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The little book with BIG resources!

How to Protect Yourself From the Top 6 Cybersecurity Threats of 2018

As parents, the safety of our family is always at the forefront of our minds. We do a lot to protect our children out in public and around the house but have you put a lot of thought lately into how safe your family is online? Cybersecurity attacks are beoming more prominent now than ever before and if you don’t stay on top of it, your family may be at risk. Burton, our resident Tech expert here at iFamilyKC, is here to help educate you on some of the big cyber-security threats this year. Take a look…


How To Protect Yourself From The Top 6 Cybersecurity Threats of 2018

2017 was a horrible year for cyber-security crimes. There was the Equifax breach, the Wannacry Virus, and don’t forget the endless stream of phishing scams that populate our Inboxs. Cyber-criminals make millions from their victims so unfortunately, internet crime isn’t going away.  Cybersecurity threats will be bigger and smarter this year.  Education is one of the best ways to keep you safe from these threats. Here are six cyber crimes that I think you’ll hear a lot about in 2018.

#1 More Data Breaches

Think the Equifax breach was bad?  Criminals will continue to set their sights on other companies that hold sensitive data. You could see i.t. security hacks occurring with other companies that hold data such as birth dates and Social Security Numbers. This is the information hackers want in order to steal your identity.

#2 Health Care Attacks

The health care industry has become an attractive target to hackers. Most health care companies have personal information that could be use for traditional financial fraud, but they also your have health insurance information, which is sold on the dark internet to criminals wanting to commit medical fraud. Crimes like obtaining free medical care or purchasing expensive medical equipment under your name isn’t caught as quickly as credit card or bank account fraud.

#3 Crytopjacking

CyberCurrency, especially BitCoin has soared in popularity in 2017.  Many companies and people are starting to invest millions in this online currency which makes it an attractive target to criminals.  The other thing that makes cybercurrency attractive to hackers is the fact it doesn’t take much work for them to steal it. Using your computer and smartphone, hackers can install viruses and malware to exploit websites that generate revenue using cryptocurrency. .

#4 Ransomeware

Ransomeware is one of the most deadly threats on the Internet.  Usually showing up as a phishing email, a single Ransomware attack can quickly bring down entire networks, leaving homes and businesses with lost data. Hackers will continue to target computers, smartphones and tablets, but look for a shift to cloud based storage systems because more of you are using the cloud to house critical documents believing that your cloud security is working for you.

#5 Anti-Virus Vulnerabilities

People and IT Security professionals are becoming more savvy with spotting hacks and scams which means hackers will switch back to device hacking attacking your device operating systems and anti-virus software.

#6 Home Grown Cybercriminals

The availability of technology makes it easier for people to become cybercriminals. There are web sites that are designed to instruct people how to commit cyber-crime. People are beginning to form online gangs and are using technology to do what real life gangs do, which is to use violence and intimidation to get money.

To keep yourself safe, makes sure you keep up with updates to the operating system of your devices.  Also, verify your security software is update to date.  Most importantly, reach out for help if you are unsure on how you can keep safe from these treats.

What cyber-security threats have you most worried in 2018? Drop me a line and let me know. Thank you for reading. Please share this information with everyone. Check in with Integral on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin , YouTube and Google+ for more tips on helping you get the most out of the technology you use in your home or office.

From iFamily to Yours,


I’m Burton Kelso and I’m a Kansas City based Tech Expert and the Chief Technology Expert at Integral, providing on-site and remote support for computers, tablets, smartphones, routers, printers, and any device that connects to the internet. I regularly appear as a guest tech correspondent on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS on shows such as Kansas City Live, Better Kansas City, FOX 4 Morning Show, offering viewers easy tips on technology, Internet lifestyle, Internet security and gadgets. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn , and Twitter and watch great tech tip videos on my YouTube channel. I can be reached at 888-256-0829 or email at burton@integralcomputerconsultants.com

