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“Rio 2” A Movie Review

Rio 2“: A Movie Review

Release date: April 11 2014

MPAA Rating: G

Running time: 101 minutes

Genre: Animated musical comedy

Great Cast:  Ann Hathaway as Jewel, Jessie Eisenberg as Blu, Bruno Mars as Roberto, George Lopez as Rafael, Jamie Fox as Nico, Leslie Mann as Linda, Rodrigo Santoro as Tulio, and the list goes on!

Mom rating: The younger children are not going to have any problem sitting through Rio 2! This movie is packed with lots of singing and dancing, romance, revenge, and hilarious theatrical spoofs. Love that it has a strong emphasis on preservation of both land and species. This would be a great time talk to the little ones about endangered species and the Rain Forest!

Jewel, Blu and their three kids think they are the only Blue Macaws left in the world. They are somewhat civilized birds; the kids go to school, they have cellular phones and iPods, a GPS to get them places and even eat blueberry pancakes with syrup for breakfast! Every now and then Jewel misses her home in the Rain Forest but Blu, having always been a pet, sees their life as completely normal.

They live with Linda and Tulio, two bird enthusiasts with a passion for Blue Macaws. While in the Amazon Tulio spots a Blue Macaw feather and it makes the national news.  When Jewel and Blue realize that there are possibly more of their species they decide to take a family vacation to the Amazon to do what they can to help. The trip is quite comical with Tulio having a fanny pack and using a GPS!

It takes no time at all for them to find other Blu Macaws.  Life becomes one big party that Blu is not as comfortable with as Linda.  When Loggers capture Linda and Tulio and try to cut down their homes everyone must work together to defeat them.

Written by Mom Squad Member Shari Jacobs.