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One Easy Way To Prevent Disaster At Home

According to the American Red Cross 36 people are injured (7 fatally) by house fires every single day here in the United States. Of the 60,000+ disasters that their response teams aide with each year, a large majority of them are house fires. Today, on the blog, Marge Padgitt, owner of HearthMasters, Inc., is here to share one simple thing you can do to prevent a fire in your home. Take a look…

One Easy Way to Prevent Disaster at Home

Did you know that only 25% of the lint from your dryer is trapped by the screenings that you clear out when you do laundry? One of the leading causes of house fires is easily prevented with the regular cleaning of your dryer vents. The science is simple: Fires are caused when extreme heat that has been trapped inside your dryer vent comes into contact with flammable lint trapped inside.

So how exactly do you prevent that from happening? It is important to clean out your dryer vents every six months, on average. This requires cleaning the connector, the vent itself, and inside the dryer (all accessible through the back panel of the unit). Note: Some vents are very short with easy access while others are longer and more difficult (especially for dryers located on upper levels or in an apartment or condo).

Gas or Electric?

Vent fires don’t discriminate – both electric and gas dryers are prone to catching fire under the right conditions.  However, a clogged gas dryer poses a greater danger to your family because it causes a backup of toxic Carbon Monoxide in the home addition to the risk of fire.

How Does It Happen?

Over time, lint builds up inside the vent, eventually closing it off so much that the dryer does not function properly, or trapping heat inside so a fire starts. A fire can start without flames, only heat is required to ignite lint.

What Can You Do?

Installing a Lint Alert Alarm can warn homeowners when it is time to clean a dryer vent. This takes the guesswork out of it. HearthMasters not only services your dryer vents but also installs the Lint Alert Alarm for you to take the guess work out of it.

Our technicians often run across vents that have not been cleaned for years. This is very risky and a fire hazard. Some homeowners have even replaced their dryers, believing that the dryer stopped working, but it was actually the clogged vent that prevented the dryers from functioning properly.  Be sure to clean vents out on a regular basis.

See more information online through HearthMasters, Inc. and the Chimney Safety Institute of America.