Super Bowl Ideas for Kids: Game Fun for the Whole Family

Who will it be?! The Eagles? Or the Patriots? The Superbowl LII is coming on February 4th at 5:30pm and we want you to get in on the game (no, not literally) with some exciting super bowl ideas for kids. We’ve got ideas for your super bowl parties, game fun, and more today on the blog. Take a look…

superbowl fun

Super Bowl Ideas for Kids: Game Fun for the Whole Family

The Super Bowl is an annual event that many people get in to. They host super bowl parties with friends, spend the day out at local bars or restaurants or attend the game live. The plan changes if you have a family and you don’t want to hire a sitter for the afternoon. I have put together some family fun super bowl ideas for kids that everyone can enjoy.

#1 Host Family Friendly Super Bowl Parties

If you have friends with kids then you can invite them over so all the kids can play together while you watch the game. Bonus points if one of your friends has a teenager that can help supervise!

#2 Turn Game Fun Into Family Fun

A family party is a great way to enjoy the game. Get your kids involved in the planning. They can help prepare snacks, make decorations, and find some party games, trivia or crafts for everyone to do.

  • Play Flag Football before the game! We all know that Superbowl snacking doesn’t always provide the healthiest options for families. Burn some energy before the game with a family fun game of flag football.
  • Host a Super-Side-Dish-In-A-Bowl Cooking Competition! Have your guests bring fun side dishes that the whole party can vote on during the game to add a little fun into the mix.
  • Plan Ahead with Superbowl Print Offs! Plan for Superbowl bingo with a FREE print off to use for guests!

#3 Visit the Bowling Alley

The local bowling alley is a fun way to spend time together, watch the game and have an activity that everyone can do or just to keep the kids busy. Your local bowling alley may even have a watch party already planned!

Pro-Tip: Summit Lanes in Lee’s Summit has a coupon for bowling for four, dinner, and drinks for only $35! 

#4 Super Bowl 5k or 10k Virtual Race

Before the game, if you want a way to burn off some of those party calories in advance you can sign up for the Super Bowl 5k or 10k virtual race. As a family you can sign up and run or walk anywhere that you enjoy and earn a great medal for your hard work!

#5 Have a Commercial Watch Party

If you are like me and you don’t really care too much about the game itself, then you can have a commercial and half-time show watch party, enjoy your snacks and play board games as a family for fun during the game.

From iFamily to Yours,


Helpful Books to Improve Kids’ Social Skills (& Help Them Be More Outgoing)

Let’s face it, parenting is hard and it’s easy for parents and kids alike to feel overwhelmed. Are you looking for ways to help improve your kids’ social skills and help them be more outgoing this year?! Ruth has got some great books to help! Take a look…
be more outgoing

Helpful Books to Improve Kids’ Social Skills (& Be More Outgoing)

Kids these days have so much going on at home and outside of school. Sometimes social development gets put on the back burner. These social skills, personable skills, and socializing skills are fundamental to a child’s learning and how they interpret the world. Books are a great resource for learning and many of these books can be checked out for free at your local library! I have compiled a guide for books that you can read with your child covering different topics relating to play skills, anxiety, anger, emotions and so on. If you have a regular reading routine each day (20 min per day is recommended by specialists) with your child then these books may peak your interest!

Early childhood reading: Up to Age 8

These books cover a variety of topics and have fun stories to pique the interest of little ones.

#1 Hooray for Hat by Brian Won-A grumpy elephant gets a surprise and a friend figures out how to cheer him up.

#2 Will You Be my Friend by Susan Lurie-Mouse is shy and has trouble making friends and lands himself a new friend.

#3 In my heart by Jo Witek– A book to learn about your own feelings.

#4 The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen– A pouty fish needs some cheering up from his friends.

#5 Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss-A book that talks about emotions and relates them to color and how we can feel differently each day.

#6 The Color Monster by Anna Llenas – An educational book that teaches children to open up about their feelings.

