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The little book with BIG resources!

Family fun Ninja Warrior Course comes to town!

Family fun Ninja Warrior Course comes to town!

Am I the only one who watches American Ninja Warrior and thinks “I could so totally do that?”  Or at least “I would so love to try to do that?”  Well, good news—your ninja dreams are about to come true.  Sky Zone Lee’s Summit has just remodeled and added an all new Ninja Warrior section to their already amazing facility.  I was psyched to try it out, and so were my kids.

Family Fun in KC

My family and I attended Warrior Weekend earlier this month.  My kids were literally jumping up and down as soon as they saw all the cool new attractions.  Not to mention, they got to meet an American Ninja Warrior contestant “in real life MOM!!!”   The Classy Ninja was hanging out and helping participants through the course and completing it himself to the delight and awe of the crowd.

The first obstacle we attempted was the Ninja Warrior course, which included some hanging barrels, ropes, swings and all sorts of assorted upper body challenges.  It was a little tough for my 5 & 7 year old, but they enjoyed attempting it.  The staff was fantastic about helping them though and encouraging them to keep going.  For older kids and adults, it was challenging and fun.  The Classy Ninja basically made the course look like a cake walk, but that’s why he’s awesome, right?  The course allows you to jump through/past some of the more difficult obstacles if you have the legs for it, giving adults and older children an advantage.  Upper body is not my strength, so I pretty much gave myself an A for effort on this one.

Next, my son wanted to attempt the Warped Wall.  There are three different heights at Sky Zone’s new warped wall, and if you can make it to the top, you get to push a fun button like the one on the show and some fog comes out, making you feel like the Ultimate Champion.  Or at least that’s what people told me who made it to the top.  I’m going to blame my bum knee for this one, because I can, but in reality, I clearly haven’t done enough ninja training to master this one yet.  But it was really fun to attempt it and watching my son do a little happy dance when he made it up made it all worthwhile.  The fireman’s pole you get to slide down once you make it is definitely an added bonus.

I knew better than to even attempt Free Climb, the rock climbing wall, but it looked like a fun challenge.  There was plenty of staff there to help get people safely on and off the wall and my 7-year-old made it about half way up before he decided he wanted to move on.

Our final stop was the foam pit that houses both the Sky Joust and the Sky Ladder.  This was by far my kids’ favorite spot.  My 5 year old was determined to master the Sky Ladder by crawling, and she never made it past the second rung.  It’s a rope ladder suspended at varying heights across a foam pit.  This was another one I did not attempt, but looked like what I imagine it must be like to try to wrestle a pig.  Lots of trying to balance and hold yourself upright, while the ladder constantly shifts underneath you.  My kid couldn’t get enough.  My 7 year old’s eyes lit up when he saw the jousting.  Probably because I rarely let him play with swords at home.  You balance on a Bosu Ball on top of a pillar and try to knock your opponents off into the foam.  Let me just say, this was my favorite.  Something about being up so tall and getting to knock people around with a jousting stick made my day.  And my son giggled so hard he snorted, so that was a win for me.

You have to go check out the new attractions.  They add some much needed variety to an already highly entertaining venue.  My kids did get worn out after about 40 minutes in the “Ninja Zone” as they called it and spent the last bit of our hour jumping on the trampolines and playing dodgeball, but again, isn’t that the point?  They were sweaty and tired by the time we left.  They slept well that night and thanked me profusely for taking them.

For more information on Sky Zone’s brand new attractions, visit them online at SkyZone.com/LeesSummit

From iFamily to Yours,

How to Know if Your Child is at Risk.

We all know that our kids grow up fast, and it seems like childhood flashes by in the blink of an eye. It’s important that we make the most of the time we have with them when they are little and follow their development as they grow. That’s why well check-ups at the doctor and dental appointments are a great resource for making sure our kids are on track and healthy. Despite these appointments, sometimes kids with challenges or exceptionalities get lost in the shuffle because it is hard to catch everything in a short visit. As parents, it’s easy to forget to mention a concern to the doctor or we just aren’t sure what the risk factors are. That’s okay! We are doing the best we can to protect and care for our children.

child at risk

How to Know if Your Child is at Risk

So how do you know if your child is at risk? Maybe you have some concerns, but you aren’t sure if they are valid. Or maybe you just want to make sure that your child is developing normally. Either way, there are some different options, not in any particular order.

