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The little book with BIG resources!

Company Brings New Meaning To The Term “Food Baby” (Giveaway Inside!)

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it…

-Julia Child

 California native Katharine Owens brings a whole new meaning to the term “food baby”.

Inspired by the ultimate foodie, Julia Child, to do something you’re passionate about,  Katharine Owens created Bon Vivant Baby, a line of food-inspired baby items that provide a recipe for enjoyment and laughter to parents across the country. This deliciously fun concept is produced right here in the United States and makes for a creative and unique gift for new parents. Bon Vivant Baby currently has three styles on the market and is slated to expand the line in 2015.

“Soft to the touch and gentle against the skin, the Tortilla Baby™ swaddle blanket and matching knot hat are an ideal set for swaddling your baby to look just like a delicious burrito. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric, the Tortilla Baby™ swaddle blanket is breathable to help reduce the risk of overheating, and the generous size makes swaddling easy. Your baby will look deliciously fashionable after following the 4-step “Burrito Roll” recipe, found on the packaging. The blanket measures 40″ round, the hat is sized for newborns (0-3 months). Serve with hot sauce or your favorite salsa and enjoy!”

“Make your little dumpling look good enough to eat with the Lil’Eggroll swaddle blanket & hat set! Your baby is guaranteed to look like a delicious dipped egg roll when enveloped in the “egg roll” printed 40″ swaddle blanket and “sweet-n-sour sauce” 0-3m printed hat. This Asian-inspired swaddle set will bring laughter and humor to any situation and leave your baby looking good enough to eat! Soft layers of patented DriRelease stretchy cotton-polyester fabric surround your baby and keep your baby warm and dry through the swaddling process. This fabric is both GREEN and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY without the use of harsh chemicals.MADE IN THE USA: cut and sewn by hand in Los Angeles and Oakland, California.”

“Doctors advise pregnant women to avoid any raw fish or sushi during pregnancy…which is a major bummer! Mothers rejoice, because now you can swaddle your baby to look exactly like a delicious sushi roll with the Lil’Sushi swaddle blanket & hat set. Your baby is guaranteed to look just like a cute piece of sushi when enveloped in the “seaweed” or “nori” printed 40″ swaddle blanket and the “rice-and-roe” 0-3m printed hat. This Asian-inspired swaddle set will bring laughter and humor to any situation and leaves your baby looking good enough to eat! Soft layers of patented DriRelease stretchy cotton-polyester fabric surround your baby and keep your baby warm and dry through the swaddling process. This fabric is both GREEN and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY without the use of harsh chemicals. “

Check out Bon Vivant Baby online and on Facebook.

iFamilyKC readers and fans can save 15% off on orders using the code: BOO

Rainbow Kissed Creatures Help Comfort Children: Introducing “The Magnificent Sprinkles”

Good Evening, Friends!

Ask any parent of a young child and they will tell you that there are a myriad of things in life that scare and intimidate small children. From monsters under the bed to a fear of being alone to anxiety when talking to new people, being a kid is tough. The world is a big place and can be overwhelming at times. My three and a half year old daughter, like many others her age, is energetic and spirited at home (around people we know and trust) but has a tendency to become reserved and shy around strangers. I know that she’ll grow out of this phase with time but I also recognize how valuable having a tool to help her through those moments of anxiety can be.

That’s where our friends Nea, Cazi, Sam, and Laci come in. The Magnificent Sprinkles, born from rainbow kisses, have special powers that help them bring love and comfort to children throughout the world.

Meet Sam (Strong and Mighty)

Sam is the perfect sprinkle for children like my daughter who might need that extra support from time to time. Sam is there to comfort little ones during storms or in new and potentially uncomfortable situations. Sam reminds children to share, use kind words, and to never bully or hurt others.

Meet Cazi (Catch and Zap Immediately)

Fear of the darkness can be a real challenge for children, especially during bedtime when all of the monsters and ghosts seem to appear. Those creepy, crawly, mean creatures of the night don’t stand a chance against Cazi, who goes to work as soon as the lights go off at night catching and zapping all of the scary things that go bump in the dark.

Meet Nea (Never Ever Alone)

It’s a big world out there and, even with more than 7 billion inhabitants on this planet, it’s easy to feel alone…especially when you’re little. Nea serves as a constant companion for children and reminds them that they’re never alone in this world. Nea loves to buddy up with your child on the first day of school or snuggle with them at night when they’re feeling lonely. Nea exists to provide that extra support and security that all children need from time to time.

Meet Laci (Loving and Caring Incessantly)

Laci is the Sprinkle who loves to love others and she’s the ideal companion for children who could benefit from a little extra support. I imagine Laci is perfect for children whose parents are in the midst of separation and divorce, for young ones who have lost a loved one, or for children who are relocating to a new city. Laci serves as a constant reminder that your child is loved always and forever.

The Magnificent Sprinkles book and companions were designed to serve as a catalyst for discussions with your children regarding their anxieties and fears. Each Sprinkle comes with a small, soothing band on its leg that children can rub when they’re in need of some extra comfort. It’s rumored that these bands might actually possesses magical powers.

The Magnificent Sprinkles, along with their book, can be found online and purchased through Amazon.  Connect with The Magnificent Sprinkles on Facebook and be sure to let them know that iFamilyKC sent you!



The Epitome of Autumn: A Day At Johnson Family Farms in Kansas City

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”

Good Morning, Friends!