#7 The Elephant and Piggie Series by Mo Willems– A series of books that talk about sharing, feelings, friends and so on.

Books for Elementary Age Readers (And Up)

#1 What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried by James J Crist PH.D A guide for kids.

#2 Stick Up for Yourself by Gershen Kaufman A kids guide to personal power and self esteem

#3 Social Rules for Kids by Sussan Diamond MA CCC Social rules for success

#4 What You Can do About Bullying by Ari Magnusson A comic book style book for grades 3-5 to teach kids about dealing with bullies.

#5 Speak Up and Get Along! By Scott Cooper A book with a collection of 21 strategies kids can use in real life to deal with peers and various problems.

#6 What to do When…. Series by Dawn Huber A series of books that help teach a child how to deal with things such as anxiety, anger, grumpiness, making mistakes, OCD, sleep problems, shyness, separation anxiety, beating bad habits and handling jealousy. The books also come with parent activities that you can do with your child to help discuss the topic and strategies to follow through and practice.

These books make great tools for your children and I have utilized many of them at home to help with problems that my own children face in their daily life. I hope you find them useful too!

From iFamily to Yours,

Household Organizing Made Simple: Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Organized

 Are you the organizer in your home?! Household management can feel overwhelming at times but we’re here to help. Brigette, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad team is here to offer up some great tips to keep your home organized this year in honor of National Get Organized month…

Household Organizing Made Simple

Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Organized


Let’s Get Organized! Can you believe it is already a new year? Besides all the chaos from the end of the year activities, there is one thing I love about starting a new year and that is having a fresh start! January is National Get Organized (GO!) Month and I couldn’t think of any better way to start a new year! I personally love organizing things around the house, it really makes our day-to-day life run a lot smoother. So, to help you get your January started off on the right foot, I have compiled a few of my favorite organizing tricks!


Invest in a good set of baskets to serve as a home organizer for each room! I have several of these around my house and they are full of extra sheets, blankets and towels. You never know when you will need to grab that extra blanket for company or cuddle up on the couch.  I suggest having one for each!

Name Cards

When you have a lot of kids like I do, laundry and where it goes can be complicated. My step daughter and I made these super cute name cards on Canva (ps, it’s free) and I had them printed and laminated at Office Depot. I simply placed the cards on the drawers so when they go to put up their laundry, they all know which drawer it goes in! This keeps clothes organized and in the correct place.

Sole Mate Bag

Another tip for keeping laundry organized is a “sole mate bag”. This has helped me keep up with those missing and lost socks in such a great way! When doing laundry, all the socks that are missing their “mate”, go into the bag. At the end of each dry load, all the socks that were not paired get pulled out to find their “sole mate”. My 4-year-old loves going through the bag to find pairs!

Mom/Dad Binder

I know I have talked about this before, but it truly keeps my house organized! I have checklists for bills, my daily cleaning schedule, and everything else I need to keep my life organized. Having a binder to keep all your tasks and reminders allows you to maintain organization for your house and your life! And since you’re likely the organizer in your household – you should be able to find things that work for YOU.

Throw it away

Sometimes the best way to get organized it to just throw stuff away or make a donation to your local charity. Of course, if something has sentimental value you should find a place for it. Most of the items in our home really don’t have a purpose! I mean let’s start with that infamous junk drawer. I never understood it as a kid, but once I was an adult… it made perfect sense. A drawer to store all those odds and ends you may or may not need lol. To start getting organized, start with something simple like that dreaded drawer! It is quick and not overwhelming. This will keep you in a positive mind frame when getting ready to tackle the rest of the house!

Tackle this National Get Organized month with a few of these tricks and you will definitely be able to tell a difference in your home! Let us know if you have any special tricks you use to get organized!

From iFamily to Yours,

Nominate Your Favorite Places to Play, Eat, Learn & Shop for our iFamilyKC Readers’ Favorites Awards!

