don’t put on the act of miss nice guy because you don’t want to be the bad cop this time. All you are doing is giving your child a scary authority figure and that is not fair to your partner. Punishment decisions should be made in agreement without the threat of another loved one. Don’t be that parent.

Written by: Stephanie Falcone


What about Omega 3’s for your kids?

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids — we need them for our bodies to work properly.  So how do omega-3s benefit children?  Here’s the rundown on the research.
Keep in mind that few of these studies are definitive, and larger studies are needed to determine therapeutic benefit.  Also, some studies used food sources of omega-3s, and others used omega-3 supplements.  More research needs to be done before we’ll know the full implications.

Are omega-3 supplements for children an option?  Before starting any supplement for your child, be sure you consult your physician first.

Omega-3s for Infants, Prenatal Health, and Pregnancy
Omega-3s are important for children’s health right from the start – actually, before they’re even born. Here’s some of the evidence.
Cognitive development. Some studies show that infants fed formulas enriched with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA show improvements in hand-eye coordination, attention span, social skills, and intelligence test scores. Studies have shown that children born to mothers who took supplements of omega-3s (DHA and EPA) during pregnancy and the during the first months of breastfeeding scored higher on cognitive tests at 4 years of age compared to children whose mothers did not take supplements of DHA and EPA.
Asthma risk. A 2008 study found that the teenage children of women who took fish oil during pregnancy were less likely to have developed asthma.
Growth. There’s some evidence that when omega-3s are added to formula, it promotes growth and brain development in premature infants.
Preterm labor. A 2003 study found that women who ate eggs enriched with omega-3s were less likely to go into premature labor than women who ate standard eggs.
Although none of these studies are conclusive, there’s good reason to make sure that infants – and pregnant women — are getting their omega 3s such as DHA and EPA.
Many infant formulas are now supplemented with DHA. A mother’s breast milk is an ideal source of omega-3s, although it may be affected by how many omega-3s she’s getting in her diet.
Omega-3s for Children and Teens
ADHD. Kids with ADHD may have lower levels of omega-3s in their bodies than normal, and a few small studies have looked at fish oil supplements as a treatment. They found that the supplements might improve behavior, reduce hyperactivity, and boost attention in kids under 12.
Depression. Fish oil is often used as a treatment for depression in adults; there have been a few studies in children too. One small 2006 study of fish oil in depressed 6- to 12-year-olds found it helped their symptoms significantly.
Diabetes. One small study looked at kids who were at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The researchers found that those who ate a high omega-3 diet were less likely to develop the condition.
Asthma. Omega-3s may reduce inflammation in the airways, which could benefit those with asthma. One small study of 29 children with asthma found that those taking fish oil for 10 months had fewer symptoms than those who didn’t. However, other studies of omega-3s as an asthma treatment have not found consistent evidence that they help.

This is part of an article from WebMD that was written by R. Morgan Griffin and reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD.  Go to http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/who-needs-omega-3s to read more.

Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween Safety Guide

It’s just about that time of year! With this super sweet holiday, be sure to make it a safe one as well. With help from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), I have created this halloween safety guide for parents to ensure this Halloween is surely a treat!


When it comes to costumes:

  • Steer children in the direction of bright fabrics, even better ones that are reflective

*** Add reflective tape to costume and trick or treat bags

  • Make sure shoes fit comfortably and costume is of appropriate length to prevent any nasty falls
  • Suggest hats or non toxic face paint instead of masks as a safer alternative
  • Avoid swords or costumes with violent props

***A child can be easily injured if he trips/ falls

  • Do not wear decorative contact lenses. As creepy and fun these might be, these lenses are not prescribed by a professional, cause serious damage and are in fact illegal.

Trick or Treaters Halloween Safety Guide


When it comes to pumpkins:

  • Young children should be encouraged to paint their pumpkin, not carve for obvious reasons
  • For carved pumpkins, use flashlights for the safest lighting option. If candles are insisted, votive candles are safest.
  • Candle lit pumpkins should never be left unattended
  • Place lit pumpkins someone sturdy and far away from flammable objects (ex. Curtains)

Pumpkin Carving Halloween Safety Guide

When it comes to your home:

  • Double check outdoor lights for visitors/ replace burnt bulbs
  • Safety proof your outdoors for trick or treaters. Remove anything children could potentially trip over (ex. Flower pots, garden hose)
  • Sweep wet leaves on pathway and steps, maybe even snow!
  • Restrict pets from contact with visitors due to excitement (jumping, biting) or allergies