  1. Centers for Disease Control

The CDC has a developmental check list that you can look at by your child’s age online and in a printable form. They also have an app and a quick survey to see if your child may be at risk. The survey “Learn the signs. Act early.” materials are not a substitute for standardized, validated developmental screening tools. It is not a true evaluation of your child but it can get you started.

  1. Your Child’s Pediatrician

Make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician. Put together all of your concerns and discuss them with your child’s doctor. They can refer you to a local early childhood screening program if they agree with your concerns.

  1. You Child’s School

You can refer your child to your local public school special education department or infant and toddler services.

Early childhood special education programs: What can they do?

Each state and county has a screening process through the public-school district as part of a nationwide program called Child Find. Each district/county/state may set it up a little differently or even use a different title but the program is there to identify kids at risk. These screenings are geared for early childhood age children birth through age 5. The screening is free in our area and it helps to identify whether your child is on track or not. Following that screening, your child may be eligible for a developmental evaluation in one or more areas: social-emotional development, speech and language, fine and gross motor, self-help skills or pre-academics.

Alternatively, if your child passes then they may be eligible to be a peer model in a preschool classroom-depending on your district’s policy. For details about this process in your specific area, contact your local public school district’s special education department for kids ages 3-5 or your local Infant and Toddler Services program for age’s birth to three.

If my child qualifies for special education, does that label them for life?

The simple answer is yes, no and maybe. If your child receives special education services, that does not always mean they will require them for life or for the duration of their education. It really depends on your child and their specific needs. Getting your child help at an early age increases the chances that they won’t need services later on. It’s best not to be shy about asking for help, and act early for the benefit of your child! For any further questions contact your local school district or state department of education. You can also find some information online by state or by district.

From iFamily to Yours,

All About Loose Park – Your Guide to Kansas City Outdoor FUN!

Are you on the hunt for a great, fun park in Kansas City? Brigette, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad team is sharing some details about a large park off of Wornall Road today on the blog. Take a look…

All About Loose Park – Your Guide to Kansas City Outdoor FUN!

Loose Park Guide - Kansas City, Missouri

Welcome to Loose Park!

Just because it’s Fall, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great outdoors- And one place you should definitely enjoy this Autumn is Jacob L. Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. Located off of Wornall Road, you’ve probably driven by this gorgeous park dozens of times in Kansas City (I know I see it all the time). While you can only admire certain attributes from afar, you may not know what lies behind the trees and entrance of this grand park. So, before you head out for a family outing or a leisurely walk, here is a little more information about Loose Park that you may have not known!

Loose Park Guide

A bit about Loose Park

First a little history on Loose Park, it is “ a major site for the Battle of Westport where Confederate forces were routed by Union forces in the area in which the park is now located. It is estimated that 29,000 people were involved in the battle. The property at that time was owned by William Bent, a man who led wagon trains and traded with the Indians.” -KCPARKS.ORG

At just about 75 acres, Loose Park is one of the largest and, in my opinion, one of the best parks in Kansas City for all types of ages and lifestyles. If your family is active, you can enjoy a spacious playground, a volleyball court, tennis court and (in the summer months) a spray ground!

Loose Park Guide - Kansas City, Missouri

My kids love the playground! Especially because of the sand pit and mini rock wall. Not to mention, I enjoy the swings as well. We haven’t had the opportunity to play in the spray ground (pictured above) yet, but it looks perfect for smaller kids! My family is pretty active, especially my son, so the open spaces and hills are perfect for him to burn off his arsenal of energy!