2018 iFamilyKC Readers’ Favorites

Our iFamilyKC readers are experts in “all things kid & family” in and around Kansas City. So we are asking YOU to tell us who your favorite family-friendly businesses are in KC. Whether you are new to Kansas City or were born and raised here, we know you appreciate recommendations for the best places in the Kansas City area to eat, shop, learn, play and to turn to for professional services.

Be sure to bookmark this guide so you can quickly reference the final results of our iFamilyKC Readers’ Favorites!

ifamilykc readers' favorites

Nominate Your Favorite Places

to Play, Eat, Learn & Shop for our

iFamilyKC Readers’ Favorites Awards!

Use the form below to nominate YOUR favorite local businesses, destinations & resources. Nominations will close on February 7, 2018. The top 5 nominees in each category will then be voted on, by our readers, to determine who is the 2018 Favorite. Voting will end February 25, 2018. Help us spread the word and get the best results by sharing the link to this nominations page.  The more participants we have, the better the data will be.

Simply by nominating your favorites, you are Entered2WIN for several different prizes including a family 4 pack of Disney on Ice tickets, 4 Science City tickets, or 4 tickets to The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station! We will have three separate winners.

By participating in our nominating process you are also opting into our eNews list in order to receive notification that voting has opened. You can opt out at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every email. Ready set, GO! Spread the word, share the fun! {Is there a category we should have included? Let us know! Email info@ifamilykc.com with suggestions} Nominations will be accepted from KC metro and surrounding areas.

Nitty gritty details: Nominations will be collected from you, our fantastic iFamilyKC readers, from now through February 7th, 2018. We will announce the nominees in an email (don’t worry about missing out, by filling out the nomination, we’ll add you to our inner circle so you’ll stay in the loop!) on or around February 10th, 2018 with details on how to vote for the Best of KC. Questions?! Send us an email anytime at info@ifamilykc.com. Happy nominating!

Mid-Month Motivator: New Year’s Resolution List Check In!

Good Morning, Kansas City! Now that we’re mid-way through the month, it’s time for our new year’s resolution check in. We’re so blessed to have Connie on our team for your mid-month motivator today. As you know, Connie is our resident fitness guru here on the team and, like you, she’s got some lofty goals for the year. So come on it, let’s chat…


Mid-Month Motivator: New Year’s Resolution List Check In!

Resolution check in—how is it going?

Alright guys—how are we doing with our resolutions so far?  It’s only a couple of weeks into the new year and I already find myself struggling to find motivation some days.  January is hard for me.

I am happy to report that I have seen lots of new faces at both the gym I work out at and the gym I teach at.  It appears that lots of people have made fitness resolutions and are sticking to them so far.

Me, on the other hand, not so much.  Maybe I shouldn’t say that.  I have been working on my resolutions, they just aren’t coming along as quickly as I had hoped.  If you’re with me, maybe we can help each other out with a few tips.

Adjust your goals.

Maybe your resolution was to work out 5 days a week, but your schedule just isn’t allowing it.  Perhaps cut it back to 4 days a week, but make sure that those workouts are a bit revved up and more challenging.

Write it down.

Write your resolution down in a notebook, and check in with yourself.  If you have a day that is particularly rough, make note of why it was so challenging.  Focus on what you can do to have better luck tomorrow.  On the same note, write down your successes as well.  If you had a particularly kick butt resolution day, make note.  Maybe there are things about that day that you can carry over to others and continue kicking butt.

Change your resolution completely.

Sometimes we make resolutions because it’s what everyone else is doing, or because at that moment it seems like something that is really important to you, but turns out, it wasn’t really.  The bottom line is, if you aren’t committed and invested in your resolution, you most likely won’t stick with it.  So choose to make a change that you are invested in.  Maybe make a resolution to find a hobby you are really passionate about.  Try crafting or yoga or board games.  Try knitting or baking or take a cooking class.

Change is hard—remember that.