Autumn has finally settled into the metro and the Royals are WINNING in the playoffs – could we ask for anything more on this early October morning?! From the crisp air to the falling leaves, there are many reasons to love this season and living in Kansas City makes this Fall even better. One of the things I love most about Autumn is the opportunity to take my family to the pumpkin patch. There’s something about spending time on a farm that just speaks to your soul and I can’t wait to enjoy this season with my own family at Johnson Family Farms right here in Kansas City.

As you know, iFamilyKC hosted one of our monthly Kids Club Events at the beautiful Johnson Family Farms earlier this week where we enjoyed spending time with the animals in the farm animal corral, going on a wagon ride to pick out pumpkins, and playing in the giant tunnel crawl. Our morning at the farm gave me a greater appreciation not only for the incredible family friendly activities that are available to us right here in our own backyard but also for the hard work and dedication of farmers, like the Johnsons, who work hard to grow amazing crops each year.

Our morning at the farm started off decorating paper plate pumpkins (which would later be among the first decorations up in our house for the season). While my daughter was creating her very own mini-masterpiece, I had the chance to peek around at the unbelievable selection of seasonal vegetables and plants available for purchase directly from Johnson Family Farms.

Johnson Family Farms offers their guests a vast assortment of different sizes, colors, and shapes of goods at competitive prices. You’ll find:

  • Gourds
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Flowers and Mums
  • Seasonal Goods and Decorations

The next stop on our Kids Club adventure took us through the Farm Animal Corral where we were able to peek in on the lives of some incredible animals including newborn baby pigs. As a parent and an avid reader, I appreciate the small, intentional, details that the Johnson family has put into making their farm such a special place for families. I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed the attribute to “The Three Little Pigs”. Note that none of the pigs are spending time in the straw house- smart little pigs.

Watching my almost four year old daughter as she watched, with such beautiful curiosity, the baby chicks and ducks was easily the highlight of my time at Johnson Family Farms. As a parent, I loved that there was a learning opportunity available to her in the animal corral and she enjoyed spending time with some pretty amazing creatures that she doesn’t normally interact with in a normal day.

After spending time with the farm animals, we hopped aboard a tractor pulled wagon and enjoyed a ride into the 60-acre pumpkin patch where iFamilyKC Kids Clubbers were invited to pick out their very own pumpkin to take home. It was a real treat watching the children navigate their way through the fields in search of their perfect pumpkin. My daughter insisted on pulling a green pumpkin and was so excited with her choice:

After enjoying time out in the fields, we headed back over to the expansive play area available with admission to the farm. From Fort Johnson to the bus preschool zone, there is something to enjoy for children of all ages at Johnson Family Farms and it’s the driving force for my family to consider a season pass to the farm (my child has been begging to go back since we left).

I imagine it’s very easy to spend an entire day out at Johnson Family Farms and still not experience everything that they have to offer. This year, in addition to their pumpkin patch, they’re also offering:

  • 13 Acre Corn Maze
  • 3 Acre Sunn Hemp Maze
  • Giant Tunnel Crawl
  • Numerous Play Zones
  • Farmer Tom’s Barrel Train
  • Large Jumping Pillow
  • Pig Races
  • Pumpkin Cannon Launchings
  • Pumpkin Chomping
  • Farm Animal Corral
  • Fort Johnson
  • Tire Jungle
  • Little Kids Maze Barn

We headed home shortly before lunchtime (thankfully my daughter still naps from time to time) but I noticed several guests enjoying lunch before leaving the farm. Johnson Family Farms has a great menu offering snack foods and lunch items. This Autumn, they’re also offering pumpkin spice donuts and apple cider slushes. A little birdie told me that iFamilyKC readers can get a free dozen donuts with admission to Johnson Family Farms this year.

We had such a great time at Johnson Family Farms that I can’t wait to go back. To learn more about the farm or their family friendly activities that are available to you this season, visit them online. Fore more pictures from the iFamilyKC Kids Club event at Johnson Family Farms, connect with us on Facebook.


Thursday Flash Giveaway: Let’s Go To The Movies

Happy Thursday, Friends!

We’ve been listening to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops hitting the pavement outside the office all morning and I’m feeling very nostalgic. There’s something about a quiet storm that brings back warm memories from rainy days during my own childhood. Today, I’m reminded of blanket forts, games of hide and go seek, and movies: all of the makings of a great day when you’re stuck indoors. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that some of you are enjoying similar activities at home with your little ones today.

I distinctly remember one stormy day when I was a child. It was the first time I ever saw “Flight Of The Navigator”, which would later become one of my all time favorite movies (I’m wishing I had a copy on DVD to throw on today, for old times sake). Memories like this are one of the reasons that I love rainy days and I often wonder what kind of memories my own daughter will have from her childhood when she grows up. I’d like to think that she’ll look back, thirty years from now, and remember the fun times she had playing or snuggling up to watch a movie on a stormy day.

We’d like to inspire you to create fond memories with your children and, because we love movies so much, we’d like to send YOU and your kids to the theater this weekend. “The Hero Of Color City” is a sweet, family friendly, film that opens TOMORROW here in Kansas City and we’re giving one lucky family a four pack of tickets to see the film. Take a peek at the trailer:

This FLASH GIVEAWAY will end TONIGHT at 11:59pm CST and the winner will be notified via email tomorrow morning. Good luck and, as always, “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information about “The Hero Of Color City”, visit Magnolia Pictures online. This movie is available in theaters and iTunes On Demand beginning Friday October 3, 2014.