4 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank

Howdy, Kansas City! Holidays can get expensive, and we here at iFamilyKC are always looking for ways to save you all money (and time!) Our great Mom Squad Ambassador, Erin, has some fantastic tips to help save you some cash this Halloween and still enjoy your holiday! Take a look.

4 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank

4 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank 

Are you ready for the big night? Less than a week left to get your costume, candy, dinner and munchies ready! Not to mention school parties, trunk or treat community events and anything other Halloween activities you might be participating in! When you think Halloween, do you see $$$ in your head? It can get expensive pretty quickly, especially if you have multiple children! But, never fear, we’re here to save the day with the following tips to keep your bank happy on Halloween!


Halloween Costumes

This will probably be your biggest expense. Before going out to buy a brand new $50 costume at the local party or costume shop, think twice. Two words: thrift store. Thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes is perfect if you have little ones under 4 that don’t necessarily have a costume preference yet. Just tonight, I found the perfect super cute little puppy costume for my 21 month old son! Also, check the Facebook swap shops and marketplace where you can search for a specific costume. LOTS of people are selling their worn-for-an-hour Halloween costume at fantastic prices! One last tip: Dollar Tree is a great place to find accessories and makeup for costumes!


4 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank



Gotta be ready for the trick-or-treaters, right? This is where a little couponing action comes in handy! Compare sales at discount and drug stores and clip coupons from the Sunday paper to save big on candy! Another tip: If you know you might only get a small amount of trick or treaters, you can buy smaller bags of candy at Dollar Tree. And lastly, don’t buy your candy too much ahead of time because if your house is anything like mine, little hands (and big hands) might wipe out your stash weeks before the first door bell chimes!


Dinner and Snacks 


Have an idea in your head what you will serve on Halloween night before heading out. We do a big pot of chili or taco soup and some chips and dip. Luckily this type of stuff is usually on sale starting in October when the weather turns colder. If you’re serving a crowd, buy in bulk! And again, coupons/store sales are your best friend. When it comes to Halloween dinner, since we are out and about, I tend to be a no frills kind of mom! In my opinion, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and time on food for super excited kiddos that might just eat a bite of chili and be done!


School Parties/Trunk or Treat events 


If you are planning your child’s school Halloween party or taking part in a community or your church’s trunk or treat event, check out these tips! Psst – Here’s a little secret! One of the BEST year round money saving strategies is to buy off season. When the Halloween stuff goes on sale November 1st, buy the things you’ll need for next year! Those little trinkets for goody bags, paper goods, games and pretty much all the essentials for a school party/trunk or treat will be on sale at 50% or more. Also, SHARE the expenses with another parent or church member. Check thrift stores and dollar store/dollar bins at the grocery or discount stores. And lastly, ask the teacher or church member to send an email to the parents and community asking for donations.
If you have some tips you’d like to add on how your family saves money on Halloween, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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4 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank

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