Don’t give up.  You can do it!  You just have to decide that you are going to.  Track everything and stay focused and try to remember why you started.  Commit to making small adjustments that will get you closer to your goal. Add more veggies to your plate at dinner and less starch.  Eat one more piece of fruit every day for a week.  Remind yourself to make good choices every day.

The year has just begun—lets stay on track together.

From iFamily to Yours,


Kansas City Museums Guide: 2018 Edition

KC is known for many things, but what about the Kansas City museums you can visit year round? From the Chiefs and Royals, to delicious barbecue & rich history, KC has lots to offer families! Check out these family-friendly museums around KC that you can enjoy any time of year.

Find Your Family’s Favorite Museums

There are SO many Kansas City Museums to Choose From!


kansas city museums


Growing up, I was familiar with a few Kansas City museums. Since then, I realized there are TONS of museums to explore with my kids right here in KC! Whether you’re into American history, the history of clothing and garments, or baseball history, Kansas City offers options for museums near me.

So, get out there and learn something new at one of the museums Kansas City has to offer! Some admissions are even FREE. Consequently, we’ve compiled your 2018 museum guide to help you navigate the best Kansas City museum attractions this year. Use our interactive map to guide you and your family on your next adventure!. Take a look…



National World War 1 Museum

2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City | MO 64108-4616

Steeped in history, the National World War I Museum and Memorial is America’s only museum dedicated to sharing the stories of the Great War through the eyes of those who lived it.

Interactive displays, thought-provoking films and eyewitness testimonies help guide visitors through one of the largest collections of WWI artifacts in the world.

From the first shots fired in 1914 to the last attempts at peace in 1919, this award-winning museum offers a global perspective of “The War to End All Wars,” and includes firsthand accounts from the battlefield and home front alike.

Plan your visit to the National World War I Museum today, and learn why the First World War wasn’t the last.

College Basketball Experience

1401 Grand Blvd, Sprint Center | Kansas City, MO 64106-2917

INTERACTIVE is what sets The College Basketball Experience apart from any other museum in the world. Don’t just come and see! Get off the bench and get completely immersed in the game! Explore all our interactive activities online & plan to visit The CBE soon!

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

4525 Oak St. | Kansas City, MO 64111-1818

The Nelson-Atkins is a gathering place for people to share and contemplate the greatest creations of humankind. Free admission gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and understand the finest visual arts.

Kansas City Museum

3218 Gladstone Blvd | Kansas City, MO 64123-1199

The Kansas City Museum, located at 3218 Gladstone Blvd., KCMO 64123, is currently working on Stage I Construction, which includes the restoration and renovation of Corinthian Hall (the mansion) into a leading-edge 21st-century museum of Kansas City’s history and cultural heritage.

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

5235 Oak St (Across from Univ of Kansas City) | Kansas City, MO 64112-2877

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures educates, inspires, and delights adults and children through the museum’s collection and preservation of toys and miniatures.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

4420 Warwick Blvd | Kansas City, MO 64111-1821

Kansas City’s acclaimed, FREE contemporary art museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1994 and draws more than 100,000 visitors each year. The Museum boasts a rapidly growing Permanent Collection of modern and contemporary works of art from around the world, and hosts exhibitions, installations, film and video series, lectures, concerts, workshops, and other creative programs.

American Jazz Museum

1616 East 18th Street | Kansas City, MO 64108-1610

Located in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District in Kansas City, MO, the American Jazz Museum showcases the sights and sounds of jazz through interactive exhibits and films, the Changing Gallery exhibit space, Horace M. Peterson III Visitors Center, Blue Room jazz club and Gem Theater. Since its inception in 1997, the Museum hosts thousands of students, scholars, musicians and fans of the arts for over 200 performances, education programs, special exhibitions, community events and more each year, providing an opportunity to learn about the legends, honor their legacy, or simply enjoy the sounds of modern day jazz.