Loose Park Guide - Kansas City, Missouri

If you and your family like to enjoy spending time watching birds, taking in the scenery, or enjoying a leisurely stroll there are plenty of ways to do that, too. You can explore the Kansas City Municipal Rose Garden, walk along park wide trails or sit and look over the lake. There are plenty of benches spread throughout the park. During the Fall, the fountains may not always be on, but it still is a sight to see! Just ask the dog that jumped in to get a fish last week!

Loose Park Guide - Kanas City, Missouri

During these Fall months, Loose Park is ideal for family photos and relaxing picnics as well. I am definitely one of those moms that thinks she is a pro photographer lol. I love taking my camera to the park and snapping photos of my kids. Loose Park is the perfect backdrop for that, especially during the Fall when the trees are at their loveliest.

Loose Park Guide - Kansas City, Missouri

So whether you are looking to get out and play or enjoy the scenery, consider heading to Jacob L. Loose Park! The park is open everyday from 5am to midnight, so you can definitely make a day out of it! Happy trails!

Tips for Your Trip from other Parents

  • Loose Park is a fun place for a picnic in Kansas City!
  • Recycling is NOW available at Loose Park – Be sure to protect the environment during your visit.
  • Shelter rentals at the park are available May through October each year. Book early so you don’t miss out!
  • The park opens at 5am, so if you’re on the hunt for an early morning outdoor jog – Check it out!

Loose Park is located at: 5200 Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64112

Do you have tips or questions about the park?!

Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

From iFamily to Yours,

A Great Spot for a Day Hike in Kansas City

One of our favorite weekend activities is to explore the various hiking trails around Kansas City. This last week we went back out to Cave Springs in Raytown.  This is one of our favorite places to hike. It has a lot of “attractions” that make it fun for the kids and allows for multiple destinations. That is one of the more difficult parts about hiking in Missouri.  It seems like there are no destinations to the hikes. Missouri day hiking doesn’t offer the breathless views at the summit. The following are our favorite destinations on this hike.

The Cave

This is always our first stop when we come because when you go to a park named Cave Springs it just seems right that the cave is your first stop. While the cave is not much to look at and could probably only fit five adults, it is the perfect cave to spark intrigue and imagination in kids. It allows them to test their courage by entering the cave with no real threat that comes with more traditional spelunking. My oldest daughter gets a little bit braver with each visit, making it the perfect Goldilocks challenge.

The Cascades

I am not totally sure what the true definition of a cascade is or if this would qualify. The name and the pictures on the internet make one think they are going to witness a real piece of grandeur. However, I do think this “waterfall” destination is dependent on the weather. We have seen the stream and fall at several different levels. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful landscape and makes for great pictures in the morning. It is similar to the cave in that in the mind of a child it is just big enough. It offers those perfect challenges that nature is so great at providing. The challenge being to walk up the stream on top of rocks so that your mom can get a picture. The fun and imagination keeps building with the next destination.

The Chimneys

While this last stop is not one made by nature but rather man, it is no less intriguing. As you walk up the trail you start see chimneys in the woods of to the sides of the trail until you come to a clearing that is full of old brick chimneys, the houses long gone. If your little explorer’s imagination isn’t sparked to life by the ruins am not sure what it would take. We read the sign to our daughters and they decided to memorize that, so they haven’t come up with crazy stories to explain the strange chimneys. This is where we usually do snack. You cannot take little people on a hike and not pack some snacks, it would be mutiny for sure.


There is a Scout Camp with a tree house right before the above-mentioned cave, but we have never gone to play on it. Or at least that is what it looks like from the trail. This could also be a highlight destination along the hike. But like I said I don’t know much about it as we have never ventured over to it.

The other bonus that is really fun about this hike is “Raytown Rocks”.  These are painted rocks that are hidden along the trail. If you find one you are supposed to carry it with you and re-hide as you hike.  Or at least that is what we do. The kids love this because it is like a treasure hunt.  They get to try and find a good hiding spot before we leave. We always go and check the spot when we come back to see if the rock is still there. This is a lot of fun for the kids!

