4 Tips to Battle Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Pregnancy can be tough. Your body is thrown into constant crazy changes for 9 months, and while it leads us to the wonderful realm of parenthood, it’s still not all that glamorous. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Emily shares some of her own tips and tricks to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Check it out..

.4 Tips to Battle Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

4 Tips to Battle Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Eight hours a day, on your feet, always seem to drag on. Add being pregnant, and sometimes work can be unbearable. Swollen ankles, tired feet, sore backs, and constantly hoping you won’t have morning sickness at work. I’ve put together a list of ways to help alleviate the occasional discomforts that come with pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Google, Pinterest, and probably your mother in law all have various ideas for dealing with morning sickness while pregnant. Some ideas to help you at work include chewing peppermint gum and using ginger or lemon drops. It is also helpful to keep hydrated and have small snacks throughout the day. I kept a stash of peppermint tea, crackers, nuts, and granola bars close by. Frequent snacking led to less nausea for me. I always craved ice cold water so I bought a new water bottle and kept it cold at all times. Along with morning sickness, I was  (and still am) frequently dizzy or light headed. Make sure you take frequent breaks and inform coworkers that you may need to take a moment to sit down.


This pregnancy has completely drained my energy from the start. I stopped drinking caffeine, so I struggled with that for a while as well. My advice for fatigue is to take multiple short breaks if possible instead of one long break. I would suggest moving around, taking a brief walk, or stretching if you are confined to one area. Talk to your employer to see if it is possible to take a later shift. I always try to go to bed as early as possible and usually you will find me napping as soon as I get home from work. Bonus: chewing peppermint tea will not only help alleviate morning sickness, but it can also perk you up as you work.

4 Tips to Battle Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Tired/Swollen Feet

I’ve found that my feet hurt so much worse now that I’m pregnant and working on my feet. To help combat the pain, it is important to take shorter, frequent breaks. I keep a stool nearby to lift one foot at a time and alleviate the pain. My next step will be purchasing better shoes with supportive soles and using compression hose to prevent swelling. The second I step inside my house, my shoes come off and my feet go up.

Back Ache

As your belly continues to grow, it is important to have proper support. Make sure you avoid lifting anything heavy as advised by your physician and be sure to use proper lifting techniques. Always bend at the knees. Use a maternity belt or wrap to help support your growing stomach in the second and third trimester. I find that swimming usually helps alleviate pain after a few days of work.


The most important thing is to listen to your body and accommodate the needs of you and your baby. Discuss other options and ideas with your physician and employer. Let’s hear from you! What are some tips that you have for pregnant women to help handle pregnancy and working at the same time?

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