Negro League Baseball Museum

1616 East 18th Street  | Kansas City, MO 64108-1610

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was founded in 1990 in Kansas City, Missouri. It is a privately funded museum dedicated to preserving the history of Negro league baseball in America.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

400 Grand Blvd | Kansas City, MO 64106-1111

When the mighty Steamboat Arabia sank near Kansas City on September 5, 1856, she carried 200 tons of mystery cargo. Lost for 132 years, its recovery in 1988 was like finding the King Tut’s Tomb of the Missouri River. Remarkably preserved clothes, tools, guns, dishware and more. The discovery was truly a modern day treasure-hunting story at its best.

Union Station

30 West Pershing Road | Kansas City, MO 64108-2410

The 100 year old Union Station is a hub of culture, education, and entertainment. Visit traveling national exhibits, 3D movies on the Extreme Screen, or explore our world in Science City, or enjoy a cup of coffee or a special meal in this beautiful, historic building. Union Station has something for everyone in the family.

The Money Museum

1 Memorial Dr | Kansas City, MO 64108-4604

Walk-in guests are welcome any time. Reservations are not required. Our free, walk-in experience allows you to see all of the exhibits, the Cash Processing and Vault viewing area, and our audio tour and iPad scavenger hunt are available for use.

National Airline History Museum

201 NW Lou Holland Dr | Kansas City, MO 64116-4223

We hope you can find time to visit our Museum with your friends and family in the near future to see whats happening at Hangar 9.  The heart of Kansas City plays host to our piece of history and we encourage you to keep an eye on our events schedule above to know whats going on at Hangar 9.

Kansas City Garment District Museum

801 Broadway Blvd | Kansas City, MO 64105-1596

The KCM@HGD provides 3,300 square feet for exhibitions, programs, and events, and it is adjacent to Garment District Place Park. In addition, the KCM@HGD is across the street from the Historic Garment District Museum, a 1,000 square-foot space located at 801 Broadway in the historic Poindexter Building at the northeast corner of 8th St. and Broadway Blvd.

Shoal Creek Living History Museum

7000 NE Barry Rd | Kansas City, MO 64156-1278

Nestled quietly on 80 acres out of the 1,000 acres that makes up Hodge ParkThe museum has 21 structures with 17 authentic 19th century buildings dating from 1807-1885.  Our historic log cabins and homes were relocated from surrounding counties to create a village setting. 

Leila’s Hair Museum

1333 S Noland Rd | Independence, Missouri 64055

Leila’s Hair Museum is the only hair museum in the world, boasting over 600 hair wreaths and over 2000 pieces of jewelry made of human hair. First-time visitors to the museum usually don’t know what to expect. There is no exact date that can be pinpointed as to when and where hair art began, but it is known to have flourished in the Victorian times and can be traced back to the 12th century. Many pieces were for a memorial purpose; however this art form was also used as a keepsake of a loved one before cameras were invented. Hair was a token of love in these times as well as a remembrance of someone who passed away. The tradition of giving a lock of hair goes back hundreds, and even thousands of years and can be traced from different cultures as well as different time periods.

Museum at Prairiefire

5801 W. 135th Street | Overland Park KS 66223

The Museum at Prairiefire features rotating natural history-based exhibitions, curated by the world-renowned scientists of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City. Museum at Prairiefire exhibitions rotate semi-annually and feature fossils, historical artifacts, and state-of-the-art interactives for visitors of all ages.

Johnson County Museum

8788 Metcalf Ave | Overland Park, KS, 66212

The Johnson County Museum began as an all-volunteer organization in 1967 with the mission of collecting, preserving and sharing the history of Johnson County with its community. Originally located in Shawnee in the 1,500 square foot 1927 Greenwood School, the museum expanded at the site to a 20,000 sq. ft. facility.