This is a great place if you are new to hiking because it is close to town, it is one of the cleanest trails in the metro that we have been on, and it is a series of loops (so if you walk long enough you will always end up back at your car!) Seasoned hikers will also find this to be a fun hike because the trails loop and cross enough that you could put together a substantial hike and not have seen the same scenery over and over. Getting kids outside and on trails is a must in my book, the fresh air does amazing things to their personality and they get so many opportunities to test their courage and strengthens their decision-making skills for the rest of their lives. What are your favorite trails or hacks for taking small children out into nature?

From iFamily to Yours,

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  It’s a time to bring awareness to pregnancy loss and grief.  Bridgette shares some tips from her own personal journey to find comfort and healing.

pregnancy and infant loss awareness month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is a month of many national days and is a month with many awareness’s. One of them being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. As a mom that has suffered through this, and at times still suffers from the aftermath of it, I still have my moments where it can be a struggle. Over on my personal blog, I have shared my story before and you can read it here.

While it’s nice to hear one’s story for a little comfort or support knowing you are not alone, it still takes time to heal and fully move on. After having a miscarriage during my second pregnancy, I have found ways to keep a positive outlook on our loss and heal from the pain of losing a child.

Talk about it

One thing that keeps me at peace is talking about it. When you go through something as painful as losing a child or anyone for that matter, keeping your emotions bottled up will never allow you to fully heal.


Accepting the fact that your precious baby won’t be in your arms hurts. But once you are able to accept that fact, you will be able to move on with your life. I know firsthand this is easier said than done. It took me a while to accept this fact and it even made me ponder the thought that I was done with wanting to have another child. I wasn’t sure if I was emotionally ready to take that chance again. Thankfully I was.


Whatever you believe in or whoever you believe in, faith is always important. Have faith that you will heal, have faith that it will get easier to move on, have faith that when the time is right you will be able to conceive, adopt or accept your life for the way it is. Having faith brings more than hope to your life, it shines a light at the end of any tunnel.

You are not alone

Remember your spouse through this time. They suffered a loss as well so even if they are not showing it, there is hurt there as well. My husband isn’t an emotional guy…. at all. But I could tell there was some disappointment and shock during the first week.  Checking on him and how he was handling it made me “forget” about my pain for a moment. As women, we are natural nurturers, so when I wasn’t focused on what I was feeling but my husband or daughters I was able to laugh. I think that was one of the things that helped me the most, laughing with my Thai every day.

Share your experience

According to hopexchange.com, anywhere from 900,000 to 1 million women suffer from a miscarriage each year. Sharing your experience with those that are recovering from a miscarriage or having a difficult time moving forward can not only help them heal, but help you as well. When I first opened up about my loss last year, I had a flood of messages and comments thanking me for sharing my story. It even encouraged a few others to speak up and raise awareness. Once again, feeling like I was helping someone too the focus off my pain.

Losing a child will always be something that takes time to heal. When you think about your future, you never plan to have a miscarriage or give birth to a child that has already passed. So, taking the time to spread awareness and open up about the pain you feel are just stepping stones to a full recovery. It has been 7 years since I lost my baby and honestly it took years to be able to talk about it without crying. From time to time, I still feel that pain again, but my heart has healed, my life continues and I love and appreciate having my 4 kids even more knowing that I have been blessed to be their mother for even 1 day.

For help with healing and encouragement, you can visit the Hope Exchange website for articles and support.

From iFamily to Yours,

Work It Wednesday: 5 Ways to Prevent Over Training

Some signs of overtraining are obvious, while others you might not notice right away—muscle fatigue, persistent soreness, depression, elevated resting heart rate, loss of appetite, injury and insomnia are just a few of the warning signs. Luckily overtraining can be easily solved.  Connie, from our iFamily Mom & Dad Squad shares some tips on how you can prevent over training.  Take a look!

prevent over training

5 Ways to Prevent Over Training

I work out for a living.  It’s my job, it’s my passion, and it’s what keeps me sane.  But it is also something that I tend to do too much of.  There most definitely is too much of a good thing.  Working out too much or too hard can lead to injury, metabolism issues, and burn out.  It can cause fatigue.  You can make yourself sick. The dictionary states, “Overtraining is a common problem in weight training, but it can also be experienced by runners and other athletes. It occurs when the volume and intensity of the exercise exceeds an individual’s recovery capacity. They cease making progress, and can even begin to lose strength and fitness.”

