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10 Family Fun Activities to try this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to take advantage of having the family come together for some quality time.  Try these 10 family fun activities from Ruth and make the most out of your Thanksgiving family time!


fun family activities thanksgiving

10 Family Fun Activities to try this Thanksgiving

Once a year we have an opportunity for structured thankfulness, Thanksgiving. We gather together, work hard to clean and prepare a meal and then fight sleep from turkey induced comas. While many are thankful for their families, lives, jobs and so on… We tend to focus solely on that day and then for many the ominous and potentially daunting Black Friday adventure. As a mom and a teacher, I think it’s important to explore Thanksgiving a little deeper and have some family fun while you’re at it. Thus I have created a bucket list of ideas so you can do the same.

#1 Read the Story

Read up on the history of The First Thanksgiving. You can check out a book at the library (check with Mid-Continent Public Library to see if they have it) that is family friendly and talk about what happened during that time. One that I found, The Very First Thanksgiving Day By Rhonda Growler Green is a kid friendly non-fiction book geared for kids pre-k to grade 5.

#2 Take in a Classic 

Watch or rent A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Bill Melendez and Phil Roman. It is not fully historically accurate but it does make the story a little more palatable for little ones and of course an Emmy Award winning family classic!

#3 Support a Solider 

Support a soldier and/or their family this holiday season as a way of thanking them for their service. Here is a link to get your started.

#4 Learn a Prayer 

Learn a new Thanksgiving Prayer to share at the dinner table. Each year I have my kids recite a prayer to share at the holiday meal. Here are some ideas:

#5 Take Time to be Thankful 

Start a family thankfulness jar. Each day until Thanksgiving or you can add into it for the next year to read on Thanksgiving in 2018!

#6 Try a New Recipe 

Learn new Thanksgiving recipes to share at the family meal. Check out some retro recipes for fun too!

#7 Learn About History 

Visit the Mahaffi Stagecoach Farm and learn about living in the 1860’s. This experience can give you a sense of appreciation for all of the fancy amenities we have these days. The day after Thanksgiving they are opening their doors to families for exploration from 12pm -4pm.

#8 Do some Thanksgiving Yoga with Yoga Stories 

Thanksgiving yoga is a great way to burn off some post-dinner calories with your family!

#9 Spend Time Outside 

Play in some leaves! Get outside and make a leaf pile and have a little fun. You can be thankful for all the fun memories!

#10 Play a Thanksgiving Game 

After dinner, you can play a Thanksgiving game! This is another great way to bond with your family and friends, make memories and just have a little fun!

No matter how you slice it, Thanksgiving is more than just a big meal. It is a time for family and friends. Take some time and share the love and thankfulness this year.

From iFamily to Yours,