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4 Tips To Make School Fun For Your Kids

Transitioning from summer to school can be tough!  Ruth, from the iFamily Mom Squad, gives us some great tips on how you can make school fun for your kiddos!

Check it out…

4 tips to make school fun for your kids

If your kid is a bit reluctant to start school this year, there are some ways you can make it a bit more fun. You can do this without spending a lot of money and it helps to brighten their day. Some kids are homesick while others wish summer could go on a little longer. Even if your child is excited to return to school, these ideas will still be fun and easy.

Tip 1: Back pack friend

Make your child a back pack friend! I developed this idea last school year as a way to help my daughter transition into kindergarten. During the day she would miss being at home. Drop off time was challenging, and after speaking with a co-worker I devised a plan to make her a friend that she could carry in her backpack. I found a coloring image of a teddy bear (choose any character that your child may like) and made two copies. I made it small enough to fit in my daughter’s pocket. We each colored the bear and inside the heart we kissed our bears with a little lipstick. I sprayed a little perfume, lavender for calming and told her that she could take my bear to school with her. If she felt lonely she could hug her bear and I carried her bear in my purse to think of her. This helped calm her and made transition a little easier. She calls it her ‘Kiss, kiss bear’.

Tip 2: Pack a note

Older children that like to read, might enjoy a note, a joke, a doodle or a comic to find in their notebook. Many kids love surprises and they don’t have to be lavish. You can use your imagination on this one! Maybe your kid loves comics- you could cut a strip from the morning newspaper or create your own. You could leave your child a quick note to have a good day, jot down a silly joke or draw a silly picture. Either way, your child will find a little joy in their day.

Tip 3: Play with lunch

I enjoy going to the store and finding fun additions to lunch that are healthy. I have found yogurt tubes with secret messages, crackers with letters and numbers or shapes on them, food items they can customize, and my personal favorite turning their food into creatures. Google search can provide you with a lot of ideas. Character or prank sandwich bags are fun too! Playing with their lunch can be fun for both you and your child. Lastly, if you want to get them involved, have them pack your lunch also! The point is to keep it fun and simple, as we all know…lunch isn’t very long.

Tip 4: Schedule a visit

Some kids really enjoy having their parents visit them at school. They feel proud of what they have done and all that they know. There are various ways to get involved. If you don’t have a lot of free time you can stop by for lunch or volunteer to read or help with an activity. Parents with more time could volunteer at the school on a regular basis and support their child’s classroom. Contact your child’s teacher and school administration for options they have available.


From iFamily to Yours,