It is easy, especially if you are focused on a weight loss or muscle mass goal or a race, to lose sight of your need to rest.  Your body needs time to recover from a hard workout, rebuild itself and rejuvenate.  How much rest you need definitely varies from person to person.  Certainly, the better shape you are in, the easier the more intense workouts seem, and then it seems logical to think that you need less rest.  But that is not the case.  All fitness levels, body types, etc. need rest to recover.

Take a rest day or two 

Training 5-6 days a week can produce great results, but you will see even better results when you allow yourself to rest at least one-two days a week.  Take a break from the gym and let your muscles recover.  Go back refreshed, refocused and ready to take on a hard workout.

Vary your training

If you are lifting weights, change up the muscles you are working every day.  If you lift chest and biceps Monday, move on to triceps and back Tuesday and then legs on Wednesday.  Continue rotating and that will allow your muscles to recover from a tough workout.

Make sure you are eating enough 

Proper calorie intake can make or break a workout routine.  You have to take in enough calories to support your body through your tough workouts.  If you are trying to cut weight, you still have to eat to keep your metabolism revved and your body nourished.  It’s when you are not eating enough that your body starts to stress and hold on to what little fat and calories it is getting, leading to weight gain and a sluggish metabolism.

Foam rollers and stretching 

Roll out some of your soreness using a foam roller.  This helps relieve the soreness and tightness of overtraining.  Make sure to stretch—muscles tend to get tight after a tough workout, leading to prolonged soreness and loss of flexibility.

Take a break 

If you are really starting to feel fatigued and rest days aren’t helping, there is nothing wrong with taking some time off.  Stay away from the gym for a week.  Or if you have been doing cardio, lighten it to just walking for a week.  Put down the weights and take up jogging for a week.  Just give yourself a break.  Let your muscles recover.  Let yourself relax.  The gym will still be there when you are ready to come back.

Overtraining is a hard topic for me.  I tend to do too much all the time.  Between teaching classes, trying to get in the weight lifting I want to everyday and then getting in my cardio, I am working out sometimes two and three times a day.  And I am the worst injured person you will ever meet.  I do not do well with being injured or sick, as both take me out of my routine.  I have to remind myself that while exercise is good for me and what I enjoy, my body also needs rest.

Taking a rest day will not cause me to lose all my muscle mass.   If I miss one run or one stair stepper session I will not lose my cardio endurance .  I have to constantly tell myself to give it a rest and let myself recover.  I can’t teach when I am injured and I’m not a very good instructor if I am overly tired, so I am learning to find the balance there.

From iFamily to Yours,


The Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin project aims to help all kids have a safe trick or treating experience with options for treats that are allergy free. Whether you have a child that has allergies or if you just want to support children that you, you can have allergy safe options this Halloween!

the teal pumpkin project

The Teal Pumpkin Project

As a parent, I know what it takes to keep my kiddos happy and healthy. I also know that on Halloween we are exploring new neighborhoods and people. Some of those people have allergies and others have children with severe allergies as well. There is a growing number of children with allergies to nuts, dairy, gluten and other things in our country so few years ago The Teal Pumpkin Project was started.


Here is what you can do to join the initiative.

  1. Become a Teal Pumpkin Project Insider.  Sign up on the website to gain additional information on how you can support the project or make a donation.
  2. Set up a Teal Pumpkin on your porch or a printed Teal Pumpkin sign on your door to let the community know that you will offer allergy free items at your home. Signs are available in English, Spanish and French.
  3. Purchase non-food items to pass out for Halloween such as stickers, toys, glow sticks, water bottles and crayon packs.