When it comes to trick or treating:

  • Children should always be with a responsible adult, even just around the neighborhood
  • Only knock on doors with lights on, that is the universal sign for “guests are welcome”
  • Carry a cell phone (parents)
  • Use sidewalks and stay on well lit streets
  • For safety reasons, do not cut across yards
  • Always use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing
  • All children and adults should carry a flashlight
  • Be sure your child is familiar with 9-1-1 in case of emergency

halloween candy halloween safety guide

When it comes to health:

  • Before children go wild, an adult should examine all treats throwing away all expired or treats that have been tampered with
  • Candy is not the only treat, consider investing in fun Halloween coloring books/ pencils / nick nacks
  • Ration candy and other treats to avoid belly aches and further health concerns


Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween!

By: Stephanie Falcone

Creative Halloween Craft Ideas!

Creative Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids!

Halloween marks the start of fall and also the holiday season. It is such a fun and exciting time especially for the kiddos! With all the fun themes, characters, and symbols that go along with Halloween there are opportunities for so many creative halloween craft ideas! With the weather cooling down crafts are fun ways to keep the kids entertained inside the house! Crafts are also a great way to bring the whole family together for some bonding! Here are 5 Fun & Creative Halloween Craft Ideas to do with kid’s!

Halloween Handprints!

ghost handprint creative halloween craft ideas

Spider Handprint creative halloween craft ideas

Kids love when they can get their hands messy, especially when mom is ok with it! That is why hand and footprint art is always a hit! Not only is this fun but they are great keepsakes!  There are so many Halloween themes that can easily be made by hand and foot prints. Here are a few ideas:

– Use white paint and an upside down foot or hand on black paper to make a ghost!

–  Use a fisted hand dipped in orange paint to make the perfect pumpkin!

– Use black paint and both hands to make spiders or bats, your fingers will be the legs/wings!

– Use yellow, white, & orange paint  to make stripes on the hand and it will look just like candy corn!

After the paint dries you can go back and use markers & crayons to add details, such as faces & stems!

 Homemade Decorations

Sometimes buying cute Halloween decorations from the store can get pretty pricey. One way to avoid that is use everyday items and turn them into Halloween Décor to use year after year.  If you have kids they will like this idea too and they will definitely want to help! Here are a few ideas:

 Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns!

Milk Jug Ghost Lantern creative halloween craft ideas

First collect a group of gallon milk jugs and clean them out. Next use a black marker to draw a spooky ghost face on the front of the jug. Cut the back side of the jugs off, Line the jugs up outside or in a window. Lastly use a string of lights and place them in the openings in the back of the jugs. This project looks great especially when it gets dark.

Candy Corn Traffic cones!

Candy Corn Traffic Cone creative halloween craft ideas

You can find miniature traffic cones at Wal-Mart or dollar stores for pretty cheap. Since they are already orange and shaped like candy corn all that has to be done is adding the yellow and white! You can do this numerous ways rather its paint or colored tape. These candy corn pieces will look great around the house or in the front yard!

Painted Pumpkins!

Painted Pumpkins Creative halloween craft ideas

Carving pumpkins is a great tradition and super fun. However it can be dangerous for kids to do on their own. An alternative that gets the kids involved and allows them to show off their creativity is painting the pumpkins! With different colored paints and decorations you can paint a pumpkin into almost anything.  Halloween characters such as Frankenstein or a witch, your child’s favorite character, animals, or just a silly face! You can add more detail by gluing on googly eyes, rhinestones, & hair!  This is a fun project the kids will LOVE!

Fun Treat Bags!

Treat bags are always popular at Halloween.  Rather you are passing them out to trick or treaters or making them for the kids Halloween parties, candy and snacks seem to be essential.  Here a few fun creative ideas for treat bags!

Candy People

Candy People creative halloween craft ideas

This is such a simple and cute idea that kids will absolutely love! Not only do they get to help assemble the people, but they also get to play with them like a toy, and eventually eat the candy.  What you will need is a glue gun and some assorted candies. Use a pumpkin lollipop for the head, boxed candies such as nerds or dots for the body, and long, skinny candies such as tootsie rolls, smarties, and twizzlers for the arms and legs!

