Red Sparrow [Movie Review]

Ladies, grab your spouse or gal pals! This juicy spy thriller will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire movie. If you are in need of a flick that doesn’t revolve around Elsa and Ana or other cartoons, this is it.

red sparrow


The intro to the movie revolves around Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Dominika, having a traumatic ending to her ballet career. With no way to support herself or her mother, Dominika is recruited by her uncle to help a secret intelligent service with an assignment. When things go south, she is given the choice of a quiet death or to enroll in the “Sparrow School,” which trains young Russians to spy, using seduction and manipulation.

The movie is a cold war adventure mixed with hints of feminist revenge.  Dominika is assigned to find a Russian mole who is giving information back to an American CIA agent, Nate Nash.  Dominika’s uncle believes she is up for the task but the Americans soon learn who she is and believe they can turn her to the US side. Her and the American spy spend the movie out trying to wit one another. However, Dominika always has her own agenda. It was fun to keep track of the puzzle pieces left by double crossing agents, who continue to double cross one another. I am thankful my husband was there to answer my questions when I got confused. (the puzzle was hard to solve)

My heart was racing the entire movie, while I debated whose side Dominika was actually on – the Russian spies or the CIA operative. All the while trying to solve who is the mole? Some scenes of the movie, such as the violent and seductive acts are a little much to watch if you are not into that.  If gore and torture sessions are not your thing, I would not recommend committing to this movie or you may spend some time covering your eyes, like I did.

In the end, I did enjoy watching Dominika get revenge on every man who used and abused her. The suspenseful sequence of events will keep you guessing till the end; definitely worthy of a night out to the theatre!


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