  1. Spread the word by sharing the information with your neighbors, friends and social networking pal.  Invite them to join the project too or bring their child by your home for a safe trick or treating experience. Also, be sure to add your home to the participation map!

The Teal Pumpkin project has been beneficial to so many children on Halloween. You can find more information on the website.  There are also many other fun things such as coloring pages, printable stencils, and downloadable resources for you and your home. You can add a fun photo frame to your Facebook profile picture, templates for sharing project information and lots of printable kid’s activities. This Halloween I hope you join me in my 3rd year of supporting this project and remember that ‘Teal is the new Orange!’

From iFamily to Yours,

A Simple Bedtime in Three Easy Steps

We all know that kids have different sleep needs and those needs change as children get older. Some kids settle down easily at night while others require a little more help to get asleep. Each kid is different and their needs change over time.   Ruth, from our iFamily Mom & Dad Squad shares her tips for a simple bedtime!  Take a look.

simple bedtime

A Simple Bedtime in Three Easy Steps

As a parent of three, I have a little bit of everything in my house.  My oldest is very independent and falls asleep at the drop of a hat and will sleep hard through the night. My middle child has challenges with night terrors and needs a little more support to get to sleep, and my youngest is a night owl and would probably stay up all night if I let her.

Both my girls require a little bit of extra effort to get to sleep at night. Many parents with multiple children or even just one can probably relate to this dilemma. I am here to share some ideas to help your kids settle down at night. Food for thought, any strategy that you might try will take time. You will want to give it a few weeks before you try a new one I order to be sure if the strategy works for your child and your family or not. Here are some things that you can try.

Tip 1: Establish a regular bed time routine

Set a regular routine, which is not overly rigid but has enough predictability that your child knows what to expect. An example routine may look like: bath/shower/change into pajamas, brush teeth, reading/story time and sleep. Choose a general time frame for your child to be asleep. The time you choose is based upon how much sleep they need versus your family routine. The sleep foundation provides general parameters for sleep needs based upon age.

Tip 2: Add daily exercise

If your routine isn’t working maybe your child has too much pent-up energy and they need an opportunity to burn it off before they can settle to bed. Offer your child a change to exercise in the early evening. You can go for a daily walk, visit the park or even do something active at home. A favorite in our house are kid’s yoga, dance videos on Youtube or the trampoline. An extra 20-30 minutes of exercise per day helps them to settle down. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga or Just Dance videos on Youtube.

Tip 3: Try calming activities

When you are nearing bedtime, it helps you give your child time to relax and calm before bed. Calming activities are different for each person. Some people like to read, others like a bubble bath and so on. Kids need calming activities too sometimes. Younger kids typically are trying to avoid going to bed for a variety of reasons but to help them relax you need to find something they enjoy. It could be anything from a quiet game, playdoh, soft music or even an audio book to name a few. Try to avoid things that would rev them up like jokes, loud music, scary movies and blood pumping video games too close to bed time. Save those activities for earlier in the day.

From iFamily to Yours,

Measuring Wellness: Why Scales Aren’t Always the Best Way to Track

We all know the battle with the scale!  We watch as the number creeps up and the number creeps down.  But, is the good old scale really the best way to track your wellness?  Connie, from our iFamily Mom & Dad Squad gives us her take on why scales aren’t always the best way!

measuring wellness

Measuring Wellness:

Why Scales Aren’t Always the Best Way to Track

Scales are evil.  I almost threw mine out of the window this week.  I got a very harsh reality check from the scale.  One that I needed.  I am of the mindset that life is too short to be crazy strict with your diet.  If I want a cookie, I eat a cookie.  I just generally try not to eat 5 cookies when I want one.  Everything in moderation.

Lately, I have let moderation go and have been overindulging.  It was this that led to the nightmare weigh in this week.  In the past, a rough weigh in would have led me to excuses.  I would have blamed a lack of exercise or too much water, or my thyroid issues and the fact that I was stressed all summer.  But this time I decided to take a completely different approach to my nightmare weigh in.

I’m using it as motivation.

