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The little book with BIG resources!

KD’s Books

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things in life is books.  I love to read, and I love to share my love of reading with my kids.  During my younger years, I wanted to be a children’s book author and illustrator—in fact when I headed off to college I declared my major as English and Art to do just that.  I, however, changed my career course a few years later, but I still love the thought of living in the world of children’s books just as much as I did then.  That is why when I heard about local author Ann Ingalls coming to KD’s Books to share her new book Ice Cream Soup, I jumped at the chance to go.  I loved the idea of my kids meeting a real-life author and hearing her read her own story.


The event came at the perfect time.  Lately, to interest my son in letters and writing his own name, I had been checking out books from the library about writing and stories.  My hope was that he would see how much fun the characters in the book had with learning to write and want to try it himself.  We read Arthur Writes a Story, a classic Marc Brown tale.  Here you can see my son’s Arthur-inspired story.

So that Saturday, we headed out to meet Ms. Ingalls and listen to her read her story.  KD’s Books had arranged that those who bought an Ann Ingalls book would receive a free ice cream treat from Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House as well!  Poppy’s has my favorite ice cream: Gianduja.  (Gianduja is a chocolate-hazelnut flavor that you must put on your Summer Bucket List to try.  And you can thank me later.)

Quite a few gathered for the reading, kids ages 1 (my son) to 2nd grade.  Being a former teacher, Ms. Ingalls did a great job engaging everyone in the crowd.  She had prepared some fun songs and finger plays about ice cream that the kids enjoyed before she read her book.  Ice Cream Soup really is a cute rhyming story about a young boy that takes so long to prepare his ice cream just right that it becomes ice cream soup instead.  After the story, Ms. Ingalls got out some bowls, ice cream scoops and “ice cream” (colored Ping-Pong balls) for a fun ice-cream-scooping game.

Here we are posing with Ms. Ingalls who was so gracious to sign our books, answer everyone’s questions, and encourage all the kiddos gathered to write their own stories.

And of course we walked on over to Poppy’s for our free ice cream to complete our ice cream filled day!  A perfect way to pass a summer Saturday.

Be sure to like KD’s Books Facebook page to stay updated on all events like these—it is a great place to support local business and local authors.  Or the next time you are in the store, sign up for their email newsletter—that is how I heard about this particular event.  And do not miss out on their Fall Open House coming August 23-25.  My favorite place to buy birthday gifts for kiddos is there—the employees can help you find the perfect book, and puppets or toys and gadgets to go along with it!  I have enjoyed shopping at KD’s Books since I was a child, and now my two sons love it too.  Of course, more than shopping for books, they love to play with the Thomas the Train table set up for little shoppers.  What is your favorite local bookstore?  Where did you find the best books when you were a kid?

KD’s Books  (816) 525-1366

Locally owned and operated, serving the Lee’s Summit area for over 20 years!

Hours:   Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

A Day at the Moon Marble Company!

The Moon Marble Company is located in Bonner Springs Kansas.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Not only are there marbles galore and a menagerie of glass art but also loads of nostalgic toys and games!   While there, check out a marble making demonstration to see just how these marbles become unique works of art.  Make sure to call the day that you go to find out when and if there will be a demo that day.  Moon Marble Company has something for everyone young and old.

The highlight of the Moon Marble visit will surely be the marble making demonstration.  This family owned business really knows marbles!  Learn just how to create beautiful and unique marbles. The demonstrations are very instructional and fun to watch.  No demonstration is alike because of the uniqueness of each marble. For example the marbles center can be made hundreds of different ways using glitter, swirls or even flowers just to name a few.  The artistic ideas for marbles are limitless. A few new marbles created for this year are the adorable raccoon and tree frog marbles!  Be sure to check out all the marble creations in the display case!

While some of the marbles are very expensive, there is always the option to buy an inexpensive jar of factory made marbles. The wall of marbles is like candy for the eyes.  With names like Jellyfish and Cow Tail these marbles are a blast to pick and choose from.  Learn how to shoot a marble from a catapult or how to play a traditional game of marbles!  My crew brought home some of the magic from the Marble Moon Company.   They played with their prize marbles for weeks and proudly display them in a tiny jar for all to see!

This would be a great place for a field trip!

Submitted by Shari Jacobs, iFamilyKC mom squad

Fourth of July Tips

By: Keri Nichol


I am pretty sure it’s not just my kids (husband included) that love to blow things up. Many experts tell us to leave the display to the pros but we all know that just takes away some of the fun. As we celebrate our independence we need to also look out for our safety. This isn’t a new topic but it is definitely one that is worth reminding people about with the 4th of July holiday upon us.

Here are a few Fourth of July tips to keep in mind:

1. Check the laws in your area. Just because a certain city is allowing fireworks does not mean your neighborhood association is. Don’t risk a ticket or eviction because of your celebration.

2. Keep a hose close by just in case.

3. Don’t leave children unattended with lighters, punks or firecrackers

4. Have someone sober at every party to supervise the children’s firework fun.

5. Keep the show organized. Too many children running into the “lighting zone” can cause an accident. Children should take turns lighting their fireworks.

6. Many people light fireworks in the road. Please remind the children to look for cars.

7. Put a glow stick or other glow in the dark device on your child while they are lighting fireworks so that they are easily visible.

8. Do not allow children to experiment with firecrackers.  Don’t combine them, put them in other items or try to alter them to make them do things they were not already intended to do.

9. Be sure to look through all the firecrackers before allowing children to light them. You should know what EXACTLY each thing will do when lit.

10. Please remember shooting firecrackers and fireworks is not for every age. Children have to mature enough to understand the dangers and the consequences of their actions before being allowed to do anything other than watch a display.