Belger Arts Center

Belger Building, 3rd Floor 2100 Walnut Street | Kansas City, MO 64108-1885

The John and Maxine Belger family created a 501C3 foundation to educate the public regarding the work of artists including, but not exclusive to William Christenberry, Terry Winters, Robert Stackhouse, William Wiley, Terry Allen, Renee Stout, and Jasper Johns. The Collection spans their careers allowing study of their work and their creative processes. The Collections are available for loan to art institutions and museums throughout this country and abroad. In addition to sharing the collection we curate new exhibitions throughout the year. All of this is free to the public. We also use our facilities to partner with other art-related organizations for their art related events. We are conveniently located in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District.

American Royal Museum

1701 American Royal Court | Kansas City, MO 64102

American Royal Museum and Visitors Center. Hands-on, interactive museum of agricultural history. The American Royal is Kansas City’s famed barbecue, rodeo, horse and livestock show venue.

TWA Museum

10 Richards Rd #110 | Kansas City, MO 64116

The mission of the TWA Museum is to provide information to the public emphasizing the story, history and importance of the major role TWA played in pioneering commercial aviation. From the birth of airmail to the inception of passenger air travel, to the post-WWII era of global route expansion, TWA led the way for 75 years.


Quick reminder to always check ahead of time for hours, pricing and any FAQ’s you may have. I hope you found this guide helpful when planning your next family outing!

From iFamily to Yours,

Family Fun at the Movies: Paddington 2 Review

Winter is my favorite time to catch a movie indoors with my family. We love heading out to our local theater, sharing some hot popcorn, and catching the latest kid friendly flick. We had the chance to send some of YOU along for an early screening of the brand new Paddington 2 movie before it hit theaters nationwide. Liz, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad, was along for the ride with you and shares her thoughts today on the blog AND we’ve got an EXCITING giveaway going on this month over on our website! To enter for a Paddington 2 PRIZE PACK, go to iFamilyKC.com and click on the blue “ENTER TO WIN” box on the right hand side of the page. But first, don’t miss this great review from Liz! Take a look…

paddington 2

Paddington 2: A Movie Review!

My 3 year daughter and I could not contain our excitement about seeing this movie. And truly, it did not disappoint. The original Paddington has been played many times in our house. I practically know it by heart, so I could not wait to see how Paddington’s future with the Brown family turns out.

Paddington, now happily settled in with the Brown family and a popular member of the neighborhood picks up odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen.  The chase to finding the book will have you on the edge of your seat, but the sweet humor and giggles from the little ones around will ease you back into your bucket of popcorn.

No worries if you have missed the first Paddington, which is still sitting in Netflix! The movie takes you back to Paddington’s childhood in Peru and gives a quick summary of all the lives he has touched in London.

This movie is the perfect sequel to the first.  Paddington’s kind and gentle manner will completely steal your heart while forgetting that Paddington is a sweet talking animated bear. Everyone around him cannot help but love the little bear as he finds the good in everyone.

In the words of Paddington, “If we are kind and polite, the world will be right.”

From iFamily to Yours,




Learn How Reinforcing Positive Behaviors Will Change the Way You Parent

Searching for parenting tips to encourage positive behaviors in your kids this year? You’re not alone. We’ve been researching negative reinforcement vs. positive reinforcement and have some great ideas for reinforcing good behavior in your kids. Take a look…
reinforcing positive behaviors

Reinforcing Positive Behaviors Will Change the Way You Parent

Let’s face it: When you have three kids to corral (or even one), behavior can sometimes get in the way of fun. It’s not always as negative as it sounds. In some instances, behavior could be hitting, fighting or just not listening. Sometimes reinforcing behaviors just helps nudge stubbornness or helps your child get their school work done in a timely manner or even just to clean their room but there’s a big different between positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. While negative reinfocement can sometimes be usefull in stopping certain behaviors, positive reinforcement rewards and encourages great behavior while simultaniously lifting the child up and building their confidence.

How does reinforcing positive behavior help?

Whichever your reason, positive reinforcement can help in many situations. It also sets a precedent for future learning and responsibility in a better light. If you are looking for a new strategy to change your game at home, then these parenting tips may work for you.