I needed a reminder to eat better and get back to life in moderation.

If our weight was determined by only the amount of exercise we get, I would be thin as a rail.  I love the gym, and the feeling of a good workout.  Unfortunately, there is a whole lot more that goes into it than that.  Not only is healthy eating important for weight loss, its vital.  It’s more important than working out.  And it is hard.  It shouldn’t be, but it is.  Cookies are delicious.  As are cupcakes and candy bars and chicken nachos (don’t even get me started on chicken nachos).

It used to be that a bad weigh in would send me reeling.  I would start beating myself up for eating anything other than veggies and chicken.  I would go on some harsh fad diet that I wouldn’t be able to stick to and throw my metabolism all out of whack.  Once I even decided I would only eat one meal a day until I lost 20 pounds.  You can guess how that turned out.

It took me a long time to figure out that the scale didn’t define me.  I have stuck with my workouts and possibly even over trained a little bit.  I am as fit as I have ever been, and stronger and more muscular.  All of these things are what is important.

Fit looks different on everyone

Did I need the scale to remind me to stay on track with my eating?  I did.  But I didn’t need it to tell me whether or not I am healthy.  I am healthy and active and constantly improving.  I am not perfect when it comes to my diet or anything else for that matter, but I am always working.

Often, I also have to remind myself that while this weight is higher than its been in a long time.  It looks so much different than the last time the scale read this high.  There is more muscle involved, less fat.  More workouts and less nights out.

There are changes coming.  I am back to tracking my food, making sure I eat something every 3 hours and eating more whole foods.  Hopefully these changes will create the change on the scale that I would like.  But even if they don’t, and for whatever reason I am stuck here for a bit, I am okay with that.  I am healthy, and I am happy and I am comfortable in my own skin.  So, take that Scale!

From iFamily to Yours,


5 KC Parks to Fall in Love with This Autumn

Erin, with the iFamily Mom & Dad Squad shares with us 5 of KC Parks for you to FALL in love with this Autumn season!

kc parks

5 KC Parks to Fall in Love with This Autumn

Fall is the perfect time to check out a new park or visit an old favorite!  I love October for many reasons but one reason being in KC you can get away with picnics and outdoor parties at the park with beautiful weather! There are so many awesome parks in our awesome city! We’re counting down the 5 best parks in the KC area! Which one is your family’s favorite?

Variety KC Parks

Several park locations in KC are adapted so that children of all abilities have a safe place to play.  Smooth surfaces, adaptive swings, fencing, ramps on the play equipment, stainless steel slides and roller slides, sensory activities involving musical chimes and drums.  Located in Independence, Leawood, Olathe and Tiffany Springs,

McCoy Park

Nice park with shelters for rent, playgrounds, spray ground, tennis courts, horseshoe pits. Located in Independence, MO. across from the Truman Library.

Loose Park

Well known park in KC with 75 acres of beautiful and historic land.  Fantastic rose garden, picnic areas, large shelter house for parties and events, and a playground with a sand pit the kids will love to dive in to! Spray ground open May 27th-September 4th. Located on Wornall Rd.

Shawnee Mission Park

1600 acre park includes 120 acre lake with boating, fishing, swimming, sail boarding, a giant off-leash dog park with 53 acres of land for your furry friend to run, picnic areas, shelters, playgrounds, Theater in the Park, archery and disc golf. You can even rent paddle boats, canoes and fishing boats!  What more could you ask for? Located in Shawnee Mission, KS.

Drum roll please…..

The number one park in KC has to be Penguin Park!

Kids LOVE the gigantic animals including a penguin, giraffe, kangaroo, and an elephant.  They have a separate area for the little ones to play and tucked away behind the park are some great walking/biking trails with a pond for fishing and watching geese. Located on Vivion Rd in Kansas City North.

Also worth mentioning:

Fleming Park

English Landing Park

Antioch Park

Dagg Park

Waterfall Park

The “Castle” and “Pirate” parks

Little Mill Creek Park North


Happy Park Hunting!

From iFamily to Yours,