Popcorn Hands

Popcorn Hand creative halloween craft ideas

This is a simple Halloween treat that the kids will really get a kick out of!  Get a box of disposable plastic gloves and drop a piece for candy corn in each finger hole as the finger nails. Then stuff each glove with popcorn and tie the bag closed with something like a trash bag tie. To add more detail to the treat get a pack of plastic spider rings from the dollar store and place them outside on the fingers!

Decorated Trick or Treat Sacks!

Homemade Trick or Treat Sacks creative halloween craft ideas

When trick or treating kids will need something to carry their candy in so why not make it into a fun activity.  Making their own bags is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and express their creativity. You will need some sort of blank container rather it’s a plastic bucket, a felt bag, or just a paper bag with a handle. For decorating you will need markers, crayons, paint, various decorations, any craft supplies you think will be fun to use. Spread all the supplies out on a big table and let the kids decorate their bag however they want rather its Halloween themed or made to go along with their costume they are sure to have a blast!

Photo Sources









With fall approaching… it’s time to familiarize yourself with autumn activities. More specifically, CAMPING!
Camping is one of America’s favorite outdoor activities and continues to grow each year. There are countless recreational parks that allow camping in either tents or motor homes. Simply Google those in your area!
Camping requires a variety of items. I’m here to help! Use this camping checklist to ensure a good time in the outdoors with your family!
Just as every other day, clothing is essential. Depending on the weather conditions, which you can never be too sure about, pack an assortment of breezy or cozy clothes.
water friendly shoes
rain jacket
swim suit
*In precaution of rain or storm, pack extra socks!

This portion of the trip depends on the amount of people intended to feed. Nevertheless, I will assist you with suggesting which foods are best to bring camping. Depending on whether you are roughing it in tents or camping luxuriously in an RV with kitchen appliances, these items may differ.
Condiments- ketchup, mustard, mayo
Liquids-water, juice, coffee, soda
Snack foods- chips, pretzels, granola bars, pop tarts, cookies
Sandwich items- bread, pb&j, veggies, meat
Canned food- soup, fruit, veggies
And last but not least… marshmallows! CHECK

No one likes a cold nose and toes when they’re trying sleep. Be smart, pack warm.
air mattress
sleeping bags
memory foam pad
extra blankets
And don’t forget the stuffed animals!
This is why you’re here right! Pack the car with everything in sight. From Frisbees to bicycles, you can never pack too much sports equipment and toys! Also, click the site below for a list of Disney kid’s camping craft ideas.
This is important. Remember to pack a safety kit in case of emergency. With children running around, constantly playing outdoors, a scraped knee is common! Don’t worry, you’ll be prepared with this checklist.
antiseptic creams and ointments
sterile wipes
headache medicine
sunscreen/ aloe spray


Disney Family Fun: Classic Camp Crafts

R.E.I.: Camping With Kids

Written by: Stephanie Falcone

Falling Gracefully With the Autumn Leaves.

Now that the Summer has come and gone, the changing of the seasons is upon us and it is officially time to make changes from the hot Summer scorchers to the cool Fall afternoons. This means pulling out those boxes of Fall decor, putting  bright summer clothes into the rear of the closet, and preparing for the frigid weather that will insist we reach for a warm, cozy sweater and hot apple cider. While the change of weather and more hectic schedules may change the pace of life, this doesn’t mean that Fall should not be just as refreshing and sporadic as Summer. Read on for some ways to spice up the autumn lifestyle and keep the sun shining both indoors and out.

With the coming of a new time of year, it’s not just the season changing. Our days get busier, our wardrobe changes, activities outside of responsibility appear scarce, and our taste buds change gears towards home-cooked comfort foods. These three suggestions below will help guarantee direction towards a comfy, cozy and exhilarating Fall season.

Keep the colors.

While we sometimes tend to lean towards darker colors in the colder seasons, switch it up and go for brighter fall tones. Bring on the layers and pair those fun, Summer dresses with tights, boots and a light jacket. In the market for a new Fall pea coat? Be on the look out for bright reds, oranges, and yellows instead of the average black and grey winter regulars.

Fall clothes shopping for the kiddos?? Check out the Holiday and Fall styles at Gymboree right now and save 25% OFF online and in-stores!


Reach for new recipes.



Whether it may be afternoon snacking or crock pot dinners, Pinterest is an awesome resource to switch up the dinner menu and find some healthy, cheap, and easy family recipes. Check out these 25 Tasty Soups and Stews, something for everyone and perfect for the Fall time weather! Need grocery shopping made easier? Take advantage of our door to door organics coupon by receiving $10 OFF your first order. Perfect for the fresh vegetables you’ll be needing for your new Fall soups!



