FREE ACT Practice Test for College Bound 11th Graders!

Help us spread the word, moms!  College Nannies & Tutors of Overland Park invites college-bound 11th graders to take a practice ACT test to gauge their current achievement level and readiness for college entrance exams.

Most colleges require every candidate to provide, along with an extensive application, results either on the ACT or SAT test.  The ACT is designed to provide college admissions officers with two things: an evaluation of readiness for academic success in college, and a common yardstick to use in comparing students from a wide range of educational backgrounds.

“Putting time into preparation for the ACT is valuable because it builds confidence, reduces test anxiety, and reveals the student’s strengths and areas of improvement from each practice test to the next,” says Heather Abello, Franchise Support Specialist with College Nannies & Tutors Development.  “College admissions tests should be taken seriously by students because they can bolster a college application.  In some cases, schools will offer scholarships for scores that are in the top five to ten percentile.”

The Free Practice ACT will be given November 20, 2010 and January 29, 2011 at the College Tutor’s Overland Park Learning Center, beginning at 8:45am.  The tests will start at 9am; the ACT will conclude at 12:15pm.  The College Tutors Overland Park Learning Center mimics the setting and timing of the actual ACT test.  Students will grade their own test immediately upon completion and will leave with their results.  Suggestions for study plans will also be provided to students interested in increasing their scores.  Parents are required to attend a 15-minute informational session, while their student grades their test, at 12:30pm.

“The value of knowing your benchmark score on an ACT– without having to take it under real testing conditions – is that it is a more accurate predictor of a student’s capability on this test than the PLAN,” says Heather.  The PLAN is a preliminary ACT given in the fall of 10th grade.

To register, please contact College Nannies & Tutors at the Overland Park Learning Center at (913)754-3633, or send an email to  Registration closes by 3pm the Friday before each test.