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Household Organizing Made Simple: Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Organized

 Are you the organizer in your home?! Household management can feel overwhelming at times but we’re here to help. Brigette, from our iFamilyKC Mom Squad team is here to offer up some great tips to keep your home organized this year in honor of National Get Organized month…

Household Organizing Made Simple

Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Organized


Let’s Get Organized! Can you believe it is already a new year? Besides all the chaos from the end of the year activities, there is one thing I love about starting a new year and that is having a fresh start! January is National Get Organized (GO!) Month and I couldn’t think of any better way to start a new year! I personally love organizing things around the house, it really makes our day-to-day life run a lot smoother. So, to help you get your January started off on the right foot, I have compiled a few of my favorite organizing tricks!


Invest in a good set of baskets to serve as a home organizer for each room! I have several of these around my house and they are full of extra sheets, blankets and towels. You never know when you will need to grab that extra blanket for company or cuddle up on the couch.  I suggest having one for each!

Name Cards

When you have a lot of kids like I do, laundry and where it goes can be complicated. My step daughter and I made these super cute name cards on Canva (ps, it’s free) and I had them printed and laminated at Office Depot. I simply placed the cards on the drawers so when they go to put up their laundry, they all know which drawer it goes in! This keeps clothes organized and in the correct place.

Sole Mate Bag

Another tip for keeping laundry organized is a “sole mate bag”. This has helped me keep up with those missing and lost socks in such a great way! When doing laundry, all the socks that are missing their “mate”, go into the bag. At the end of each dry load, all the socks that were not paired get pulled out to find their “sole mate”. My 4-year-old loves going through the bag to find pairs!

Mom/Dad Binder

I know I have talked about this before, but it truly keeps my house organized! I have checklists for bills, my daily cleaning schedule, and everything else I need to keep my life organized. Having a binder to keep all your tasks and reminders allows you to maintain organization for your house and your life! And since you’re likely the organizer in your household – you should be able to find things that work for YOU.

Throw it away

Sometimes the best way to get organized it to just throw stuff away or make a donation to your local charity. Of course, if something has sentimental value you should find a place for it. Most of the items in our home really don’t have a purpose! I mean let’s start with that infamous junk drawer. I never understood it as a kid, but once I was an adult… it made perfect sense. A drawer to store all those odds and ends you may or may not need lol. To start getting organized, start with something simple like that dreaded drawer! It is quick and not overwhelming. This will keep you in a positive mind frame when getting ready to tackle the rest of the house!

Tackle this National Get Organized month with a few of these tricks and you will definitely be able to tell a difference in your home! Let us know if you have any special tricks you use to get organized!

From iFamily to Yours,