This fall our family tried a new strategy. We created a ticket reinforcement system where our kids can earn tickets for helping out around the house, getting homework done, playing nicely, getting a good report from school, sharing and so on. They collect tickets throughout the week and then at the end of the week they can earn a big reward. There is also a smaller ticket prize in their pouch they can earn sooner to keep them motivated. Each week we change out the prizes so they don’t get bored. Nothing that we do costs much. For example, the small prize is currently a sticker sheet with their favorite characters on it. The big prize can sometimes be a surprise, a trip out for ice cream or a fun family activity on Sundays.

What’s the objective?

They key objective of this plan is reinforcing your child’s behavior immediately for what you want them to do. The more immediate the reward then the bigger impact it will have on your child. When my 9 year old comes home and does his homework without piddling around, he earns a ticket for getting things done timely.

My 6 year old can earn a ticket for sharing nicely with her little sister and my youngest can earn a ticket by taking her nap without a fight. If they do something positive on the fly then then earn a bonus ticket. I give them a ticket for doing something helpful without being asked to do it first or for using their manners without being reminded to do so. This strategy also works if you want to target one specific behavior at a time. We choose many things because it helps them feel accomplished.

On the flip side, they can also earn a natural consequence. A natural consequence, rather than negative reinforcement, is where they receive a consequence for their actions that doesn’t require us to do anything extra. For example, if the kids are all earning tickets to receive ice cream on Sunday, but one of the kids doesn’t earn their tickets that week…then the natural consequence is that they get to go with us to our destination but they don’t get any ice cream on that outing. Sometimes natural consequences are the best reinforcement because generally kids don’t like to be left out of things.

What You’ll Need:


coins, tickets, tokens, etc.


a jar, baggies, paper pocket, etc.


White board, dry erase marker (paper and pen works too)


Small: stickers, quarter machine toy, candy..etc

Big: Family outing, Ice cream, extra tv..etc.

And a kid or two or three, of course. 

The best part of this is that you can tweak it to meet your family needs or in a way that best captures the interest of your child.

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How to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a young preacher who dedicated his short life to the ideals of “freedom and justice for all.”  He was a gifted orator and a vital figure in American history.  On the third Monday of every year, we take time to honor his legacy.  This year, the holiday will be observed on January 15th, 2018. We’ve got the scoop on ways you can honor Dr. King with your family on MLK Day this year. Take a look…

How to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr

Cleaver Family YMCA Volunteering

Kansas Citians honor Dr. King in a myriad of ways.  Many people consider King Holiday to be “A Day On, Not A Day Off.  As such, many people set this day aside to participate in community service projects.  Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, is hosting one such event at the Cleaver Family YMCA, where there will opportunities for service for the entire family.  This event offers the chance to do everything from making birthday bags, to making memorial hearts for those in an area hospice.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City also commemorates the holiday with nearly two weeks’ worth events culminating with a mass celebration on January 15th, at the Palestine Missionary Baptist Church at 3619 E 35th St, and awards dinner on January 17th.  For more information, check out their website at .

Motocade for Hunger

In Kansas City, Kansas, there will be a Motorcade for Hunger starting at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 417 Richmond.  The goal is to collect 5000 cans of food.  The motorcade will travel to the Reardon Center at where the annual King Day celebration will be held.  The celebration will include a 200-voice mass choir, and scholarships will be presented to more than 30 area high school seniors.  The keynote speaker will Dr. Calvin Butts III.  Dr. Butts is the pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series

Later in the month, Dr. Joy Degruy will be speaking as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture series at the University of Missouri Kansas City.  Dr. Degruy is scheduled to speak on January 30th.  The cost of the event is $7.00 for community members.  Students of the university can attend for free.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an important figure in American History.  It is important that we honor his legacy, celebrate his accomplishments, and keep his dream alive.

From iFamily to Yours,