Make time for crafts.

If the Fall leaves are already raked and the frigid weather is keeping you from doing much else outside, dive into a new Fall craft. Hit the ground running with seasonal decorations and create your own instead of buying them at the store. With Halloween right around the corner, of course pumpkin carving is a good place to start. Make a day out of it, invite the neighborhood over and have a pumpkin carving contest! If you have little ones in the house and want to stick with seasonal arts and crafts the simple way, check out this blog post all about easy Fall crafts for kids. Your house will be decorated to the brim in no time!


Need even more ideas?? Our Pinterest Page is loaded with DIY projects, new recipes, and Fall crafts to keep you busy for the rest of the season!

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Kids Sack Lunch More Fun!

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Kids Sack Lunch More Fun!

Now that school is in session that means some parents are back to packing sack lunches for the kids every day.  Kids can definitely be picky when it comes to foods they like and often times parents can’t be sure that those lunches are being touched at lunchtime. Besides that packed lunches are often repetitive and sometimes it can be hard for parents to think of ideas of food to pack. Here are 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun !

1)      Give their lunch some Shape & Character!

One of the simplest ways to make your child’s lunch more fun is to make their normal lunch entrees in to fun shapes that they will recognize.  The possibilities are endless you could make stars, hearts, dinosaurs, animals, or even their favorite character.  This is super easy all you would need is some cookie cutters. Use large cutters for sandwiches and small ones for snacks like cheese and fruit! If you have time to get fancier you can go a step further and decorate the shapes you make.  The kids will be sure to get a kick out of their sandwich making a silly face!  Use round items like grapes, olives, or sliced boiled eggs for the eyes use a cracker for a nose or beak, and slice snacks like cheese or fruit into the shape of a grin!

butterfly sandwhich 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

lion sandwhich 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

2)      Put their FOOD ON A STICK!

How could they resist? I’m not sure what it is but when it comes to kids, eating their favorite foods off of a stick is just so much more fun than eating the same thing in the form of a simple sandwich or snack packed in a boring zip lock baggie. Food Kabobs are great way to make sure your child is getting all the food they need for a healthy lunch and have fun while doing it! Any part of the lunch can be made into a kabob; it could be the main course of meat and cheese, veggies such as cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, fruits like strawberries, kiwi, and grapes, or a variety.  For the stick you could use many things. You could make it edible by using something like a pretzel stick; however popsicle sticks and drink stirrers will work great too!  Just remember especially with littler kids to stay away from anything sharp because that could end dangerously.

kabob 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

3)      Give their Lunchbox a Theme!

Kids will sure to have a ball with a themed packed lunch!  You could go TONS of different ways with this!  A circle themed lunch could be a bagel sandwich packed with an apple, and a cookie. A color theme by making all of the food in their lunch the same color. Another fun theme could be basing the food in their lunch on their favorite TV show or book. For example you could do and under the sea theme with a SpongeBob shaped sandwich, goldfish crackers, star shaped fruit like Patrick, and blue yellow for the water. You could also use upcoming holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas for themes!

Thanksgiving themed lunch 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

pooh bear lunch 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

4)      Slip them FUN notes with messages or jokes!

Food isn’t the only way to add excitement to lunchtime. Adding a fun note or message is a great way to brighten your child’s day and let them know you care! Rather it’s words of encouragement, a compliment, a simple” I love you,  from mom”, or a funny joke  it will be sure to put a smile on their  face and warm their hearts a little.  Jokes and riddles are especially fun because kids love to laugh and be humored. It also gives them something to share with their friends to talk and giggle about during lunch. To do this you could cut up little strips and tape or lay them on the inside of the lunch box. Write the riddle or joke in big print on one side and the answer or punch line in smaller print on the other side. To find material for your jokes you could get a joke book or simply search kid friendly jokes online!

lunch jokes 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

5)      Let them help you pack it!

Letting your child help prepare their lunch is great bonding activity and they will be sure to have a great time with it.  It’s a great way to have fun and teach them about food groups and nutrition at the same time. Not only is getting them involved fun but it’s also a nice way to encourage and ensure that their lunch actually gets eaten once they get to school.  Kids like to take pride in things they can call their own! Also if they made it odds are they made it with stuff they like to eat!

Girl with packed lunch 5 creative ways to make your kids sack lunch more fun

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